tagBDSMThe Anniversary

The Anniversary


The first Sunday of every month sees me playing the part of my wife's slave. Usually it lasts about an hour and then we both go back to our normal roles, completely sated. But this Sunday was different. It marked our fifteenth wedding anniversary and my wife had decided to take things a bit further.

My wife stood over me, bending forward slightly and reaching back to pull her ass cheeks apart. I love her ass and she knows it, taking every opportunity to taunt me. She started the session with a PVC basque and skirt combo, but the skirt had been discarded by now, leaving me an unimpaired view of her inviting cheeks, tight hole and swollen, dripping pussy.

Finally she lowered her body onto my face and granted me permission to use my tongue on her ass. I greedily lapped at her hole and felt my cock twitch as I pushed the tip inside her. She groaned as she felt my tongue penetrate her and pushed her ass down harder onto my face.

"Yes slave, get your tongue deep in there, lick my gorgeous ass....you fucking love it don't you?"

She allowed me to worship her in this way for several minutes, occasionally grabbing my straining cock and giving it a few vigorous strokes. Her special reward for the way I had brought her off with my tongue during the session, before she had ordered me to lay on my back and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed.

"Are you ready to cum yet slave?" She asked, lifting her ass of my face to let me gasp out an answer.

"Only if it pleases you Mistress." I managed to get out before her cheeks were pressed against my face again, my tongue buried as deep as it would go into her beautiful ass.

"Good answer slave."

She allowed me another minute of heavenly ass-licking, but increased the pressure on my cock.

"Listen to me slave, in a minute I'm going to allow you to cum...and as this is a special occasion I'm going to allow you to cum inside me."

I groaned my appreciation into her fleshy cheeks as she increased the speed of her fist around my meat.

"Hmm..." She mused to herself. "...pussy or ass... pussy or ass... pussy or ass...."

I was getting close to losing it and she knew it.

"....I know which you'd choose slave, you dirty little cumslut....are you ready to cum for me?"

"If it pleases you Mistress."

"Not long now slave."

She pulled herself off my face and slid down my body, her pussy leaving a wet trail over my chest and stomach. She held my cock and slowly slid it between her ass cheeks, I felt the head dip slightly into her tight hole and wondered if she was really going to let me empty my balls into her ass. She groaned again as she felt the pressure on her puckered hole, but she was only teasing me and she let out a small giggle as she pulled my cock forward and I slid easily into her sodden pussy. I was torn between utter frustration and total ecstasy, but knew better than to let it show.

"Mmm, slave, can you feel how wet I am?"

"Yes Mistress." I gasped as she squeezed her cunt muscles around my cock. I was on the edge now and I didn't know how much longer I could keep my head. Finally I heard the words I was desperate to hear.

"I want you to cum slave, cum for me NOW."

Mistress pumped her body up and down and within seconds I was pumping my spunk deep into her silky, wet hole. I strained against my bonds as I emptied everything I had into her, she kept pumping until she was absolutely sure I was spent and my wilting cock slipped from her pussy. Quickly she lifted herself off me and turned around, my cum was already visible between her lips and I knew what was coming next. She knelt over my face and positioned her cum filled pussy over my mouth.

"Open your mouth slave.."

"Yes Mistress."

I watched my cum drip slowly from her beautiful, stretched pussy. Some of it went in my mouth but most of it landed on my chin. When the flow stopped, Mistress dropped herself onto my face and moved her pussy backwards and forwards covering my face with a mixture of her juices and my spunk. Then she moved so that her cunt was directly over my mouth.

"Lick me clean slave."

I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue deep into her pussy, tasting her juices and my tangy cum. I was in heaven.

"Open your eyes slave, I want to you to look at me as you clean my spunk filled cunt..."

I opened my eyes and looked straight into hers as she continued.

"You're lucky it's only your spunk you have to swallow...although that may change in time. I bet you'd love to watch me get fucked by 3 or 4 massive cocks and then sit on your face so you could swallow it all. Maybe I'd make you suck their cocks clean too.. in fact, maybe you ought to practice."

She smiled sweetly at me and leaned over to the bedside table, stretching slightly to reach the dildo that stood on it's end there.

"Mmm." She said as raised her body off my face and slid the 8in dildo into her soaking pussy.

She pulled the toy out and I can see that it was coated in spunk and pussy juice, retrieved from deep inside her gorgeous pussy.

"Open wide slave."

I obediently opened my mouth and she slid the fake cock in-between my lips, quickly reminding me to keep my eyes open as she watched me suck the cum covered 'cock'.

"Good slave." She said after the fourth time I cleaned her dildo. "I think you must have got every drop of that huge load now."

"Thank you Mistress." I said, expecting that the session was drawing to a close.

Unusually, Mistress then got off the bed and walked around a little, as if undecided about what to do next. I was a little confused, as our sessions usually finished in pretty much the same way every time.


"Yes Mistress." I replied, slightly hoarsely.

"Are you disappointed...?"

"No Mistress." I responded, wondering what she was talking about.

"I mean, are you disappointed that I didn't allow you to cum in my ass?"

Well...of course I was, but there was no way on earth I was going to tell her that!

"I respect your decisions Mistress. I'm sure you know what's best for me."

Mistress smiled.

"That's a very good answer slave...but I don't quite believe you."

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say, if anything.

"Beg me to untie you slave."

I did as she asked and she moved to the bed as if to untie my restraints.

"I will untie you slave, but this session has not finished. It will continue until I tell you otherwise...do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

The rest of Sunday passed without incident, after we got cleaned up we watched a film and then went to the pub for a drink. When we went to bed she kissed me goodnight and reminded me that I was still under her control. I asked what she meant exactly and she said that I was to do whatever she said and that I was certainly not free to masturbate, until she told me that the session was over. I lay awake for a while wondering where this might be heading, before drifting off to sleep.

Nothing more was said until Monday night, when Mistress told me that I was to go down on her before she went to sleep. No great hardship there for me, as I adore doing that anyway. After making her cum very hard, my cock was like steel. But after stroking it a couple of times she decided that it was time to go to sleep. She waited for me to object, but I was a bit too smart to fall for that. Instead I kissed her goodnight and wondered how long it would take me to get to sleep with my cock in such a state!

Tuesday was a long day. She sent me an email reminding me that I was still under her control. As if I'd forgotten or something. Fat chance! About 9PM we were sitting together on the sofa, she was laying back with her feet in my lap watching TV. As the programme we were watching finished, she flicked the TV off and lifted he legs up a little.

"Take my socks off."

I peeled her little socks off and put them on the arm of the sofa.

"Worship my feet."

I didn't need to be told twice. I love worshipping Mistress' feet and eagerly kissed them all over and swirled my tongue between her toes.

"You love my feet, don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress." I replied between kisses.

"I bet your cock's hard now isn't it slave?"

"Yes Mistress." I said, hoping she was about to do something about that.

"Show me."

I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my rock-hard length. Mistress rubbed it with her feet for some time.

"I bet you'd like to shoot your cum all over my feet wouldn't you slave?"

"Yes." I gasped.

"Yes, what?" She pressed her toe nails into my cock, making me wince.

"Yes Mistress." I corrected myself quickly.

"That's better."

She continued teasing my shaft between her feet for a while before getting off the sofa and kneeling on the floor. She pulled my trousers and boxers off leaving me naked from the waist down. Then she leant forward and ran her warm, wet tongue over my balls and up the length of my cock. I looked down at her through half closed eyes, enjoying the feel of her tongue on my cock. She slipped her mouth over the tip of my cock and took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, then I felt her tongue protrude from underneath my cock and flick against my balls. She threw her head back off my cock, taking in a gulp of air and her hand closed around my cock and balls from beneath, and behind my sack. She squeezed tighter, her hand moving forward slightly to tighten my ball-sack. Then she dipped her head forward and dragged her teeth over it, before releasing it and dragging her nails up and down my cock.

"Let's get your cock nice and red." She said. "I like it when it's nice and red."

She continued to punish my cock with her nails, alternating this with warm, swirling flicks of her tongue.

"Don't you dare cum." She said as she started pumping my cock hard and put the tip in her mouth, sucking hard enough to make her cheeks hollow. She continued this for some time, her free hand having worked it's way between her legs and under her skirt. Groaning with pleasure as her fingers worked her clit until she was so close. Suddenly, perhaps sensing that I was getting to the point of no return she stopped pumping and straddled my lap. Her skirt rode up around her waist as she rubbed herself against me, the cotton of her panties giving her just enough friction on her clit to push her over the edge. She was kissing me as she came hard, her body flexing as her sodden panties rubbed against my cock, offering some stimulation but no relief.

When she had her breath back my wife asked me if I enjoyed that?

"Yes Mistress." I said, aware that my cock was still twitching frustratedly.

"Good." She said, as she lifted herself off my lap. "I'm going to have a shower....don't you dare touch that." She said, pointing at my aching shaft. "Maybe if I'm feeling kind later, I will take care of it....or maybe allow you to."

I opened my mouth to object, but Mistress gave me a look that said 'I wouldn't do that if I was you'.

I sighed loudly and she smirked as she turned to go upstairs. "Maybe tomorrow then..."

Damn it!!

On Wednesday I got home to find her doing an exercise video in a vest and lycra shorts. I turned to shut and lock the front door, and when I tuned back she was standing still with her hands on her hips.

"On you knees slave." She said sternly.

I dropped my work bag and complied immediately, hoping that she would finally allow me to cum. She walked slowly towards me and pushed her shorts down her legs and stepped out of them. She wasn't wearing any panties and she stood right in front of me, turning round slowly, just inches from my face. My cock was already hard, even before she peeled her ass cheeks apart with her hands and bent forward.

"You want to lick my ass don't you slave?"

"God yes... please, Mistress..." I begged.

I heard her give a quiet laugh, before telling me to get my cock out. I did so and she reached back between her legs and started to rub it vigorously.

"You may lick my ass, slave...but you are NOT allowed to come. If you start to cum I will let go of your cock and you will not be allowed to touch it until you have finished coming. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." I groaned, hopeful that this was merely a temporary delay.

"You don't want me to ruin your orgasm like that do you slave?"

"No Mistress."

"Well then, you'd better do as I say hadn't you slave?"

"Absolutely Mistress."

"Well as long as you understand, then begin." She said and I pushed my tongue eagerly between her cheeks savouring the taste of her sweaty skin and musky asshole.

Her fingers and nails abused my swollen cock as I struggled to avoid coming as I ploughed her ass with my tongue. Maybe, just maybe, if I could get through this then she would let me come properly, even if she made me lick it up, it had to be worth it.

Mistress tried everything, but I was determined not to drop the ball this time, even when she started playing head games with me and told me to imagine licking my cum out of her ass I somehow managed not to come. Fortunately Mistress' legs got tired before my tongue fell off and she let go of my cock and straightened up, turned around to face me and put her hands on my shoulders, her strong scented pussy inches from my face again.

"Well done slave. I'm pleased with you...."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Do you think you deserve a reward?"

"Only if it pleases you Mistress." I offered. I really didn't want to screw this up now!

"Hmm...come with me."

Mistress led me up the stairs and into our bedroom. She told me to strip and then quickly fitted a rubber cock ring, admiring my swollen purple cock briefly before telling me to sit in the chair and tying my wrists and ankles to it with some rope. Then she took her vest top off and climbed onto the bed. In all the years we had been together my wife had never masturbated in front of me, and I must have had my mouth hanging open as she worked herself over with her fingers and her dildo. How I didn't blow my load when she lay on her side, close to the edge of the bed, and first peeled her cheeks apart and then slowly eased her dildo into her tight asshole as she looked over her shoulder at me I will never know.

It must have been nearly 40 minutes until she finally allowed herself to cum, and then she lay on the bed exhausted for another five or so. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Did you enjoy that slave?"

"Yes, Mistress." I said, aware that my cock was still rock hard and praying that she would now let me cum.

"Good. You should feel very privileged that I allowed you to watch me do that."

"I do Mistress, it was fantastic."

She climbed off the bed and come over to where I was sitting. She circled the tip of my cock with her finger and then slid it into my mouth. I could taste her juices and my cock and I looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Does my little slave want to cum now?"

"If it pleases you Mistress." I said, hardly able to believe I had managed to keep my cool.

"Mmmm." She said, putting on foot on the arm of the chair and giving me a good look at her swollen pussy. Her hand slid between her legs and she trailed a finger between her pink lips, before offering it to my mouth. I gratefully sucked on her finger, tasting her beautiful cunt on my tongue. Then she bent down and released the cock ring, I winced as the blood flow returned and the momentary stinging receded, I always hated that bit, though I loved how hard the loop of rubber made my cock when it was on.

Mistress untied me and told me to get on the bed on all fours. I did as I was told and I saw her move around the bed and retrieve her 8in dildo. Then I felt her applying lube lo my ass and her fingers working it into my tight asshole. Then she stuck the dildo in my mouth and told me to:

"Get it wet, you know where it's going.

I conjured up every last drop of saliva I could to coat the dildo and she removed if from my mouth and worked it into the crack of my ass. I felt the head press against my tight hole and I gasped as she slowly but forcefully pressed it into me. I gritted my teeth as I felt the big rubber dildo stretch me and as she eased the dildo in she reached under me and started pumping my cock. Within a couple of minutes she was in a steady rhythm, fucking my ass with the dildo while pumping my cock with her free hand.

I knew that I couldn't hold back for too much longer, but I tried so hard. But Mistress was not to be denied and she pumped harder at both ends, until I, acknowledging defeat and hoping for mercy, blurted out that I couldn't hold it any more. Mistress grinned wickedly and pumped still harder, but the moment she saw the first string of cum fly from my cock she released her grip and the dildo was wrenched from my ass with a small pop.

My cock twitched in the air, frustrated by the lack of friction, as my cum slowly seeped out and gathered on the sheet below. Without the stimulation of her hand I felt almost nothing and I heard her moan, knowing that she had just displayed her total domination over me by ruining the orgasm I had waited so long for. I sneaked a look to the side and saw her watching me, her fingers rubbing her clit furiously as she enjoyed her utter power over me.

When my cock started to soften she reached out and oh-so-slowly milked every last drop of my spunk out onto the sheet below. She knew only too well that the pleasure zone had passed and I was feeling almost nothing from this. Then she slid the dildo into the pool of spunk beneath me and twirled it around, coating it with the sticky mess. Then she told me to lick it clean. Feeling utterly weak and completely subjugated, I opened my mouth and accepted the rubber cock into my mouth and feebly cleaned my cum off it with my tongue.

"Oh dear slave.." Said Mistress. "..looks like you failed the final test, we'll just have to start over."

I clenched my fists in frustration, and begged her not to put me through all that again. In response she told me to sit up and got on the bed in front of me. I looked down at her dripping wet pussy.

"Make me cum and I'll think about letting you off the hook." She said.

I eagerly dropped down and began worshipping her sodden pussy with my tongue. I easily slid three fingers into her dripping hole and my little finger into her asshole, swirling them rhythmically as my tongue went into overdrive on her clit. Within a couple of minutes Mistress was holding my head tightly, bucking against my face and crying out as she had a massive orgasm. When she calmed down I gently licked all the juice off her pussy lips and her inner thighs.

After a few more moments Mistress finally opened her eyes, and looked down at me.

"Very good slave, your tongue has served you well."

"Thank you Mistress." I said, my own breathing barely back to normal.

She closed her eyes again for a few seconds, deliberating on my fate. When she opened them again she finally said the words I was hoping to hear.

"End of session."

I sighed with relief and kissed and licked at her still slippery pussy lips passionately and with genuine gratitude.

Later Mistress told me that she had used a condom on the dildo that she had fucked me with, and that my willingness to obey her order to clean it even though I hadn't known this had been the deciding factor in her letting me off the hook. But she left me in no doubt that I shouldn't always expect to be treated so kindly.

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