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The Apartment


Author Note: SouthPacific spent a lot of time editing my mess. Thank you for greatly improving the story.


From the moment I woke up I began to stress out, thinking of what lay ahead for the day. I don't like confrontation, and I really hate being the bearer of bad news.

My wife and I retired from the 8 to 5 rat race in our late forties. We pooled our money, bought a small apartment building and became landlords. We have kept the occupancy rate up with fairly good tenants and enjoy a comfortable income, although maintenance will start eating into our nest egg if we don't stay ahead of the game. The building is getting older, so we need every rent check we collect.

Today I was planning to knock on Mrs. Brindle's door and tell her that she would have to leave. I was NOT looking forward to it. Unfortunately her rent was four months in arrears, and another month would be due next week. She is a really nice woman, with a lovely daughter that she is trying to put through college, but her husband left her not long ago. I know she would pay if she could, and I don't want to put her out on the street but, at $1,500 a month, we can't afford for her to stay any longer. Sometimes I hate being my own boss.

When she answered the door I saw her age ten years as my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. She had known this was coming, but I could tell she still wasn't ready. "Please come in, Chuck," she said, and opened the door wider. Although she said it pleasantly, I could sense the effort she had to make to keep her voice relaxed. As I stepped into the living room of one of our smaller apartments I could tell she was taking good care of it, and noticed that the walls were a pleasant neutral color, unlike how it was originally rented. 'Damn, she even painted the place,' I thought to myself.

She gestured to a seat at the kitchen table and sat down herself. "Mrs. Brindle..." I began, and was immediately interrupted.

"Chuck, I really wish you would call me Julie. No need to be formal. This situation is not your fault."

I sighed. "Julie, I... we can't keep allowing you to stay here rent free. We have expenses to meet and it is unfair to the other tenants. I have already let you go two months longer than I have let anyone else go before."

I saw her eyes watering, but no tears. "Chuck, I will be honest. My daughter and I have nowhere else to go. My ex moved all the money and locked me out. My lawyer assures me that I will get it all back in time, but the bastard keeps getting continuances. If you can just see me through another thirty days I think I can get you all of your money and stay current for the rest of the lease."

My gut was killing me. "Julie, I really want to believe your lawyer, but this is a business and I have already made more allowances than I had ever planned to. I can't run this like a friend. This apartment has to generate revenue," I said with false certainty. It all sounded much better when I was practicing in my head.

"It is taking everything I have to keep Hillary in college, Chuck. Something has to give and it can't be my child." Her eyes were watering more, and I sensed an oncoming flood. I wasn't sure I could take it if she started really crying.

"Why doesn't she just take a semester off?" I said, sticking my nose into her finances.

"She doesn't know her father has abandoned us. I won't let her life be put on hold because of that man. She is the only good thing I can take from the marriage, and I can't let her know I am in trouble. I'll sleep in my car before that happens." The last part about the car barely made it out of her mouth, and it was followed by a tear that was quickly wiped off her cheek.

"I am so sorry, Julie, but the best I can do is to give you to the end of the week. I wish I could do more, but my hands are tied." Even to me that sounded crappy and uncaring, again not like I practiced. I was really wishing that she would accept the inevitable and let me out of this. She relented.

"Thank you, Chuck. I know I have pushed you well beyond your limits." Damn, more tears. Thank God there was no sobbing - I would have caved. "It isn't fair of me to try and get more. I suspect my ex will keep me broke for as long as he can. I will get you what you are owed in time. I just can't give you a good date." Her head was down looking at the floor and her shoulders were slumping in that "all is lost" sort of way. "A week is more than I have a right to." She rose and leaned over and caught me by surprise with a very tender hug. "I know this was as hard on you as it was on me. I am sorry for making it harder by asking for more."

Shit, she was unintentionally making it worse. "I'm sorry too, Julie." Lame.

She held the hug a little longer than was comfortable, and I twitched when I realized her breasts were pressing on my chest. I haven't felt non-wife breasts in over thirty years. Even through both our shirts, it was titillating. "You are such a prick," I thought to myself. Getting a cheap thrill out of this woman's suffering made me feel like crap. I fumbled my way out of the hug the best way that I could, and stood up while looking at the floor.

"When the time comes, Julie, I will help you move your stuff." I threw that out like some kind of consolation prize. She didn't respond. I looked up and she was staring at my crotch. I took a quick look below and was shocked to see an obvious boner in my pants.

"God, I am so sorry, Julie." I blushed and turned away to straighten things out. My dick hasn't acted that quickly since high school. I turned back in a less obvious state with warm cheeks and what I hoped was a very sorrowful expression. She was sporting a half grin.

"Did my hug do that?" The grin grew into a smile. "I haven't been able to do that in years." My thoughts exactly.

"Again, I am sorry. I have no idea what came over it...I mean me." This was truly becoming one of those really, really bad days.

"There is really no need to apologize. With all this bullshit going on in my life, that is the best compliment I have had in a long time." She was still smiling - boy I wished she would stop so I could keep a shred of my dignity. I can't begin to tell you how uncomfortable I was. Her expression changed and she tilted her head slightly as if considering her options. I felt this was a good time to make a hasty retreat.

"Julie, I should be going. I really wish it didn't have to end this way. I hope your situation improves soon." I stammered as I was heading for the door which would let me out of this nightmare.

"Maybe there is a way we could work this out," she said with confidence. Damn, I was almost out and I didn't have the heart to be rude. I turned to see that she was standing tall and had lost the slouch in her shoulders.

"I don't see how, Julie. It is a money thing and I just can't let it go anymore," I stated more firmly than I intended.

"What if you thought of it as a loan and I paid ongoing interest until my divorce is finalized?" she said. Damn - that half grin was back.

"You already owe late payment fees, Julie, which I am willing to forgo because of your situation. I know you can't afford more and putting you deeper in debt would only exacerbate your problem." Why won't this end? I didn't want to sound mean, but she wasn't letting it go. I had to remain firm.

"Who said anything about money?" I looked at her as she placed her hands on her hips. Her shoulders went back and her breasts came forward. I was sensing where this was headed, and all I could think about was my wife. We had been married for nearly thirty years, and I loved her as deeply as the day we met. I really never "sowed my oats" in my youth, and had long since resigned myself to missing out on those male fantasies. I wasn't about to risk my happy marriage for it now.

"I am not sure what you had in mind, Julie, but, this is business and I am already as deep as I can go," I said firmly, trying to put a stop to any more negotiations.

She took a step forward, moving uncomfortably closer to me, and smiled softly as she looked directly into my eyes. "Just give me another month and you can have me as interest." I was never a Casanova. Women never came on to me. Hell, it took me three months to work up the courage to make a move on Mary when we started dating. I was in uncharted territory and it showed. I fidgeted and crossed my arms in front of my body, attempting to block her advance. Unfortunately, my prick was enjoying the attention and she knew it.

"Julie, please, I know you are desperate, but this isn't you. I love my wife and would never risk my marriage for a tryst with a girlfriend or mistress or whatever this would be." I attempted to back away, but she had maneuvered in such a way that I was backed up to the couch. I was feeling trapped and sensed that I would have to physically move her out of the way to make an exit. I had never manhandled a woman and it just didn't seem right.

She sensed my predicament, took a step back to give me a little breathing room, and smiled. "I don't want to be your girlfriend or your mistress, Chuck. You are a decent man and always so polite. What I am offering is one day of fantasy. Something I don't believe you have ever had." Am I that transparent? "I will be your willing slut and you can have me every way, all day, with no limits. No one but you or I will ever know." Okay, that was way more direct than I had ever expected, and I was lost. I tried to fumble out a response, but couldn't put together any coherent words so she continued.

"I know men and, like all men, you have deep fantasies about what you would do with a woman if you could. I also believe you are the type that would never attempt to act on those urges because you don't think of women as possessions. I will let you own me for one day as your private sex slave. I promise that it will be a day that you will never regret and I will make sure it never interferes with your marriage." My dick was now the only thing that was firm. The entire internet of porn flashed before my eyes as I imagined every position and sick fluid transfer methods I have ever considered.

"Anything?" I stammered, not really believing the offer.

"Yes, and I will be a happy participant, or fight back if you desire. Think of it as a day long play with you as director." This was too much, way over the top. My brain was no longer functioning properly so my dick took over.

"Mary will be visiting her mother this weekend."

"I can be free Saturday," she said, like we were booking a dentist's appointment.

"I'm not into the rape thing." I thought I would clear that up right away.

"Good! I will play the happy insatiable slut trying desperately to please her man," she said with a bright smile. Was she looking forward to it?

"Anything?" I asked again. God my dick was hard.

"Chuck, you have my permission to use me anyway you want this Saturday, after which we will pretend it never happened."

I was in, all in. "Yes!" I said, a little louder than necessary, and stupidly put out my hand to seal the deal. She laughed at the gesture, but grabbed my hand and pulled me close. She tenderly placed her hand on the back of my neck and directed my head toward hers. A simple tender kiss on my cheek and she whispered in my ear. "I can't wait till Saturday."

She released me and walked to the door. "Shall we say 9 AM?"

"9 AM is fine," I returned, trying to remember how it came to this.

She opened the door and said "I really appreciate the extra time, Mr. Timmins". Damn, she had a pretty smile. Out I walked in a daze, wondering how I was going to explain to Mary why I let Mrs. Brindle have another month. She would lovingly call me a wimp, of that I was sure.

Saturday couldn't come fast enough. When the day finally arrived, I found my dreams starting to turn to fear. I spent the early morning hours wondering if I was just taking advantage of Julie. What if she had spent the whole week in tears, waiting to be abused by her asshole landlord? Where were my morals when the deal was struck? She wasn't really willing; she was desperate, and I was about to scar her for the rest of her life. Even though my dick was rock hard all week, I made a resolution that I would free her from her promise, but still let her stay the extra month. I felt nothing but shame when I finally knocked on her door about fifteen minutes late.

Julie opened the door wrapped in a bathrobe. Her expression and voice were hesitant: "I thought you might have changed your mind."

"Yes...but not about the extra month," I quickly added. "You can have that. I don't want to take advantage of you. I was an asshole for abusing your desperation and I feel like crap for letting it go this far. Please don't hold this against me - I am so sorry." I suddenly felt that I had been doing nothing but apologizing to her. After fifty years you would think I would be able to talk to women without blubbering apologies all the time. I felt my eyes welling up - so manly!

She ushered me into the room and closed the door. "If I thought for a second that you would take advantage of me in any way, you would not be here." That gorgeous smile appeared again. "Right now, I don't want Chuck here. I want your alter ego." I was getting confused, again. "Julie, the proper housewife isn't here either". Oh my God...I suddenly realized that this wasn't a one way transaction, and began to feel inadequate for the task. "Today you are going to be Rick, a selfish stud who uses women for his personal pleasure and throws them away. I am Lucy, the insatiable slut trying desperately to satisfy your needs." Whoa, this was serious. The name change lent a false sense of anonymity. She needed this and I wanted this. I suddenly wondered if she was going insane and I was just a future victim. She saw my confusion. "Chuck, I want wild sex with someone I trust, but I don't want Mary's husband." Julie's expression was one of concern, wondering if she may have pushed me too hard.

Okay, man up, you idiot. Here was a woman willing to break all the rules for one day of carnal pleasure. My pleasure. I get to set the rules and I didn't have to be Chuck. My cock took control. "Chuck isn't here, bitch!" I said, with the nastiest grin I could summon. I didn't think her smile could get any bigger. I was wrong. It was a contagious smile that could fill a stadium. God, I loved that smile.

Lucy removed her robe and threw it across the room. Naked, she dropped to her knees, placed her hands behind her head and thrust her tits forward. "I thought you would never get here, Rick. When you were late I thought I was no longer wanted." Her eyes were watering. She was playing her part to the hilt and my cock loved it. Chuck's eyes would never have wandered from her face, but lecherous Rick stared at her tits and cunt.

I began to slowly unbutton my shirt as I walked around, appraising her displayed assets. Her tits were much firmer than I ever would have thought possible. There was only a little droop, with inch wide dark areolas surmounted by half inch long nipples, the latter pointing slightly up and so taut they were practically dripping sex. I doubted that I could cover either tit with both hands. Her pussy was well groomed, with only a small patch of black hair, neatly trimmed above her sex. That might have to go, I smiled inwardly. Rick likes his cunts bare.

I got to the last button at the same time my eyes reached her ass. She had the ass of a twenty year old. How the hell had she hidden that away all this time? I was amazed. The light from the kitchen reflected off the exposed portions of the tight little crack. Oh my God, I think she oiled it. I leaned down 'til my head was next to hers, ear to ear, and ran my finger along her butt crack. "Is that baby oil?" I whispered in her ear.

"Yes, Rick, I didn't want you to hurt your magnificent cock in my dry ass like you did the first time." She turned her head to mine and pleaded, "you will fuck my ass again, won't you?"

I tossed my shirt aside. "I'll bone your ass when I feel like it and not before, wench."

"Of course, Rick, please don't be upset with me," she stammered.

Oh, this was nice. Really nice. By the time I had made it all the way around, I had unlooped my belt and tossed it on the couch, and kicked my shoes into the corner. She had remained in position the entire time, thrusting her sex at me. I noticed a single drop of clear moisture slowly running down her inner thigh. It had drawn a reflected line straight from her pussy. She was acting but, her body wasn't. "Lucy, how could you think I wouldn't show up when you have such a fuckable body." Rick is such an ass. "But, even with your wonderful assets, your doubt in me has left me less than excited." What a lie, I was harder than a teenager in the girls' locker room. "I think maybe that whore mouth of yours might get me going if you're lucky." Shit, I'll be lucky to last ten seconds. She leaned forward onto her hands and knees and seductively crawled over to me.

"I will suck you so well, Rick. You will never look at another woman when I am done with you." She licked her lips and began to undo my pants.

"If I had a nickel for every slut that said that, I would be a very rich man," I said with as much disdain as I could muster. I was really getting into my role.

She pulled my pants and boxers down together, and my cock snapped to attention at a perfect 90 degree angle. It was so hard it almost hurt. 'I'll be lucky to last five seconds,' I thought. I stepped out of the last of my clothes and Lucy tossed them mindlessly behind her, never taking her eyes off my cock. Now I am no Adonis, but I do pack a thick seven inches. Rick, of course, packs ten. Lucy wrapped her hand around my cock, whispered "magnificent," and plunged her mouth over the head and half way down the shaft. Okay, maybe two seconds. I moaned out of character and out of control. Her mouth was like entering a warm bath. I was fully lubricated on the first down stroke. I was going to blow.

Her hand shifted down to the base. Her thumb and forefinger squeezed my cock in a place I didn't know existed. I couldn't cum. She knew I wasn't going to last and she knew what to do about it. I didn't know it was possible. I was briefly amazed until my mind returned to her exquisite lips and tongue. The sensations were intense, really intense. I was in heaven and the eyes of an angel were looking up into mine as her lips moved up and down my shaft. Every now and then I could see her tongue briefly leave her mouth and dance seductively along the underside of my shaft. I felt like a stud holding off under such expert pleasure.

I noticed her free hand was busy between her legs. The arm was moving rapidly, completely out of sync with her slow methodical mouth massage of my cock. The whole time her deep brown eyes were looking to mine. Pleading eyes, wonderful eyes, lustful eyes. I had to return to character before it felt like I was cheating on Mary.

"Not bad bitch, but I think you could do better." I grabbed fists full of hair on the back of her head, and slowly pulled my cock deep into her mouth. There was a slight restriction at the base of her throat that gave way with only a little more pressure. God, I was having my first deep throat. There was no gagging, just an incredible tightness that had me in pure bliss. Her free arm accelerated and she removed thumb and forefinger from the base of my cock. Oh God, I was losing it. Then the incredible happened, a feeling you have to experience yourself to appreciate. She swallowed the rest of my cock, that last inch that was blocked by her thumb. The swallow rippled across the head of my cock and ran down half its length. I was already gone when I felt wet flesh licking my balls. I looked straight into her eyes as I climaxed deep into her throat. Spurt after heavenly spurt was coaxed out by her impossibly long tongue. I struggled to control the jerking in my legs as she drained me dry.

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