tagMind ControlThe Awekening Ch. 01

The Awekening Ch. 01


It was a lazy summer afternoon in Delhi, India. Month of May, and the sun with its blazing rays was scorching the earth. The colleges were closed for the next two months and I was lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking about what had happened yesterday.

I am Tanya, born in a middle class Indian family, just finishing my graduation. At 21, I was an year older than most of the students in my class, apparently I had fallen really sick before my final exams in third grade after we returned from a family vacation to the hills, and had been detained in the same class.

That incident probably had a huge impact on me mentally. It also meant that I was older and a year more mature than the rest of my class. This somehow was evident from the way the teachers interacted with me, and also the other people in my class. I was the responsible one.

This also meant that my body was more mature than the others around me, and thanks to my awesome gene pool, I was tall, slim and yet curvy. My long black hair were naturally straight and with the fair complexion, I had started getting a lot of attention very soon. By the time I was in high school, I was getting constant proposals from my seniors and even the college going guys in my neighbourhood. I wouldn't say I was not enjoying all this attention. If anything the length of my skirts and the top button of my shirt were almost always betraying my innocence.

But it wasn't till last year that I had realised the true sense of power I had by being an attractive girl in the rather conservative Indian society. My parents were very liberal from the start, and never objected to my dressing style or my numerous guy friends. Since I can remember I was never really great at studies, but still I was able to sail through most of my school without much trouble.

This incident that happened a few months ago, was just before my first year exams. I am March born, so my birthday comes right before the final exams, and this really pissed me off, as I was never able to have fun. But this birthday was different, it was my 21st birthday. And as any other youngster I wanted to do something crazy on my 21st birthday.

Even though I had many guy friends, I was still a virgin, and even my serious boyfriend at that time hadn't seen me naked. So on my birthday, I decided to go out with some of my friends, we drove to a nightclub just outside the city and the guys started drinking and we were dancing to the beats of the DJ. After a while I started feeling a little dizzy, maybe it was the lights, or the constant gyrating bodies around me, or the smoke, but my head was spinning really bad. I had to get some fresh air, so I started to leave the dance floor. Next I know, I was in the back of the car with my friends around me, trying to wake me up. I had passed out.

I sat up and looked at the worried faces of my friends and smiled. I was perfectly well, in fact I felt a strange feeling inside, as if I could feel myself glowing. I felt a weird sense of power all over my body. I told my friends that I was fine and that we should go home now as it was already past midnight.

I was wearing a short black skirt and an off-shoulder top that showed off a good deal of my smooth shoulders and long neck. The skirt was quite short and ended a good 6 inches above my knees. I had really gotten dressed for the party and going by the number of guys that tried to approach me today, I was looking smoking hot. With a height of five feet six and a figure that was 34b cup - 28 - 34, I was sure I would have been the fantasy of most of the guys around me.

On our way back, we got pulled over by cops, and since most of the guys had been drinking we were in for some big trouble. I was sitting inside the car as the guys tried to talk it out with the cops, but it soon turned out that they were not going to let us go, and will take us in for drunken driving. The two other girls who were with me got really scared as their parents would not like this at all. Right then, something happened to me and I stepped out of the car. Suddenly, there was a small silence and the arguing cops looked at me, from head to toe and went silent. I could see their eyes, taking in my young ripe body. They stared from my feet with the blazing red nail paint and the stilettos, then all the way up my satin smooth long legs, around the curve of my waist, stopping at the proud breasts as I stood there ever so inviting, finally when they looked at my face and into my eyes, they knew I owned them for that moment.

I gave them a simple smile, and they smiled back stupidly. As I walked towards them, I suddenly realised this feeling of absolute power. I looked at them, and then at the tents in their pants, and somehow felt as if I can feel their cocks. I could imagine their cocks getting stiff in their underwear, I imagined holding them and gently massaging them. I was standing 2 feet away from them now, and their hands were almost trying to cover the massive tent in their pants. It was as if what I was imagining was actually happening to them. They quickly told the guys to drive safe and rushed back into their car almost holding their bulges.

The guys looked at me, and said that I need to be careful about coming out of the car like that especially in front of the cops. But they knew I saved them today, also they knew that I deliberately turned-on the cops to save our backs. We got back home safe.

What the guys didn't know was that it wasn't just my body, that drove the cops crazy, it was something else. It was that strange power I felt and my ability to control their cocks from my mind. This was still my hypothesis based on the reactions of those cops on my thoughts. I wanted to validate this, it could have been just two lonely cops getting to see a hot sexy young girl in the middle of the night.

Next day I felt sick and didn't go to college. I was lying on my bed and heard some tinkering in the kitchen. It was the plumber fixing the tap. I was wearing an old comfortable full length pyjamas and an old long t shirt and I looked really bad. As I stood there for a bit, I realised that there was this same buzzing in my head as there was last night. I was looking at this filthy old guy with his big wrench trying to fix the leaking tap. There was nothing hot about him, apart from his really chiseled body, built by doing such odd jobs all his life. But that feeling in my head wouldn't go. He looked at me and smiled. I was not looking hot at all, yet in my head I could feel his cock getting hard. And before I knew it, I was standing there thinking about playing with his cock. Within seconds I saw him straighten up and excuse himself to the washroom, and as he went I could clearly make out the massive tent in his pants.

I rushed to my room and closed the door from inside. I was breathing really fast, and needed to hold on to something. When it subsided, I was aware of my power.

I could control the cocks of the men around me. Without even looking hot, or them knowing what is happening to them.

This realisation changed me forever, and I knew my life will never be the same again.

Later that night, over dinner I tried the same thing on my father. I felt bad after making him go through the ordeal on the dinner table and stopped within a few seconds. I was learning to control the power.

Next day I went to college, still not fully recovered. I was looking like a mess and didn't feel like spending time with my friends. I sat in the first row, it was the algebra class, something I had been dreading about. I was really bad in mathematics, but had to clear the exam for it.

The maths teacher was a 58 year old who had also taught my dad in his early days. Sitting there staring at the old man, trying to understand what he was teaching, I got the idea to further test my powers. Surely, they wouldn't work on such old men. I was sure he was not even sexually active anymore. I looked at him, at his half bald round head with grey hair, his bulging belly and baggy pants. Then I started thinking about his cock, I could imagine a small thing hanging lifelessly and almost felt sad for him. I imagined holding that little lifeless penis in my hands and kissing it, I wondered how it would feel to take it in my mouth. Will it grow hard and stiff as my tongue will play with it? Will it fill my mouth and throat? And I could feel it swell up, I imagined taking it out covered with my saliva. It was still pretty small as compared to the other ones I have seen and felt, but it was cute. I looked up and our eyes met, I could see that he was very uncomfortable and was trying to hide something by constantly writing on the board instead of facing the class.

He suddenly excused himself after giving us a problem to work on. I almost laughed out loud, and he saw me.

He came back after a while and finished his lecture. As he went out our eyes met again and I smiled.

To be continued..

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