tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Adventures of Modesty Girl Pt. 02

The Adventures of Modesty Girl Pt. 02


Check out Chapter One if you want this to make any sense. Even then, it still doesn't make much sense, but it's been damn fun writing. Thanks for all the kind words. I'll keep at this story-line if you guys are digging it.


It took Penny almost two weeks to fashion a mask from various fabrics, creating a form-fitting hood that wrapped her head and snapped tightly, with the pull of a loop in the back. Her auburn hair swooped out from the back and sides. Penny thought it looked good against the pink and black color-scheme of the mask. Too bad she couldn't make a costume to match, she thought.

Antwon, Penny's blind roommate, had been keeping tabs on the police band ever since the bridge rescue adventure. Several times he'd rushed into Penny's room, begging her to go help with some small crisis, but Penny refused until she had fashioned a mask that was safe from exposing her identity.

"No way am I going to risk people seeing me," Penny would say. "I almost had a panic attack at that bridge. I could have performed much better if I hadn't had to cover my face the whole time."

Antwon was well aware of Penny's hangups, so he wasn't surprised by her modesty (in fact, her powers were derived from that), but he really wished she'd hurry up and finish the outfit already. Antwon, every bit as nerdy as his roommate, was excited at the opportunity of being a sidekick to a superhero. Not very many blind people led such exciting lives. Hell, not even able-bodied people did.

Not since the bridge collapse had Penny gotten naked in front of Antwon (or anyone for that matter). Convinced she would only have the courage to do it with a mask on, Penny focused all her free time on this project. Now, here she was, finally testing it out.

"It's ready," said Penny, nervously stepping out from her room, into the living area she and Antwon shared. He had been chatting online with some friends.

"Yes! Finally!" Antwon disconnected from his group chat and turned to face Penny, though being blind, that meant just staring in her general direction.

Penny was nervous, almost as nervous as the very first time she stood naked in front of him. She instinctively wanted to cover, but realized it was silly to do so. Penny awkwardly made her way to the couch and stood near it. Like before, she began to feel a strength building inside her. Her vision seemed sharper, more focused. Her other senses seemed more sensitive, too. Penny, wanting to break her nervousness, decided to describe her outfit to her roommate.

"The mask is black and gold, Antwon. It fits snug, so there's no risk of the eye-holes getting displaced. It would take a great amount of effort to pull this off." Penny was proud of her work. She felt it covered her face and identity well.

"I'm just so glad you're finished with it," said Antwon. "Are you finally ready to save the world?"

"Yeah, I guess," she giggled back.

"You know, Penny... you could just as easily use your powers for evil."

"What? Like rob a bank? Don't think I haven't thought about it."

"You have?" asked Antwon.

"About as much as you have. It's just not in our nature to do. Fun to think about, but that's as far as it goes."

"Yeah, we're too nice for evil, huh?"

"I guess."

"So what now? Wait around until something comes across the police band? Let this be your first official night?" Antwon was rubbing his hands together, smiling. He so badly wanted to get started.

Penny hadn't planned on staying naked in front of Antwon all night, but considering he was blind, she decided there wasn't much reason to protest. Maybe it would help her get used to the idea of being naked in front of people, she thought.

As they settled in for the evening, sitting next to each other on the couch, Antwon began passing along ideas he had for Penny, from how to maintain their secrecy, to communicating anonymously with authorities, maybe even the media. At some point, he paused.

"Tell me again, Penny. What do you look like?"

"You know what I look like."

Antwon was perhaps more familiar with Penny's face than anyone else in her life. She'd allowed him to "feel" her face several times in their years together, so that he could snap a mental picture of what she looked like. Scientists would be shocked at how accurately Antwon could "see" people using this method. However, he really didn't know what Penny looked like physically, apart from her face.

"Penny, when I read books, I paint an image in my head. For instance, I know what Superman looks like. Tall, solid frame. Red boots, over a skin-tight, blue costume, with a red and white 'S' on his chest. Chiseled chin. Short, but lush, dark hair. I can see him in my mind, the way you see him on the pages of the comic books. Blind people need descriptions, not images."

"Yes, I know that," said Penny. Antwon was a fan of comics like her, but he especially enjoyed the comic-book novels, where the more descriptive passages allowed him to "see" the action in his mind.

"Well? Describe your costume and your body to me!" shouted Antwon, tired of beating around the bush.

"You know it's just a mask. And my... my body?" squeaked Penny. "Why... what... does that matter?"

"Of course it matters what you look like. You're the world's first super-hero, Penny. This is history! Describe the mask in detail first."

"Well, it's form-fitting and wraps around my head, like I said. Here, why don't you feel?"

Penny allowed Antwon to raised his fingers to her face, while she was careful to not allow any risk of her body brushing up against his. Antwon smiled as her moved the tips of his fingers across the mask, over her cheeks and brow, then down to her lips and chin.

"So you say pink and black?" Antwon asked, as he continued to touch her face.

"Yes, pink eye-holes. Kind of has the pattern of a bandit's mask. Raccoon mask, if you know..."

"I know what you mean."

"Then the rest surrounding it is black. There's plenty of room for my nose and eyes, as you can see... well, feel." Penny closed her eyes as Antwon's hands brushed across them, proving her point.

"Wow, that fabric is like glued to your skin. You say it pulls from the back?"

"Yeah, that loop there," said Penny. Antwon's hands were behind her head, feeling up and down the back of the mask, and touching the hair coming out near the bottom.

Satisfied, Antwon put his hands down. "Thank you. That's awesome. Pretty ingenious how you got it so tight. It ain't going nowhere."

"Well, you know. It's important."

"I suppose it is. So please, tell me the rest. What do you look like?"

Penny was hoping Antwon was going to let her avoid this.

"Well, uh, where do you want me to start?" asked Penny, trembling. "You know how tall I am, how long my hair is."

"I know you're at a healthy weight," said Antwon. "I can tell by your footsteps, and the way you move through a room. Though you can be a bit bad with your posture."

"You know all that, and you're blind?"

"We're more observant than most understand," snickered Antwon. "But... well, now I'm curious, because you're a naked super-heroine. What do your breasts look like? Your ass? Do you have slender thighs, or muscular ones? I'm just curious, is all. If someone else were a naked super-hero, I would ask you to describe them to me."

Penny sighed. She knew Antwon was geeking out, rather than perving out, but it really made her nervous talking about her naked body. Penny looked down, scanning it with her eyes. Her breasts were full and firm, her nipples large and hard. They were almost always hard, which is why she wore thick bras and sauntered about, rather than standing straight.

"Are you shaven?" asked Antwon. "I don't imagine someone like you is."

"Okay, enough, Antwon. I'll tell you. As a matter of fact, I shaved recently, knowing I'd be doing this. Of course, I did some landscaping, but I did leave some cover down there. It's a few inches long, thin, rectangle shape."

Penny was describing more than she wanted, but Antwon was nodding, smiling, and creating an image in his mind. She knew by telling him this, it was as good as actually being naked in front of any sighted person. Antwon would know exactly what she look like nude. If he weren't her trusted friend, Penny never would have allowed this.

"My breasts are round," said Penny. "Not pointy. I wear a 34C."

"My God, I didn't know that," said Antwon. "Are your nipples dark or light? Big or small?"

"Uh, big and neither too light, nor too dark. Several shades darker than my skin, but I am pale."

"Yes, I know that," said Antwon. "That you're pale."

As Penny spoke, she began to assert herself more in front of her roommate. She actually jutted her tits forward as she described them. She felt ashamed, but willing.

"Penny, thank you for telling me all this," said Antwon, after Penny had finished describing her legs and her ass.

"I guess you deserve to know," snickered Penny, breathing a sigh of relief.


An image flashed through Penny's mind. One of Antwon groping Penny's tits and ass. Rubbing his hands up and down her torso, then her legs, down to her ankles. He even spent time rubbing her feet. Instantly, Penny zapped the image out of her mind and screamed at Antwon.


"Excuse me?" he asked.

"You want to feel me up?"

Antwon shook his head, embarrassed. "You read my mind again, didn't you?"

"Well, I didn't mean to, but that was a pretty strong, fucking image! What are you thinking?"

"Of course I want to touch you. I want to know what you LOOK like. It's how blind people see others, Penny."

"You never asked to grope me before!"

"You weren't a naked superhero before. Tell me, when you saw that mental image of me touching you, was I getting all perverted on you, or was I trying to understand what you look like? What the world's first super-hero really looks like! Not just that, you're my best friend. I think you could trust me!"

He was right, thought Penny. In her mind's, Antwon's actions were educational, not sexual. Penny stood up from the couch and said, "Okay, fine. You have sixty seconds."

Antwon, not willing to argue, went right to work, his hands immediately going for Penny's breasts. She jolted back a bit, before easing her way back to his fingers. He carefully tweaked the ends of her nipples, as the tips of his pinkies found the edges of her areolas. If Antwon had a superpower, thought Penny, it was his sensitive touch, able to distinguish the difference between the tones of her skin color. Penny felt herself getting moist from his masterful touch, even if he wasn't trying to be sexual.

Seconds later, Antwon cupped her breasts, rubbing over, around and under, before sliding his hands down to her stomach. Then they wrapped down her back, to her ass and thighs. Penny was allowing her roommate to grope her in ways no man ever had. She was sure he felt her dampness, as his hands moved to her inner thighs. Finally, like the image that had flashed in her mind, Antwon made his way down to Penny's feet, paying attention to every detail. Perhaps she had foreseen the future, rather than read his thoughts thought Penny. It seemed like deja-vu.

Still, Penny never felt so humiliated in her life. She was almost frozen from it. From the moment Antwon touched her, she began to feel a burning sensation within her. It was from the pit of her stomach, coursing into her heart and veins. As Antwon stroked her ass, Penny breathed in, protruding her body forward in protest. Her breasts stood high, her stomach tight. Never in her life had she felt so strong, so invincible. Antwon began to pick up on Penny's changes.

"Something's happening. You're getting embarrassed, but it's like I feel this heat coming off you. Like you're more powerful than ever."

"I think you're right." Penny's voice was shaking.

"That is amazing," said Antwon, as he reached up and squeezed Penny's tits one last time, for good measure. He knew she would derive much power from such a brazen act.

More than he hoped for, because Penny blushed red from the shocking treatment. He had intentionally groped her to make her uneasy! She pushed back, and a bolt of energy zapped out from her body, knocking Antwon off his feet.

"Holy shit," said Antwon. "Make sure I don't ever do that again."

"No shit!" shouted Penny. "That was not right, Antwon!"

Antwon laughed. "Oh come on, I just wanna see how powerful you get."

Just then, Penny heard sirens going off. In her head, she saw a chase scene, a woman behind the wheel of a vehicle, with a man holding a gun to her head. Two cruisers were chasing them through the city streets.

Antwon, with enhanced hearing of his own, also heard the sirens. They weren't too far away. "Oh shit! The police band. We forgot to turn it up."

"No worries, I got this," said Penny, confidently. Instantly, she bolted out of the window and made it to the scene at supersonic speed. Rather than using physical strength, Penny tested the limits of her mind. She lifted the car off the ground, slowing it to a stop. She sent telepathic demands to the gunman, who at first pointed the gun away from the victim, then at himself, before having his mind "shut off." He slumped over, unconscious.

As Penny brought the car safely to the ground, she noticed, she too, was coming down with it, unable to keep herself in flight. It was like her mind was struggling and soon, her feet touched the ground. The police cruisers came to a stop behind her, and she turned to face them.

"Wh... what just happened?" asked the woman from the car. "I.. I gotta get out of here."

The woman opened the door and began to climb out. Penny turned, not sure whether to wave, or cover herself. One of the officers stepped out of his car and called out, "Ma'am, please raise your hands in the air."

Another officer scrambled out of his car to chase the victim down, who seemed hysterical. Penny was mortified she was being asked to raise her hands. Everyone would see her. But as the officer voiced his demands a second time, Penny didn't know what to do. Unable to lift herself into flight, she was beginning to doubt the extent of her powers. She finally raised her hands, blushing at the thought that everyone could clearly see her naked body in the lights of the cruisers. She closed her eyes, refusing to look at those who were watching her.

And then that warm rush happened again, that power surging through her. Not allowing another moment to pass, Penny bolted into the air, vanishing on the spot. The officers shook their heads, wondering how they were going to report this incident.

"Tell me everything!" Antwon yelled, as soon as Penny got back. She closed the window behind her, along with curtains, and walked to the couch, falling into it.

"Oh my god!" said Penny.

"What, what happened?"

"Like two fucking cops saw me completely naked, Antwon! I mean, it was only for a second, but they saw EVERYTHING. I just..."

"You're going to have to expect that to happen," said Antwon. "It's why you wear the mask."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just not used to it. It's... it's.. oh my god, I can't explain it."

As Penny tried began to calm down next to her friend, she noticed that warm energy inside her subsiding. She still felt strong, but perhaps not invincibly so. She telepathically sent an image to Antwon, showing him everything she did to stop the chase scene, and save the victim. He even saw her struggle with her powers, until she was seen naked by the cops. It played out like a movie in Antwon's mind, and he almost cried from the experience. It was as close to not being blind as he had ever felt.

"That's some amazing powers you have, Penny," he said.

Penny, still naked next to her friend, was beginning to get used to it. Having crawled through the crevices of his mind, she knew Antwon found her attractive. Perhaps, for the first time in her life, she felt somewhat confident by that fact. Penny leaned back in her spot on the couch, and briefly squeezed her right breast. It was kind of fun, knowing she could get away with it, Antwon being blind and all.

"What's that sound?" asked Antwon.

"What sound?" asked Penny.

Antwon stood up, turning slightly. "It's the ceiling fan, I think." He turned to "look" up at it, just as its last bolt broke off, one that must have miraculously been holding it in place.

Penny, applying her super-powers, attempted to jet forward and catch the heavy fan, before it landed on her roommate's head. She only halfway succeeded. She stumbled forward, awkwardly hopping into the air, and crashed into the fan herself. Then she came tumbling back down on Antwon.

"You okay? Penny? You hear me? You awake?"

Penny felt Antwon pushing on her shoulders and arms. It took a shove to her chest to really get her attention. "What just happened?" she asked.

"You jumped into the fan. You uh... overestimated your powers, I think."

"But that was nothing," said Penny. "I stopped a speeding car with my mind earlier."

"I think... I think it's because you weren't that embarrassed. You know..."

It suddenly hit Penny. If she became so accustomed to Antwon in a state of undress, that it began to feel normal, what would happen to her powers? Would she not have any? Penny wanted to read Antwon's thoughts, to discover what he was thinking the problem might be, but she wasn't able to break his mind. She wasn't powerful enough, or bothered enough by the fact that she was naked on the floor in front of him. Slowly, Penny got to her feet and sat back down on the couch. "Well, I guess we'll clean up this mess later."

"Just put the fan in the basement for me, please. I'll call a repair guy." Antwon sat back down on the couch, careful of his environment.

Penny began to settle down, too, noticing her strength didn't feel out of the ordinary anymore. Here she was, in front of someone totally naked, and it didn't concern or embarrass her in the slightest. Maybe if it wasn't Antwon, thought Penny. If it was someone who could actually see her, thought Penny, then she would probably be very embarrassed, and gain her powers back. Even thinking about such a scenario sent a tiny surge of energy coursing inside her. Penny perked up a bit, concerned, but not overly so.

Antwon seemed to have picked up on Penny's thoughts. "If you had weaker powers just now, because you're not feeling immodest enough... are you worried about where that might lead?"

"What do you mean?"

"Penny, you're almost normal strength around me now, while you're naked. It isn't affecting you like it used to. I bet if I rubbed on you, it would work again, but in time, even that..."

"I don't think it will be an issue," said Penny. "Every time I have to go out, I will be around new environments, and new people. Certainly, that will keep me embarrassed, and powerful enough, right?"

"Will it?" asked Antwon, crossing his arms.

Just then, terribly vulgar images began to flash in Penny's mind. As she thought about her predicament, she became evermore embarrassed by the implications. The more humiliated she got thinking about it, the more vivid these images appeared in her mind. It was like Penny had the gift, or curse, of seeing into the future. Her future.

Penny first saw images of Antwon groping and curdling her tits, deeply running his hands into her flesh. He rubbed her ass and firmly ran fingers down her crotch. Penny could see that she was embarrassed by Antwon's actions, but that she allowed it to occur in order to build strength, and face foes.

Penny then saw images of her lewdly thrusting her tits out at criminals and innocents alike, prancing around like a slut. She saw herself thwarting a bank heist with a vibrator held firmly in her pussy, by leather ropes that were tied tightly around her waist, hips and thighs. She saw herself masturbating to police officers, begging them to take pictures.

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