The Asylum


This is my first attempt at a story, multiple alterations had to be made to fit Literotica's respectable guidelines, This has been a monthly process getting this up, so hopefully you enjoy it! taking various inspirations and really focusing on appealing to everyone. This story involves non-consent and mysterious themes, if this is not for you I suggest you do not read this.



Working as a prison guard isn't easy, but you take out your frustration on the prisoners. It was all good with the government they wanted you to treat ex-cons as deranged animals as far as the guards and I were concerned they definitely were just that.

It's hard to give up the past. It stays with you like a fever. It's the very thing that makes you the person that you are. When Clarissa walked out on me, I was frustrated confused and even a slight bit demented. I was still in the force at the time and I got to frisky with a stripper and got stripped of my duties. I got dragged down to this level working in a busted down asylum.

That was 3 years ago and I have gotten a case of the blue balls ever since.



A group of 30 students stand in front of the entrance of a maximum-security Prison. Could also be called an Asylum, all seniors and of the age of 18 apart of a special Criminal Justice class. I just hoped to stay with this class, I am a very reserved person a complete submissive person so I was hopeful for the guide in the form of our teacher and guards.

"There are rules we must go over" Ms. Williams said with a stern and convincing voice. "Please remember to stay with the group at all times. Make sure you don't get separated from the group. Moving in a group is essential for everyone during the duration of this visit. Please by all mean's do not antagonize the Prisoners. Make sure you keep all your belongings to yourself. You don't want any of these...guys to take your stuff and break them or maybe keep them to do whatever, they also like to pick on girls they find teasing but I'm sure they are over that phase".

I start to think, am I really dressed all that sexy, I think to myself. look down to check myself over, wearing a tight dark blue jeans that showed off my curvaceous body. My wide hips were clearly defined, and my big ass poked out despite the fact I was wearing Reebok sneakers instead of heels. My shirt was a white long-sleeved shirt that completely covered my chest. I didn't wear jeans to show my body off, it was simply the only clean piece of clothing to wear at the time. My ass was simply too big to truly cover up, and my hips were too wide to find pants that correctly fit.

I was standing in the middle of the group with my partner, a girl who swore we had Algebra together, her name was Cathy. She was a tall, skinny blonde girl with green eyes that actually seemed really friendly. She wore thick black glasses. Her blue jeans were baggy, and a loose black sweater was draped over a white shirt.

Each student was given a partner to stay with throughout their trip through the Prison. The large group would be accompanied by four Security guards to make sure nothing would happen to any of the students there. Cathy was my partner, and while I had seen her a few times she wasn't really close to a friend or even an acquaintance.

"This kind of reminds me of that one show, Scared Stiff," Cathy whispered to me.

Not in the greatest mood to chat but not wanting to be rude I reply, "Yeah, I guess. That's the show where the middle school kids go into Prison and talk to the inmates?"

"That's the basic gist," Cathy said with a smile. "It's really hilarious. The inmates usually yell and scream at the kids and tell them to get the life together. Sometimes they even threaten to keep the kids there for a night."

The thought of that made me shudder slightly. "Is that even legal?"

"You know it's not," Cathy said with a laugh. "At least I don't think it's legal."

"Does it even work?"

"Does what work?"

"The program," I say with a hint of annoyance.

"Oh, right! Well...sometimes," Cathy said with a pause. "More like most of the time, but some kids just really don't care."

I simply shrug and say, "Well that's just people. Some people really just don't care about their lives and where they're going.

The group ahead of us starts to move forward. The doors are unlocked and one by on each student is forced to remove their cell phones and metal objects and place them into a small zip-lock bags. I quickly take this moment to text my boyfriend Russell Goodbye as I turn off my phone.

When the line reaches us, I pull out my house keys to drop into the bag along with the phone and hand it over to the woman collecting all the items.

"What's your name now?" She asked.

"Sadaf," I reply while searching my pockets for any other metal objects.

She quickly writes my name down on the bad and places it in a green try to slide it through a metal detector. "Please step this way," she said while motioning forward towards the larger metal detector walk through.

After I step through the walk through and the red-light scans green me a continue to walk forward.

"Wait," a random Security Guard said, "Let me check it thoroughly."

I would be taken aback from this comment finding it displaced in the context of the light flashing green.

"Why, it scanned green" I retorted.

"Sometimes we need to be extra sure you're not carrying anything the inmates can use to hurt you," he replied with a half-smile.

The Security Guard was a rather tall, black man probably around 6'9". He had a wide back with broad shoulders, he looked fit he had a nice face but various scars and such complimenting his bald head, his name tag read the name "Serge". As he pulled me to the side he patted me down and rubbed my sides a little longer than you would think would be appropriate. Suddenly he brushed my butt over once, at first I thought it was a mistake, then he grabbed my butt a second time, a butt that would put Kim Kardashian's to shame.

"Are you done," I said, while steeping away. "I don't have anything in my ass if that's what you're looking for,"

I had to be sure, there's a lot of junk in that trunk." Serge responded, with the most cheesiest thing you can say for the record.

Finally I escape that uncomfortable situation, as Cathy filled me with questions on what that was about, I simply told her to look at the obvious. As I walk away I could feel Serge's eyes on my big ass as I walk away.

With that uncomfortable situation behind me, I move forward with my partner Cathy into the prison, the group moved slowly into the main hall. There was a metal bar door in the middle of the hallway leading further into the prison. One of the four Security Guards used a key on his belt to open the door. Before I follow through, Ms. Williams stops the line.

"Please remember class, the entire point of this field trip today is to get a personal understanding of Prison, It's not a Scared Stiff program or anything like that."

Cathy giggled under her breathe before she quickly composed herself again.

"Please, make sure you stay with your group, Even if these guys don't have weapons they are still very very very dangerous. Make sure you stay with your buddy at all times." And with that last minute explanation she walked through the gate and the rest of us simply followed.

The Prison was filled to the brim with criminals, as the class walked through the hall, the prisoners hooted and hollered at the class with a mixture of glee and rage. The whole lot of them ac lie caged animals. They banged on the bars and shouted many curses in an attempt to gain attention.

As I walk past the iron bars, I start regret even taking the class as hands reach out to grab.

"Damn! Look at that fat ass!" I hear a few call out. It was insanely difficult to pin-point where the comments was coming from, truth of the matter it was probably from multiple sources.

"You think they're talking about you," Cathy asked with a annoying snicker.

"Well they aren't talking about you," I reply with a smile. The comment seemed to do what it intended and Cathy never spoke another word.



Word spread like wild fire, of this voluptuous barely legal women in the prison confinements. My immediate rival a fellow prison guard by the name of Kevin was already devising plans to create the ultimate diversion so he can ravish the young women.



At that moment I felt the need to use the bathroom, so I raised my hand and asked, "Hey, is it okay if someone takes me to the bathroom?"

After a brief stop, one of the Security Guards says, "I can handle it."

"Make sure she takes her buddy with her," Ms. Williams added.

"Come on ladies," The Security Guard said, "I'll take good care of the two of ya." Cathy and I separate from the group and follow the Security Guard deep into the Prison. As I got farther and father away from the rest of the class I begin to feel worried.

"Why are the bathrooms so far away?" Cathy whined.

"We're almost there," The Guard replied. "Hopefully you didn't have to go too bad."

After a final right turn the Security used one of his keys to open the door that lead into a bathroom. "Please, make it quick."

"It will be." Cathy says as we go into the bathroom, we each step into a stall and lock the door to be safe. I lay out several sheets of toilet paper on the seat of the toilet to make sure I'm as safe as I can be given he circumstance.

However, before I could even begin to hard task of pulling down my pants to sit on the toilet, a conversation can be heard outside the bathroom.

"What do you mean there was a riot?" The Guard outside side. "Hold on, I'm on my way."

I could hear the running foot steps clack farther and farther away.

"Oh my god," Cathy said while sprinting out the bathroom. "Shit...what do we do?"

"Go back to the class," I said with certainty. "I mean, we can't wait here."

"Actually...I think we should," Cathy said timidly. "I mean, we have no idea what's really going on here."

"You can stay here all you want, but I'm leaving."

Cathy called out, "Sadaf, wait!" However, I had already ran down the hall back towards where I think the group is. "That's the wrong way!"



Shit, something has triggered some locks loose, Kevin got assigned to the basement where the real crazies were just in case their locks to the prison doors got open. The rest of us was tasked with the upstairs level of the Asylum.

Good thing we got the class in a safe containment chamber, though they look reduced in numbers. But I took it upon myself to leave my assignment I had my own agenda, a rather shocking one.



I ran as far as my legs could take me before my lungs gave out. After stopping to catch my breath I look around to see that there was nothing familiar around. I walk slowly towards an open gate and slide through to look around. I quickly realize that I'm in an underground layer of the Prison. Barely any light shined down here and it was completely quiet. As I walked forward and looked around I notice the hallway slowly grows wider until I'm inside a room full of prison cells. I slow my pace down even further and stop to look around.

There are three rows of Prison cells and ten columns. I noticed that most of them are actually empty. As I look around my eyes stop as they lock eyes with a large creature. I jump back in fear and slam up against a Prison cell behind me.

"What the fuck is that," I manage to say in my hectic panic. The pair of dark eyes rise up and moves towards the iron bars. Two large hands grab a bar each and the little light shining in the center of the room illuminates the figure. The creature was a man of course, but he was larger than anyone I had ever seen. He must have been around 6'9", but he was no lanky figure. He had muscles that would make a body builder jealous. His back was wide and powerful, and his biceps were the size of my head. His thighs were large and powerful as well. He wore a familiar suit.

I gulp and slowly begin to stand back up. "I'm safe," I think to myself. Suddenly I feel my body get pulled back against the bar. I instantly scream at the top of my lungs as I feel my shirt begin to rip as it gets pulled back behind the bars. my jeans start pulling backwards as well and strain against my pelvis. It feels as if my entire body is being sucked into the bars of the cage.

"What's happening!" I scream out my attention solely on the ripping and tearing of my clothes. I finally look over my shoulder to see two large men pulling and tearing at my clothing. "Stop!" I finally managed to scream out as I start pulling away from them.

I slowly start to gain some distance from them before they pull me back against the bars. Finally, the material of my shirt rips and bursts opens from the front as it's pulled back into the Prison cell. My upper body slings forward, and I get bent forward at the waist. I would have fallen completely forward, except the other Prisoner was still pulling at my jeans.

"Unbutton the damn thing, you dumbass!" I heard one of them shout.

After standing back upright, I quickly reach my hands forward to protect the buttons of my jeans, however before I can reach them I feel both my arms pulled back behind the bars. I continue to scream out loud again and start struggling, but the grip on me is too strong to wriggle out of. I feel my bra get snatched away with hardly any effort, while my jeans are unbuttoned and pulled down to my ankles. Now I'm almost completely naked except for my red thong. With my jeans on the ground, it's quickly snatched away from my body though by a prisoners teeth biting into my wide hips.

Without warning my arms are released and I quickly lunge forward to escape. As I trip forward and hit the ground I feel my jeans finally pulled away from my feet, leaving me with only my sneakers on now. I quickly try to cover my breasts and pussy and curl into a ball, crawling away from the hands that just stripped me.

"What the actual fuck!" I scream at the darkness. "What the fuck is wrong is with you?!"

"We ain't had any pussy for years, bitch," I heard a voice reply back. "We just trying to see that big, phat ass naked."

A different voice shouted, "Stand up and let me see it!"

I slide forward and try to keep my body covered. "Fuck all you dumb, bastards!"

Multiple voices in the dark start laughing. They start shouting many curse words towards me and reaching their hands out towards me again. I quickly move backwards to avoid the hands, but for some unknown reason I pull my body back towards the bars for reasons unknown to myself or to anyone else I just naturally instinctively ended up right there, as I got off the ground to stand up That's when I feel a large hand grab a hold of me.

The men across from me start hollering.

"That's a nice little pussy!"

"Turn that bitch around, let me see that big ass again!"

"Ya'll trippin', you forget she has some nice tittes on her too."

I quickly cover up my breasts and pussy. After a few deep breaths I try to mustard up the courage to speak to the giant man behind me. I open my mouth to demand he release me, but only a low whine comes out. That's when I felt a rough, large hand begin to grasp my left butt cheek. It gently squeezes and caresses the flesh of my ass before rubbing the next cheek.

I'm paralyzed by the action. I can hardly even breathe as I'm groped by this monster of a man. After several seconds of rubbing my ass he moves his hand over my chest. He slides his large fingers until my arm and begins to pinch and pull my breasts. I can feel his hot breath on my neck as he grabs and massages each of my breasts.

I gasp as I feel his pelvis begin to rub against my big butt in between the bar. I can feel a large rod-shaped object begin to rub in between my butt cheeks slowly. There's no way it's that fucking big,It just can't be.

I start feeling my chest heave. I want to pull away, but I know I'm not strong enough to face this man alone. All I can do is silently wait as I'm molested by this man I'm sure I don't even know.

That's when I hear a loud clank and I'm quickly released. I jumped forward and scream to release all the tension built up in my body. I cover myself quickly and look up to see a flashlight shine in my face.

"The fuck you guys doing?!" I hear shouted towards the cages. "Y'all already down here because you can't stay with regular inmates and y'all are crazy. Don't make me put you in Solitary confinement!"

I stand up to my feet, making sure to keep myself covered while I run over to his side.

"You okay?" The Security Guard asks, with the name tag Kevin.

I quickly nod and walk forward, "I just want to get back to my class," I whisper. "Please just take me there."

"Don't worry, we will get you back." The Security Guard says. As I step forward again ahead of him I felt a hard slap to my butt. I spring forward and move away from the man. Despite the fact that he's my only defense against the threats here, I can't help but feel that he's only a lesser villain.

The two of us make it to a small office not too far from the Prison room I just escaped from. The Security Guard gives me a chair to sit in and a sheet to cover my naked body with. He sits down at his desk and picks up his phone to make a call. There's a brief pause before anyone picks up. The phone volume is too low to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

"A full lock down? You know I'm stuck down here with these crazy inhumans, right?"

Hearing him say that made me shiver in fear. It wasn't enough that they ripped my clothes off and molested me, but now it's confirmed that they're crazy?

The Security Guard continued to listen before he said, "If it's a full down that means I can't get back up to the higher level. There's a girl—" He abruptly stopped talking. He paused to stare at me sitting in my seat. After a brief pause he says, "Nevermind, I'll be able to keep these crazy guys in check. One way or another." He hung up the phone and continued to stare at me.

"So, we can't go back?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

The Guard gives me a skeptical look and replies, "Didn't you just hear me on the phone?"

"I did sir, I was just making sure."

"No, we can't go back up top. All the doors have been locked shut. There was a Prison Riot up top and some of the inmates got out of their cells and are running around granted I don't know how it happened. We were able to make sure class as safe in the higher level but they can't leave. However,'re all by yourself. Why is that?"

"I was escorted to the bathroom and then the Guard left," I quickly reply. "I tried to get back to my class but I must have gone the wrong way."

The Security Guard stared at me for a second before a creepy smile formed on his face. "You know what. I'm going to do you a favor. If you help me out with a little problem I have, I'll use my keys to escort you back up top."

"Do you a favor? I'm just a high school student. There really isn't..." That's when it dawned on me what he meant. "Yeah, no. I'm good sir."

"Well time for some unnecessary evil, I gotta feed the crazies anyways" the guard simply said.

I start frantically screaming. as the guard lunges to me I try to pull away from the Guard, but he yanks my hair and pulls my entire body forward. So instead of trying to pull away I start slapping and kicking at him with all much strength as I can mustard. "Please, I'm so sorry, please!"

"You wanna play now?" the Guard said while throwing me forward. "We can play." He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and quickly locked my hands in front of my body all I could do now was cover my vagina at imaginary onlookers as he marched my naked body down the hall. All I could do was shiver in fear as my fate was further and further sealed.

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