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The Angel of Sex


I am sitting in a coffee bar on Columbus Avenue, drinking tea and reading a book, "Washington Square", by Henry James. My mind isn't really on the book. My mind is on the fact that I will be thirty-years-old in just over a year and that I am still a virgin. This may seem impossible to you, especially in a city like New York, where sometimes it seems like sex is free for the asking. But when you are as chubby as I am and you're endowed more like a little boy than a man, well, you tend not to be too bold when it comes to meeting women. So here I sit, twenty-eight years old, awkward, ashamed, alone.

A beautiful blonde girl comes and sits on the stool next to me. She is wearing a white turtle-neck sweater. Her gorgeous, blonde hair falls down past her shoulders. I'd say she is a little younger than I am, probably in her early twenties. I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful girl in all my life. I don't dare talk to her, I doubt if she would even acknowledge my presence. Her boyfriend is probably some kind of a jock, or maybe a Wall Street guy with a gym in his house.

I try to sneak a couple of sideways glances at her anyway. She's so lovely, I can't help it. And I get caught. She smiles at me. It's a smile that says, "Don't worry, I won't bite." She asks me about the book that I'm reading. It turns out that she has read it too. We fall into a conversation. We have a lot of common interests. She listens to some of the same classical composers that I do. She likes the same books. We've traveled to some of the same places. I can't believe I'm actually talking to this gorgeous creature. I feel very comfortable with her, very natural. Almost like she's working some kind of a spell.

We talk for what seems like hours, but I'm sure it's only for about thirty minutes. I'm starting to work up the courage to ask her if she'd like to go someplace for dinner. But instead, she asks if I would like to take a walk with her. And of course I say that I would.

We leave the coffee bar. It is starting to get dark. She is leading the way. We walk over to Central Park. We are all alone. She takes my hand. She tells me that she is an angel. From heaven. She tells me that she is here on earth for a very special reason. She is here to make love to virgin men, to bring them into their manhood. Not the cute eighteen-year-olds, guys who will probably lose their virginity soon anyway, but older guys, shy guys like myself who need a little help. She looks me in the eye and whispers to me. She asks if I am ready to become a man.

I tell her that I am, but that I am afraid. She tells me not to be afraid, she is here to help me. She takes me by the hand and leads me across the street. She leads me into a hotel. It is a luxury hotel, something I could never afford. But we walk in and go right up the stairs into a room. She doesn't even need a key.

She walks me over to the bed. My heart is beating so loudly, I'm sure she can hear it. We sit on the edge of the bed and embrace. She takes off my shoes, then her's. We lay down across the bed and begin kissing. Already we are going further than I have ever been with a girl before, and I can hardly stand it. It's wonderful. Slowly, she begins to undress me. She has me undressed now and is gazing at my naked body. I feel embarrassed having her look at my soft belly and my small penis. But she just smiles.

She takes off her clothes. She is completely naked now too, her body is incredible. The most beautiful lingerue models can't hold a candle to her. She is laying down beside me. She smiles and takes my hand. She takes me in her hand and guides me onto her, into her. I am inside of her now, her arms and legs are wrapped around me. I've never know anything even approaching this kind of pleasure. The touch of her skin, her lovely hair against my chest, her scent, her warm breath, the warmth of being inside of her--it is beyond anything I had ever imagined in my fantasies.

And then it is over, almost as soon as it had begun. I come in no time at all. I'm very embarrassed, I don't know what to say. She tells me that its okay, that it was my first time and that is to be expected. She says I did just fine and that she is proud of me. I begin to weep. They are tears of joy. She kisses my tears and places my head on her chest next to her heart. She tells me that she loves me. I tell her that I love her, too. I thank God for sending this angel to me. Then, I drift off to sleep.


The next morning, I awake in my own bed at home. I am alone, the angel is not there. There is no trace of her. I think I can detect a hint of her scent in my bed, but I'm not sure. I don't know what happened. Was it a dream? Am I still a virgin? I'm so confused.

I take a shower and put on my clothes. I go back to the coffee bar where I met the angel, but she is not there. I don't know what to do. I am heartbroken. I order a cup of tea and have a seat on a stool and try to figure it all out.

Then a girl sits on the stool next to me. She is about the same age as the angel. But she is not the angel. She is not nearly as pretty, in fact you could say she is kind of plain. She is reading a copy of "Wuthering Heights". But I can sense that she is very shy and would like for me to talk to her. I smile at her and ask how she is enjoying the book.

We fall into conversation, just as I did with the angel the day before. Only this time I am not nearly so nervous. I am more confident, more self-assured. This girl really isn't very pretty, but she is very sweet. And I can tell that she is as lonely as I am. So I ask her if she would like to go someplace and have dinner, that I know a nice place a couple of blocks away. She accepts.

We walk out into the street. It is getting dark now. We are walking together, talking, when I see her coming toward us--my angel. She is with a guy, a kind of shy looking guy. As they pass us, she looks at me and smiles. I smile back. She is on her way to helping another shy virgin become a man. I'm on my way to my new life with my new girlfriend.

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