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The Bag


“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Donna said as she peered through the windshield of the Pathfinder into the black night that swallowed State Road 13. Thick, wet snow smacked the glass. The wipers, still in need of changing, squeaked as they did their best to hang onto their jobs. “It’s like…fucking Alaska out here.” She brushed her dark brown hair back to the sides of her stocking cap and squinted her eyes to make out the fog line on the side of the road.

“I appreciate it. Really.” Fred, with his dark skin and bald head, looked like a mummified pharaoh all wrapped up in his Blackhawks jacket with the hood pulled around his ears. He warmed his hands on the vents in the dashboard. His car had refused to start during the weeklong cold snap that had landed upon northern Indiana like a safe on a cartoon character’s head.

“You’re going to have to help me organize the prop room when we get back,” she said. “They should’ve been done yesterday.”

“I said I’d make it up to you. Why are you working at the theatre on Christmas Eve anyway? I couldn’t believe it when your roommate said you were there.”

“I was there because no one else is there. It’s the perfect time to get stuff done. My family isn’t getting together until the New Year anyway, because that’s when my brother is due back from basic training. Ever since Kevin broke up with me, I don’t have anything else to do during the holidays. I might as well organize the prop room.”

“Yeah, but…on Christmas Eve?”

“It’s not a big deal. Besides, I can’t believe you haven’t done any shopping yet.”

“I’ve been so busy in the box office. The damn Nutcracker is always busy and - ”

The two friends shrieked as something fell from the sky and landed across the windshield of the Pathfinder. The road was blocked from view and Donna jerked the wheel in panic.

“What the hell is that?” The Pathfinder started to fish tail.

“Brakes! Brakes!” Fred yelled.

She jammed on the brakes until they stopped fifty yards later. Donna waited for another impact. She figured another car, out late to get that X-Box that they had forgotten, would slam into them at sixty miles an hour at any moment.

“Are you okay?” Fred asked. Donna creaked her eyes open. “Yes. Are you?”

“I’m fine.” He looked into the mirrors. “It’s a good thing we’re the only ones out here.”

“That’s because everyone else has their Christmas shopping done.” She smacked him on the arm. “You are going to have to sweep the stage to make up for this.”

“I’ll do anything you want, Donna.”

She didn’t notice the sincerity in his voice.

“What is that?” She pointed at the object that still covered the windshield and held the ailing wipers at bay.

“It looks like a tarp or something. Maybe it blew off someone’s woodpile.” Fred got out of the Pathfinder and started to pull the cloth thing off the windshield. “It’s a big bag.”

“A bag? A trash bag?”

“I doubt it. It’s a really nice bag.”

“Well get the really nice bag off there.”

As soon as he grabbed the red velvet bag, warmth oozed over his whole body. He felt like he had just drank the best mug of hot chocolate ever made. He could smell peppermint on the wind, and he thought he heard bells in the distance, but realized it was the squeak of the windshield wipers.

He got back into the Pathfinder. Donna turned off the heater as soon as he settled in with the bag. It took up the entire space of the passenger seat. Fred looked like the Blob was attacking him.

“Do you smell chestnuts?” She asked.

“No. I smell peppermint.”

“What’s in it?” She asked.

“I don’t know. It’s packed with stuff, but it’s light.”

He opened the bag, and the interior of the Pathfinder was filled with soft light that poured from the bag.

“What is it?” She asked. “A flashlight or something?”

“I don’t know. I can’t see what’s in there.” Fred reached inside, his arm disappearing as deep as if he was trying to touch the floorboard. “It’d be sweet if there was a pair of gloves in here. I could - ” His face stiffened in confusion as he rooted around in the big red velvet sack.

“What?” Donna asked, having forgotten that they were still parked in the middle of a state highway. Fred pulled out a pair of new black polar fleece gloves.

“Check it out!” He put them on. They were a perfect fit.

“It’s a bag of gloves and a great big light?”

“I don’t know. Let me see if there are more in here. Maybe it was a bag of clothes for a homeless shelter or something. It could’ve fallen off a truck.” He reached into the bag again, his arm disappearing up to the shoulder. He came back with a scroll.

“Is that a scroll? What’s a scroll doing in there?”

Fred unrolled the top and started reading. He made some weird sounds as he attempted to comprehend what he was reading. A smile worked its way onto his face, and he started giggling like a little boy.

“Do you know what this is?” He said.

“I’ve been asking you that question for the last five minutes.”

“It’s Santa’s magic bag!” He thrust the open scroll into her face. The top read “Indiana,” and below it was “Adams.” Below “Adams” was the name “Aaron, Leslie” followed by an address and the words “Soccer ball, new shoes, CD player.” Hundreds of names followed, all in alphabetical order by surname until “Advance” started a new list, followed by “Akron,” “Albany,” “Albion,” and on and on and on. Thousands and thousands of children and toys were listed in tiny yet legible print and the scroll never seemed to end.

Donna looked back and forth between the list and Fred’s giddy face three times before she took a breath and then pulled the Pathfinder to the side of the road.

“There has to be an explanation for this,” she said.

“It must have fallen out of his sleigh,” Fred suggested.

“Fred, I learned the secret behind Santa Claus twenty years ago. I caught my dad eating the cookies. I’m sorry to break it to you.” “How else do you explain it? The list! The gloves! I wanted gloves for Christmas, and there they were!”

“Fred, it’s probably a prop for a department store Santa.”

“Wait, wait. My dad’s watch! I was going to buy a watch for my dad for Christmas.” He reached into the bag again, and pulled out a brand new Casio with an illuminating face. “It’s his magic bag, Donna! This is the coolest thing ever! Pick something!”

She frowned at him. It was a brave face. Her heart was racing.

“Pick something.” He held the bag open to her. The soft light beckoned her.

“My mom wanted this sweater we saw at a shop in Columbus, but I couldn’t afford it. I never got back down there.”

She reached inside. She gasped and jerked her hand back.

“What happened?”

Her arm shot back into the bag and yanked out the nice brown, white, and black alpaca sweater. She rubbed the wool in her hands. Her jaw bounced as she tried to form words.

“Oh my God,” she said.

“Let’s take it to the theatre,” Fred said. “We can do all our shopping right there!”

They were back at the theatre within a few minutes, and by then Fred had almost filled the back seat with gifts for every member of his family, most of his friends, and three co-workers. He was still reaching for things as Donna unlocked the door and turned the lights on in the green room.

They had packages, toys, boxes of chocolate, clothes, CD’s, gift certificates, and an assortment of kitchen appliances spread across the floor within the hour.

“Are you going to pick anything for yourself?” Fred asked as he pulled out a Barbie doll for one of his nieces.

“I thought about it.” She smiled at him as she divided the kitchen appliances into piles.

“Like what?”

“I’m not telling you. What are you picking for yourself?” He thought for a few moments, and a decadent smile came to his face. He stood up and reached into the bag with both hands. Donna jumped back in surprise as two foxy blond women with large breasts in matching blue and white cheerleader outfits and their hair in pigtails stepped from the bag like they were coming up through a trap door in the floor. They cast sultry glances at Donna; one licked her lips at her, and then began kissing at Fred’s neck and face. They groped at his crotch and scratched at his chest. His shirt was off his body in the space of three breaths.

“How?” Donna was at a loss for words.

“It was the first thing I thought of,” Fred said, kissing each woman in turn.

“They look like twins.”

“They are! Incestuous, bisexual, big-breasted cheerleader twins who love anal!”

Again, Donna stood mute.

“Come on, ladies!” He took them by the hands and led them through the door that would take them down the hall to the stage. “I wanna do it on stage!”

Donna stood alone in the green room; still not sure of what she had just seen. The bag, it seemed, could grant any wish. She wondered if her Christmas wish was in there as well. She walked over; circling the bag like it was a bomb. She opened the bag and reached inside.

The Sybian machine was there, just like she knew it would be. The padded saddle with all the vibrating attachments, just like she had seen at her best friend’s bachelorette party, was heavier than she thought it would be. She tore the box open and unwrapped all the different attachments. She didn’t know what to try first. She figured the simple vibrating cock would be best. She knew Fred would be gone for a while. She plugged it into the wall, and stripped.

Fred had found a big comfy chair in the prop room and dragged it to the center of the stage, where the set for the opening scene in their theatre’s production of “The Nutcracker Suite” waited for the next day’s audience. He sat in it like a happy, lascivious king - naked, and with two beautiful women at his beck and call.

The cheerleaders, whom he named Amy and Jenny, had stripped to their skirts, ankle high socks, and gym shoes. Their mouths slurped and sucked away at his cock, which was stretched to its limit. The two women took turns passing him back and forth between their mouths. They were insatiable, just as he desired. Amy would lick and suck at his balls while Jenny nibbled and sucked on his cockhead.

“Jenny, why don’t you eat your sister’s ass for a little while?” Jenny moved like a snake down her sister’s body, licking a long line down her spine before pushing Amy’s blue and white skirt up onto the small of her back. Her pink tongue went to work on Amy’s hole, making the other young lady moan with delight as she sucked on Fred’s balls like they were Tootsie Pops. He rubbed his cock over Amy’s face, then grabbed her by the pigtails and rubbed her face over him instead.

“Make sure to fuck yourself, Jenny. I don’t want you feeling left out.” Jenny obeyed. She massaged her clit between her fingers while she plunged her tongue into Amy’s asshole. Jenny shuddered and bit into her sister’s cheek.

Donna had worked herself into a similar frenzy with her hands and fingers before lowering herself onto the seven-inch cock she had snapped onto the Sybian machine. She let out a shudder, as the toy was still cold. She picked up the remote control and turned the machine onto the first setting. She blurted out a sharp cry as the vibrations shot through her like lightning. She clutched at her breasts through her shirt, and then leaned forward onto a chair she had brought over for that specific purpose. She flipped a switch, and the cock started a slow clockwise rotation inside her. It was just enough to brush the walls of her cunt and make sure no part of her wet box was being ignored. She rested her head on her forearm as she trembled. She started bouncing on the saddle, which slapped against her thighs and buttocks with much the same sound as a man entering her. She turned the dial up another notch, now noticing the little nub that was teasing her asshole. She sat upright so she could grind into the saddle and let her first orgasm rip through her like a bull coming out of the pen. She tore her shirt from her body and tossed it to the floor. Her mouth was dry from the rapid breaths shooting from her lungs. She saw deep red behind her eyelids and grabbed the front of the saddle like it would throw her off at any second. Her cries bounced off the walls of the green room, and she collapsed forward onto the chair.

“Is your sister’s ass all nice and wet?” Fred asked. Jenny nodded, not taking her tongue from the cleft in Amy’s cheeks. “Get it up here then, Amy. Let’s make sure it’s good and fucked.”

He pulled Amy to her feet. He turned her around so she could straddle him. He rubbed his cockhead over Amy’s hole and she slowly eased herself onto him. The squeeze of her muscles almost made him push her off, for fear of losing his load too soon. She slid down him inch by inch until their thighs met. He took a deep breath, reached around to pinch at her nipples, and she started a wicked grind on him.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” He yelled. “Jenny, give your sister’s pussy some attention.” Jenny crawled between their legs and licked at Amy’s clit. She slid two fingers into her sister’s cunt. Amy and Fred both cried out as the increased pressure surprised them both.

“Jesus!” He lifted Amy off him. She reached down and grabbed him, trying to guide him back inside, but he pushed her forward. “I’m gonna lose it if you girls keep that up. I need a break. Why don’t you two sixty-nine for a little while? Jenny, you’re on top. I want your ass nice and wet next.”

Donna had pulled herself off the Sybian, which was so sticky one might think she had spilled a jar of honey on it. She was still trembling as she eyed the clit stimulator attachment. She thought it might knock her out, and Fred and his cheerleader twins would come back and find her sleeping against the wall, with a cum-soaked machine between her legs.

The new attachment was on and buzzing soon after the thought had passed. The simple object was shaped not unlike a cupped hand, with two protruding nobs for her clit and her cunt. It shook under her like an angry alarm clock being ignored by an insomniac. She rested her forearms and head on the chair as her trembling hand reached for the remote control. She felt like an astronaut in a G-force simulator, wondering if she should bail out now. She turned the dial up another notch.

Fred was pounding away inside Jenny’s ass while her sister lie underneath her, eating away at Jenny’s clit and Fred’s balls. He imagined the theatre was full of naked people, all of them fucking and cheering him on as sweat rolled down his back and these two magical women served his every need. Jenny’s glistening face came up from her twin sister’s crotch and she looked back at him. He grabbed her by the pigtails and pulled her harder onto his prick. He was nearing the end. He slid off her and almost didn’t make the short trip to Amy’s mouth before unloading all of his cum there.

“Don’t swallow!” He said between gasps. “Don’t swallow.” Amy’s cheeks bulged with his semen until he pulled his purple dick from her face. He took Jenny and Amy by the pigtails and brought their faces together.

“Give your sister a big kiss,” he said. Amy did as she was told. Their mouths opened, and Amy’s tongue spooned cum into her sister’s mouth, over her chin, and across her lips. Their tongues swirled around each other, making a gooey wet mess. Fred held them by the hair, sometimes slipping his aching cock between them.

“Oh, I hope Donna picks something just as nice,” he said.

Donna’s whole world was vibrating. Her sight was blurry. Her body was a shaking, heaving beast that was on the verge of snapping its leash. She couldn’t stop cumming. She could barely make out the green room through her cracked eyelids.

Through the pussy-pleasing haze, however, she could make out one thing in the room. It sat atop a box of Legos. It was the list. It sat there, rolled up and ignored, amidst all these things they had picked for their friends and family. It sat there unused, and, she was sure, missed by its owner.

She fumbled for the remote control and turned the machine off. She trembled for another ten minutes before her legs woke up and she was able to stand. She almost fell back into the wall, and stumbled to the green room’s drinking fountain where she splashed water on her face. “Hey, are you okay?” Fred asked, his clothes now back on. He stood near the doorway, an arm over each of the cheerleaders.

“Yeah, I’m…I’m fine.”

“Is that what you picked for yourself?” He pointed at the Sybian machine. Donna blushed. “It looks pretty cool. Maybe the girls would like a ride on it. Why don’t we – ”

“Fred, we need to get this bag back to you-know-who. The list, the bag, they’re not ours. He needs it. We’ve got more than our fair share of stuff.”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I was thinking about that too on the way down the hall. How are we going to get it back?”

“We find the nearest address on the list, and hope he’s there.” Fred looked at the green room clock. It was well past midnight now.

“We’d better move. We can leave the stuff here and pack it up later. Come on, girls.”

Amy and Jenny were happy to help Donna get dressed, and Donna was too weak to feel weird about it, despite the flirting touches, kisses on the shoulders, and little pinches here and there. Fred was unrolling the list as they headed for the Pathfinder.

“Here!” He pointed at a name. “This place is only four blocks from here. I think it’s the place with the light-up nativity.”

Donna, Fred, Amy, and Jenny took off from the theatre with a squeal of the tires on the wet pavement. They were soon at 1120 Bethany Lane, standing in the front yard and hoping no one would notice them.

“Are you two cold?” Donna asked the twins. They shook their heads.

“They’re plenty hot, trust me.” Fred winked. He held the bag over one shoulder and looked up into the sky. Donna double-checked the address before stuffing the list back in the bag.

“Maybe we should pull a ladder out of the bag and get up to the roof. He likes chimneys, right? He goes down chimneys all the time.”

“And get spotted by the neighbors and have the police called? I don’t think so. We’ll just have to - ” She stopped as they heard the jingle of bells, and the scents of peppermint and chestnuts washed over them.

“Well, well, well. I was wondering where that got to!”

They turned around, and there he was. The red suit, the big belly, the white beard, the sleigh parked in front of the house, the nine reindeer in front of it, and the twinkle in his eye. Kris Kringle. He was right there on the sidewalk.

He walked forward, all smiles. He didn’t seem inconvenienced or angry in the slightest. He gave Donna a hug, and she laughed like she had not laughed since she was a small child. He shook Fred’s hand as Fred handed him the bag. Fred also burst into joyous laughter, and wiped a tear from his eye.

“It…It fell on my car,” Donna said.

“We…We used it.” Fred dropped his head in shame. “We got stuff for our family and friends out of it.”

“Wonderful!” Santa said. “Just wonderful! That will save me a little time, you know.” He looked up Amy and Jenny, who still clung to Fred’s coat. “I see you’ve been both naughty and nice, Fred.”

“Well, uh…”

“We both were!” Donna stepped forward. “I…I picked something too.”

“It’s okay. You may keep them for all of Christmas Day, but after that I want you two to enjoy this.” He pulled an envelope out of the bag and handed it to Fred. Donna came close to watch him open it. He pulled out two movie theatre passes.

“Movie tickets?” She asked.

“How did you - ” Fred looked up, but Jolly Old Saint Nick was gone. The sleigh, the reindeer, the peppermint and chestnut smell were gone with him. They could hear faint jingle bells on the wind, but there was no other sign of him.

“Why did he give us movie tickets?” She asked.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you out to a movie and dinner for the last month, but we were so busy getting the Nutcracker ready that I never got around to it, and I thought for a while that you and Kevin were getting back together. So I waited, and the next thing I know the whole month’s gone by and - ”

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