The Awakening of Sweetlips


She got out of the shower, toweled off, and put on her half-dried panties. The rest of her clothes were in the room.

Abby got dressed quickly, and slipped out of the room. She did not want to wake up Kevin and Dan -- she was afraid that one of them will want to fuck her again, and she did not trust herself to refuse, not anymore. She decided to wait outside or just walking back to the car and waiting for them there. In a flash, she imagined some concerned driver stopping by and offering his help, and then taking her right there, bent over the hood of Dan's car. A sweet shiver ran down her spine. She imagined being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery, having strangers force themselves on her.

She felt her pussy getting warm and wet. A slight whimper escaped her lips.

"Morning," -- said the motel clerk, approaching.

Abby looked at him like a started doe.

"I had a guy I know tow your car back here," -- the clerk continued.

Thoughts raced through Abby's brain. He will offer me as payment to this guy, she thought, a big, rough guy wearing work boots, with big strong hands and a big dick, oh please no, I want, I want it so much...

"Thank you," -- she whimpered timidly.

The clerk eyed her up and down, a crooked smile playing on his lips.

"Those boys fucked you all night, Sweetlips?" -- he asked, stepping close to the pretty plump girl.

"Y-yes," -- Abby answered, lowering her eyes and blushing.

"Take off your pants," -- said the clerk casually.

"Please no," -- said Abby, starting to retreat back towards the room, but freezing at the spot under the gaze of those cold cruel eyes.

"Do I need to tell you twice, Sweetlips?" -- the clerk sounded calm but intense.

"No," -- said the plump girl, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down.

The clerk stood there, admiring the dimples on her white round knees, a smile playing on his lips.

"Good girl," -- he said, - "Is your cunt wet?"

"Yes, sir."

"What have you been thinking about to make it so wet?"

Abby blushed furiously, feeling her pussy start to tingle.

"Getting fucked, sir," -- she replied obediently, - "getting fucked by strangers."

"Spread your legs."

The clerk's hand darted in between Abby's large thighs, rubbed her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

"Your cunt is very wet, girl. Do you want to stay here with me? I will bring strangers around to fuck you. I might set up a glory hole for you somewhere here. Do you know what a glory hole is?"

"No, sir," -- Abby was biting her lower lip and rocking her hips a little, trying to rub against the clerk's hand.

"A small room," -- said the clerk, sliding Abby's panties aside and slipping his middle finger into her moist pussy, - "with a hole in the wall. You sit in the room," -- his index finger joined the middle one, - "and men stick their cocks through the hole."

He pulled his fingers out of Abby, who was breathing heavily and shuddering all over. With a smile, he stuck them into the plump girl's mouth, as if they were a cock.

"And you suck them, one after the other," -- he said pleasantly, fucking Abby's mouth with his fingers. -- "Maybe I am there in the room with you to hold your head in place. Or maybe I'll make you turn around and press your ass against the wall, so they can get to your pussy."

Abby closed her eyes, imagining that she was sitting in a glory hole, sucking on one cock and waiting for the other. Her pussy was pulsing. Never before Abby believed that she could get this aroused.

"Do you want to stay here and be my glory hole slut?" -- said the clerk, taking his fingers out of Abby's mouth and taking her by the hand, - "I know you do."

"Sir," -- moaned Abby, - "please. I can't. Please, please, please, I can't."

"Them boys own you?" -- the man led Abby into some sort of storage room and pushed her down onto the floor, - "I know they do. But you call me, girl," -- he took his jeans off and knelt in between Abby's spread white legs. "You call this number."

She gasped when the clerk's cock entered her soaked pussy. He started fucking her, and she began to moan and squeal. As he moved inside her, he started telling her his phone number.

"Five-five-five," -- three fast short strokes, - "nine six eight" -- three longer, slower ones, - "one-three-five-four," -- four fast, hard thrusts, all the way in, making her cry out with each of them. Five-five-five, nine, six, eight, one! Three! Five! Four!

Abby had her first orgasm after the third time she heard the number, followed closely by two more. The clerk was pounding the number in, fucking it into her subconscious.

"You are going to remember it," -- the man was saying, - "Every time you get turned on, you'll remember it. Five-five-five, nine, six, eight, one! Three! Five! Four!

The pretty yound woman lay under him, helpless, with her feet dangling in the air, moaning quietly and gasping, and crying out. The clerk came deep inside her pussy, got up and gave her his dick to clean. She licked and sucked it obediently, she was already getting used to this.

"Get dressed, Sweetlips," -- the man told her, - "you have to be on the road soon."


"Dan, did you know Dave is going to propose to our chubby friend during Thanksgiving dinner?" -- said Kevin, stroking Abby's soft long hair.

"Yeah, I heard," -- replied Dan from the driver's seat, - "We are going to be one big happy family, aren't we, Abby? Just make sure you say yes."

Abby did not say anything; she was too busy sucking Kevin's cock in the backseat. Dave. She loved Dave. It would be so wonderful to become his wife, she always wanted that. Of course she would say yes. He'd written that he missed her very much, that he could not wait to see her again. Tonight he will want to make love to his new fiancée, slow, and gentle, caring love. Five, five, five, nine, six, eight, one, three, five, four...

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