tagBDSMThe Barbeque

The Barbeque


Georgia looked around her backyard. It was full of dozens of people: young couples, elderly neighbors but most especially children. Her own two were holding court by the pool. She sighed with relief to see the genuine smile that lit their faces. It had been a rough few months since she and their father had separated. Divorce was not easy for anyone especially young children. She brought the plastic cup of cheap wine to her lips. They would make it through somehow.

She sighed, content that all was going better than expected with their end of summer barbeque. Given all that had happened these past few months, she had almost canceled the damned thing. Now she was glad that she had not. Looking at her kids, she realized just how much this tradition meant to them. Of course, the biggest challenge was yet to be tackled: she had the barbeque itself to master and close to one hundred pounds of hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and ribs to cook. By herself. It had always been his job. But he was too busy with his new girlfriend to worry about their annual summer barbeque or how much he was letting their children down.

She forced a smile and waved to neighbor after neighbor as she passed by. If they were going to talk about her, let it be about how brave she was, how good she looked, what a strong woman she was to go on like this when that man did her wrong. As much as she loved living in the South sometimes its charms could be a real pain in the ass when you had appearances to be kept up.

She finally made her way through the large open plan family room to the kitchen, but even that was packed. She fumed as she bit the inside of her check when she noticed that the refrigerator door was wide open and someone was helping himself to whatever had caught his fancy. She was reminded of a saying that her very British ex-husband used...taking the piss. This guy was most definitely doing just that.

She cleared her throat loudly, "Excuse me. Did you need help finding something?"

Her mouth fell open when the man stood up and turned around to face her. Speak of the devil! And James Cargill definitely had become that over the past few months since he had abandoned his family for his young colleague at the office. How dare he show up here? Now.

But with dozens of nosey neighbors looking on, this was not the place to air their dirty laundry. Instead she kept that smile plastered firmly in place as she leaned forward to embrace her former husband. "What the hell are you doing here?" she whispered in his ear as she brushed a kiss on his cheek.

He smiled and returned the kiss on her cheek, "The children invited me. They thought you might need some help with the barbie." He stood up and they stared at one another.

Georgia felt her fake smile falter for half of a second, but she would deal with her children later. Now she had new obstacles to overcome: like surviving the next couple of hours without killing her husband or starting the tongues of their neighbors wagging. "Where is the Barbie doll then?" she enquired too politely.

"Jessica..." He stammered uncomfortably and Georgia could not help but gloat a bit at the way he reddened and shifted from foot to foot. He stared at his sandal clad feet for a long moment before he looked up and met her gaze, "We are no longer together. We have not been for weeks. I just did not have the courage to tell you." He shrugged his broad shoulders in that boyish way that was as close to an apology as she usually got, "I thought maybe the kids had told you."

She shook her head and screwed up her face for a long moment. Pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place then. Like the way he had been calling every day to check on the children. The extra time he had requested to take them to the amusement parks a couple of weekends back. Well, if he thought he could just waltz back into their lives this easily, he was sorely mistaken. It would take a hell of a lot more than cooking some meat to get back into her heart...or her knickers as he called them.

She reached into the fridge and drew out the heavy pan that contained close to thirty pounds of seasoned chicken meat. He stepped between her and the pan, "Here, let me," he smiled like that ridiculous snake around the apple. She wanted to slap him. She wanted to run away and cry. Even though she had sworn months ago that she had shed her last tear over the selfish, arrogant prick that was her husband.

But all their neighbors were gathered around them and she would be damned if she gave them anything more to gossip about. The middle aged woman that lost her husband to the younger, prettier woman had been bad enough. But she had held her head high. Smiled through every saccharine sweet enquiry, 'how are you, my dear,' 'you are so brave,' 'how could a man leave a woman like you.' She would not crack now. A couple of hours. She could do this. She had done so much worse in the past months...although in that moment she could not remember what.

That smile was firmly back in place as she stepped aside, "It won't work, James," she whispered.

He smiled that boyish grin that was exactly like the one their son used when he knew he was in big trouble. "I have no idea what you are talking about. Our children asked for my help so of course I am here for them. And for you too of course."

She wanted to knee him in the groin for looking so innocent. But the neighbors and the amount of money that she had spent on that chicken were not worth the satisfaction she would receive from watching him writhe on the floor in a ball surrounded by a hundred barbeque chicken drumsticks. But she could not help smiling as she pictured that in her head. She squared her shoulders and replied, "Nothing has changed so find what you need in the kitchen and get your job done. I have guests to see too. And gossip to stop." She threw him a final glare as she walked away with her head held high.

She smiled and nodded as she passed neighbor after neighbor. Their stares made even more sense now. The words of her daughter's latest favorite song ran through her head then, "I don't care what they're going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway."

Except it was not cold that she had to worry about. It was the heated gazes of dozens of curious neighbors, piranha all of them. It was the heat too that the man could still set ablaze between her thighs and in her heart. It was even the blasted late summer sun than refused to set at a decent time, that blazed on well past when it should have set, heating the night air until not even a gentle Southern breeze relieved the discomfort of her white cotton sun dress that clung uncomfortably close to her 'glowing' body.

"Damn, damn, and double damn," she cursed as she walked straight to the bar. She knew that she was fanning the fires of those flaming tongues but she did not give a flying fuck. She needed something to get her through the next couple of hours. And cheap ass white wine that you had to sip was not going to get that job done.

Her girlfriend Jill was tending bar, "What's your poison, sweetie?"

"Whatever you have that is strong," Georgia replied as she watched him appear through the patio doors carrying the tray of chicken and several metal utensils. She wondered for a moment if she could get away with an insanity plea were she to walk over there and stab him through the heart with the huge fork.

"Oh darlin', you know we all make mistakes. But the fact that he came to help out today has to mean something," her friend smiled as she handed her a red slushy looking concoction in a large bowl shaped glass topped with an umbrella and everything.

She took a long swig from the straw. All she could taste was sugary sweet punch. She was about to complain to her friend that she had asked for strong when the back of her throat caught fire. She smiled at the woman, "Thanks, sugar, just what I needed. The drink anyway. But your advice sucks."

Jill blushed and shrugged her shoulders, "We can't all be amateur shrinks like you sweetie. But if you don't want all these people talking I would go a bit slower on that zombie."

Georgia took another long sip of the drink, "Zombie? As in walking dead? How appropriate. Just how I want to feel...numb, nothing."

"There is another option you know," her friend smiled slyly.

She did not know what her friend had in mind but the devious look on her face had caught her curiosity that much was for certain. "Go on."

"You could play along. Seduce him. Then kick him out tomorrow morning."

The drinks must have been getting to her because for the life of her, Georgia could not see the purpose in that. "Why would I want to do that?"

"You be the one to hurt him. To walk away. Have the final word. In front of all your friends," she smiled.

The image of a naked James pounding on the front door, begging and pleading for her to let him in danced through Georgia's slightly inebriated mind. She giggled. Her friend's idea had possibilities that was for certain. She lifted her glass and winked, "I'll think about that one, sweetie," she replied as she went off to care for her guests.

The next few hours passed in a haze of Southern charm and bright red slushies. Once the skies darkened and the air began to finally cool, their guests started to disperse to their own homes. It was after eleven by the time that the final ones slipped smiling through the side gate. Only she, James, Jill and her husband Jack remained.

The children were exhausted. But she was in no position to carry them to bed. She could not even manage to carry herself up the stairs to her lonely king size bed. Let alone two drowsy children. Perhaps it would be best if they simply slept on the couch where they had fallen asleep playing video games with Jill's son. As for her? She was perfectly content to sleep in the chaise lounge by the pool under the stars. Well, she might beg Jill for a blanket before she left, but that would do her.

As if reading her mind, her friend appeared carrying a fleece blanket that she usually kept on the back of the couch. "Here; I thought you could use this." She tucked it around her.

Georgia burst into tears. "It was awful. I made a fool of myself. I'm going to have to sell the house and move away now," she slurred each word into the next until they made no more sense than the disjointed thoughts themselves.

Jill sat on the chair next to her and smiled at her like you would at a small child, "Everything will be all right, sweetie. I have put the food away and cleaned most of the kitchen. James and Jack are carrying the children up to their beds. Then we will get you up to yours."

"No, I acted like a crazy woman. The way I threw myself at James," she cried.

Jill chuckled, "In case you did not notice, the man was more than happy to catch every curve ball you threw, sweetheart."

"What am I going to do? Everyone will be talking tomorrow morning. Hell, they probably are already."

The object of her distress appeared through the patio doors alongside Jill's husband, who was carrying a sleeping little boy over his shoulder. "Kids are in bed, Jill. We should head home too. Get J.J. to his bed. And us to ours, sexy woman," he winked.

Her friend smiled down at her, "Thank you for everything. I know you said I give crappy advice so how about I share some that a wise friend of mine told me? Seduce your husband, sweetie."

Georgia wanted to burst into tears again as she watched her friend stand up and walk over to join her husband. She wrapped her arm about his waist and plastered her generous curves all over him as she whispered something in his ear. The man just nodded and forgot to even wave good-bye as they disappeared out the side gate. She sat there watching them go and trying to figure out what to say or do next.

As always, honesty won out with Georgia. "I am sorry, James. I made complete fools out of both of us tonight."

Her husband shook his handsome salt-and-pepper grey head as he plopped down on the chair next to her. The man could give George Clooney a run for his money making it look good. "No, Georgia. I did that months ago." He lifted her hand and brought it to his lips. They softly caressed the back of her knuckles before he turned it over and licked softly at the center of her palm. "I would say sorry, but sometimes those words are not enough. You know what they say about 'no fool like an old fool.' That's me."

She nodded her head, "What happened? If you don't mind me asking, that is."

"Considering I ruined our lives you have every right to know," he stared at the pavement next to the pool for a long moment. "She was always wanting to go here, do that, buy this, purchase that. I finally woke up one day and realized I was not twenty-something anymore. I don't want to eat out in the best restaurants every night. I don't want to drink and club all weekend long. And I don't need a trophy wife on my arm to make me a man."

He looked deep into her eyes then. Even through the drunken haze of half a dozen zombies, Georgia could see the sincerity of his words. "I want to have annual barbeques with my family. I want to grill chicken as my wife greets our friends and the kids splash in the pool. I want to mow the fucking lawn on Saturday and go to that blasted church service on Sunday morning. I want to come home to a dinner that you cooked yourself."

Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes and a lump rose in Georgia's throat as he continued, "I want to make love to my wife. Hell, I want to be able to fart and roll over in bed next to her afterwards, knowing that she loves me anyway. I want to argue over whose turn it is to do the school run or how much the fucking credit card bill is. And trust me, we won't be having that argument for a long while, sweetie. Your spending is nothing compared to Jimmy somebody's shoes. I know I have no right to ask, but I want our old life back, sweetheart. I know I fucked up but if you take me back I promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, Georgia. Can I come home please?"

Georgia knew she had every right to hate this man. To deny his request. To be bitter and resentful. But she knew too that she had two very good reasons to forgive him. And their children aside, she admitted that his words had resonated with her. That was what she wanted too.

Oh, she was still hurt. Deeply hurt. His affair, leaving their family like he had, had destroyed her confidence. She had lost ten pounds, dyed her hair, bought new clothes that she could not afford. And still she had not regained it all. His apology filled a few of the holes in her battered heart, but not all of them.

She shook her head, "I don't know, James. How can I trust you again? How do I know that you won't do this all over again in a few months when another pretty woman catches your eye?"

He nodded and looked down at his hands folded neatly on his lap, "You can't. I know that. Like I said, I know I have no right to even ask after what I did. I don't deserve another chance. I don't deserve you, Georgia." He shrugged those broad shoulders that she had missed resting her head on for all these long months, "But I had to ask. Had to give it my best shot."

Georgia broke out in giggles then. It grew as she laughed and laughed and laughed until her sides hurt and she could barely breathe. James stared at her with an expression that was half hurt little boy and half self-righteous prate. "I know I don't deserve my family back, but do I deserve your ridicule, Georgia?"

She giggled again as she held her side, trying with all her might to get herself back under control. She shook her head, "Oh James, I was your wife for fifteen years. I shared your bed since uni. Do you really think I believe that bull shit about that being your best shot?"

He stared at her for a long moment. Then before she knew what was happening her world tilted and shifted. She wrapped her arms about his neck as he lifted her off the lounge. "What are you doing, James? Put me down this instant," she demanded as he kicked the patio door closed behind them.

His mouth was on hers before she could get another word out. His kiss swallowed her every word and drowned out all protest. The next thing she knew they were falling. Soft clouds reached up to cushion their landing as his firm muscles covered her soft curves. His hands found her wrists pinning her beneath him as he continued to kiss her. His tongue warred with hers until she was a whimpering mass of needy nerve-endings just waiting for the spark that would set her off.

His hand released her right wrist, but she was too far gone to do anything more than wrap her arm about those broad shoulders and draw him closer. His hand found its way to her calf and began pushing the soft cotton layers of her sun dress higher and higher up her thighs. His hand turned, wedged itself between her thighs and pried them open. Then his fingers were between her wet folds.

His lips left hers for the first time as he licked his way across her cheek to her ear, "I've been wondering all fucking night if Daddy's good girl remembered not to wear her knickers," he whispered against her ear as he bit down hard into the lobe. She cried out and arched against him. Her body was truly alight then. Every nerve ending was primed and crying out for the mastery they had been missing for so long.

Suddenly his fingers were inside of her pushing her higher, over the edge until she was free flying into heaven itself. She rode cloud after fluffy summer cloud higher and higher as the orgasm that she could never quite give herself rolled on and on for several minutes. But he was not done with her. She started to whimper unintelligibly as he withdrew his fingers. She clutched at his powerful forearm, trying to force them back inside of her needy cunt.

He had other ideas. Better ideas as his large frame covered her soft body, pressed down into her and sent her soaring to the stars this time. She had read thousands of trashy romances, but never had the words 'coming home' truly held any meaning. But that was what it felt like as his body claimed hers, like she was coming home. Like she was complete for the first time in a very long time. She arched higher to meet his downward thrust, draw him deeper into her body and soul. So deep that this time he would never want to leave.

Her hands clutched madly at his shoulders, holding him desperately in place. Her short nails sank deeper and deeper into his flesh as her body answered his call. It could have been seconds, the whole fucking night or eternity. Orgasms like tsunami waves consumed her wiping away all common sense until all she could do was feel. Feel him inside of her.

She felt him tremble. Heard the primal roar of an Alpha wolf as it claimed its prize. He plunged deeper inside of her than he ever had before and held perfectly still as his body poured forth its offering to hers. She felt the warm tears scalding her cheeks. Her throat tightened until she feared she would never breathe again. What had she done?

She hit his shoulder hard with her fist. "Don't you dare fart, roll over and go to sleep now."

His deep belly laughter broke the tension inside of her and drove his still hard cock deeper inside of her. She gasped as the aftershocks turned into a minor earthquake all their own. She was once more discombobulated and dazed as she came down from another orgasm.

He gloated arrogantly over her. But she was having none of it from now on. "Wipe that grin off your silly face. So you can make me come? So can my rabbit and it don't act like a fool on me. If, and I do mean if, I allow you to come back, James, it will be on my terms. Is that understood?"

He was back to that sheepish little boy in an instant. It was almost her undoing. Arrogant she could handle; wounded and insecure were a bit harder on her conscious. But she knew that she had to set the ground rules now. She used all her strength, physical and emotional, to shove him off of her. She rolled onto her side so that she faced him, loomed over him.

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