tagErotic HorrorThe Becoming

The Becoming


Slipping in from behind her, pulling her backwards, an aged but delicate hand slips up, quickly, a shadow under the blouse and to the breast. She gasps sharply, as she feels a rasping breath hot on the base of her neck, and an explosion of steel pain, incisors blissfully sinking deep into soft flesh, and sucking, drinking of her deep.

Consciousness slips into blackness even as the warmth spreads to her center. She struggles, but her body leans back into the embrace, her hips thrusting backwards on impulse.

Fading, she nevertheless feels herself hurled to a bed. Whispers reach her ears from the darkness as many hands slip towards her, male and female, touching her, the glint of teeth bared in the darkness, closing in on her.

Her essence lies in threaded pools of crimson at her neck as the creatures slither naked towards her, their movements enshrouded in a mystical cloak of shadows. A glimpse of flesh appears before her narrowed sleepy eyes, the pale whiteness of breast, a strong male posterior, and still the hands, the teeth...everywhere.

The only sound that escapes is a rasping moan from her parted lips as the creatures encompass her, deliciously sharp teeth penetrating her everywhere, hands roaming her body to part clothing from skin, lips brushing her breast, her legs parted by hands cold from a life long since fled.

Even as her last breaths slip from her with a shuddering finality a cold spark of dark light reaches into her core, awakening her to the darkness with sharp pangs of primordial hunger. Her eyes fly open, and she is greeted by the sinuous mass of bodies reaching to places private and sensitive, licking her, sucking at now dry wounds, seeking moisture from her wherever it is found. She reaches out, unknowing, uncaring of the disposition of the body her hands meet, and her cold hands are greeted by a soft, pale inner thigh that she pulls towards her hungrily.

Gentle fingers pry at the uppermost part of her inner thighs, urging them apart. A slender leg passes over her head, and suddenly there is a knee to either ear, delivering a dark and moist view above her. Lips nibble greedily at the soft wet lips between her thighs causing her to rise up uncontrollably with a sharp gasp.

Her hands stray upwards as if by a will not her own to curve around soft rounded posterior, pulling downwards, her mouth opening, neck craning forward eagerly. Even as she urges this, lips and teeth nibble at her, biting at her and covering her with soft insistent licks and kisses.

Strong slender hands force her knees up and off the bed pulling the slight figure above her down at the waist, and into her willing mouth. A soft moan comes from what would seem to be everywhere as her lips meet soft flesh. The lips touching her become more aggressive, more insistent, but are joined now by someone pushing in between her legs, a pressure at her center that joins in cooperation with the tongue and lips there.

Slowly she feels the pressure move inside her, rocking backwards and forwards. The mouth sucks greedily at her in time with the firm shaft that stretches deep inside. Overcome, she plunges her mouth and tongue forward, slipping into contrasting warm wetness; drinking in eagerly she acts from memory, pleasing as she knows to desire being pleased.

The movement increases; a gentle whimper encourages her mouth and tongue. The shaft slides deeply, withdrawing suddenly only to plunge again as the now warm mouth nibbles greedily at her clit. She rolls her tongue in and out, the hips above her gyrating to match hers, becoming wetter, warmer.

Feeling a dark forbidden passion, she drives her tongue in deep, met with an equally fervent response below. The shaft slides out, replaced by several more delicate tongues. Beside the moist crevice that her mouth is consuming a broad fleshy shaft eases in from behind, causing her unseen partner to gasp and moan. She licks up the shaft as it passes in and out, sharing time and energy on her partner and this new presence.

The hips that hover above her flicking tongue are rocked upward by the shaft and thighs that pound in from behind, tongues slide in and out of her, in places dark and secret, teeth nip and draw cold rivers of blood from her. a sharp pang strikes her, and teeth, sharp and fine reach for and find the soft lips above her mouth, raking tiny lines across them causing a seeping of blood that trickles hot and red into her mouth, warm against her throat. The presence slides frantically between the thighs above her, and a guttural moan can be heard from behind and above, sighs and whispers joined by frenzied sucking at her.

The whispers build to a crescendo, teeth plunging into her every limb and crevice. The tongue that licked greedily clamps down on her, flicking wildly as teeth plunge into the softest of her flesh. Gasping in pain and climax, she explodes into a rainbow of blackness and stars, her come and blood flowing from her in equal amounts. The hips above her thrust downward, the crimson life pouring into her mouth in a salty mixture of blood and passion. The shaft slides in once, then out, gushing forth a ribbon of hot wetness into her mouth and onto the flesh above her. Sated, exhausted, and moments from daylight, she lies staring at the ceiling. In the moments that flee as quickly as they arrived the thought pervades her mind – she has...become.

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