tagInterracial LoveThe Arrangement Ch. 01

The Arrangement Ch. 01


This is my newest story. Thanks to my editor AccentsNTattoos for her wisdom and editing. Without further ado, here is The arrangement.


Julianne Mills, the daughter of John and Marie Mills, wasn't the class valedictorian, nor was she the class clown. She was the average girl. She worked hard in school and earned decent grades. Once she graduated from high school, she went to a state school and gained a degree in sociology because she wanted to become a social worker. She believed in helping others and working hard to do it.

She carried that foolish notion until she found herself an unhappy state employee laid off due to budget cuts which had taken place two years ago. With federal unemployment benefits that were about to run out and no hope of getting more, a completely tapped savings account and her everyday living expenses piling up, she had nowhere to turn until one day she literally ran into Peter Baker.

She apologized profusely, cursing her stupidity and helped the older, strikingly handsome gentleman to his feet before excusing herself. He took one look at her and knew exactly what he wanted. "Miss? Excuse me, Miss!" shouted Peter to her. Hearing a voice behind her, Julianne stopped in her tracks and turned around to see him striding towards her.

"Yes, sir? What do you need?" she asked him innocently.

"Actually I have a business proposition for you." he responded bluntly. He stared intently into her dark chocolate colored eyes until she blinked and looked down.

"I... I don't think I understand you sir. What do you mean?" she stammered, eventually looking up into his piercing blue eyes.

"I have always wanted to engage a woman like you in a relationship...of sorts." Peter began while taking in her appearance. She looked like she had been neglecting herself; run over sneakers, jeans too loose in the hips, and huddled into a jacket too thin for the cold Manhattan winter.

She looked at the well dressed older man closely and squinted her eyes at him in understanding. "You mean a sexual 'arrangement' of sorts?" she asked him while curling her index and middle fingers, using air quotes.

Peter watched her closely before speaking again. He allowed his eyes openly eye fuck her body. When his eyes landed on her face he could tell she was heated at his open proposition by the affronted look on her face and watched as she began to storm off in a huff.

Before she could take five steps he was somehow in front of her pushing his business card in her hand with his cell phone number written on the back. As soon as he was there, he was gone, leaving her watching the taillights of his stretch Lincoln town car limousine.

Three months passed since the incident with Peter. In those trying months Julianne barely scraped by. She had sold all of her possessions for quick cash and was now down to sleeping in a sleeping bag on the windowless bathroom floor. She was left with virtually no money and less pride as she contemplated a desperate move. Pulling out the card from the dirty pair of jeans she wore when she ran into him, she dressed as warmly as she could and made the trek to the nearest payphone.

When she called the number she was told to give her location and to expect a car to come for her within the next half hour and to be showered by then. She walked back to her apartment with lead feet. She disrobed and showered preparing for whatever this man had planned for her, but expecting the worst.

The car came on time and she reluctantly got inside. She watched the buildings zoom by in the night and was a bit shocked when the limo stopped on the curb in front of an upscale lingerie boutique. The driver opened the shade that separated them and handed her a note. She was to go inside and follow the instructions of the employees there. The doorman escorted her inside where she was given articles of 'clothing' to wear, red stilletto heels and a white trench coat to cover her.

The women at the shop fussed over her makeup and placed a red blindfold on her when they were done. A hand helped her up and she was led out of the building back into the car. After driving for a while, they stopped someplace and she was escorted inside again while having no clue where she was. She was placed in a room and left alone for several minutes. In reality, Peter stood in the room waiting for her arrival.

After what felt like hours, she felt strong hands undo the belt of the trench coat and smooth down the lines of the lingerie she wore. A pair of lips felt close to her neck and her suspicions were confirmed when she heard and felt a deep inhale of the vanilla scent of her body soap.

She was led further into the place, where she heard soft sultry music from Les Nubians playing in the background. Hands crept up her face and peeled off her blindfold. After adjusting to the lighting of the room, so finally saw that she was inside a sprawling home office decorated in dark colors and expensive antique furniture with rich leathers.

"Hello Julianne." Peter finally spoke. He looked at her up and down, admiring her voluptuous figure.

"Hello. Wait... how do you know my name? And who are you?" Julianne asked very confused as she did not know how he would know information about her.

"I want to discuss our 'arrangement' as you have called it." stated Peter, ignoring Julianne's question and mimicking air quotes like she had when they first met.

"Ohhh...... kay..." Julianne spoke rather softly while cocking her head to the side.

His sharp blue eyes peered intently into her soft brown eyes. Feeling distinctly uncomfortable, she blinked rapidly, noting that the heat of his gaze never left her body. He gently cleared his throat before starting.

"I will contact you for us to meet and you will be escorted from where you are to a shop for apparel, then sent straight here. When we are here, you will do as I say. No exceptions. In exchange for your cooperation, I will pay you ten thousand dollars for each time we 'meet'." Peter informed her.

Julianne trained her face to not show her reaction to his words. However, she couldn't help the sharp breath she took in at his words. She closed her eyes, contemplating their new arrangement. Peter brushed past her and approached a cart filled with vintage bottles of wine and champagne and selected a bottle. He opened the bottle with a pop, and placed the alcohol into two flutes that were accompanied by a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. Turning slowly toward her he asked, "Do you have any questions Julianne?"

"Yes, I do." Julianne stated shakily.

A wry smile played on Peter's lips. "What may that be dear?"

He walked towards the desk she stood next to and placed the tray with food and drink on it.

"Who are you? And how do you know my name?" Julianne asked in a low voice.

"My name is Peter. And I know your name because I hired someone to find out information about you during the three months you kept me waiting." Peter calmly told her while sipping the champagne.

"Do you have a last name, Peter?" Julianne asked in a rude tone.

After a long look that made her shiver, Peter replied, "Yes I do."

The two stared at each other, engaging in a battle of wills. Peter was pleased that she would not shy away from his glare, unlike so many others that knew him intimately. Peter suddenly smiled which caught Julianne off guard.

"Please dear, have something to nibble on. I have an affinity for chocolate covered strawberries. They are quite delicious." stated Peter.

Peter continued to smile as he offered the plate to Julianne. Looking down at the plate, she opened her mouth to protest, stating that she was too full from eating earlier. Her stomach betrayed her at that moment by expelling a long pronounced growl.

Julianne made sure to ignore Peter's smiling eyes as she picked up a large strawberry and munched on it. Peter handed her a glass of the champagne, which she sipped. She reveled in the contrast in taste between the sweetness of the fruit and chocolate matched with the dry drink. Her eyes slid closed as she moaned and enjoyed the contrasting flavors. Temporarily forgetting where she was her eyes flew open to see Peter's eyes intently set upon her.

Peter watched her reaction to the food and drink and forced himself not to grin. In his many years of experience, women who showed their enjoyment of food and drink were much more pleasurable sex partners. They were expressive and excellent recipients and givers of pleasure.

He was in a very giving mood.

After watching her savor the food, He walked to a large leather couch nearby the desk in his study. He picked up the remote to his surround sound system, and turned up the volume. He looked over and noticed that Julianne had her back toward him. Her hips subtly swayed to the music.

"Dance for me." Peter spoke his simple request.

Startled by his words, Julianne turned toward Peter with shock and a bit of confusion written on her face. He watched her for a moment before frowning. "Dance, or you can go home now."

'Well, shit.' thought Julianne. 'This is what I get for fucking around with this rich bastard. I need this money to pay bills, so here it goes, I guess'.

She closed her eyes to block out Peter and focused her thoughts on the music. Her hips swayed and moved to the seductive rhythms of the music. Moving around began to heat up her body. She slowly pulled off the trench coat and continued dancing. She was so involved in the music that she didn't hear Peter move toward her until she felt his strong hands fit around her waist.

Startled, she looked up into his eyes as they moved in unison to the music. They engaged in a slow dance. Feeling a bit bashful, she looked away from his intense stare. He pulled her body close to his and felt her chest crush into his. He breathed in her vanilla scent once again and lowered his head to lay a gentle kiss on her neck.

Julianne began to pull back from Peter, but he held her closer to his body. He whispered into her ear how beautiful he thought she was and how much he wanted to hold her close, touch her and bring her pleasure. Julianne felt her body heat at his words and sighed against his neck. She didn't realize that Peter had danced her over to his bedroom that adjoined his office.

He spun her body around and she gasped as she took in the sight before her. Julianne stared at the room in disbelief. She felt his hand close gently around her right hip. His hard body filled the void of closeness on her back. Bile rose to her throat quickly, causing her to cough and heave suddenly.

"What's wrong?" he asked with concern.

Between heaves she finally forced her body into her control; something she knew she never had with this man.

"What's wrong?" she repeated as she looked at him plainly.

It was incredulous to her that he would ask such a question. It was incredulous to him that she would respond in that manner to him. He had planned this moment perfectly, so her uncooperative attitude almost startled him.


He took her in again. She was the kind of woman he had always dreamed of, but could never have. It wasn't right for someone like him to lust so openly for someone like her.

He couldn't tell her what he felt for her. It was more than just her hypnotic appeal to his baser senses. No, it was better off if she hated him. Besides, she would get remuneration for this night. He would make sure of it.

He smiled at her look of shock and disbelief. Jasmine and Sandalwood scented candles littered the room with little points of light and their intoxicating sexy scents. The bedroom suite was decorated in muted tones that offset the blaring red silk sheets decorated with white rose petals- and crisp one hundred bills. A pair of red fuzzy handcuffs were attached to the intricate metal headboard. The keys to which lay in his pocket.

Before she could get a grip on anything Julianne passed out on the plush carpeting, collapsing at Peter's feet.


Peter looked down at his decadent chocolate angel and easily picked her up and placed her on his bed. He gently brought her down on the silk sheets and gazed at her longingly. Shaking his head from his trance, he placed her delicate dark brown wrists in the red hand cuffs.

Once that business had been accomplished, he walked into the en suite bathroom and came back with a warm wash cloth to revive her. Looking down at her he realized that she was perfect. She was the embodiment of what he always wanted, but could never have. His fantasies could sustain him no longer.

He always wanted to make love to a black woman.

He took in her resting form and smiled a rare smile. As she slept he took in how her body looked against the red sheets and lingerie. He decided that he liked the way her skin looked with red against it, but already anxious to see how his pale hands and body would look against the deep browns of her delectable flesh.

His eyes crept down the clear skin of her face and the curls of her hair as they haloed her head. His sparkling blue eyes swept down to her breasts and the slight rise and fall of them as she breathed.

He watched, hypnotized by the swell of her brown skin- skin that held a bewitching golden glowing hue. A nice flat tummy that led to graceful hips, down to thick muscular thighs and perfectly toned calves that ended in red suckable toes.

Silk and lace held the body he treasured and it tormented him.

He quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed into the bed with her, disrupting the money and rose petals in his wake. He knew it was tacky of him to remind her of their arrangement, but every time he envisioned her body wrapped around his, it was just like this.

Well, almost like this. In his dreams her arms weren't tied down but wrapped around his torso accepting his body and the pleasure he gave to her.

Her pleasure was his goal.

He remembered the keys to the cuffs, picked them out of his pockets and placed them on the side table next to the bed. Lying next to her, he took the damp cool hand towel off the near nightstand and wiped her brow with it. He murmured soothing words to bring her around.

Julianne's eyes fluttered under her lids before slowly opening. She took in Peter's steady gaze and the slight smile that raised his thin pink lips.

"Hello Julianne." he whispered into her ear as a hand stroked her dipped in waist.

A shiver spread up her spine at the huskiness of his voice. She didn't want to turn to see the look in his eyes. Instead she tried to pull away from his hands are realized that she was cuffed to the headboard of the bed.

"What the fuck is this?" she screeched at him.

He looked up to her restrained limbs that eagerly tried to flail. His wide handsome grin unnerved her even more as she struggled fruitlessly to break from her restraints.

"Shhh..." he whispered in her ear as he took the lobe into his mouth and nibbled on it.

She didn't notice the arm underneath her, until she felt his fingers gently stroking the silk covered nipple closest to it. Her eyes slowly slid closed even as she continued to pull lightly against her restraints.

"Please, I'll do anything. I just don't want to be tied up. It scares me." she pleaded urgently.

His kisses that trailed down the expanse of her neck stopped at her whimpered admission. He looked into her scared brown eyes seeing the panic and fear in them. It nearly broke his resolve to take her.

Raising back from her, he asked, "If I release you, will you fight me?"

After a momentary staring contest, she shook her head slowly; her resolve to allow this grotesque situation to continue was firmly embedded in her psyche. She hated her submission to him more than she hated him at the moment.

He reached behind him for the keys and released her hands. Before she could snatch them down, he gripped her wrists. He straddled her partially nude body, and carefully kissed the previously bound wrists. He looked down at her vivid brown eyes and wild dark hair. He needed to taste her.

He brought his lips slowly down to hers and halted about a centimeter before contact. He was testing her resolve to her word. She didn't move or flinch, but instead closed her eyes. Satisfied, he lightly kissed her plump lips. He gently nibbled and sucked on her fuller lower lip and was happily surprised to hear a sigh express from her mouth.

The kiss deepened, and he took the time to slowly and meticulously touch the inside of her sweet mouth. She tasted like the chocolate covered strawberries and vintage champagne that he bought for the occasion. His hands that still placed hers above her head slowly traced their way down to her chest while he loved her mouth with his own.

He gently rose up from leaning forward over her in their kiss and took her in again. Her eyes were heavy from his skillful assault on her mouth. Her full lips were plump and red. They looked juicy and inviting and tasted decadently sweet. Her chest was heaving. She looked so delicious to him - like a fine meal long denied to a starving man.

His pale hands traced down the front of the bustier that covered her breasts. He gently unclasped the hook and eye enclosures that kept the silk and lace closed over his treasure. Once the last of them was undone his fingers slowly crept up from her soft stomach to open the garment. The sight of her breasts caused his breath to tremble.

They were perfectly raised from her ribs. It seemed that the golden glow of her body radiated out from those beautiful dark chocolate tipped breasts. He looked down at her, and she suddenly looked away.

She was bashful in her nakedness.

His hands gently slid across her silken skin to touch the swell of them. He moaned audibly when he saw that her large dark chocolate areolas were pebbled in anticipation with little stiff nipples gently tipped in light pink. His left hand slid up to her face leading her by her chin to face him. He didn't want her to be embarrassed by his heavy perusal of her body.

He lowered himself to her and kissed her neck. He held a steady hand on her hip while the other drew slow circles around the aroused tip of her breast. He heard a moan catch in her throat. He wanted this lovely creature below him to scream and shout her pleasure and he intended for her to enjoy their encounter enough to repeat it many, many more times.

So he worked harder to make sure that would happen.

He tenderly sucked and nibbled on her throat while working on her aching nipple. Her legs started squirming, and he knew that her pussy was heating up from his gentle assault. 'Good.' he thought.

He trailed his kisses down her throat and licked across her clavicle, then blew on it. A shocked gasp escaped her lips that turned into a moan once his hot lips kissed their way down to the valley of her breasts.

He brought the hand on her hip up to cup and play with the unattended breast. Suddenly he stopped his assault and looked up at her face. She looked down at her newly found lover with hooded eyes and watched as his mouth descended to her nipple. She moaned deeply feeling his tongue and lips nibble, lick and caress her stiff nipple with its softness.

When he brought his teeth down on her hard nipple he heard her whisper, "Oh fuck..." Her hips pumped slowly up to his groin and the thin bit of drenched red silk covering her pussy made contact with his long hard reddening cock. The sensations of the gentle flicking on her nipple, coupled with his insistent plucking of the other nearly drove her insane with desire. He wanted her over that edge. Quickly.

Feeling her hips pump up to him, his free hand raced to her hips. He caressed the damp material, causing her hips to pump further. He slipped his middle finger underneath the cloth and rubbed her clit slowly. A breathy whimper came from her lips as he continued to fondle and lick her breasts and stroke her clit.

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