tagBDSMThe Bachelorette Party Toy Ch. 03

The Bachelorette Party Toy Ch. 03


By Bone251 and jeanx2storm©

It was no more than a half hour later that I heard the door open and footsteps approaching me.

"MMM," the dark-haired thin girl said, "This is just what I've been waiting for. I'm Megan by the way."

I couldn't help but notice that she had great tits and kind of a slut next door appeal to her.

"I'm not waiting," she said to me. Then she giggled and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. Her g-string followed close behind. "You look like fun," she cooed as she climbed up on my face. She ground into my face and humped back and forth. When I held my tongue out stiff and leaned it into her clit, she made this squeaky little noise that let me know she really liked it.

"Do that," she said. "Oh, yeah."

Megan came once hard on my face and then bounced a few more times and came again. This was great. Just then the door opened and Gail Lynn entered the room with a tall shapely blonde. She had a look that could get me into the bump and paint shop if I was driving with her beside me and even if I got pulled over, the cops probably wouldn't give me a ticket after seeing her; they wouldn't be able to drive straight beside her either. Megan leapt off my face to hug her friends. It didn't seem to faze her that she was completely naked. It didn't seem to bother the others either. After their hellos they turned their conversation to me.

"I'm not so sure," said the girl I'd learn was Nicole. "How old is he? And what does he do? I just don't know if I'm going to do this. You know I'm not that comfortable with guys."

"I think that after you see how much we are enjoying ourselves, you'll want to give him a chance, Nicole," said Gail Lynne. "He's one of the most enthusiastic patients I've ever had. And his need of impotence medicine has made him a candidate for the new extended erection therapy without any problems. That is a definite plus for our party tonight."

"Oh, Nicole, you have to try him," said Megan. "He's very good with his tongue. Gave me 2 great orgasms. The best I've had in the last six months."

I was glad to know that Megan was happy with my attentions. I felt teased and tormented, but the fact that Megan was feeling good, made it worthwhile.

"Oh, God," said Nicole, "I haven't had sex in so long. I'm going to throw caution to the wind." She stripped then jumped on top of me 69. "I hope you like your nuts being beat up."

In no time my balls were bluer and she was making happy little noises as my tongue lapped at her wet pussy.

"Very good," she said as she rode my face and slapped my nuts.

I was relieved that her juices on my face hid the watering in my eyes from the pain in my nuts. After a soaking orgasm, Nicole climbed off of me and I tried to catch my breath. That's when the rest of the girls arrived with the bride to be, Anne. Anne had brown hair and a very hot Donna Reed (young) body that she didn't seem to want to show off, but I could see her great curves under her sweater. The girl hanging onto Anne was Ashley. She had dark red hair and a little thicker more athletic body. Her face was the face of an angel, her butt was full and round, and her thighs looked liked ones I'd want wrapped around my body. Finally, there was Candy. I found out that she was the only girl that was not a nurse. She had changed her major to teaching, but still roomed with the nurses in school. Candy was a knockout and had an ass that apparently won every "best bottom" contest on her spring break trips. I thought that I recognized her ass from a web site for strippers. It was an ass I'd never forget.

The girls were all catching up with one another while Candy lifted off her sundress and sat down on my face, still talking to her friends. I was impressed. Any girl that can chat and grind your face with such a great ass should be considered dangerous. It became my goal to get Candy to lose track of her conversation and cum on me. So, every now and then, she'd stop mid-sentence and moan and rock on my face until she came. She did this three times and then climbed off of me and said, "Who's next?"

Ashley was already naked and I had to admire her red haired bush which was trimmed into a heart shape. She climbed up on me and like a force to be reckoned with she rode me hard for just a few minutes before climaxing. Her thighs were squeezing my face and she was heaven to look up at as she lost herself in the moment.

Then she said, "Anne's turn."

All the girls helped Anne undress. They made it into a game and by the time she was naked, all their nipples were hard and I was having a difficult time concentrating. Then they picked her up and put her in the hanging swing, tying her hands to the ropes, and then they tickled her until she was writhing and giggling hysterically. They lowered her to my face with her sex in such a way that I could give the gentlest oral sex possible. I did and after a few minutes of this, Anne said, "Oh, yes, harder, now, harder."

The other girls repositioned Anne over my dick and my balls became squeeze victims so that my need to cum was totally thwarted. After she came on my stiff rod, the girls moved her back to my face for some more oral pleasure. And I was very anxious to please her. I knew that I wouldn't be getting relief any time soon, so I concentrated on Anne's lovely cunt.

The girls each took a turn riding my face several more times, but while one rode me, the others sucked, licked, caressed, and torturously teased my dick. I found myself lost between the acute need to have my carnal desires satisfied and the gratification of giving pleasure to so many beautiful girls that were sliding themselves over my body and eagerly awaiting their turn to sit on my face. I was learning more about how to read their desires and finding that little extra special thing that made each girl squirm so they could have the best orgasms possible. My head and face were soaked from their pleasures. I almost couldn't feel my face and tongue and if it weren't for the constant teasing from the girls, I know I would have collapsed.

Then one of the girls yelled "Game time!" This wasn't a game already? What was I in for now? This game, however, involved electronics with sensor leads in my ass. A digital read-out that wasn't visible to me would let the girls know how close to orgasm I was. This was important because they were going to have a blow job contest to see who could get me the closest to an orgasm in the least amount of time. I already felt closer to cumming than ever before in my life. I thought to myself, "This isn't going to take long."

Then I found out that part of the score depended on how low the readout would go before the blowjob started. The rules were stated that the girls could only use their hands and knees on my balls to slow me down before beginning. Even though I was way too horny to think straight, I realized that how hard my nuts were hit or squeezed had become part of the competition- no longer the entertainment. I didn't think this was a good thing.

The girls drew straws to see who would go first. Candy won and she immediately kneed me in the nuts so hard I cringed. Then she swallowed my whole dick deep in her throat. Her swallowing and gentle head bobbing were very pleasurable and that is one of my favorite ways to get off. But, then she stopped. Notes were taken and the girls exchanged comments, but I couldn't tell what her score was.

The next player was the new bride, Anne. She started out with a knee to my nuts that made my eyes water. Then she started a fast slurping all over my cock. It was to fast for me to really enjoy but obviously did the trick as she stopped with plenty of time to spare. Then came Ashley, the athletic one. She started with a squeeze to my nuts which wasn't as painful as a knee but was able to get a longer duration that I am sure lowered the readout and made my eyes water. Then she grabbed my dick and cradled it then stretched the skin as taut as she could. She proceeded to assault my tip and sensitive underside with her fast moving flat tongue. With all of the attention my dick was getting I could hardly catch my breath. Ashley didn't keep it up long because the machine was reading high numbers again and I felt her release me.

Then Nicole pulled down hard on my nuts and the slammed her fist into them. They had nowhere to go and I was in a lot of pain. Nicole was penalized for breaking the rules. Gail Lynn and Megan handcuffed her and then Ashley put clips on her nipples while Anne put some on her pussy lips and her clit. Nicole would have to work on me with all of her accessories on. When Anne put the clip on Nicole's clit, Nicole almost lost her balance. With her hands cuffed behind her back she still managed to catch herself. Nicole had been a little bitchy before and she was definitely at a disadvantage now. These girls were serious about their teasing. Nicole was slow due to her restraints, but I like slow blow jobs. They take me over the top more than anything. Pretty much from that point on in the game, I lost track of everything. When they took turns, the girls seemed to be much gentler with my nuts after Nicole's punishment and I floated into a cloud of need from the intense pleasure of some of the best blowjobs I'd ever had in my life.

When all the girls had their turn with me, the scores were tallied. I took advantage of this time to calm down and try to get a grip on my desire to get off. My dick was so sensitive that I thought I could feel a breeze on it as the girls walked around me. I felt desperate.

"The winner is," Gail Lynne drew out, "Ashley!" The girls all cheered Ashley and jumped around her. "The loser is," said Gail Lynne, "Anne!" Anne's eyes were big and she didn't look pleased, but the other girls all patted her and said comforting things like, "Oh, Anne, it will be alright," and "You know we love you."

Gail Lynne leapt up on me pushing her bare breasts against my chest and her face just inches from mine. "I'm going to explain the reward and the punishment," she said. "Both Ashley and Anne will be placed in the hanging swing above you. They will be lowered over your dick so they can fuck you. You might think the winner would be first, but that isn't how it is going to go. Ashley will only get to fuck you after your cock has been numbed. Ashley will have a good long fuck without any interruption. You won't feel any of it. You'll watch her fuck you. You'll wish you could feel it. But you won't. Do you understand?"

I nodded. I knew Gail Lynne could do this to me as she'd done it before. I was still excited to have Ashley in the swing fucking me and was looking forward to memorizing every move she made on my dick so I could replay it later. I was also wondering why the winner had to go second.

"Anne will be first," Gail Lynne announced, "We will force Anne into the swing as she will not be a willing participant, but she knows that she must follow the rules of the game. You will not be numbed while Anne is fucking you. You will want to cum but when you try to, my trusty equipment is going to spark both you and Anne."

I could see Anne visibly shaking, but the other girls all had hungry looks on their faces. They were ready to see me come close to orgasm and then be sparked to a halt. I felt bad for Anne as she was going to have to be my partner in this game. She didn't look like she was ready for it. Obviously, being the bride-to-be wasn't enough to get Anne out of this one.

I asked, "Is there a chance that I can be the winner?"

The girls all laughed, even Anne. Then Gail Lynne said, "Oh, your turn will come, but not until after the wedding and then we are going to make you cum too many times to count."

I didn't register the 'too many times to count' part because I was too preoccupied with the 'after the wedding' part. Was she kidding? I didn't really believe I'd be able to hold out that long, but I knew that if by some miracle I did, when I came, it was going to be the best orgasm of my life. But the wait would be a test to my willpower.

Gail Lynne jumped off and all the girls surrounded Anne then tackled her and maneuvered her into the swing, Anne was trying to fight them off with pounding fists and cries of protest that fell on deaf ears. Then once Anne was securely in the swing, she was lowered so that the lowest parts of her hanging down were her pussy and her butt. Gail Lynne helped guide my dick into Anne and she was lowered all the way down. I felt my dick slide up and knew that all of Anne's wiggling was going to make for a nice slow fuck. Anne was so wet from all of the earlier events that her fear of the spark couldn't take away the silky feeling of my cock in her pussy and I gratefully felt her soft folds responding as she was lowered down.

Anne stopped moving altogether and it was our very breathing that created the sliding and rotation. I was well secured and Anne was suspended and bound. Both of us were trying our best to avoid any movement in order to avoid the spark, but even the slow motions of our breathing created an erotic rhythm. I could see Anne's breasts swaying and her brown hair was dancing lightly over them. The tip of my dick was just hitting her g-spot. Anne's pleasure increased steadily until finally she was getting so turned on that she began wiggling her ass and pussy as much as she could to push my dick against that most sensitive spot. I was getting extremely turned on watching her, almost hypnotized until all thought of the 'spark' vacated my mind, and only Anne existed. I could tell her orgasm was coming, and so was mine. ZAP!!!!! The spark hit! Then, ZAP!!!!! It hit again! Anne screamed. Being bound in the swing, Anne had no alternative but to endure almost a full hit from the machine. When the third spark hit, ZAP!!!!!, Anne yelped again and somehow managed to bounce up off my dick and land back down with her lips and clit resting against the head of my cock. I could feel her protruding clit and it was very big pushing against my dick. ZAP!!!!! The spark hit again!

"No more!" Anne pleaded.

This time my dick shrank and I was back to only wanting to cum but too afraid to do it. Then Megan moved Anne over my face.

"Make her cum," Megan said. "She deserves it."

The girls all started cheering Anne on as I began to lick in earnest. I knew that Anne needed to cum badly, but her clit was extremely tender and I steered away from that too sensitive area and concentrated on her pussy lips just barely caressing her clit every so often. I knew how shaken I was from the sparks of the machine, so I was doing my best to be gentle with Anne and finally she came moaning loudly, pussy pressed to my open mouth.

"Now, everyone gets a little lick while I set everything up for Ashley," Gail Lynne said.

I knew she was getting the shots to inject my cock with so that I'd be numb for Ashley's fuck. All the girls took a short turn on my face while the numbing medicine took full effect and then Ashley was strapped into the swing. Ashley was built like an athlete and once she began to ride my dick, I had no doubt that she was an athlete. She was like poetry in motion riding me with long full strokes and maximum contact in all the necessary spots. I couldn't feel her on me except for the pressure inside, but just watching her incredible muscle control and the finesse that she used moving the swing back and forth and up and down made me wish I could feel her. But even my best attempt at imagining how fantastic she must feel, wasn't enough to make me cum. Finally, exhausted, Ashley fell asleep on top of me with my still erect dick buried deep inside her.

"I can still feel you pulsing," she whispered in my ear before drifting off.

With Ashley's sweet breath in my hair, I fell asleep beneath her.

The next morning, Gail Lynne woke me up and instructed me to shower before the rest of the girls awoke. Once I was showered, she strapped me back up to the table and said, "Alright girls, have a little fun, and we'll make our plans for the day."

Candy hopped up on me and put her pussy over my face. She began to ride me and discussed the shopping plans and visits she wanted to make. Each of the girls took turns using me for their pleasure and all of them came with coffee, tea and sweet rolls. I didn't.

I had a little reprieve before the evening's festivities which began early. I was still riding on the edge of release, but managed to keep myself under control with thoughts of the girls return. The evening began with a game of musical chairs with a twist. Each girl was going to have 3 minutes to rub her breasts on my dick. All of the girls would be wearing handcuffs so that nothing but their breasts could be used to pleasure me. Then a timer was set for a three minute ring along with a 30 second recess ring.

"Now, if one of you gets sparked while pleasuring our toy," Gail Lynne advised, "you will get to ride his face until you cum. It's only fair."

The others agreed.

I had no idea how much a soft breast would affect me, but I was learning quickly. Watching as each girl maneuvered her breasts over my dick and looked at me with big eyes filled with longing had me as horny as ever. They all wanted to cum but none of them wanted to be sparked, so they tried to use the lightest possible touch and at the same time worked me with everything else they had. One by one, over and over my dick was caressed with those gorgeous breasts and their nipples that tingled under the tip of my dick. I had always appreciated a nice set of tits, but now, the sensuous softness had me reaching a new nirvana.

The girls were getting so turned on despite the time restraint and the threat of a spark. They were still using gentle pressure, but as the rounds numbered 7 and 8, I could tell their need to cum and the fact that their hands were locked in handcuffs had them in a scaled down version of my state of horniness and trepidation. There must have been some kind of penalty for quitting the game or not taking your turn, because each of the girls was anxious to have her turn and any breaks were taken right after their turns. Each one of them had their breasts sparked on my dick which was on fire by now. Then they had a ride on my face with their hungry wet lips and hard clits.

Then the game took a new twist. After the first girl was sparked, the girls decided to take a little pity on me and alternately caress my dick every 3 minutes so I could rest a little. But the girl who got sparked last got to stay on my face until the next spark hit. This created a little more tension amongst the girls as they were being moved on and off my face in rotation in addition to playing with my cock with their breasts. I also quickly realized that when I got sparked with a girl on my face, my tongue was also buzzing and it was Megan who leapt up in the air screaming that she had almost cum but the spark had interrupted her.

The girls were trying to help each other get on and off my face. This was proving interesting as they all had their handcuffs on. With their hands stuck behind their backs, they had little choice but to put all of their weight on my face and I was repeatedly soaked in their juices. About half of the girls' face rides did not end in an orgasm which seemed to get them even more worked up. Gail Lynne missed an orgasm twice by just seconds, so the third time when the spark hit, she came anyway, despite the charge on her clit. And when Gail Lynne came that time, she squirted. Her fluids on my face just increased my need to cum and I already was getting sparked regularly.

The girls controlled each other and didn't let anyone stay on too long. I was amused watching them pushing each other with their hands cuffed behind them. The new rules included no orgasms unless it was on my face and when the teaser was zapped and the girl on my face hadn't climaxed, she had to climb down. The girls slid themselves along my body. It was beyond intense. This game was going to end similarly to the previous evening's game. The girl with the least number of orgasms got the first ride and had to stay on until she got zapped and in this case it was Gail Lynne as they didn't count the multi-orgasm on her last ride. Anne was the winner as she had an orgasm on every ride and she'd get my numbed dick.

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