tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bad Doctor's Sweet Tooth Pt. 01

The Bad Doctor's Sweet Tooth Pt. 01



When you are a rich doctor who also happens to have a 12-inch cock, you don't have to look that hard for hot pussy. It just has a way of finding you most of the time.

Of course, those of you who are already familiar with me and my work know that I have a "pussy pipeline" of wannabe strippers and Hooters waitresses supplied by my brother, who owns those establishments and requires all would be employees to come to me for a physical. It's a simple system, really,

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Dr. Frederick Pound and I am literally a sex machine. Some geniuses use their intellect to cure diseases, develop new technology or answer ancient riddles. Me, I used it to create three supplements which have made me a literal superman of sex.

First, I wanted to make sure that I was always in the mood and looking for pussy with the same hunger that I did when I was 18. I have a drug which I take once every three days which keeps me in a constant state of horniness.

Secondly, I love nothing more than the sight of a big load of my white sticky cum drenching some babe, covering her face or tits or filling her mouth. But I had learned long ago that the volume of my precious loads, while still impressive, dwindled with the more sex I had. So, my second invention, which I take once a day, stimulates constant production of the seminal fluids and ensures that every load I shoot will be a massive one.

Finally, I took a supplement (which I invented) which made my cock grow in both length and girth. It is now a prodigious 12-inch monster with a circumference that stretches every mouth, pussy and asshole to its limits. I told you I was a genius.

Even though I'm 40 years old now, I fuck very hard and very fast ... no need to hold back, I'll have another full erection and full load of cum ready in less than five minutes. I'm not into slow, sensual sex. I fuck good and hard. I guess my name suits me.

I fuck world-class pussy an average of 10 times per day and I fuck an average of 15 different women per week. And if you don't believe me, I have literally thousands of photos and hours of videotape to prove that what I say is true.

I operate my practice out of my house, so I often end up "admitting" the girls for overnight stays and intense examination. So, usually, a girl is sent to me by my brother and I conduct my exam right there in my house. Six to 12 hours and many, many orgasms later, it's all over.

That's the usual case. Then there's the case of Candi. Well, her name wasn't really Candi, it was Nicandra, but she went by Candi. And the name fit, because she was as sweet as candy – to talk to, to look at and to taste.

She came to my office one day with no appointment. At first I assumed my brother had sent her – she certainly was beautiful enough to be one of his girls – but I found out she was there for far different reasons.

She was beautiful, of direct Indian decent, with naturally perfect olive skin, dark almond eyes, long dark hair and what appeared to be a fantastic body underneath her conservative sweater and jean attire. Frankie, my big-titted, long-legged faithful nurse and frequent sex toy, showed her back to my office. Frankie had come to work for me after I had largely been responsible for her firing from a nearby hospital. I guess she should have known that letting me tie her up and fuck her in the therapy pool was a fireable offense. Anyway, feeling both guilty and horny, I hired both her and George, the security guard who was also fired for face-fucking a blindfolded Frankie, to come work for me. Frankie was a good nurse and a great lay and George was a faithful security guard who watched the office at nights after I had retired to my home, which is above the office.

I sent Frankie back to the front since she doubled as a nurse and secretary and I invited Candi to sit down on the exam table.

"No, you don't understand, doctor," Candi said. "I'm not here for me. I'm here for my father. He is very sick and we don't have money to pay for a hospital. My friend said you were a very good doctor and so I thought you might help us."

"Your friend?" I asked.

"Alison Thorton," Candi said.

I recognized the name immediately, picturing the pert blonde with the big nipples. She was working at Hooters now.

"Oh, do you work at Hooters with her?" I asked, sneaking a look at the rack Candi was packing underneath that sweater.

"No," Candi said. "I just know Alison from school. We took classes together at the university last semester."

"I see," I said. "Well, I'd be happy to take a look at your father for you. I can at least examine him for free. But if he's as sick as you say, he's going to need treatment. That can be very expensive."

"I know," Candi said. "Please look at him first, then if he needs treatment, I'll figure something out."

"Very well," I said. "Check with Frankie up front. She'll schedule an appointment."

"No, you don't understand," Candi said. "He's too sick to travel. I need you to come see him at our house." She was so earnest and her eyes sparkled. She was dazzling, even to someone like me who isn't easily impressed. Aside from what I might do with attractive women, I'm actually a decent guy. I don't do drugs, I very seldom drink and I really do care about my sick patients, almost as much as my pretty ones. I could tell this girl was desperate. I have a weakness for pretty, desperate women. If I could offer something they wanted, I could almost certainly get what I wanted from them. I was willing to gamble that Candi would be a similar story.

"OK," I said. "I'll have Frankie cancel our appointments for the remainder of the day and we'll go see your father."

"Oh, thank you so much!" Candi said. "Alison said you gave your patients everything you had."

I was beginning to doubt how good of friends Alison and Candi were, but I was glad she had sent this exotic babe my way.

I called George and had him come early to watch the office while Frankie and I went to visit Candi's father. I had Frankie pack up some medical supplies as well as a few extra garments and other items which I used in my special exams. Frankie didn't question anything, just did as she was told, not even trying to keep her tits from spilling out of her ridiculously low-cut nurse's blouse. She wore a pink thong underneath a short white mini skirt and she had on her white stilettos. This was the typical work attire for Frankie under my employment.

I rode with Candi while Frankie followed in my car.

"So, how old is your father?" I asked Candi.


"Oh, and your mother?"

"She died three years ago," Candi frowned. "It's been just me and my dad ever since. I quit school to take care of him."

What a sweet girl. "I see," I said. "How old are you?"

"I'm 21."

"Are you from here originally?"

"No, my parents moved here from India when I was two. My father misses home, but he moved here because it was a better opportunity for us. Unfortunately, with my mother's illness and now his, we have run out of money. I have been looking for a job, but can't find anything."

"I might be able to help you," I said. "My brother owns some businesses that are always hiring."

"That would be great!" Candi beamed. "You are so kind."

We got to the house, a modest one-story with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Candi quickly led us to her father's room. I couldn't help but stare at her ass as we walked down the hallway.

Her father had a bad cough, was very weak and was running a fever. It was clear that he was ailing from a variety of problems and Candi explained that he had a history of both heart and lung disorders. After a more thorough examination, I explained that he was not in critical condition, but that he was going to need some constant care for the next 24 to 36 hours while we got his fever under control and got some fluids in him to build up his strength.

"He should be admitted to a hospital," I explained, "are you sure you can't afford one?"

"I'm sure," Candi said, shaking her head. "Can you please help me?"

I looked at Frankie, then at Candi's chest. "Yes, we'll help you, but you will have to pay me back."

"But I just said..."

"Not with money," I interrupted. "You want me to take care of your father, all you have to do is take care of me." I pulled out my cock to make sure it was clear what I meant.

"Oh, my," she said. "I couldn't... I mean, uh, what exactly do I have to do?"

"Anything and everything," I said simply. "Your father requires almost constant attention and so does this." I stroked my rigid cock for her. "Frankie will help me take care of your father and you take care of this. With a little TLC, I'm sure your dad and my cock will both feel better tomorrow."

"Isn't there anything else...?"

"Nope," I said. "Money and sex are the only things I want. You don't have money but you do have a nice body. So, pay up by putting out or Frankie and I will be on our way."

"All right, all right. I'll do it," Candi said. "Just don't hurt me."

"By this time tomorrow," I gloated, "you'll be begging me to hurt you." Before she could ask what that meant, I instructed Frankie to go back to the office and get some IV fluid and monitor as well as some other medications I felt we'd need.

Candi and I returned to her father's side as I continued to examine him and gave him some medication to reduce his fever. He smiled when I told him that we would take care of him and not to worry about any bills. He looked at his daughter and said in a horse voice, "You be a good host. You take care of him." He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"See, your father agrees," I smiled. "You should take care of me."

"I will," Candi said. "I'm so grateful, I will do whatever you ask of me."

"I won't be asking," I said. "I say, you do, that's it. Now, Frankie brought some clothes for you. You're beautiful like you are, but this outfit is hardly sexy. I want to get a better look at what I traded for. Go pick out something from that bag. Frankie should be back soon and she'll watch your father while you and I get better acquainted."

Candi took the bag and went off to her room to change. I wasn't surprised that it took her awhile to come back. I wasn't sure exactly what Frankie had packed, but I knew that in general it was all very sexy and revealing clothing, probably nothing like Candi had worn before. I had a collection of stripper-type clothing, bikinis, mini skirts, lingerie and the like. I found it came in handy because few women dress in the slutty manner I – and most every heterosexual man -- prefer. I had plenty of money to buy whatever I wanted, so I had a full wardrobe of various styles and sizes. Frankie helped me place monthly orders from a couple different catalogs, making sure we had ample supply.

Frankie had guessed at a size for Candi, but I told her to error on the side of too small, so it was quite possible Candi was having trouble finding something to fit. I hoped so. Frankie came back a few minutes later and together we hooked up an IV. She checked his vitals and began keeping a log. She looked like a slut in the outfit I made her wear, but Frankie was a first-class nurse. We both were committed to the patient's health first and our fun second. That was the case here. Once we were sure Candi's father was stable and resting well, I sent Frankie to check on Candi.

A few minutes later, Frankie led Candi into the room. What a vision! She was even more spectacular than I had imagined, and I have a very active imagination. It should be a crime to hide such a lovely body under bulky sweaters and baggy jeans. She was stunning!

"She couldn't find a bra in the bag," Frankie smiled, explaining Candi's delay. Candi didn't realize that I didn't allow any woman I was with to wear a bra. I like to see the jiggle of the tits and the nipples poking out. "I explained your view on bras to her."

Indeed, a bra on this girl would have been criminal. She was dressed in a white mesh halter top that contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. Her dark, eraser-like nipples poked through the large holes in the mesh, which was stretched tight across her large breasts. "How big are those?" I asked.

"I wear a 36C," Candi replied.

"The top is a size 34B," Frankie said. "Wasn't easy to squeeze those things in there, was it?"

"No," Candi said. "The thong is worse. I've never worn one before."

She was referring to the white thong that was currently splitting her delicious ass. It was partially covered by a tiny black pleated skirt that was several inches shy of being acceptable in any public setting. It swirled around her hips as she turned to show me the front and back, at my request.

She also wore white bobbie socks with frilly lace at the top and black stilettos. It was clear from how she moved that she was not comfortable in the high-heeled shoes. Obviously, this entire type of attire was completely foreign to her. What a shame, because clothes like that were made for women like Candi.

She had long, lean legs, a nicely rounded and very tight little ass and a narrow waist and flat tummy. She had it all and could please an ass man, tit man or leg man with equal levels of satisfaction. Her skin was dark and smooth and inviting and her eyes smoldered with an innate sexiness.

"The thong's a little tight, huh?" I asked. I walked over to her and lifted her skirt to get a closer look. "Well, it's covering your pussy, so it can't be too tight." I pulled it up so that the thong tightened into a narrow band of cloth that wedged in between her pussy lips. "See, when it's like that, it's actually just right. The way it is now is really too loose, but we'll let it go for now."

"I've never dressed like this before," Candi said.

"Well, you should," I said. "You're too beautiful not to. Frankie, will you keep an eye on her father? Candi and I are going to discuss my fees. But by all means, come get me if the patient's condition changes."

"Yes, doctor," Frankie said obediently. I noted a hint of jealousy in her voice. Even though she saw me fucking other women on a daily basis, Frankie didn't like it. I reminded her constantly that I fucked her more than anyone else, which I think she took some solace in. But truth be told, if she had a choice, I firmly believe she would give up nursing and all her hobbies to simply be a slave to my cock. That's how much she liked dressing up for me, role-playing with me and simply fulfilling my every desire. She was the most obedient, submissive and downright sexy babe I had ever had. She was always ready and willing to do anything I asked. I even had a key to her apartment and on random nights would interrupt her sleep in the middle of the night and fuck the shit out of her, often arriving, fucking and leaving without saying so much as a single word. She always slept in the nude or with some sort of sexy lingerie, hoping that I would come. No matter what I did to her, she enjoyed it, experiencing powerful orgasms easily. She was every bit as horny and sex-addicted as I was. She needed cock as much as I needed pussy. The only problem for her was, I could get world-class pussy at ever turn. The only 12-inch cock she could find was mine. So, she was at my mercy and invariably aching for my meat by the time I got around to giving it to her.

As I led Candi to her room, Frankie looked longingly, wishing it was her who was going to get my special attention. But she was a pro. She would do her job as a nurse and as my assistant without complaint or distraction. That's what I loved about her. She thought with her pussy, but showed the proper restraint and decorum until it was time to fuck like an animal.

I held little hope that Candi would be like that, although there was always the chance that some good hard sex would unleash a wild side. I had seen it happen many times before. But Candi was so sweet, she didn't seem the type. Only one way to find out, though.

Her room was a small bedroom, decorated like a little girl's with lots of pinks and purples throughout. "I had an apartment when I was in school," she explained. "I just moved back in about a month ago when Dad got sick. I haven't had time to redecorate."

"That's OK," I said. "It's cute. Bet no one's ever had sex in here before, huh?"

"No sir."

"Have you had sex before, Candi?"

"Of course."

"When? How many times?"

"I had a boyfriend for about six months in college. We had sex a dozen times or so."

"He's the only one?"

"No, I lost my virginity in high school. Prom night. Pretty stereotypical, huh?"

"Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"Yes, but never with a guy," Candi said. I was impressed by her directness. "I masturbate sometimes. I cum then."

"Good," I said. "Well, I hope you cum with me, too, but I'll warn you, I'm not going to spend lots of time making sure it's a romantic experience for you. I fuck for fun and pleasure and I like to do it a lot and to do it hard. I think you'll find my cock to be quite pleasurable – most women love it since it's so large. And I'm going to fuck your pussy, your mouth and your ass. What have you done before?"

"I have given blowjobs and I've been fucked in the pussy. Never the ass."

"OK," I said. "Thank you very much for being honest with me. You're doing very well. Now, your tits are driving me absolutely nuts. Enough talk, let's see how you suck."

I could tell she was nervous, but she dropped to her knees without hesitation. I dropped my pants and pointed my hard foot long directly between her eyes, forcing her to take a good look at the size and power of my rod. I realized I hadn't warned her yet about my prodigious volume of semen, but I decided to let that be a surprise.

She opened those pretty, pouty lips and pursed them around the head of my cock, slurping on it like a lollipop. Like most inexperienced cocksuckers, she put her hand on my shaft and started jerking my cock. This was a technique I found horrendous. If I wanted a handjob, I'd ask for one. When I want a blowjob, lips, tongue and throat are all I should be feeling. I feel very strongly about this amateurish approach to cocksucking and am doing my best to teach the proper techniques, one woman at a time.

"No hands," I said simply to her. "Let your mouth do the work. If you feel tempted to use your hands, just put them behind your back." She did so promptly and resumed her earnest work, lathering my cock head with her tongue.

You can tell a lot about a woman by the way she sucks cock and I was starting to learn that my earlier notions about shy, conservative Candi might have been wrong. Yes, that was the persona she presented, but I was beginning to think there was a sexy, wanton woman in there, waiting to get out. Maybe not as wild as Frankie, but Candi was showing the potential to be a bit of slut.

It wasn't her technique, which was fine but nothing special. No, it was her attitude. She was determined, earnest, trying very hard to please. She was obedient, taking instruction well, not just following orders, but actually trying to learn how to do it better. She was like a sponge, soaking it all in. She had never had particularly good sex to know how much fun it could be. Now that it was sort of being forced upon her, her desire to learn, to try, to experiment was coming out.

At my encouragement, she was willingly trying to take more of my cock in her mouth. She now had about six inches in, but the remaining six inches seemed nearly impossible. Fortunately, I had encountered this issue before. Normally, I don't have much patience. I pinch the bitch's nose, tilt her head back and force my cock down her throat and she learns to relax her throat and control her gag reflex out of necessity. That's what I wanted to do to Candi, but damn it, I liked her too much already. So, I gently pushed a little more in, inch by inch, pulling back frequently to let her catch her breath or refocus on the task. I gently coached her, telling her to relax, to control her gag reflex, to remember that it was mind over matter. It took too long, but finally, she had 10 inches in her mouth and was sucking with the same gusto she had started with. I decided to reward her effort by pulling out and spraying all of my cum on her face rather than choking her with my prodigious load.

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