tagInterracial LoveThe Beach Ch. 02

The Beach Ch. 02


Detective Foster Starts the Investigation with Family

As she entered the waiting area, the 3 beautiful daughter's of the victim came running towards her crying, "are you going to catch the animal who hurt our mommy, are you, are you officer?"

"Of course she is girls, settle down now, c'mon settle down." Jack Morris the father came walking up putting his arms around the girls.

"Girl's why don't you go and give these clothes to your mom and let me talk to your dad."the officer said.

The room was large with a table in the corner so they went and sat down, Mr. Morris bought the officer a coke and she settled in to take his statement.

"So how long have you been married?"

"15 years but we have been together since the 8th grade."

"Was anybody bothering Mrs. Morris that you saw?"

"I dropped them all off at the circle and went to park the car, when I got down to the bike path, a black man was talking to my wife and when I got there he said some crass stuff and ask me for money, a few bucks to get something to eat."

"Was your wife upset or was she distressed at all?"

"No, well, I don't know really, I mean she was blushing, so he must have said some things to embarrass her."

"Can you describe him?"

"Well shorter than Shannon, maybe 5'8 or 5'9, overweight, and he had those rolls in his hair that the black people wear, what are they called?"

"You mean corn rolled hair, he had corn rolls?"

"Yes, corn rolls thats it, long corn rolls that are popular with the negroid race, and his teeth were crooked, he had some gold teeth, he was wearing shorts, dirty white shorts and old tennis shoes, with a blue tank top that was dirty, he was a dirty nigger bum, sorry, it just makes me so mad if he did this to Shannon."

Even after all these years, Detective Foster still got pissed when high uppity white people classify, "those" black people and what they do, how black people, like they are less or something, pissed her off.

"That's okay, so you said he said some crass things to you, like what kind of things?"

"Oh typical gross things, like how hot Shannon is, how I should not be at the beach but have her in bed, between those long soft white legs, like how fine she looked, and some of his black jive language I didn't understand, he kept calling her sweetmeat, sweetmeat this, sweetmeat that, its hard to understand black people sometimes, you know?"

"Did he touch her or attempt to?"

"No, oh no, not that I saw. I gave him some money, a few bucks, but he kept looking at my wife, he just kept telling her how hot she is and that she is sweetmeat, and he was staring at her breasts, she dropped her bag and her top came loose, she blushed when she caught him looking down her top, you know, that kind of stuff."

"Must be tough being married to such a gorgeous woman, I mean catching guys looking at her all the time?"

"At first it was very hard you know, and even though Shannon is beautiful she is very shy, almost naive about how many people look at her, I mean it was so unusual for her to wear a bikini in public, she is very reserved, normally, she dresses very conservative. She teaches Sunday School, works on the PTA at all 3 girl's schools, so she blushed when she saw him looking at her breasts."

"Its a very small bikini for such a shy women to wear you know, a little pink bikini and as big as her breasts are I mean she was very exposed even wearing the small beach shirt and short pink skirt."

"Yes I was surprised she wore it, normally she just wears that suit at our pool. We were fighting and she does dress like that sometimes."

"Oh so you were fighting about what, may I ask?"

"You know husband and wife things, she was upset with me and well you know, I, well, you know, it's embarrassing, I finished to early if you catch my drift."

"I see, that's okay, I understand, so your wife sometimes dress's sexy when she wants to punish you, or get your attention, she does sometimes, I bet that's hard on you, I mean the way men and even some women look at your wife because she is a gorgeous well built woman."

"Yes, I've heard people talk about her sometimes at the market, at the high school football games, the malls, but I don't let it bother me and I take it as a complement now."

The Detective had heard enough. A man that takes sex talk about his wife as a complement puts a whole new light on the case. "When a woman is sexually abused like this, its my experience, that it affects the whole family. I suggest we get some counseling for you and your girls and even your parents and Shannon's parents, this can really tear a family apart."

"Detective, how bad is she, I mean I saw her on the floor of the beach bathroom, she was naked, but the girls were there crying, getting a towel to cover her and the police were there so quickly, I mean what happened exactly?"

"Your wife was sexually abused in her vagina and her rectum. The suspect also sucked on her breasts leaving large bruising. Also her legs and her stomach had hickeys and bite marks from him licking and sucking on her body, and he slapped her around pretty good. Because of the deepness of the vaginal abuse I think it was a black man. A very large black man. He entered her womb thru her cervix in her vagina so he was very big in the groin area."

"Oh My God!!!! I mean Shannon has not had much sex experience, Oh God, Oh My God, I'm the only man she has, well you know, been with."

"Yes, so that's why I think counseling will be helpful because your wife felt things during the attack that she has never felt before and might be feeling guilty if her body betrayed her religious beliefs and let go to the new sensations caused by the attacker."

"Oh God, Oh My God, I mean she is so strong in her religious beliefs I'm sure she was able to fight them off, those feelings from the devil. Oh God I'm sure she did."

"Well her sexual center, her most sensitive spot, her g-spot was pushed deep into her vagina, into her stomach, and the friction of the intrusion by the large penis inside her would give her sensations she never felt before and possibly make her lose control of herself, her body, that's why I suggest counseling as quickly as possible. She also was entered in her butt hole and being the first time and the size of the attacker's penis, we found allot of fluid in her bowels, so she was experiencing new sensations and she might feel guilty at her actions and the new feelings that were exposed, maybe feelings she never knew she had."

"Oh My God!!! He entered her rectum, he did that? I never knew people even had sex like that, Oh God, My poor wife, this is so horrible."

"She probably felt a fullness inside her body that might have caused her to have dirty feelings she never experienced before. And she was slapped during the anal attack and she might have used language or heard language she never heard or used before. It's a reason I feel therapy will be a good thing for your family, she might have new feelings after the attack."

"We are ushers at our church and Shannon is a teacher so I will call our pastor and let him know what happened, is that okay?"

"Great and I have a list of people with experience also. Excuse me, my cell phone, I have to take this call."

"Are we done here? I'll go and get my wife and take the family home."

The detective shook her head yes as she listened to the caller who found the victims bikini bottoms, cell phone, and purse. "Leave them at my office."she replied.

The next morning the detective found the items from the assault on her desk. She looked at the bikini bottoms in the air tight evidence bag and noticed a spot of damp creamy juice much like she saw in the cups given to the lab. She made notes and put the bag in the evidence locker, she suspected the victim was wet in her vagina before the attack. After years of detective work she was getting a different view of the victim than the shy soccer mom her husband portrayed. Getting a cup of coffee she turned on the victim's cell phone.

1)no messages

2)no video

3)audio is full

The detective hit the play button.

"That's it bitch, suck that black dick you whore, I's knew you nothing but a dirty slut when's I first saw ya, you's flirtin wit me befo your stupid husband showed up, damn baby you is born to suck black dick. MMMMMmmm, yeah, yeah, slut, fuckin straight, that's it, baby you got big fat white titties, damn, let me feel dem big tits, look at dem nipples sticking out n shit.

"Oh God, your dick is so fucking big, I never acted like this before with a man, God I feel so dirty." The detective recognized the voice of the victim Shannon Morris, sunday school teacher, shy wife.

"Suck your butt juice off my dick baby, lick me clean of your ass juice, that's it slut, yeah, yeah, lick my balls. You a dirty bitch you know? Your husband enjoying the beach wit your family and you be all slutty n shit in a beach bathroom fucking a nigga and now licking my black dick after it been in your dirty asshole, you a dirty girl, a stinky girl. I knew you shakin dat ass at me as you walked away huh baby?"

"Oh God please don't say that, I know I shouldn't have, I, I never felt like that before with a man, Oh God I should stop, I need to stop, the way you looked at me, I mean, well I."

The detective heard, "Slap, Another Slap.

"You stupid whore, You been flirtin wit me all day, get back up here and do what's you born to do, suck black dick, mmmmmmm, yeah baby that's it, that's it, suck my nigga dick you white tramp. You going to be needin more of this nigga dick, shave dat hairy, sweet, white pussy befoe you come back looking for mo of dis shit, you got dat?"

"Oh God I can't meet you, I feel so horrible, I mean my husband, I cheated on him, on my family and friends, I'm so dirty, what are you doing, Oh MY GOD!!!"

"Fuck you whore, drink my piss, yeah, yeah that's what I'm saying, drink it slut, look at you creamin on you self. You's like getting pissed on by a nigger huh baby, Yeah, yeah, drink it, move dem hands let me piss on dem big white titties, yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about. Damn baby you just creamed on yourself getting pissed on, you a dirty girl, I know you'll be back for more, whore."

"Oh God, how could I, Oh God, I, I, never felt so dirty, I never felt like this, AAAAAAaaaaHhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming, YES!!!!!!!!, Oh Fuck Me."

"Hey slut, if your husband was here, who's dick would you suck me or his?"

"Oh God, please don't ask me, I love my husband, please, my children, don't ask me."

SLAP, another SLAP, SLAP.

"You, of course you, yes your dick I would suck, yes, I love your big black dick, how it makes me feel, Oh God, I never had a man make me feel like this, Oh God, I'm cummmming again, OHHhhh AAAAAaaaahhhhhhh, yes."

"Yeah baby, Yeah, you a nasty girl, I bet them church people be all upset n shit if dey knew you been fucking a nigga in a beach bathroom, huh, slut acting all dirty and shit. Letting a nigga get that sweet tight white pussy and that virgin ass, and you creamin all over?

"Oh God my friends would die, I never felt so degraded, my god I never acted like this, I'm so ashamed, but I love it."

"Lick my dick clean, get all the piss off me, and your ass juice, mmmmm, yeah baby you's like licking my dick huh, baby?

"It taste so good, it's so big, God I'm so dirty, I'm going to cummmmmmmmm again, Oh God!!!!!"

"Damn baby, you all wet with piss in your hair n shit and you still cumming. Fuck, I'm hard again you slut, open your mouth, YEAH!! stick out your tongue, Oh Fuck Yes, taste that baby juice, Yeah, that's it, swallow my nigga baby goo you ho, Yeah!!! Fuck me you's a dirty fucking ho. You is my whore now bitch, so don't go gettin all whitey on me and cry rape. Make up some story for your asshole husband and friends, you hear? I's know you going to be wantin more of what I got, you got the black fever now. Remember shave dat sweet pussy fo me, hear bitch? Damn baby, I's ain't kissin no ho who just swallowed some nigga's goo and licked her ass juice off a nigga's dick baby, get you sorry ass away, damn baby."

The detective turned the cell phone off, hearing the sobbing from the victim, the investigation had taken a whole new turn. She took a sip of coffee to think about how she would approach Mrs. Shannon Morris with this evidence. Maybe she would sit on the car and see if the shy wife went out alone. Yes the investigation had taken a new turn. The detective decided to wait a few days before going to the white couple home and what she would do.

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