tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Amazon Journals Ep. 03

The Amazon Journals Ep. 03


Written by: J. Jasper Martin

{Original Story inspired by: Alissa Wilkins}

In Loving memory of Kevin Smith

Greatly known for his role as Ares in the hit TV show, Xena: Warrior Princess.

"You will truly be remembered by those who truly appreciated you for the wonderful way you entertained us in your perfect portrayal of the God of War. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your fan's heart.

I will remember you, … always."


Tsianina Joelson: Varia // Rasputina Barrin Dea
Alissa Wilkins: Alissa // Liana
Adrienne Wilkinson: Eve
Barbara Kodetova: Sakina Ulyeep
Russell Crowe: Dalin De' Vega
Pricilla Barns: Cyane
J. Jasper Martin: Jaysin Riek Sine
Ted Raimi: Dillonus Kiek
Zhang Ziyi: Sabrina Kie Dou Mou
Rosario Dawson: Mkala
David Morse: Brutus Stilus
Michael Wincott: Damon Dea
Sherri Rappaport: Sara Jasmien Kwaltus
C. Thomas Howell: Harruseus Kwaltus
Richard E. Grant: Maximus Dol Maximus
Patricia Wettig: Juno
William Gregory Lee: Virgil
Alexis Arquette: Paul

* * *

A Note From The author…

I've never thought of myself as an erotic writer, or more so, a man who'd ever have sexual content in his stories. Lately however, I've been inspired by many letters of those of you who write to me with your words of encouragement. Even more, the words of encouragement by young Alissa Wilkins. A Talented writer herself, who gave me the inspiration to continue on with the stories of Eve. Though my original plan was to try my talents at sex stories involving many other famous celebrity women.

In this story, I've named "The Shaman Wars." I decided to write with sexual content for your pleasure, but more over, I had originally written it as an adventure story I was exceptionally proud of. I hope you all enjoy it, and to you miss Alissa Wilkins… thank you for the inspiration.

* * * * *


As I sit across the Amazon Queen, Varia. The courageous and noble Queen of the Amazons. Beautiful and impressive as any a woman I've ever come to know in my life. As a traveling Bard, I've come to know many, ha, many women in many different ways. Oh, dear… forgive me, I stray.

My name is Virgil, and I am a friend of Eve. Daughter of Xena, a what you would say, step daughter I guess, to Gabrielle. Considering Gabrielle's and Xena's relationship. One could only guess…

Before I begin to tell you the tail told to me by the Queen of the Amazons herself, as Eve, sits beside me. {I must say, as much as my anger burns for her, I could see the two of us side by side, hero and sidekick for years to come. Of course, I will return home in time, so it wont happen… damnation! I keep carrying on with my jabbering and you are probably becoming quite restless. I'll continue…}

I had been traveling quite a ways from my mothers new home in Athens, she had grown sick with grief over fathers, death a time ago, and it ended her life in a dreamless night of sleep.

I was determined to move on with my life only to be surrounded by a band of beautiful but near snarling women with swords held to my throat.

Thank the Gods that Eve was there to stop them. Of course, one of them, Daphmina sure didn't like the thought of letting me live. Plus, I believe she has it in for Eve.

I was brought to the camp as a guest and they each took turns dancing around the fire for some Amazon ritual that kept me on my toes. (Mostly in fear of my life… one man cannot trust Amazons anymore.)

Over the duration of the night, I came to speak with Varia to acquire that she tell me the tail that no Amazon has shared with any of the outside world. A tail I once before came to know as "The Shaman Wars", and to be honest. I was VERY curious to hear this story. And another bit of honesty be told, Varia and the others were quite reluctant to tell me the story… but after careful thought, Varia began to realize what potential there was in letting the story become known by the world.

She told me to come by her tent at sun up, and I happily obliged, only to find myself in a tent where Eve lay asleep, her back to us as Varia welcomed me. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd see Eve doing what Gabrielle was doing one morning when I was welcomed into Xena's bed chamber on board the ship "Karole" that took us all to Gurkhan's kingdom. Only now, I was too curious about the story, and hoped beyond hope that the same results that came that morning, would not come at this moment.

"I take it you still wish to hear the story of The Shaman Wars." Varia sat beside a sleeping Eve.

"Yes," I answered. "I would."

"Good…" She sipped from a bowl of hot broth that brought a cringe to her eyes as the heat stung her lips. "Ouch… you um… better get your quill, because I want you to write EVERYTHING I say. Can you do that? Can you write as fast as I speak?"

"I've done it when ever my father told stories." I reassured her.

"Have you now?"

"Yes," I smiled at her smile. "I must say, he was a fast speaker and in the beginning, made it hard to keep up. But of course, it became an art to me."

I rummaged through my sack and found that I hadn't forgotten the fresh scrolls, or my quills and ink. My smile beamed brighter as I pulled out the ink, laid it beside me, on the neatly carved table in Varia's tent. My quill dipped inside the dark ink, and my scroll laid before me.

"Okay, I am ready when you are, as you can see." I looked towards her with my quill ready to scribble her words into the writing that would soon be world wide.

"Remember," She said. "I only do this in order to let the souls of those involved with the Shaman wars live on. For you see, we as Amazons are now a dying race… and our tails need to be told."

"I thought that the Shaman Wars came long before the Amazons were even thought of." I was curious to a further fault.

"They did… but a woman who lived in that time, Liana. Her one and only daughter was the one who brought our group together before the name. Though she was not an Amazon by way of ours, she was an Amazon at heart. The first, Amazon."

My heart raced at the thrill of what this tail had in store for me. My hands shaking as I tried my damnable best to hold steady to the quill and scroll.

"My own ancestor, Rasputina was Liana's lover. And you must remember that in this time, the world had never even heard of two women sharing their beds with each other… it was a dirty adventure to be told in times to come. The first joining of two women." Varia spoke softly. "She was lover that blamed herself for the tragedy to come."

"Don't worry!" She saw my eagerness rise. "I wont ruin it all before time… so just hold that quill steady, for the tail of our ancestors begins with quite an interlude."

* * *

Rasputina, or Putina as many called her in short. Lay below her lover Liana, who would lovingly caress her dearest in her hands. Their eyes locked on one and the other as they shared a bond that no other woman in history had ever shared with one another.

Their soft flesh connected at the breasts. Their legs entwining one upon the other as they gently lavished kisses upon each others soft sensuous lips.

Liana was the wife of a kind and wonderful man named Paul. Hebrew in belief and father to three sons and eight daughters by his four wives. He loved Liana, but not the way a husband would love a wife. He wished upon wish that he could, but it wasn't possible. His love was for Liana's widowed mother Juno… but as the culture of Juno's people stated, since she was once a wife to another, her daughters must marry him first. Liana's older sister had died years before, giving birth to her third daughter. Mary however, still lived, but thrilled on her arts in dancing, and teaching those to her four daughters. Juno bore two sons unto Paul, as Liana bore first a daughter, and then a son.

She was by far the youngest of the three daughters of Juno. Nieces to Juno's sister, Cyane. A radical woman on the path of claiming life as to be her own and to be owned by none other in the world. A truly remarkable woman, whom Liana admired more so than any other human being.

If not for Cyane to be so openly honest with her niece Liana, as far as her joys and deep dark desires from which she'd never been able to fallow, Liana would never have allowed herself to be taken into the bed and then into the unadulterated heart of the dark in natured as that of her own hair, Shamness Rasputina.

Cyane, you see, was never able to bring herself to sharing a bed with anybody, let alone a woman, being as taboo or more so, unspoken of by any in the known world. She was only open to speak her life passed wishes to the niece she'd grown to love more than anything, and what great relief her shoulders felt lifted when able to speak of her desires to another, one so beautiful as her lovely niece.

"Putina?" Liana, left her world of memory as her head she laid upon the dark haired beauties slowly bust surely, rising chest.

"Yes my love?" Putina's arms encircled themselves about Liana's small and tender body holding firmly with all of her heart, as if love should be missed by a moment away.

"Will I ever find a way out of here?" the soft spoken words clinging off the end of Liana's lengthy pink tongue, piercing Putina's ears yet again… "to be with you, forevermore?" She asked.

'Forevermore.' A word we only speak if our hearts mean it truly deep inside. A word that Liana used when her heart bled that rushing blood of love for her darling Rasputina.

Putina however found her heart trembling in short despair as always it would when this question would be made known to her. How she would find herself having to yet again break an hopeless fantasy of her soul mated one.

"We cannot allow ourselves to be found as lovers." Her tremor filled voice cut blood from Liana's ears again. "My husband would see the end of me, and even more so, the end of you if he found out." Putina spoke softly but urgently into Liana's ear. "I cannot bear what would happen to you."

"I still don't understand." Liana spoke firmly as her hands came in a short hard grasp at the quilt below the two of them. "How can a Shamness be married?"

"I've told you before…" Putina's hands crept down and took hold of her lovers buttocks playfully, even in their sorrowed conversation. Her personal hopes that it might ease a short fuse of the tension between them in this conversation. "If a Shaman desires a Shamness as his women, his wife, he may have her."

"Against her will?"

Putina let out a dragging sigh as she nodded her head. "Sadly, yes."

"I love you, Putina." Liana arose slightly to kiss her lovers lips, her neck having to strain slowly in the effort. "I would have never made you mine against your will, but of course, I'd break my heart not to try."

As the tears formed in Rasputina's eyes. Her lips contacted Liana's once more and held close as the two made love in their greatest fashion… in their only red, soft beating hearts.

The sorrow of knowing they'd never be permitted or even tolerated to being together forever, burned in their hearts and minds as their bodies burned in desire for one another. That ever growing wanton desire, over shadowed by the ever growing hearts desire.

Putina's mind moved slightly to thoughts of her husband Damon Dea as he was a cruel man in heart and wanted to posses what was in Rasputina's soul with all of his soul and greedy might.

Liana, being unwise as to the way of the warrior world, never knew that Rasputina's burses and cuts came from her cruel husband. She used the words that would live on forever with the women who felt cruelly shamed by those domestic unwanted… "I fell." Or even "I bumped into everything, I'm so clumsy sometimes." … She'd never burden the heart of her lover by telling the tails of the many nights her husband Damon Dea would beat her and rape her, in order to possess what was hers alone to possess. Her dignity, her hope, & her soul!

She considered these beatings and rapes as her atonement for allowing herself to be lover to another woman. But this love she had was far too great to let such a small thing in comparison take charge of.

Putina was far too in love with Liana to allow herself to fall burdened to the cruel nights when her husband was home from the tribal wars. Her lucky stars, and smiling fates had him at the tribal wars many times through out the year.

Liana's fates had her own husband Paul only visiting her every twelve days. Her children in his care… for he would never make his wives live in his personal home, but his children would.

Liana was alone more often than not, and fates smiled through their tear stained eyes, upon the love of Liana & her Rasputina.

Many a glorious time passed would Putina be so kind to sing her love strung limericks into the heart of her desired Liana. Kneading a strong straight path into her lovers heart and soul with every word sung from her lips as her fingers so majestically strummed the strings of her harp. An instrument that was not unknown to the music of the Shamans through out the land. It carried a heavenly thought to it for them all.

The sun shined hair would fall over Liana's breasts as she lay at her side, her eyes narrowing in on her lovers lips, as the sweet sweet music would carry through the morning bliss.

Liana's head rest upon her shoulders, her breathing in a shallow whisper as low as she could succumb. Her ears straining to hold onto every note played upon the harp, and every song sung word sung by her lovers lips.

If you sing to me

The song of your heart,

My morning kiss longs

To alone be with you.

If you sing,

Your heart to me,

My longing love

Will never leave,

My heart will only long

To alone be with you.

Liana, Liana,

My life long truth,

Will know you too,

Liana my love,

My heart only alone

Alone be with you.

Many could sit around for hours on end listening to the songs of Rasputina's own words. She loved to sing, and she loved to sing for her darling Liana.

I know… i seems as if love is all there is with these two women, nothing more than just this little fairy tale of living happily ever after, but their lives together made quite the contrary. Most people however (men at least) would make it seem like something dirty and rotten, but they had something as pure as the clean and clear snow white soul. …


"Damn them!"

In the dimly lit chambers of the house of Dea, the master Damon Dea and his fellow Shaman's came to a great gathering they themselves dubbed "Remuk"… for in this time, many Shaman's learned their own family dialect of speaking, and to them, Remuk, meant "Keepers of the Magic Heritage."

A great table was placed centered in the large room of which by most traditions was known to be the place of dinning. Around this table sat the distinguished nobles of the Royal Shaman Gathering.

The great table had been cleared of the evenings feast and upon it lay a map of the Shaman hills. A long red painted bone handled knife was dead centered on a cleft that was painted as a deep valley between the five massive hills, it was placed there by Jaysin Riek Sine as he led an earlier demonstration. The master of the house, Damon Dea was sitting in his private chair on the upper northern half of his table. Head of the entire court in this house tonight…

He was reasonably strict with how the table should be face. His end of the long table at the head of it always faced back to the north. Four large and well trimmed and specially decorated chairs on each side of the massive table, west and east, and one chair as large as his own, with it's own special trimmings much like the others on the far end of the south. Many thought that his obsession with mapping his home and furniture to that magnitude was rather strange and chaotic, but they endured and spoke nothing of it really.

There was a small, hard, somewhat hideous chair on the right of Damon Dea's. He had ordered it for it's crude fashion, specifically for the purpose that his wife Rasputina would be sitting in that very seat. He knew how cruel he was being to her and adored every waking moment of it. He would often stare in her direction, hating her more and more as he witnessed that she was giving no sign of discomfort like the first night she had received it. She was just sitting there, content on fighting his hard cruel treatment of stares and jests.

"You have no heart for Rasputina, my friend." Jaysin Riek Sine would often whisper into Damon Dea's ear from the left of his friend from the east side of the table where he sat, the first to start the row from Damon Dea's left side. Beside Jaysin to his own right sat the kind and warm hearted Shamness Sakina Ulyeep.

She was not so dark haired as Putina was, but a near dark chocolate color in a certain like when looking at it. She was often confronted by Shaman's to be taken as their wife, but now that she had been married twice already, both husbands dead from casualties of war, she was free to dictate her life as law was written. She was one that would no longer have to endure the heartlessness of the way of wedding vows to anybody. Though her heart was in a joyousness over this freedom, she wept inside for women like Putina. Kind hearted women who were cursed to endure a sick and deranged marriage to a husband in the likes of Damon Dea.

The bastard is so mean to her. She thought more often than not when seeing her dear warm friend left to be singled out by her husband.

To Sakina Ulyeep's own right sat Dillonus Kiek. A fool by many opinions and another warm hearted person to say the least. He was married to a peasant girl years before, even at the disgust of the entire court. He was one that would never force a woman to do anything against her will.

To be blunt. The only reason he was even a part of the Royal court was because of his father Marcellus Fry Kiek. A very power Shaman who left all he had to his only son years before, when he passed away. An elder that earned the respect of the entire court of Shaman's. Therefore, his son was given the respect they didn't think he deserved.

Beside him was the Chin born Shamness Sabrina Kie Dou Mou. Her name Sabrina, given to her by her adopted mother Farro Wrepu. Another well respected, but Sabrina had no trouble keeping that respect with her power she held over her lands. SHE was the one who claimed a husband if she so desired, NOT the other way around. Many believed her to be the killer of the great Simus Grappini, for attempting to force her hand into marriage.

She would have faced execution for such a deed, but nobody would dare raise a hand against her. For she alone was the only person alive, strong enough, more so, crazy enough to take the like of a Grappini. Not even the Grappini's would raise arms against one so dangerous. Thus, it was left alone.

Brutus Stilus sat to the left of Putina, where she was between him and Damon Dea.

Brutus Stilus wasn't a cruel man, nor was he a soft hearted man. He was strong and firm and straight with the ways of the Warrior Shaman tribes. He never liked Damon Dea, but he was a faithful warrior servant to those of higher rank and class. A tall man with great power to say the least.

On his own left, sat Dalin De' Vega. Latin Greek Shaman from the far south. He was unwise as to the way of the magic in Shaman heritage, but as far as those of a Warrior, he looked up to Stilus with great pride, in hopes of being like this man in future times to come. Many knew of his great love for Rasputina Barrin Dea, especially her husband.

Damon Dea would look upon Dalin De' Vega's love for his wife and gain his sadistic charm of a smile. He sometimes made the offer for De' Vega to bed his wife for a price, but Dalin De' Vega would never do such a terrible thing. Often enough, Damon Dea would beat and rape Putina for committing infidelity against him, when more ever, it would be him committing it, or even making her "fuck" other men. More like, be raped, by other men.

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