The Barmaid


I feigned ignorance. 'Not since this afternoon,' I replied. Could he not hear the tremor in my voice? Did my face not scream my guilt? She's hiding behind the door ... naked! She poses nude for me every other Tuesday while I ogle her tits and bush and wank off ...

'Fuckin' hell ...' Joy gasped, collapsing onto my bed next to me when the door slammed downstairs. She giggled. 'He almost caught us,' she muttered, shaking her head and turning huge eyes towards me. A light shone there, Joy looked like she actually enjoyed the close call. A laugh bubbled from her chest. 'You covered up so fuckin' quick,' she spluttered. 'Jumped like a scalded cat.' She rolled on the bed, laughter, uncontrolled now, coming in huge sobs. 'Your face ...' she managed before erupting again.

I thought the scare would put her off, my hard-on had certainly wilted, but it appeared that, if anything, Joy was more excited than ever. When she'd calmed, and the laughter had abated to the occasional hiccup, Joy rolled off the bed.

'Make it hard,' she ordered, suddenly serious. I wriggled out of my jeans and, at Joy's order, lay on the bed. My cock rapidly recovered from the scare. 'Let me,' Joy said. She sat next to me, her body so close I could just reach out a hand and touch her. She leaned across me, her breasts swinging. Joy crossed her legs, sitting on the edge of the mattress, her torso hovering over my lap.

'Joy ...' I gurgled when her fingers closed around my girth. 'I ...'

'Shush,' the girl crooned. 'I know,' she said ambiguously. What did she know? How good it felt to have her holding me? How desperate I was to touch her? How close I was to spunking over her wrist and forearm at that slight pressure from her fingers?

She tugged at me for a time, perhaps a minute, maybe two. I watched her face as she coaxed the jizm from me. She stared at her handiwork, concentrating avidly, her eyes slipping to mine occasionally. Joy smiled at me during one of those momentary interludes. 'Just let it go,' she whispered.

'Joy,' I croaked again, my buttocks lifting from the bed.

The stuff showered down in an indiscriminate rain, spattering onto my skin and hers. I groaned and gulped as the pressure squeezed along my cock, great gobs of spunk arcing from me.

I heard Joy squeal with delight. 'You come buckets,' she cried, her fingers still tight around my cock. 'I can't believe how much of this stuff you make.

Finally I lay gasping, spunk spattered across my chest and belly. Joy looked at me, stared right into my face and then smirked. Her eyes narrowed and her face twisted into a strange expression. She lifted her hand and I saw my ejaculate sliding over her wrist.

Then, to my surprise, the girl leaned forward and kissed my mouth. She broke away after the briefest of kisses, nothing more than a compression of her lips on mine. With that weird look on her face still, she slowly brought her arm up to her mouth. I gasped when she licked a strand of glistening jizm clinging to her wrist.

'See you in two weeks,' she said, winking.

And so it went on. My dad would leave, we'd wait the twenty minutes -- God I was so stiff with anticipation during the interlude. Then Joy would come to my door and we'd play the game however she wanted to. I'd wank, she'd watch; sometimes she'd do it to me, but I wasn't allowed to touch.

'Why?' I asked once. 'What are we doing this for?'

She thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged. 'I think I told you,' Joy said. 'I get a thrill out of it. Plus,' she added, 'you're a virgin. It's like I'm teaching you something.'

'But I want to touch you,' I wheedled. 'I want to touch you and kiss you and ...'

'I know what you want to do. But I think that if we do it, if we go that far, it'll spoil things.'

'What about my dad?' I don't know why I asked that, it just came out of me.

Joy shrugged again. 'What about him? It'll end soon. I'm not with him for ever.' She rolled onto her front, side by side with me on my bed, which, being single, meant that her skin was pressed close to mine. I looked at the twin mounds of her buttocks, saw myself kisses those cheeks. Joy hoisted herself onto her elbows, breasts squashed against the bed cover. 'I'm saving up,' she informed me. 'When I've got enough money I'll head for London. I want to open a bar there one day.'

It was a simple dream, and one she'd fulfil.

'Can I come too?' I asked.

'No,' Joy said quickly. 'Not a chance of it.' She reached an arm across my middle, touched my cock with her forefinger. 'Too many complications,' she explained wisely. My penis stirred at her touch. 'Anyway ...' Joy's finger traced lightly along the length of me. '... Just shut up and give me my show. Let me see how excited you can get before you blow the stuff.' Pushing off the bed and resting on her knees she kissed me. Something had changed; there was a subtle shift in the girl's attitude. I don't know what triggered it, and I didn't much care. Joy had kissed me. And then she uttered those words: 'You can touch me this time.'

And how I touched her. I knelt, facing her, one hand on my cock, the other going straight for her breasts.

'Gently,' Joy murmured. 'Touch me gently.'

I let go of my cock and ran my palms lightly over the taut globes of Joy's tits. They felt wonderful, nothing like how I'd imagined. I found her breasts taut and firm, not jelly-soft as I'd thought. Joy sighed when I moved a tentative hand down her body, moving over her soft tummy, getting closer to the thatch of hair between her legs. Her eyes opened and she stared at me when my fingers passed her belly button.

'Can I?' I whispered.

Without speaking Joy reached for my wrist. She pushed my hand firmly down. I gasped when I felt her bush under my fingers.

'Lick me there,' she murmured, her breasts squashing against my chest as she kissed my mouth. After that sweet first kiss with tongues she lay back on my bed and opened her legs to me. I could see, through the dark pubic hair, a hint of scarlet. 'Just here,' the woman indicated with a fingertip. She held herself open, pointing to where she wanted my tongue.

The first taste of her was slick and oily. It wasn't what I expected, didn't rally taste of anything, but the texture of her, the viscous slide of her arousal thrilled me. I lapped and prodded and tongued, even used my fingers, all at her murmured instruction. After some time a great sob and a cry burst from the woman and, at first, I thought I'd injured her in some way -- jagged her with a fingernail or something -- but then, after a long, slow sigh, Joy grunted and mumbled that she'd come.

I'd brought her off. Me! With my tongue. The first time I'd ever done it to a woman and she'd climaxed.

'Lie down on your back,' Joy ordered, shoving at my shoulder. 'It's time for you,' she muttered. To my slack-jawed delight the woman lifted one leg over my supine form. She held my member upright, squatting over me.

The picture of her hovering over me is still vivid after all these years. Her long hair brushing her shoulders; her face scrunched, serious with concentration. Joy's breasts hung, swaying in their fashion, a peculiar defiance of gravity. I can still picture her thighs, taut with effort; her narrow waist and voluptuous swell of her stomach; her pubic bush, matted with desire; dangling labia pouting thick and heavy and brushing the tip of my cock with a featherlike caress.

I fell in love with her then, in the moment before.

This is it, I thought. Fuck ... she's going to ... And then I groaned as the molten heat of her engulfed my upright stalk.

'Let me fuck,' Joy moaned, her buttocks slapping onto my thighs. 'Just lie there and let me do it to you. When you feel ready just let it all go inside me. I'm on the pill, so it's safe. Just let me do it to you for your first time.'

I tried to take it all in. The sensation of her insides clenching around me; I wanted to watch her face, see her expression change while her own pleasure heightened. Her breasts shivered and shook, then swung wildly as Joy's passion flared brighter and she slammed against me time after time after time. I held her hips, thrusting upwards to meet her. I squeezed and mauled her breasts, sucking the long teats when Joy leaned down and offered them to me for that purpose.

Our movements grew frantic. The slap-slap of flesh upon flesh quickening, my hands on her buttocks now, jamming my cock up into her harder and deeper.

I couldn't maintain that metronomic drive. Not as horny as I was. Inevitably the cry came from me and I convulsed. Joy, knowing I was coming, leaned down to me and kissed me for as long as my cock spurted its load into her.

'I love you,' I sighed when it was over.

Joy slumped forward, her body full length atop mine. 'Don't talk daft,' she murmured. She held me inside her for a long time. My erection didn't know it should be slackening and wanted to go again. Finally she rolled off me and my cock slid out of her body on a rush of semen.

We made love on four subsequent occasions after that. Each time I professed my affections she dismissed it out of hand.

In late September it ended. Joy's position as Dad's girlfriend was usurped by a new barmaid -- a fifty-year-old slattern with loose morals and looser legs. Not long after that, leaving me bereft, Joy left.

Dad went through several more barmaids and I learned the business. In time I too opened a pub, and then moved on to own several more. In 1995, at a brewers' exhibition in Earl's Court, I bumped into Joy. We became lovers again, this time going into partnership in a restaurant in an upcoming part of London.

She still enjoys the show I put on for her every now and again.

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by roverone02/07/18

Loved it! The tension, your description of her body...

...reminds my of my shaving back then-definitely imprinted on that-!

5, and fave

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