tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 21

The Alley of No Return Ch. 21


Chapter 21: Baptism

Author's preface:

Like all the story thus far, I would like to point out this is pure fantasy. It does however draw on an encounter I once had with a young Mormon elder.

If you are likely to be offended by depraved corruption of someone with religious faith please do not read on.

The real experience did not go a fraction as far; but I wouldn't mind betting he wished it had. I saw the hunger in his eyes; and wanted to release him...though I dared not. He couldn't take his eyes off me smoking. If you are reading this...you will remember my blue fox. In no way am I getting at religion here; just the wisdom of denial in any field of human nature.

Please, if furs and/or smoking offend you in any way...tough shit. Don't read on. If secretly they excite you...succumb and enjoy...

Jane Matthews: author and character.


Elder Lee Fossey of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was almost at the end of his mission. Despite his popularity in the local area and his success at making the church community thriving, he was wrestling with some inner demons.

His colleague Elder Art Fielding was tied up in the doctor's surgery; and no doubt he would be waiting at last an hour for him. While on one hand he thought the British NHS a good idea, he couldn't help thinking that many people in the crowded surgery were there not for illness but for socialising. He certainly didn't want to wait with Art in the crowded waiting room with a lot of people coughing and spluttering.

The wasp sting on Art's wrist had become inflamed and though painful, Lee couldn't help thinking he was making a big deal of it. The sudden cold spell had no doubt killed most wasps off, but an overly central heated home they had visited had made it possible for one to survive and sting his colleague, and two hours later he was now kicking his heels outside the surgery. He knew the score: no appointment, you have to wait.

Elder Fossey beat his arms around him and rubbed his hands together to keep warm, and thought on his issues. The celibacy thing was starting to drive him insane; but he had taken his vows. Soon he would be able to return to Utah find a nice girl...maybe Maribeth Chiltern; his childhood sweetheart in the Church of his hometown, get married and enjoy a healthy sex life. Thus far, he had managed to avoid temptation ; and this was difficult with some of the single ladies that had become involved in the church which deep down he knew had less to do with the message of the church and more to do with his striking good looks.

Jane Matthews watched her prey from the window of her apartment. School was still out due to the exceptionally cold spell. The school teacher was bored, and had been pacing the room, contemplating ringing a lover. Then she had heard the American accents through the window she had opened to clear the smoke from her lounge.

"Why not?" she purred aloud.

She pulled on her Dior buckled high black suede boots that matched her tight suede skirt , and went to the wardrobe.

It had to be the blue fox on such a cold day.

She lit it slide from the hanger and she put it on , pulling the thick collar around her face and smiling at its touch. She grabbed her gloves and bag and left the apartment.

As the gentle icy breeze greeted her , the fox fur pelts fluffed up to their full volume, and she walked toward the bus stop at the corner. On arriving, she smiled at the dark suited hunk sitting on the wall with just a dark raincoat for protection against the elements.

"Are the buses running do you know?" Jane asked the young man , knowing full well they probably were not. She pulled her dark bob behind her ear and waited a response with as innocent a looking smile as she could muster.

"Errr..hey I am real sorry but I have no idea...I am waiting for my colleague..." he replied, gesturing with his thumb behind him at the surgery "...wasp sting...this time of year would you believe it?"

"That is bad luck" Jane smiled.

Jane turned to look at the timetable. Even if they were running, there wasn't one due for half an hour; and she had no intention of getting on it.

"Brrr it is cold...you must be frozen!" she said, catching him staring open mouthed as she pulled up the flaps of her black suede boots over her knees.

Startled by being caught looking, Lee blushed, and took his leather gloves form his pocket.

"I guess I will survive..." he smiled "...less chance of catching a cold out here than in there is my way of thinking."

Jane nodded agreement and fumbled in her bag.

"Clumsy me..." she said dropping the lighter she had retrieved , and watching as it clattered to the icy pavement and at the highly polished black shoes of the Elder.

Elder Fossey stared at the thing. There was no mistaking what it was. Helplessly, he picked it up and held it outstretched to the vision in blue fox in front of him. Jane Matthews stood holding her long white cigarette aloft and wriggling it expectantly in her gloved hand, and raised an eyebrow.

Lee Fossey was in England, and he knew full well a gentleman was expected to light a lady's cigarette.

Despite all his teachings, he was powerless . He stepped forward close to Jane Matthews, and his skin tingled all over at the smell of the beautiful woman's perfume, and the merest of caresses from the tips of blue fox fur on his hand as he sparked the lighter to her cigarette.

In the freezing atmosphere illuminated by weak sun, he was engulfed in the woman's volumous toxic exhale, and he whimpered in near abandon.

"I shouldn't have done that. It's the first time I have ever lit a cigarette for someone..." Elder Fossey gulped, while watching Jane's eyes narrow with a twinkle as she made the end of the cigarette in her gloved hand glow again.

"Would you like one?" Jane whispered wickedly and extended the pack to the shivering missionary and ignoring his words.

"Oh NO! No... " Elder Fossey said regaining composure and laughing nervously. "...we in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints don't believe in corrupting the body."

"Shame..." Jane said on a velvet exhale, and eyed him up and down.

The Elder looked shocked, and again lost his composure. "Did she just eye me up? Wow she is gorgeous..." he thought.

"Shame she is a smoker..." he thought. The very word smoker associated with such a beautiful woman was enough to make his already hard prick throb violently in its confining underwear. It hurt. "Is she saying its a shame I don't smoke because that would have been sexy..? Wow. What am I thinking..." his thought pattern continued "...what if she wasn't a smoker...that would make it okay to want her? What if I wasn't a Mormon...I would be free to share an intimate cigarette with her. Wow...."

The demons rose in him again. He couldn't take much more. It felt like temptation. It was.

"Does that mean I am all corrupted?" Jane said with a schoolgirl innocence on her face.

"Oh no no....it's not for us to judge others...just help them to live a cleaner life if they so choose. I guess you don't know about these things...I could help you ...if you want to know about the book of Mormon." Elder Fossey said with a sterile smile.

Jane wasn't stupid.

"Its says in your book you shouldn't smoke?" she quizzed.

"Errrr...not exactly..." Elder Fossey replied and looked in his slim case for the slim volume among the Bible and Book of Mormon.

Jane bathed him in targetted smoke as he searched for the Word of Wisdom.

"Oh dear" she said "I am going to make your beautiful suit smell of smoke...I am so sorry..." she lied.

Elder Fossey looked up, and transfixed, watched her take another eye narrowing drag on the smouldering stick. He gulped, and could only watch as she sent a stream of luminous smoke into the air. He had waited for it expectantly and watched it leave her full lips in awe.

"Seems like my smoking fascinates you Elder...Fossey?" Jane asked, as she moved closer to him to read his name badge.

It was true. It did. Now what would he say? He couldn't lie for sure.

"It's just....looks kind of weird...I....I mean..." he stumbled.

"I know what you mean" Jane smiled.

"Y...you do?" He replied, again watching in disbelief at how beautiful the next stream of smoke looked against the low sun as it cascaded outwards from her smile, then drifted back toward him.

She had hypnotised her prey but she would play with it a while longer before striking. He could still get away.

"So tell me about your book..." Jane said , and Elder Fossey composed himself once more and began to explain how the Word of Wisdom came to be, and what it entailed.

"It sounds strange to me..." Jane interrupted when it came to the bit about coffee and alcohol "...I mean I am going to need a hot drink and maybe a shot when I get home on a day like today."

"Oh no no..." the missionary retorted. "We can drink decaffeinated coffee."

"You look like you could use a hot drink and a warm up Elder Fossey...and I guess my bus isn't going to come. Wasn't important...I can go into town tomorrow. I have some decaf in my apartment would you like one while you continue...your... story?"

Fossey looked toward the surgery.

"I will just check on my friend's progress...maybe we can both join you and you can hear our message?"

"No problem..." Jane replied as he skipped up the path to the surgery.

Four minutes later he emerged.

"Elder Fielding still has a dozen people in front of him...I guess you will just have to put up with me..." he smiled sheepishly.

"I am just across the road" Jane said, gesturing with her hand for him to join her as she stepped from the pavement.

Elder Fossey breathed in deeply. "Get behind me Satan!" he murmured to himself as he surveyed her body wriggling in the voluptuous fox as her heels attacked the gritted road; her hair shining in the winter sun.

But his words carried no faith.

Already he was breathing in the exhale that passed over the thick soft fur of her shoulder and into his face. And it felt good.

Jane Matthews led the American to the kitchen without removing her fox. It was still cold in the apartment form the window which she had left wide open; but of course that was not the reason the coat remained on. She filled the kettle and opened the cupboard.

She shook the jar at him."Decaf okay then?" she said, though she knew full well the jar contained regular. A refill of normal instant from a jar she had lost the lid to.

Elder Fossey removed his gloves and blew on his freezing fingers "That would be most welcome thankyou."

Before the kettle was boiled Jane slid a long menthol cigarette from its glossy pack and lit it.

Neither spoke...she just let him watch, knowing it would be making him stiff.

When the coffee was made she passed it to the young American clean cut boy and gestured for him to follow him. As he did so. She exhaled as much smoke as she could behind her , but glanced back only once on the way to the lounge. She caught a glimpse of his open mouthed survey of the Sardax prints that adorned her hallway.

As she bid him to sit, she sat herself, crossing her legs to reveal her strong thighs. She sipped from her coffee cup held in one hand and held her cigarette aloft with the other.

They were sat three feet apart on opposite ends of the couch.

Fossey sipped his coffee while anxiously pawing through his briefcase. He tried to avert his eyes.

But even the sound of her puffing on the cigarette drew him in; those lips...

Truth was, Lee Fossey had not been this aroused since he had watched the strange sight of a newswoman at the scene of a bridge collapse under heavy snow on the highway near his college in Utah. She had worn a full fox fur like the one Jane Matthews sported, and though she was blonde, she also smoked cigarettes non stop. Part of the reason for his devotion to the Church was to try to cure himself of the masturbatory fever that particular vision of wickedness had produced in him. He had been raised to think smoking was a sin, and so it had shocked him to see that beautiful women would enjoy it. In the Mormon state, such sightings were rare. And that out of state News girl, just like Jane Matthews, smoked like the sin gave them carnal pleasure.

"I think you know I am beyond salvation don't you Elder Fossey?" Jane Matthews said, leaning forward and bathing him in smoky exhale, before lifting the cigarette to her lips again. "There is only one person getting baptised right now and it isn't into your church...."

Moving closer to Elder Fossey, Jane put down her cup and his.

She flung the sweep of the blue fox over him, and held his hand.

"You're freezing young man...let me warm you up."

Placing the hand with the cigarette around his shoulders, the fox fur sleeve brushed his face, and his mouth reached for it.

"Soft and warm isn't it...Lee?" Jane Matthews said calling him by his Christian name for the first time, and smoke cascading from her crimson red lips.

He leaned back , head spinning from the caffeine in the coffee and heart pounding. His cock was throbbing in pain and pleasure.

"Have you ever tried a cigarette Lee?" Jane asked, reaching her left hand around him and taking the cigarette from the right hand that now caressed his shoulder.

"Y...yes..." he whimpered, recalling the time he had picked up the discarded freshly lit cigarette of Lena Stone the newswoman as she rushed to the camera. He remembered placing his lips where hers had been and he had inhaled smoke for the first time: "just once...it...I...I kinda liked it..."

"I could tell. Here Lee...nobody need know..." Jane Matthews said as she held the sacrament to the boys lips and watched as the clean cut American in the pristine white shirt, tie and suit eagerly fed.

As her evil charms worked, this time it was Jane who began to lose control as she writhed , her wet gusset demanding penetration.

"More" she said, feeding the gorgeous hunk with her poison chalice again.

"Mmmmmm...there...not so bad is it Lee?"

"Mmmmmmm..." the dizzy boy, now in total abandon, exclaimed as he inhaled the evil that had possessed his body briefly once before. This time it was he who said "more" as the mentholated vapour took him back to his college days, and made his cock jerk violently.

"Oh Jane...it makes me feel funny all over...all tingly....oh man this is sooo good..."

"Have you ever kissed a smoker?" Jane teased as she took a drag herself and inhaled it deep.

"I guess not..." Elder Fossey almost cried as her lips came towards his and she engulfed him in her fur.

As she filled his open mouth with smoke and followed with the tongue that gently made sure it was all inhaled, she began to undo his flies.

"What the fuck is this?" Jane laughed as she saw the truss that held him. "Heh heh..." she laughed wickedly, "...not working is it?"

With a little bit of awkward manoeuvring and her placing her cigarette for safe keeping in the mesmerized boys lips, Jane Matthews had released her victim from the strange undergarments. She know held his thick swollen purple cock in her gloved hand and squeezed and stroked as her other hand retrieved her cigarette.

"Oh my God..." Lee Fossey whimpered as he watched Jane French inhale and hold a thick white cloud of smoke in her deep cherry lips before descending on the straining hot cock.

"I never had a Mormon cock before..." she gurgled as Lee stroked the woman's sleek dark bob as it went up and down on him. She came off as soon as it began to quiver and she forced her leather gloved finger on his underside.

"Ow...uhhhh....what happened?" he said .

Jane said nothing and came up to kiss him again.

"You don't escape that easy..." she said finally, breaking off for a last drag on the cigarette and stubbing it out in the nearby ashtray.

"Don't you dare get spunk all over my fur you bad boy..." Jane warned, giggling; "...there is only one place that is going."

Straddling him she felt another pair of expensive tights rupture and the boys engorged penis enter her.

Jane Matthews rarely wore knickers.

"Heh heh...Jane said giggling "...your clean wholesome body is inside a dirty unclean slut of a smoker Lee....how does it feel?"

His cock swelled inside her.

"Uhhhooohh.... Lee you bad bad boy..." Jane purred as she felt it truly fill her.

"Don't I need a condom or something?" Lee Fossey started to plead , a tear in his eye.

Jane stopped moving. She sat up still astride and reached in her pocket for her cigarettes and lighter.

"Are you a smoker now Elder Fossey?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with evil. His stiffness jerked inside her.

"I guess so..." he said, eagerly accepting the cigarette she immediately lit for him.

It felt good...bad...whatever...to be inside this gorgeous woman. Inside a smoker. He trembled at the thought as their kiss deepened; their tongues probing one another's mouths. She tasted as wicked as she looked. His body felt good too as the nicotine coursed around it. At last she broke off to reply:

"Then we don't want a condom then do we? Do you want to be inside my filthy, evil, corrupted body or not?" she laughed knowing exactly what he was feeling.

"I guess so...yes...yes I do..." he murmured, wrapping his strong arms around her and caressing her body through thick soft blue fox furs; his hips bucking her in the air violently, but she remaining firmly in the saddle.

As she descended on him she breathed smoke on his shiny black badge with its neat writing proclaiming the missionary's former faith. She looked at him with his tie loosened and the badge glinting in the light as he took a long drag. Jane gritted her teeth in ecstasy and enjoyed the sight.

"Mmmm..." she said taking a drag on hers too and working her body against his as they sank into soft blue fox "...I guess this is what it must feel like to fuck a nun...no wonder guys fantasise about it. Now there's a thought..." Jane said as she filled the lovely innocent Mormon boy's mouth with smoky poison once more and his cock exploded its ten months of denial inside her rotten, corrupt, but beautiful body.


Twenty minutes later Jane Matthews joined Lee at the window and passed him another lit cigarette. She still wore the blue fox but now was naked beneath it but for her black suede buckled boots.

"mmmmmm...." she said as she caressed his naked chest "...you look good in the buff too...come here my sexy smoker..." she continued, pulling him toward her and feeling his prick stiffen against her again.

Jane could never be fully a lesbian. She loved the cock too much; and Lee's was a fine specimen indeed. She twanged its branch hard stiffness and moved her hand up and down its elegant shaft as she enjoyed his sweet lips take succour from a handsome white death stick.

"I...it feels good...bad...I don't know...you saying that. Maybe...Maybe I have always been turned on by it. Jane...I do...I want to be a smoker; to join you. I want to fuck....oh wow it turns me on so watching you smoke..." he offered, unused to such words.

"Shhhh..." she said placing two perfectly manicured polished nails against his lips "...you don't have to explain a thing. Horny young boys like you aren't cut out for this religion lark. And now you're a smoker too....you will be addicted...just like me...in no time. Every time you take a cigarette and inhale it you will be one with me...nice thought no? It's a new religion Lee...one that delivers immediate, and satisfying salvation....heh hhehhhehhh... "

She continued, after another passionate kiss, whispering seductively. "Forever you will be in the grip of Mistress nicotine and me..." she said; squeezing his cock to emphasis the point as he inhaled another time, a wave of euphoric acceptance sweeping over him. He now had a new god and a High Priestess to instruct him.

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