tagInterracial LoveThe Arrested Wedding

The Arrested Wedding


Turning slowly as she watched her reflection in the mirror, Pam mentally thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make her wedding day perfect. In the background of her reflection stood her mother and sister who seemed to be observing with the same admiring eyes as her own.

"I feel amazing," she said as her eyes absorbed the image of herself that the mirror presented. Long blonde hair, plaited and then tied up on to the top of her head and held in place by the band that also held the veil that gently hung in front of her face. Pam's bright blue eyes were visible through the netting along with the thick, cherry red lips that she had spent an hour getting right that morning. Looking further down the dress hung off the shoulder and seemed to be held in place only by the ample bosom that Pam had inherited from her mother. From there the white material stretched all the way to the floor, hiding the white stiletto shoes before forming a small train to the rear.

In the reflection Pam's mother moved, stepping closer and then leaning in so that she could whisper. "Simon is going to be such a lucky guy tonight as he takes my daughter to his bed for the first time." As the mother spoke, tears formed in her eyes and one slowly fell onto her cheek forming a streak in the concealer as it did so.

Pam knew that her mother was very old fashioned and believed that a woman should keep herself pure until the wedding night. Now was not the time to explain that she had been sexually active with Simon throughout their relationship. While in order, to keep the pretence for her mother, Pam did not live with her husband to be for most of their relationship they had slept together at least twice a week.

A loud, heavy knock at the door caught all three of the rooms occupants by surprise and Pam gave out a slight gasp. Turning around she felt a look of fear cross her face before addressing the others, "who's that?"

Not knowing the answer, both sister and mother looked back at Pam, their faces blank. "Why would we know?" offered the sister just as whoever was the other side of the door repeated their loud, heavy knocking.

"Look, this is a hotel, it could well be the staff, hide in the bathroom and I'll get the door."

Listening to her mother, Pam did as she was told as the mother crossed the room and took hold of the door handle. Checking that Pam was hidden from view, she turned the handle slowly before opening the door.

From her position in the bathroom, Pam looked through the crack in the door hinge to see what was happening. Half expecting to see her husband to be, step into the room she caught her breath as a female voice reached her ear. "I've got a warrant," said the voice in a commanding tone and then a tall, woman in a dark blue trouser suit pushed her way passed the mother followed by two well-dressed men.

"Who do you think you are?" exclaimed the mother, shocked by the attitude of the three intruders.

"DI Smith, this is the hotel room of Pamela Waring is it not?" the intruder did not give the mother a chance to answer, "Pamela Waring, the fiancé of Simon Hughes?" Using a flick of her wrist, one of the men following DI Smith responded and quickly marched up to the bathroom and entered it. As soon as he entered the room the man found Pam and taking hold by an arm, he dragged her back into the bedroom. Pam gave out a scream at her rough treatment by the stranger.

"Ahh, hello Pamela," said DI Smith with a grin as the bride entered the room.

"What's going on, I don't understand!" Pam demanded as the man who had rough handled her let go and she was finally able to stand up and regain her composure.

"Oh come on, you can't pretend that you don't know why we are here?" it was a rhetorical question which Pam met with a defiant stare.

Looking at each of her daughters in turn, then at DI Smith and then back at her daughters the mother's patient snapped. "Well I certainly don't have a clue what is happening so can someone fill me in?"

"Would you like to explain to your mother or shall I fill her in?"

Pam met her mother's eyes and sighed, "I know that Simon has some dodgy business dealings but I promise you that is all I know," she pleaded.

"Dodgy?", DI Smith gave out a laugh, "dodgy?" she said again emphasising the faux surprise in her voice the second time. "I wouldn't describe his criminal businesses as dodgy, more like evil."

Feeling her legs go weak underneath her Pam dropped down, just managing to make the bed as she went. She flopped onto it as the tears started to well. For a moment everything sounded far away, as she heard her mother speaking to the stern-faced DI, "so what's happening?"

"At the moment there are officers at every single one of Simon's businesses and homes. We've already got him in custody and here I have a warrant to search this hotel room. If we find nothing then Pam will have to stay here until we get the all clear."

"You can't force my daughter to stay in this room?"

"We won't have to force her, she will stay here voluntarily as if she leaves I'll have her arrested for assisting an offender."

Pam stopped listening and tuned out the conversation. Inside she was in turmoil, her hopes for the wedding day were rapidly evaporating and it had left a feeling as if there had been a death in the family.

A firm hand on her shoulder snapped Pam back into the real world and she looked up into the kind eyes of the third officer who so far, she had had no dealings with. "Can I move you over to that chair so I can search the bed?" as he spoke he pointed to a wooden chair with a fabric seat in the corner of the room. Pam didn't feel like speaking but she gave a gentle nod of her head and felt herself moving partly under her own steam and partly with the officer's guidance. As she sat back down Pam glanced at the hand that the officer had against her arm. Immediately she noticed the contrast between the pale skin of her arm and the whiteness of her dress against the dark, black skin of her helper's fingers and hand. Despite the shock she was in, Pam felt a slight tingling feeling at the deep contrast in skin colour.

Two hands reached into the veil and slowly raised it up and over the top of Pam's head. The hands then took hold of her face, lifting it so that she could look into the eyes of her mother. "The Police have said that your sister and I have to leave and that you need to stay here." On hearing the words, though they seemed distant, Pam nodded in understanding. "They are going to leave an officer with you to keep an eye on you, they reckon you should be able to leave in a couple of hours." Nodding again, Pam felt her mother gently kiss her on the forehead before letting her head sink back down as the hands withdrew their support.

Moments later the door closed with a slam and Pam lifted her head in shock as the sound reverberated around the room. She looked about and her eyes settled on the rooms only other occupant. Leaning against the wall, next to the door, his hands clasped behind his back stood the black officer who had helped her move her seat. He seemed good looking, tall but not stupidly so, he had a broad chest and strong thighs that pulled slightly on the material of his trousers. Turning her attention to his face she could see that he was bald, with black glasses and a kind face; Pam guessed that he must be aged in his late 30's.

"So you're my babysitter?"

The man nodded gently, "yes, I've been asked to keep your safe and, in reality, ensure you stay here until told otherwise."

Letting out a sniff as she tried to clear her nose, Pam pulled herself into a more upright position. "I made myself beautiful for him and now it looks like our marriage is over before it began." The officer stayed silent but Pam noticed that he was watching her every move. His eyes passionate and intense as they absorbed every inch of her. "What's your name?"

"DC Th... ummmm, Dean," replied the officer letting all sense of officiousness and decorum go.

"Well Dean, do you think I did a good job in making myself look good on my wedding day?"

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife observed Pam as she noticed how her question went unanswered. Instead, Dean swallowed heavily before smiling weakly. "Come on Dean, it's not like it will get you sacked or anything, do something to make a girl feel good when her entire life has just crumbled."

The pleading in her voice seemed to work and as she watched Dean gave out a light cough as he cleared his throat. "Ummm..." he said again as if talking was not his strongest point, "I think Simon is an unlucky guy."

"Unlucky?" Pam was shocked by the response and rose to her feet, throwing back her shoulders and placing her hands on her hips as she did so. Her defiance was noticeable and seemed to take Dean by surprise and he looked around the room as if he was hoping to find somewhere to hide. "What do you mean by unlucky?" this time there was a threat in Pam's voice, a challenge to Dean that one wrong thing could be enough for her to unleash hell on him.

Dean swallowed hard again before checking his watch. Then his posture changed as if inside, he had made a decision, he raised himself from the wall and brought his hands round to the front; folding them across his chest. "No offence was meant by that, it's just I need to be professional and it is difficult to know what to say when someone in your position throws out a question like that."

Pam remained defiant and remained in her stance, her eyes challenging Dean to risk offending her. "You are a very beautiful woman, someone who any man would be proud to call his wife, Simon is unlucky because by his actions he had clearly thrown his relationship with you away on a day when you had made so much effort to look amazing."

On hearing the words that Dean spoke, Pam felt herself soften again and she stepped forward and sat sideways on the bed. Propping herself up on her right arm, she turned her upper body so that she could face Dean. He wasn't sure if the position she took up was deliberate but finding himself presented with a clear view of her cleavage, Dean closed his eyes and prayed to any God who would listen. Sadly, there appeared to be no God listening as Dean felt the first stirrings of blood rushing into his cock. "Why do I have to be left with the gorgeous white girl?" he thought to himself, "I'd have much rather been left looking after him."

Ten minutes must have passed in silence, Pam sitting on the bed while Dean stood by the hotel door. Finding herself frustrated by the situation Pam rose to her feet and started to pace slowly back and fore. Stopping half way across the room she looked at Dean to find that he had been watching her every move. Even in this difficult and emotional time it made her smile to herself, "when do you think I can leave?"

Giving a shrug of the shoulders, Dean considered his answer before choosing to be as truthful as possible. "I honestly don't know, this is a major operation which has been 12 months plus in the making."

"So you have loads of evidence against him?"

Dean nodded slowly in reply while he considered his answer, "I believe so, enough to see him go away for a number of years."

The answer cut into Pam and she felt tears well up in her eyes again, "can we do something to take my mind off of it?"

"Sure," replied Dean, trying to remain open and yet professional at the same time, "what do you have in mind?"

Taking a moment to think, Pam continued to pace around the room until she reached the dresser. Turning to face Dean while leaning her bum against it, her hands resting on the wood to each side Pam smiled, "do you have a girlfriend?" There was a moment of awkwardness and Dean seemed unsure how to answer, "sorry, maybe you have a boyfriend instead?"

The second question seemed to ease the awkwardness and Dean realised he had been holding his breath. Blowing out through his lips in relief he chose to answer truthfully. "My girlfriend and I separated a couple of months ago."

"Oh, that's a pity, what happened?"

This time Dean found himself not wanting to answer the question honestly. If he had then he would have had to admit that his girlfriend was married to another man who knew about and had encouraged their affair. In the end, he had decided to stop the relationship because he had wanted something more permanent. "We wanted different things," he said realising, as he spoke that he wasn't being completely untruthful.

"So you are looking for a girlfriend?"

The question was bunt and Dean was instantly wary about how to answer it. Thoughts flashed through his mind about whether he was giving too much away or what Pam was hoping to achieve from them. "I guess so, though I am happy being free and single right now," as he spoke Dean could detect in his own voice how guarded his reply was and he was sure that Pam could sense it to.

A loud and unexpected knock at the door made them both jump. They both stared at the door and then at each other seemingly unsure about what to do about it. "You need to answer it and you need to make the person go away." Dean spoke with a commanding voice as he beckoned to Pam to cross the room.

Slowly, Pam walked towards the door her nerves building with every step that she took. Whoever was outside knocked the door again, "come on Pam, open the door, I need to speak to you." The pleading voice of Pam's mother quickened her pace and she reached the door and opened it while Dean remained hidden just inside it.

"The guests are downstairs and wondering what is going on, you need to come and speak to them." There was a pleading tone in the mother's voice and Pam nodded to show that she understood. "You will come and speak to them?"

"Ummm... yes."

Closing the door on her mother Pam looked at Dean and bit her lip. "I can come with you?" he offered, "I'll stay hidden out of the way while you speak to them from the stairs."

"Thanks," said Pam nervously and she turned her back on Dean. "Can you just help me undo the top of the dress, I don't want to walk down there like this."

Fumbling with the hook and eye, Dean was eventually able to release it before slowly running the zip from top to waist. As he did so, Pam crossed her arms across her bosom so holding up the dress. "I'll be back in a moment," she offered before walking across the room and entering the bathroom.

Closing the door over, Pam released her arms and watched as the dress fell to the floor. In the mirror she took a moment to study the lingerie that she had picked out for her husband to be. A lacey, strapless, basque covered her upper body, almost see through in her reflection she could clearly see the dark outline of her nipples. At the bottom of the basque four long suspenders hung down and clung to the lacey tops of her white stockings. In between, providing a vague attempt at modesty she wore a small, white, lacey g-string. Climbing out of the dress, Pam was able to see how the effect of her underwear emphasised the curve of her backside.

She turned to the door and reached up to grab the dressing gown that she knew was hanging from it but discovering it was absent she froze. Pam's mind raced with thoughts of what she had done with the dressing gown. Playing through the events of the morning the memories slowly came into focus. Walking from the bathroom and into the bedroom, removing the robe in front of her mother and sister and throwing it onto the dresser. "Shit," mouthed Pam under her breath as she realised what had happened.

Stepping up to the door, Pam opened it slightly. It was already ajar as she had seen no reason to close it fully. Her eyes cast around the room, first at Dean who she could see leaning against the wall where he had stood since they had been left alone. In his hands he held a tourist leaflet for the local zoo that had been left in the hotel room by the staff. She couldn't help but watch as he perused the leaflet, his suit clad body looking incredibly sexy as he waited for Pam to return. Moving on, her eyes scanned across to the dresser and just as she feared there, lying on the dresser, was the white towelling of the robe.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Pam's mind raced with thoughts of what she was going to do. Her eyes closed, Pam became more aware of some of the sensations she was feeling elsewhere in her body. The dampness of the thin strip of material between her legs made Pam realise that despite everything she was feeling aroused. Parting her legs slightly she placed a hand inside her knickers and touching the smoothness of her outer labia she realised just how wet and ready she was. Removing the hand, Pam opened the crack in the door again and looked at the bedroom beyond. Dean was in the same position as he had been before only now he was reading a leaflet for a theme park.

"What's the worst that can happen, he gets a cheap thrill and so do I?" Pam had meant it is a genuine question but a moment later she realised that the reality was that it had been rhetorical. Without making any conscious decision to Pam opened the door and strode over to the dresser in just her lingerie. Reaching it, she picked up the dressing gown and pulled it over her shoulders before tying it in front of her as she turned to face Dean.

Idly, Dean was reading the price list for a theme park when he became aware of the door to the bathroom opening. Glancing up he felt a stirring in his trousers at the sight that greeted him. The white lingerie had framed Pam's busty and curvy figure perfectly as she walked across the room and picked up a dressing gown before pulling it on. As she turned to face him the last flash of lingerie disappeared leaving Dean openly staring with an open mouth.

"Ready?" asked Pam, her voice coming almost as a gasp as her nerves settled back down.

Throwing the leaflet on to the bed, Dean carefully opened the door and with a wave of his free hand indicated for Pam to leave the room, "after you."

The two of them walked down the corridor to the mid-point of the building. There a large and grand stair case lead down the four floors to the ground while next to it and looking out of place could be found the metal doors of a guest lift. Pam pressed the button on the lift and looked at Dean, "I'm not doing those stairs, not in these heels." As she spoke, Pam held out her right foot so that Dean could see how big the heel was.

Taking the lift to the first floor Pam and Dean exited and stood together at the top of the stair case. "You wait here, I will head down to the landing," said Pam, indicating to the lower of two turn turnings in the stair case before it reached the ground floor. "That way I will always be in your sight."

Dean nodded his approval and could only watch as Pam slowly descended the stair case. Her hand running along the inner bannister as she took care not to tip forward and fall head first. When she got to the spot on the stair case that she had indicated, Pam stopped and waited. Below the sound of people gathering and talking travelled up the stair case until it reached Dean's ears.

As he watched, Pam raised her arms and hands in the air as if calling for quiet and the sound of the people below slowly died out. "I know that many of you were looking forward to this day, I more than most but sadly today is not to be." The noise started again, this time the sound of distress and shock replacing the earlier curiosity that had emanated from the crowd. Pam again raised her arms to urge the unseen people below to be silent so she could talk. After a few moments they settled again and Pam thanked her audience with a gentle smile. "What has happened is completely out of my control, things have happened which I had no say in and the reality is that Simon is not able to marry me today. I am sorry and thank you for coming, I will try and make it up to you in the future."

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