tagMatureThe Ballad of Rob and Alexxxis

The Ballad of Rob and Alexxxis


It's not common to see a story told as a series of limericks, and while this is "poetry," this is not, I think, what people expect to find in the poetry section at Lit, so I didn't put it there. I could also have classified this as humor, but while it has funny parts, it's not entirely meant to be side splitting. It should make you smile, and maybe perhaps sort of laugh out loud once (or twice), but it's not quite all the way in the humor category.

This is pure older man, younger girl desire, in rhyme.

The story was prompted by a talented, desirable young author here at Lit who goes by the name Alexxxis. Go read her stuff. It's good. She has a youthful, brash, fiery lust that makes a man my age wish… well, read the story. Alexxxis entreated people she knew to write some short verses about her and an older man. Needless to say, I got carried away, creating this…

The Ballad of Rob and Alexis

Rob sat at the bar with his beer,
Contemplating his fifty plus years,
While Alexis and friends,
With cute faces and ends,
Made him smile, just having them near

They noticed him there, with his suds,
As they tried fending off four young studs
Rob smiled, content,
At the boys' clear intent,
To enjoy the young ladies' fine buds

Alexis drew Rob's worst intentions
With imaginings too dark to mention
He shamefully fought
Both this urge, and the thought
Of defying all age-wise conventions

Rob felt like a wizened old sage
Lusting after a pretty young page
This girl he desired
He might well have sired
Since the lass was at best half his age

Each sat at the bar with a drink
His amber, hers fruity and pink
His age was past fifty
Her tits were, ummm, "thrifty"
But their match wasn't what you would think

A flat chest, the older man knew,
Was no measure what this girl could do,
Her smile and eyes,
Her long, lovely thighs,
Were enough to spin any man's screw

He felt like a lad who'd been smitten
By a vampire slut, he'd been bitten
He must make a pass
At her sweet, heart shaped ass
And then make this girl purr like a kitten

His commanding, strong presence insisted,
With a chaste, coy facade she resisted
But he knew she'd give in
For a night of brash sin
As long as he firmly persisted

She rose from the bar with a smile
Enticed by his calm, mature style
She sashayed away
Such a sexual way
That his cock grew what seemed like a mile

He'd kept his eyes locked on her rear
She'd seduced him with no hint of fear
He'd go where she lead
She glanced back and said
"See something you like, Rob, my dear?"

The girls, with the boys, and the man
Left the bar, with no reason or plan
To go home alone
Or to stiffen a bone
And if so, whom to choose, if they can.

The girls said "The choice does perplex us,"
Not so for the girl named Alexis,
She was tired of bars,
So she eyed all their cars,
Then said, "Fuck, I think I like the Lexus,"

In its fine leather seats she now sat,
With an inward grin, just like that cat
His confident air,
Warm, soft smile, graying hair
Helped her know she liked where she was at

A short while later came kissing
When the young girl found out she'd been missing
The touch of a man
Who was older, but can
relegate younger men to dismissing

His embrace was as strong as a trucker
She thought, "This grayed maestro can pucker!"
His tongue and his lips,
Tore her soul with great rips
She was sure he'd be one awesome fucker

Now her tits, they could use some inflation,
Not a meal, barely even a ration,
Hot lips touched her nipples,
She trembled and rippled,
See, he knew the real treat was sensation

As Rob moved much lower than there,
To arrive at that spot you-know-where,
Between her fine thighs,
Rob choked on his sighs,
When he found her dear kitty was bare.

In Rob's vigorous past girls behaved
Ways that kept men's cocks hard, and enslaved
All ladies, and sluts,
With fine tits, twats and butts,
Yet for all of their charms, none was shaved!

Her legs, he poised ready between,
Where this tasty young morsel was clean,
It gave Rob such joy,
That the minx had played coy,
With no hair, and a glistening sheen

The patience he showed with his tongue,
On pink flesh, so tender and young,
Did draw from the girl,
With each flick and twirl,
The notes of a song fondly sung

While for Rob, to his pleasant surprise,
As he gazed into sweet, young, blue eyes,
The A-A-R-P,
Though a member was he,
Would not hinder her moans and her cries

Yes, up top our Alexis was meager,
Yet the older man still seemed so eager,
When he did what men do
Then Alexis knew, too
That this gentleman's no minor leaguer

The angel before him was yearning,
To be filled with his decades of learning,
His heart filled with sin,
He plunged his cock in,
Where the fires of heaven were burning

Her breasts were magnificent nothings,
In need of attention and loving,
To Rob they felt best,
Hard nips poking his chest,
While her pussy, his hard cock was stuffing

He tried, as he fucked this young cutie,
To make her come first, it's his duty!
But her cunt was so tight,
Such a wet, hot delight,
As he came, he roared "Age before beauty!"

That his cock then stayed hard was amazing,
But her tender, young cunt felt just blazing
He hammered her still
With an elder man's will
'Til her cries at his efforts were praising

While the young girl was writhing, and screaming,
As her pussy was throbbing, and creaming,
This gentleman's skills,
Gave her such wicked thrills,
That young Lexi was sure she was dreaming

His marvelous strokes would not rest,
This insanely fine fuck was the best,
To her shock and surprise,
Her wordless, loud cries,
Turned to words, yelping "Yes, Daddy, Yes!"

"Oooh Daddy, you fuck me so good,"
She purred, like no little girl should,
She loved his firm feel,
She continued to squeal,
As he pleasured her all that he could,

Now those words, this kind man, should have troubled,
Yet throughout her base screams they stayed coupled
His cock never ceased,
He grew more like a beast,
With each "Daddy" his thrusts were redoubled!

Our Alexis was so deeply laid,
Enchanted, spreadeagled, she stayed.
One habit was old
To do as she was told,
So when "Daddy" barked "Come!" she obeyed.

The orgasms burst like a storm
Wracking her lithe, nimble form
With their bodies entwined
Her twisted, fogged mind
Hoped that this was her new lover's norm

While Alexis tried hard to recover,
from the seasoned, skilled strokes of her lover,
She knew her bar game
Never could be the same
It was older men now, and no other!

Rob lay there, exhausted, but grinning
His head, and his heart, both were spinning
He'd followed his cock
But his heart had been rocked
By a girl whose life was just beginning

After both of their bells had been rung,
So tightly to him this girl clung,
They talked in the dark,
In Rob grew a spark,
He felt fatherly, wanted and young

He longed for her touch and her laughter,
He knew once again he must have her,
Her body, her eyes,
Her long slender thighs,
He'd pay any price… only after…

Some nights with new lovers go badly
While others can end rather sadly
But this went so well
That Alexis could tell
For the rest of her life she'd love "Daddy"

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