The Basting Thread Weekend


Walking to the sliding glass doors, in the back of the room, he flipped open the latch and slid one door open. Michael struggled with the door as the old tracks stuck, forcing a little more effort. Stepping outside, he could see the wooden steps and walkway that crossed the barrier dune between the inn and the beach. He noticed a large woman in a one-piece bathing suit walking up the steps; two small children following close behind.

Making his way back inside he again walked to the bathroom and flipped on the light switch next to the doorway. As the florescent bulbs flickered on, his eyes were drawn to a note, wedged between the faucet tap and handles on the vanity. Opening the folded paper, Michael could tell it was Taylor's handwriting.


You had so much fun last night. I knew you would be tired, so I decided to let you sleep a while. When you get up, meet me on the beach.

Love Taylor

"So much fun?" Michael wondered aloud. "What the hell did we do?" He cursed his obviously alcohol induced amnesia. It was just his luck. They had obviously had a wild and unforgettable night, and he couldn't remember any of it. He braced his hands on the vanity top and leaned into the mirror. He looked like shit and his head throbbed. "Damn ... We really did have a wonderful time."

After brushing his teeth, a shave, and a quick shower, Michael pulled on a pair of shorts and donned his favorite tropical shirt. Slipping into a pair of flip-flops, he grabbed a beach towel and one of the flimsy, folding beach chairs they had brought with them. Sticking the room key in his shirt pocket, he locked the front door and pulled it shut behind him.

As Michael strolled around to the back of the inn he found it difficult to walk as he trudged through the fine white sand. His flip-flops clapped on his heels with each step, and he constantly had to stop and slip back into the footwear as one or the other fell off his feet. Finally, he gave up and pulled the items off, opting to carry them.

Reaching the wooden walkway, he found his trek a little easier. Walking up the stairs he could feel the sand rub between his toes and the soles of his feet. As he drew closer to the top, Michael could hear the roar of the surf as wave after wave crashed onto the beach. He could smell the salt air, and looking to the sky, he could only see one tiny cloud in the distance. He took a deep breath. Despite the lingering effects of the previous night, he was determined to find his wife and have a nice, relaxing day.

Crossing the walkway and making his way down the stairs on the other side, Michael looked out at the white sand. It was nearly 10:30 and already the beach was crowded with young and old alike. Looking left and then right, he scanned the shore for Taylor. Looking at the blue metal and nylon beach chair under his arm, he looked out trying to find its mate. He also assumed Taylor had brought her beach umbrella, which he hated. It was a large blue and pink umbrella with a mosaic of seahorses displayed on its top. He thought the item looked childish, but he tolerated it because Taylor liked it.

Looking to his left he noticed hundreds of people as they laid and played on the sandy coast. He watched as two small children tossed potato chips into the air and were bombarded by seagulls. He also noticed two beautiful girls as they walked down the beach, their bikinis barely covering their firm young asses. He shook his head as he watched them jiggle and bounce by the water's edge.

Turning to his right he soon scanned Taylor's chair and umbrella, only a little ways down the beach. Michael zigzagged his way around the various chairs and towels that lay on the rippled sand. His attention was again drawn to another beautiful woman as she lay on a beach towel. She was on her stomach, the back of her top untied and hanging off the side of her body. He almost tripped over a small cooler as concentration was interrupted from his path.

Finding his way to Taylor's spot, Michael pulled open his chair and set it beside hers. He then flung open the beach towel and draped it over the seat. Pulling out of his shirt, he slowly set back in the chair and raised his hand to his brow. Shielding the sun from his eyes, he scanned the waterline, looking for Taylor. He could see several heads in water as the swimmers bobbed and played in the waves. He watched as a couple of boys jumped onto small surfboards and rode the waves to the shore.

"Hey!" a familiar voice yelled in the distance. Michael sat up and looked in all directions. "Michael!" the voice screamed again. Looking out to the water, he could see Taylor sitting on the back of a wave runner. She had her arms wrapped around a muscular, young man with short-cropped hair. He hopped up from the chair and walked to the water's edge. "Hi baby!" she hollered as she waved.

Michael waved and grinned. "What you doing?" he yelled back.

"This is Billy!" she answered. "He's taking me for a ride on this Jet Ski thingy! That okay?"

"Sure baby," he said while giving a thumbs up. "Be careful and have fun!" He watched as Taylor giggled and whispered in Billy's ear. She then patted him on the shoulder and suddenly the vessel roared forward.

Michael smiled and began to turn back towards his chair, but something caught his attention. Quickly turning back towards Taylor, he strained his eyes as the pair skimmed out across the water. "Oh my God," he said aloud. "She's wearing the yellow bikini."

"Hey! ... Hey!" Michael screamed, waving his arms wildly. He watched as the small craft bounced across the waves into the open sea, shooting a rooster tail of water out behind it. "Oh shit," he mumbled to himself. "I'm a dead man." As he staggered back to his chair, his mouth hung open. He looked as if he were in a daze as he turned back to the water. The wave runner was now only a small white dot on the horizon. He imagined the headlines in tomorrow's paper. "Man found dead in motel room ... penis ripped from body." Suddenly his hangover felt a little worse.

_,.-:*'' OUT TO SEA ''*:-.,_

Taylor held her arms tight around Billy's waist as the wave runner loped along the waves. She could feel his firm muscular frame as she pressed against his body. He was a cute young man whom she believed was maybe ten years her junior. "How old are you?" she asked above the roar of the engine.

"I'm twenty-two," Billy said as he turned his head to the side.

"Damn," she whispered to herself as she smiled. He was fourteen years her junior and she felt a slight bit of guilt as her fingers interlocked at his abdomen. She could feel his rippled washboard stomach beneath her hands, and felt her face become flushed and red.

Taylor had met him only an hour before. Billy had noticed her sitting in her chair, and after quite a bit of flirting and small talk, he had managed to convince her to go out into the sea with him. At first she had tried to reject his invitation, but she found his confidence and determination charming and she soon consented.

"How old are you?" Billy yelled back. "Twenty-five?"

"You're not supposed to ask a lady how old she is!" she responded loudly. "But yes ... twenty-five works!" Taylor smiled and rested her head on his bare back. Looking back she could see the beach in the distance. The people appeared only as specks across the white strip of land and she struggled to gain her bearings as to where her motel stood. She wondered what Michael was doing at that moment.

She could feel the wind as it whipped through her hair and the ocean spray as the vessel popped through the shallow swells. Suddenly, Taylor could feel Billy's body tense. Looking forward, she could see a large powerboat plowing through the water about a hundred feet in front of them, the vessel's wake throwing the waves up high behind it. "Hold on," he yelled as he pulled at the throttle. Taylor felt the wave runner change direction and head straight for the menacing waves. As they drew closer, she gripped taut around him, closed her eyes, and gritted her teeth.

She squealed as she felt the small boat loft airborne, Billy letting out a "Whoo hoo!" in midair. As gravity quickly won the wave runner's challenge, she felt the craft's bow arch downward and plunge directly into the water. She attempted to hold on to Billy, but as the water rushed past them, she felt her grip ripped loose and her body pulled off of the back of the vessel.

Stunned for only a second, Taylor kicked her legs and quickly made for the surface. Her eyes stinging from the salt water, she could hear the muffled sounds of the wave runner's engine as it mixed with the swish of bubbles that rose upwards in the water. Emerging from the depths, she tossed her head back, letting her hair whip back out of her face. She wiped the water from her eyes as she took a deep breath. She could see Billy only a few feet in front of her, the wave runner about thirty feet beyond him.

"You okay?" Billy asked with a smile.

"I'm great," Taylor answered with a grin. "You're a daredevil aren't you?"

"You see a wake like that, you just gotta take it," he said with a crooked smile. "I'll get the runner and be back to get you."

Taylor nodded and watched as Billy swam his way over to the watercraft. It was then that she noticed something was wrong. At first she thought it was a piece of seaweed washing up against her, but as she reached down she soon realized it was the top strap of her bikini. "Oh my God," she exclaimed as she pulled the string out of the water. She looked down to see how she was going to temporarily fix her aquatic wardrobe malfunction, when she noticed something that made her heart race.

The top had come loose in the back as well and now floated around her left arm. Grabbing at dangling remnants of the bikini top, Taylor pulled it out of the water. She kicked her legs back and forth as she tried to keep her head above the surface. Holding the top up, she discovered that one of the cups was missing. "Oh shit!" she said under her breath. Turning her head in all directions she looked for the missing piece of the top. As she did, she saw another string pop free from the other cup of the swimsuit. "What the hell?" she yelled.

"You okay?" Billy yelled back at Taylor. She could see he was bobbing beside the wave runner, holding on to its side.

"Oh ... I'm fine!" she yelled back, giving a fake smile. "Just a little swimsuit adjustment!"

Billy laughed. "In that case I'll be right over!"

"Give me just a second," Taylor responded as she scanned the ocean's surface. Still clutching the remains of the top in one hand, she reached down into the water with the other and grabbed wildly. "Maybe it's floating somewhere around here," she thought to herself. Her heart pounded in her chest as she slowly came to the realization that the garment piece was gone. Turning back to Billy she took a deep breath. "Um ... I think I have a problem!" she yelled.

"What's wrong?" Billy quickly answered.

Taylor paused for a second as she continued to look at the water. "I've lost part of my bikini top!"

"Really?" Billy yelled back laughingly. "Hell ... that's a good thing!"

"It's not funny!" Taylor replied, giving half a laugh. Still clutching the tangled yellow fabric, she slowly began to swim towards the watercraft. "What am I going to do?" she asked as she huffed through her strokes. Just then she felt another odd sensation.

As Taylor pulled herself vertical in the water she quickly reached down. She had felt the bottom snap loose and drift behind her. Reaching to her hips she felt what she already knew. The bottom was gone. "What the fuck!" she mumbled as she again grabbed wildly beneath the water. "How can both sides come loose at the same time?" She swam back a couple of feet to where she had felt the item pop loose. There, she again grabbed randomly under the sea. Grasping only handfuls of water, she turned back to Billy. "Um ... I have another problem! My bottoms are gone too!"

Billy gave a sly smile as he looked at Taylor bobbing in the water. "Oh ... it just fell off?"

"It did!" Taylor said laughingly. "It really did! Something's wrong with it! What the hell am I going to do?"

Billy scratched the top of his head and grinned as he looked around. He was only wearing a pair of swim shorts and had nothing to offer her for cover. "I have no idea!" he replied with a chuckle. "Swim on over and we'll figure something out!"

Taylor hesitated for a moment. Turning her head in all directions she could see no other boats nearby. The beach was still far in the distance and she could see no other options. Maybe a shark would swim by and put her out of her misery. Giving a sigh, she resumed her swim towards the wave runner.

Reaching the side of the vessel, Taylor grabbed hold of its side and let her body float underneath the craft. "Look!" she said as she handed Billy the top.

Billy took a strap in each hand and held the top out in front of him. As he did, the other cup popped loose and fell into the water. "It's dry rotted or something," he said in a puzzled tone.

Taylor looked at the yellow cup as it sank into the water. She didn't even make an attempt to retrieve it. "What's the point?" she thought to herself. She was now floating in the ocean, completely naked, and with a strange man. If it weren't so funny, she would be crying.

As Billy straddled the wave runner he looked down at Taylor. Her hair was shiny and wet, and it waved gently behind her as it whisked around in the water. Her arms folded in front of her, she held tight to the vessel's side, letting the craft shield her nude form from his eyes. "Well," he spoke up. "We can't do anything here. You're gonna have to get aboard."

Taylor looked up at Billy as he held hold of the craft's handlebars. His black hair was cropped short and stuck up across the top of his head. She could see beads of water as they dripped down his muscular pectorals. He was tan and she noticed that when he smiled, dimples formed on his cheeks. Giving a sigh, she reached her arm up for his. "Help me up."

Billy gripped the handlebars with one hand as he pulled Taylor from the water with the other. He tried to be polite and not look at her, but he couldn't help but gain a glimpse. Her body was firm and well defined and he could see that the ocean breeze was already causing her brown nipples to pucker and harden. He watched as she threw one leg over the back of the wave runner and scooted her body close to his. He could feel her naked wet flesh as it pressed against his back. He gulped as she again wrapped her arms around him. "Well," she said in a timid voice. "I'm naked. Where do we go now?"

"Okay," Billy said as he turned back to the front of the craft. "We'll head back towards the beach and figure out how to get you a towel or something." As he restarted the engine he turned. "Hold on this time," he said with a laugh.

_,.-:*'' STORMING THE BEACH ''*:-.,_

As they drew closer to the beach, Billy brought the wave runner to a stop, about a hundred yards from the shore. They could see thousands of people lining the white sand in both directions. In the water, hundreds more splashed and surfed amongst the waves close to the water's edge. Taylor kept her arms around him, keeping her elbows positioned in an attempt to hide her bare breasts from the sides. They were facing the beach, too far for anyone to see that she wasn't wearing her suit, but she still felt vulnerable.

Suddenly, Taylor flinched as she heard a horn blaring from behind her. Startled, she looked back and could see a large boat trudging through the water with several people on board. They were yelling and cheering as they peered at her, her backside exposed for all to see. "Shit!" she cried out as she buried her face in Billy's back.

"Sorry," Billy said as he throttled the wave runner slowly forward. He rubbed his chin as he looked at the shore. "I'm gonna take you in a little closer," he said as he turned back to Taylor. "You hop off the back, swim in a little ways, and just stay in the water. I'll take the wave runner in and run to get you a towel."

"Okay," Taylor replied timidly as she shook her head. Again she held tight to his waist as she felt the vessel lurch forward.

As they reached near fifty yards from the shore, she heard Billy yell "Now!" She then hopped from the back of the runner and plunged into the water. Popping her head above the surface, she wiped her face, spit seawater from her mouth, and watched as Billy took off towards the shore. She looked down the beach, trying to find her motel, and after gaining her bearings, she realized she was a couple of hundred yards to the right of where Michael was seated. Kicking her legs and bringing her arms out, she swam towards the shoreline until she reached a point where her toes touched the bottom of the surf. There, she waited, bobbing up and down with the waves, hoping Billy would arrive soon.

Reaching the three to four-foot surf, Billy slowed the watercraft as he dodged a few swimmers in the water. Timing the breaking waves, he then darted between the surf, beaching the wave runner on the white sandy shore. Hopping from the vessel, he scanned the sands and soon found the area where he had lain his shirt, shoes, and beach towel. He hadn't bothered to spread the towel out, opting instead to wrap the cloth in a ball and set it on top of his shoes. Quickly running to the item, he grabbed it and tucked it under his arm. He then did his best football moves as he sidestepped beachcombers and jumped over sunbathers lying in the sand.

Making his way back to the waterline, Billy looked out to the sea. He could see Taylor as she bounced along the waves, her head silhouetted amongst the sparkling water and the morning sun. Never slowing his stride, he entered the water and dove into the breaking waves. He then rolled onto his back, and pushed himself through the surf, making his way out to where the naked damsel awaited rescue.

Taylor kept her arms crossed across her chest and her back to the shore. She had found that as larger waves rolled in, her upper body was exposed as the surf pushed her up and out of the water. Turning her head, she could see Billy as he pushed through the surf. "Thank God," she said as she watched the youth swim towards her. She began to try to walk towards him in the water, pushing herself backward with the waves.

Meeting Billy only twenty yards from the shore, Taylor felt sense of relief as he wrapped the towel around her. It swirled around her in the surf, and she struggled as she tried to pull the item into position.

"I made it," Billy laughed, his breathing labored from his swim. "I came as quick as I could."

"Thank you so much sweetie," Taylor replied with a smile. "I think I owe you big." As she continued to fumble with the towel, she looked into his brown eyes and gave him a grin. She thought that he had the look of a puppy that had just brought the morning newspaper. "You come over to our room tonight and we'll take you out for a drink."

"That sounds like fun," Billy answered as he reached up and brushed a strand of hair out of Taylor's face. "What motel?"

"Oh," Taylor giggled. "It's the Sunshine Inn, room 105. Be there, let's say, at eight?"

Billy grinned. "I'll be there."

Taylor couldn't stop smiling as she slowly began walking through the water towards the shore. She wondered what Michael would say when she told him about the incident, and that they were going to have company that night. This was supposed to be their weekend, but Billy had saved her from an embarrassing situation; she had to be polite and offer him some sort of gratitude. "Plus, he is so cute," she thought to herself. Again she felt a bit flushed as a tinge of guilt crept across her mind.

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