tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Amusement Park

The Amusement Park


Greg and Dana were high school sweethearts, married right out of high school twenty years ago. They were both just under forty, the kids were nearly grown, and they looked forward to their first vacation alone together in years.

They chose a trip to Florida to a large amusement park where they had taken the kids years ago. It was the first weekend of summer, and they heard rumors this would be "Gay Pride" week at the park, but dismissed them with a shrug. People are people, after all.

They settled into an average-priced room at an on-site hotel; which had a nice, big pool, poolside bar, and shuttle service to all the attractions. After a dip in the pool, they retired to a quiet table in a corner near the bar to just watch the action, whatever it may be.

After a few drinks, Dana exclaimed, "Look at all the gorgeous men. The sights at the hotel are better than the attractions!"

Greg chuckled and informed Dana with drunken authority, "You do know it's Gay Pride Week, so you might as well stop looking."

"Are you kidding?" from Dana, "I don't want to fuck them, I just want to enjoy looking at all the hot bodies. Look at that sweet pair over there." She gave the briefest nod and sideways glance toward two great looking guys sitting partially concealed by the bushes, not twenty feet away.

They were kissing each other, definitely French kissing, leaning over the arms of their chairs toward one another. Dana suddenly felt overheated. She had never seen two guys touching each other like that before. It was hot. She squirmed in her seat as she began to juice up watching the pair.

Their nearly naked bodies shimmered with perspiration in the humid Florida night. Just outside the soft glow of the multi-colored lights around the pool, they enjoyed semi-privacy.

The guy nearest them was a young, blonde surfer, probably early twenties. The dark tan of his rather slender, tightly muscled body was a stark contrast to his sun-bleached shoulder-length blonde hair. He slowly pulled away from the kiss, smiling at the tall, well-built man with him. This guy was probably Greg and Dana's age, around six feet tall, also tanned and with darker hair. His teeth gleamed against his tanned face as he smiled back at the young man who was with him. They were a handsome couple by any standards. Two hard bodies, one thin and lithe, and the other large and well-muscled.

The young blonde reached his head over to flick his tongue over one of the man's nipples, and brought the heel of his hand to rub the other nipple hard and swift, until it pebbled. The man shifted and let a leg drop from his chair on the boy's side, leaving little to the imagination under his loose trunks. The boy slowly traced his palm down the man's sculptured abs, and played with the waistband of his shorts. The man's hard-on was evident as it pressed to get out. The boy pulled the waistband down just enough to expose the tip of the man's cock and trap the head against his belly. He then snapped the waistband back into place with just the head still exposed. The boy pinched the head, rubbed it creating a line of pre-cum across the hard abs. He rubbed his fingers through the juice, the brought them to his mouth and slowly licked it fron his fingers. The boy flicked hi tongue over the man's nipple while his hand rubbed the exposed cock head, then down the length of the erection on the outside of the shorts, to cup the balls and back again.

The man's head was thrown back, eyes closed, his face showing the ecstasy of the pleasure he was receiving. One hand was fisted in the boy's hair, preventing him from moving away from the embrace. He then turned slightly to his side and held out his arm to the boy in a gesture to come closer. The boy looked up and eagerly placed himself beside the man on his hands and knees on the hard cement. He turned and took the man's cock fully into his mouth in one swift movement, seemingly well-practiced.

He was kneeling facing away from the man, bobbing his head on the swollen cock. The man pushed between his shoulder blades, apparently liking the feeling of holding him down, although it was obviously unnecessary. His other hand traveled up and down the boy's inner thigh, as the boy began to thrust his ass toward the hand.

The man was now watching his hand travel up and down the leg and into the shorts and over the tight ass, gripping the balls and back to the ass. He began to move in unison to the boys ministration on his cock and moved his face closer to the young ass, pulling the shorts aside to stare at the sweet, puckered hole inside. His hand made one last trip into the shorts as he slid one finger then another into the tight young ass. The boy bucked, then leaned back into the hand, begging for more. He sucked the man's cock with abandon, and the two began to draw glances from curious on-lookers, including Greg and Dana, through sparse branches of the bush.

The scene was so hot, it was impossible to be unaffected by it. Greg and Dana were comfortably buzzing from several Margueritas, and both were kicked back in their chairs, watching intently. Dana moved her chair closer to Greg so she could rub his dick through his shorts, under the table. It was rock hard, pointed up towards Gregs face and the shorts were drenched with pre-cum, as he sat watching the men.

His cock jumped and twitched as soon as it felt Dana's hand. She wrapped her hand around its length and began to jack him off. "You seem to like what you're seeing," she whispered against his ear. She put her head to his naked chest and flicked her tongue over his hardened nipple, drawing a groan of pleasure from deep within him. In answer to her question, he thrust his hips toward her and rasped, "slow baby, I don't want to get off too soon." She knew he was getting a great deal of pleasure from the two men.

The boy sucked, moving his head up and down, as the man finger-fucked his ass. He thrust his ass again and again toward the man, begging for more, and he began sucking in rhythm. The pair were frenzied with lust, obviously enjoying each other and didn't care who was looking, as they both groaned and thrust toward their orgasms. The man was lying back on the chair, slightly turned, with one hand in the boy's hair, and the other pumping his ass. His head was drooped over his shoulder as he watched his hand pumping in and out of the sweet ass. It was obviously a sight he enjoyed. The boy was kneeling on the ground next to the lounge chair with the man's dick thrust down his throat his nose digging in and out of the brown, curly pubic hair.

The man suddenly ripped the boys shorts down to his knees and spread his ass cheeks with both hands looking his fill at the evidence of the boy's aroused state. The boy groaned in protest at losing the pressure in his ass, loud enough to hear from a good distance. The man returned his fingers to the begging ass, thrusting slowly in and out, as he reached around and grabbed the boy's rigid cock with the other hand. The boy's moans of ecstasy were now unbridled, and he whimpered in sheer delight as the man began pumping his cock and ramming his ass in rhythm. He brought both hands around and cupped the kneaded the mans balls, then with both hands spread the mans ass cheeks and lightly stroked with his fingertips of both hands, around his asshole without touching it, while holding the cheeks open with the palms of his hands. His head was buried in the man's shorts, and only he could see the lovely, puckered hole between the man's widely spread legs. The man wriggled and began thrusting his cock into the boy's mouth in rhythm with his own ministrations to the boy's cock and ass.

Greg laid his head on the back of the chair, his eyes slits, but still trained on the two men, as he rocked in his seat, thrusting his cock up and down in Dana's hand.

The two men were near climax, as the boy arched his back, clamping his ass around the man's fingers, and the man jerked the boy's shooting cum onto the cement, at the same time as he exploded and sent wave after wave of hot cum into the boy's mouth.

Greg, witnessing this, began to tense. "Oh shit, oh shit", he breathed. He and Dana were trying to be inconspicuous as they didn't want anyone to see what they were doing under the table. Greg expelled a long breath that resembled a tortured moan, and thrusting his hips with abandon proceeded to spew his cum all over the underside of the table. He was shaking from the force of his orgasm, and laughed nervously as he began to float back to reality. Dana was smiling at him and wiping at the cum from his legs and shorts with a napkin.

He looked over at the lovers. The boy had returned to his seat, and was obviously thoroughly sated. The man, still leaning slightly on his side with one hand propped under his head was staring openly at Greg and Dana. He was wearing a wide smile and a knowing look. His other hand was gripped around his still partially hard cock, and he began slowly jerking it, pointing it directly at Greg. His look said "I know you want it, come and get it."

Dana watched with fascination as tremors ran through Greg's body, and his hand moved unconsciously to his crotch to rub his already hardening cock.

To be continued...next, Greg gets thoroughly initiated

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