The Bar


Your juicy pussy is all I can think about during our July meeting. You have made it a point to bring several items for your boss to the meeting at differing times. Each time you run your hand along your ass or snatch just before leaving the room. No one would notice who was not looking for it and boy, was I looking for it. The third time you interrupted, I realized that something had to be done, though no one else could feel the intrusion.

Excusing myself just before you were to leave the room, I waited for you at the end of the hallway. You emerged from the room and I watched you move your smoking hot body through the walkway towards me (don't think I didn't notice). I allow you to pass before grabbing you roughly by the arm and back of the hair and pushing you down the hallway. You fight against me weakly, but surmised quickly that this was pointless.

I pushed you through the door to the men's locker room and straight into the sauna area, which was cool due to inactivity. I threw you against the wall and pressed up against you. My mouth moved over your neck and mouth, while my hands roughly tore at your body. I grabbed your tits with one hand and shoved my free hand into your dress covered pussy. Frantically both hands moved up your dress and to your panties, which shredded easily under my force. Soon I had my fingers buried in your ass and silk, pummeling you so hard you could not tell which fingers were penetrating you from which directions. Grabbing you by the back of neck, I forced you to bend over one of the sauna platforms, which exposed your perfect little asshole. With one fluid movement my cock is exposed and lubing up with your juices, I bury myself in your wanting ass. I ram hard inside you slapping my balls against your pussy. You reach your hands to your cunt and fuck yourself in rhythm with my penetration. Finally, you feel me swell inside of you, but before I cum, I draw my dick from your punished butt, spin you around and slam my brimming cock into your waiting mouth. It is after a few hard strokes that my cum splashes down your throat. I hold the back of your head so you don't spill a drop. Finished, I push you away from me and leave the lockers to return to the meeting, with the unsuspecting staff.

After the meeting, we adjourn to our rooms and I assume you are home. To my surprise, you have snuck out and I hear your knock on my door. I answer the door fully dressed holding the keys to my rental car. I pull you towards me, saying not a word, I kiss you deeply and then pull you with me as I head to the elevators to exit the building.

We soon find ourselves driving down a darkened back road somewhere you do not recognize. In the distance are the only lights we have seen for nearly an hour. Approaching we see that it is a bar and it strikes me as a good a place as any for us to stop.

Walking in we discover that the crowd is a hardcore biker gang, both men and woman. I look to you and you nod without our having to speak words. We approach the pool table and challenge a couple of the bigger mugs to a small wager for a game. The game is uneventful, as I tear them up. Angry at having to pay, the bigger of the two approaches and gets in my face. However, he can tell by my demeanor that there is no backing down. Instead, he issues a different challenge. Pointing to three very hot biker girls sitting at the counter he offers them in exchange for you if we can win another game. Mistakenly confident you agree to the terms. I tank the game.

You are now left standing alone at the table with this hard hot sweaty biker pressing up against you. You look to me for help, but realize that you agreed to this bet. Figuring a blowjob is the fastest way to get it over with, you drop to your knees and unzip him. You are surprised to pull 10 inches of pipe from his pants. Fascinated you take him quickly into your mouth and suck him hard. A crowd gathers to watch your expertise. Your belief you could get away with just that was mistaken as he pulls you to your feet and tears your clothing from your body with the help of several other of the bikers. I try to help you, but they are on me in a second.

Naked and on your back on the pool table your legs are roughly grabbed and spread open. His prick forces its way inside your hot wet cunt. He shoves all ten deep inside you and then out again, building up steam. One of the girls from the bar has moved to the table and standing on it dances over you. As her hips sway you can see her sweet lips peaking out from her tight leather shorts. You reach your hand up for them and everyone realizes that you are a goer.

They pull her shorts off her quickly and force her down on your face. Your first snatch and it tastes and smell as good as you hoped. Your tongue slides between her lips and as deep inside her as you can go. Then you move to her clit where you bite and suck her to a massive orgasm, which sets you to cumming and the biker inside you to do the same.

You are not allowed to rest for a second as another biker, naked, slides onto the table and pulls you on top of him sliding you down on his pole. His cock is nearly the same as the last, so you feel yourself ripped apart as he pulls you onto him. Shortly, you feel hands probing your ass and then you are aware of the tip of a dick pressing against it. With a fluid movement, you are filled in both your pussy and your ass and both of them are pounding hard. A third moves in front of your face and you take his cock into your mouth. Looking to your left you can see two of the girls from the bar in 69, their sweet boxes pressed to each other's mouth. Cocks are pounding you in every direction and you can feel still other hands grabbing at you and forcing you one way or another. Once again, a cascade of cum fills you entirely.

After they all pull out a beautiful blonde rushes to lap at your well-used hole. Her beautiful tongue hits you perfectly sending shockwaves through your whole body. Another small blonde, her sister, moves in front of your face allowing you access to her beautiful walls. Your tongue dances and slides inside of her sending her quickly to another earth shattering orgasm. The other blonde is feverishly licking at your loose ass and sliding her tongue inside and you quickly explode for her.

You are brought to your feet and to the center of the room. There you are pushed to your knees. A group of half naked men surrounds you each stroking their cocks. Your mouth instinctively goes to the first rod and engulfs it, while your hands reach for two other hot dicks. Pulling and sucking you rotate around the group hoping to bring each to orgasm. Before long, you are successful and each one shoots a hot load either down your throat or onto your face.

The remaining bikers take there turns with you and I even blast you a time or two to join in the fun.

Eventually, all of them are spent. You have taken all of their cocks and sucked all of the pussies, so you lay in the middle of the pool table still able to feel the penetrations you have enjoyed that night. Wanting one last orgasm you grab two of the pool sticks on the table. Sliding them in your front and back, you fuck yourself hard to the brink of a climax. Suddenly you feel a jerk on the sticks. Looking up you see that I am holding them both so you can release and just indulge. Raising your hips, you give me easy access and I pound you with both cues. With a loud scream you have one final exploding orgasm and pass out on the table.

When you awake at four in the morning you are in my room with no recollection of how you got there. At first, you wonder if it was a dream, but a slight movement sends ripples through your spent body. I roll over to face you, "that was the hottest thing I have every seen. I am hooked." My lips find yours and I kiss you passionately, my tongue exploring your mouth. My hands softly explore your tender body wetting you thoroughly. Sliding on top and into you, my dick fills your walls and moves slowly inside of you. My eyes are fixed on yours as we move together getting our bodies into a perfect motion. As our climax finds us, I press my lips to yours and we are totally connected as the waves of cum pass between us.

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