tagLoving WivesThe Bed is Big Enough for Three Ch. 04

The Bed is Big Enough for Three Ch. 04


Chapter 4

A Rainy Day at the Lake

This is a follow-up to the stories I previously submitted entitled "The Bed is Big Enough for Three" and "The Bed is Big Enough for Three -- Parts 2 & 3". If you don't like loving wives stories then you should seriously ask yourself why you are even reading this. There are plenty of sites where you can read G-rated material. To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy!


Laurie and Mike had been seeing each other for weeks. Not all the time, mind you. However, once or twice a week Laurie was coming home from work a little late with that fresh fucked look upon her. Although a couple of times Laurie and I had sex upon her arrival at home, I wasn't a part of their lovemaking activities. Laurie had my blessing and always kept me informed of their meetings, while Mike continued to believe that he was fucking my Laurie behind my back. That's one great friend, right? As you recall, I am the one that put them together, so I couldn't really blame him. Laurie is a great fuck, and she was offering up her pussy to him on a regular basis, so who wouldn't take advantage of the situation?

Once again we all decided to meet at our lake house where all of this began. I was hoping for a repeat performance of the first time that Mike and Laurie "secretly" coupled, and I am sure both Mike and Laurie did as well. Laurie and I arrived on Friday night and Mike was to arrive on Saturday morning. It was getting late in the year and we wanted one more weekend of sun and play. The weather forecast was iffy, but we decided to go ahead and give it a try. The weather was good when we arrived on Friday night, but on Saturday it went completely downhill. Mike arrived just before lunch on Saturday, so we all headed out to a local bar and grill to eat. It was drizzling when Mike arrived, but by the time we reached the bar it was an all-out rain.

With nothing else to do, Mike, Laurie, and I finished our lunch and spent a while drinking and bullshitting with each other. As the alcohol flowed and the rain continued to dampen our weekend activities, I noticed that Mike and Laurie began to get a little touchy-feely with each other. Nothing blatant, but you could see the electricity between them begin to ignite. I suggested we leave the bar, pick up some booze, and head back to the lake house where we would be more comfortable. We stopped by a liquor store and I went inside to buy the alcohol. Mike in the back seat and Laurie in the front seat, remained behind. As I stood at the register paying the bill, I happened to glance back out at the car and saw Laurie leaning over the seats. She and Mike were getting busy swallowing each other's tongues and running their hands all over each other. I could see then that things might get really hot later. I laughed out loud watching Mike jerk away from Laurie when he spotted me walking out the door towards the car.

When we arrived at the lake house, I went and gathered up some wood and started a fire. Meanwhile, Mike and Laurie fixed us some drinks. About an hour later, as the rain continued to fall outside, we had a roaring fire going inside and a really good buzz started as well. It wasn't winter yet, so the fire was making it extra toasty inside. Laurie wanted to play some board games, so we all got down on the carpet with her and spent the next couple of hours drinking, laughing, and really not paying a whole lot of attention to the games. Once during a bathroom break, I came to find Mike pulling his hand back from Laurie's thigh that he obviously had been caressing. Other than that though our fun was limited to the games.

What happened next, probably gives you a good idea of what was about to transpire. Laurie grabbed a deck of cards. At first, we played a couple of quick games of crazy eights, but that wasn't holding our attention. Mike suggested a game of poker, so I got the chips out and we started. None of us are great poker players. We just played for fun on occasion. Mike and I were both cleaning up on Laurie during the game. Soon, she was out of chips to put into the pot during a hand. I had folded and Mike had raised the bet, beyond what Laurie had available.

"I finally get a decent hand and I don't have any chips!" Laurie shouted.

"Certainly you can find something of equal value to throw in. Assuming that's ok with Mike, of course." I responded.

Laurie and I had played strip poker a number of times together, but never with anyone else. It was a fantasy swinger situation that we enjoyed playing out sexually together in private. Her eyes met mine and she immediately knew what I had in mind. She pulled her arms inside of her t-shirt, squirmed around for a couple of minutes, and then pushed her left arm back out of the t-shirt. Next her right arm came back out with her bra in her hand. Laurie threw her bra on the pile of chips on the carpet and shouted. "There, I call!" Both Mike and I were practically rolling around laughing.

Once we composed ourselves, Mike looked at Laurie and said. "Ok, show me what you've got."

Laurie threw down three jacks. Mike shook his head like he had been beat. "What the hell am I going to do with a bra?" He then smiled and asked, as he laid three kings on the carpet and pulled Laurie's bra along with the pile of chips towards him.

"You jerk!" Laurie yelled, as she punched Mike on the arm. "I bet you knew he had me beat too, Mister." She said to me.

"I think I am going to need another drink before the next hand." Laurie Said. So, I headed to the kitchen while Mike headed to the bathroom. When we all returned, Laurie took a big swig of her drink and said. "OK, deal 'em."

Mike dealt the cards and he and I threw in the chip ante. Without saying a word, Laurie stood up, unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled down the zipper. Mike and I looked at each other and then looked back at Laurie to see her push the shorts down to the floor and kick them onto our chips. Now, dressed only in a t-shirt and panties, Laurie sat back down indian-style. Her trimmed bush was clearly visible through the lacy underwear. We all thought we had winning hands this time, so both Mike and I raised the bets and looked at Laurie in anticipation of her throwing in more clothes. "No way." She said. "My shorts are worth any bet you guys have."

We all agreed and called. This time Laurie won. She took the chips and her shorts, but didn't put them back on. I was shifting myself around to re-arrange the hard-on that I now had and I think that I noticed Mike doing the same after handing Laurie the deck of cards. "How come I am the only one betting clothes?" Laurie asked, ask she dealt the cards. Without answering, I removed my t-shirt and threw it down between us. Laurie smiled and threw her shorts back in. Mike had a button-down shirt, so I stared at Laurie as she stared intently at him undoing the buttons, removing the shirt, and adding it to the pile.

We were all pretty much lit up at this point. We had been drinking for hours and the roaring fire kept us toasty in our increasing nakedness. We were all having trouble concentrating on the actual game at hand, but pressed on with Mike winning the next hand. He had an evil grin on his face in anticipation of what was coming up next, since Laurie had only her t-shirt or panties to put into the pot. I wondered for a second if she could go through with it until I remembered that lately Mike had been seeing her naked almost as much as I had. I broke the tension by pulling my shorts off and throwing them in between us. I was now down to only my boxers and I was struggling to keep my stiff cock contained. I expected Mike to throw his shirt back in. I don't know if he was too drunk to pay attention to what he was doing or if he was trying to move the game along. But instead of his shirt that lay by his side, he stood up, unbuttoned his shorts, pulled down the zipper, and dropped them to the floor.

Mike now stood before us in his tighty whiteys with a huge bulge. The head of his cock was actually protruding slightly above the waistband. Laurie's hand was immediately drawn to it. She reached up and gently rubbed up and down a couple of times on Mike's cock with her index finger and questioned. "Did I do that to you, Mike?"

As he sat back down, Mike chuckled and said. "Well, it sure as hell wasn't Richard."

"We're still waiting on you." I reminded Laurie as I pointed up and down at her t-shirt and panties.

Laurie pulled her t-shirt, exposing her belly, and then dropped it back down. She grasped the waistband of her panties and started to push them down and stopped. She was toying with us. Finally, she yanked her t-shirt over her head and threw it into the mix. The nipples on her bouncing breasts stood at full attention even though the fireplace left no room for any kind of chill in the air. Mike reached over and playfully pinched one of them and asked. "Did I do that to you?"

Laurie giggled, slapped his hand away and said. "Stop that. Those are mine."

You could cut the air with a knife as we played that round. The rain had long ago stopped, but no one cared. Our heads were filled with alcohol and lust. We were all down to our last piece of clothing. Once we had our final hands, the air was silent and we all placed our cards on the carpet. "I win!" I yelled.

"Bullshit." Mike said. "We all still have clothes to throw in."

"Yeah!" Laurie agreed. While still sitting, she reached down yanked her panties down her thighs and past her calves. She now sat there completely naked as she threw the lacy underwear in between us and added. "Game on!"

Mike wasted no time in yanking off his underwear as well. I'm sure he knew as well as I knew where this was heading. Mike was now sitting completely naked as well. His cock stood like a flagpole before us. I was dying to see it sink into Laurie again, but I was patiently waiting for this game to play out. I simply threw my shorts back in. My precum-stained boxers still covered my leaking erection.

"It seems we have a bit of a problem here." I mused. Both of them looked at me confused. "If I win this hand, what do you two have left to put in?"

"I guess that will be up to you." Chimed in Laurie.

"Fair enough." I said. "Just remember you said that."

As luck would have it, I did win the next hand. I wonder if either of them really tried. I gathered the pile of clothes up and added them to all the clothing, which I now possessed. That's when my devious little alcohol-riddled brain came up with an idea. "Are you two up for playing on?" I asked.

"What do we put in?" Laurie asked.

"Sixty seconds." I said. Both of them just looked at me in puzzlement. I added. "For sixty seconds you will masturbate each other. If either of you orgasms, you are out. If not, then I deal you in."

"You are a dirty little man." Laurie said. But that didn't stop her of course.

Without delay, she reached over and took Mike's hand and pulled it between her legs. After which, she placed her hand on his cock. "Just a second." I said while pointing to the clock. We all paused while waiting for the clock's second hand to reach twelve in order for them to begin. Ten seconds passed like days with Mike's index finger planted inside Laurie's pussy and her wedding ring clad hand firmly wrapped around his throbbing penis. Finally it hit twelve and I said. "Begin."

We were all laughs and giggles as they started working on each other. I could tell by the way Laurie was squirming that she was struggling to resist being forced into orgasm by Mike's finger. At the same time, Laurie was using Mike's copious amounts of pre-ejaculate to lubricate her fingers as she valiantly tried to relieve him of his sperm. Finally, after what seemed like days, the second hand on the clock once again reached twelve and I announced. "Stop." They both pulled away from each other as fast as they possibly could.

Mike put his finger that was now covered in Laurie's juices between his lips and savored her sweet taste. He looked at Laurie and said. "I don't think I have ever tasted anything that good." Laurie just grinned while I thought to myself how full of shit he was since that wasn't the first time he had been between my wife's legs.

"Looks like we play another hand." I said. I looked at Mike and Laurie as I dealt the next hand. Both of them were flustered and seemingly trying to catch their breath. I was ready to get into the action too, so I removed my boxers and threw them in between us as my wager. "Same thing? Winner names the sixty-second ante before the next hand?" I asked. I didn't get an answer. It was just two heads nodding yes. Guess what? I won again. There was no doubt in my mind that they were throwing the game now.

Tension gripped us as the two of them awaited the next ante. I thought for a minute and then said. "Mike you lay down on your back." He inquisitively responded affirmatively and did as I asked. Then I told Laurie. "You are going to climb over him and straddle him. For sixty seconds you are going to rub your pussy along his cock. If either one cums they are out. If you both get carried away and his cock gets inside you, then you both lose." I guess I should have thought that one through better. After all, how would Mike or Laurie lose by him slipping his cock into her?

Laurie stood up and walked over to Mike. She swung her leg over him and then lowered herself to her knees. Mike's cock was standing at attention, so Laurie had to push it down in order to keep it from entering her. Finally, Laurie lowered her pussy down so that it rested on Mike's cock. This was surreal. We were all playing out this game pretending that Mike and Laurie hadn't already been in bed together. I knew Mike had been fucking Laurie. Laurie knew that I knew that Mike had been fucking her. But, Mike didn't know that I knew that he had been fucking Laurie, so here we were all deviously pretending that this was something new between them.

Laurie started to rub her pussy along Mike's shaft, but I stopped her and reminded her that we had to wait for the second hand on the clock to reach twelve. She was slumped forward. Her hair was hanging down over her face and she was breathing heavily. I could tell she wanted to cum already. The second hand almost reached twelve, when I said. "Hang on a minute. I want to take a picture of this. Let me get the camera." As I left the two of them, Mike was lying on his back. His hands were on Laurie's upper thighs as she straddled him. Laurie's hands were on the floor above his shoulders, so her breasts hung down against Mike's chin. This had to be torture for them. My best friend and my wife were pressed against each other at the genitals, needing relief, but were being forced to wait for my permission to begin.

I found our digital camera in the bedroom, but the batteries were dead. I went hunting through drawers to find batteries and finally did and changed them out. I pretty much expected that by now Laurie would have surrendered and inserted Mike into her. I fully expected to walk back in on them fully engaged in copulation. I was surprised however. When I got back to the room they were still in the same position, except that Laurie was now upright.

"Hurry up, you're killing me here you pervert!" She exclaimed.

Mike chimed in with Laurie. "You're not the only one dying here!"

Once the clock finally found its way to twelve again I ordered them to begin. Laurie slowly began to rock herself back and forth on Mike's cock as I began snapping of photos of their pseudo lovemaking. Laurie quickly picked up the pace. Twenty seconds in, Laurie pulled a little too far forward, because when she pushed back, Mike's cock rose up and quickly slid all the way inside her soaking wet vagina.

"That's it, I win." I exclaimed.

"No. It was an accident. Let us start again." Laurie pleaded as she sat straight up with Mike's bare cock still fully impaled within her body.

Everyone knows that Laurie is extremely competitive. At that moment, she would have loved nothing more than to bounce up and down on Mike's shaft until he exploded inside her. However, there was no way she would do so at the expense of losing a bet. I don't think Mike agreed with her. As I pondered Laurie's restart request, I noticed Mike was subtly moving his hips around in order to gain a measure of friction on his engorged cock, despite Laurie sitting still. His eyes were closed as he seemingly savored the feeling of my wife's warm willing womb wrapped around his throbbing manhood. Mike's hands were exploring the inside of Laurie's thighs. I couldn't see his hands from where I stood at that moment, but by the movement of his hands it appeared he was fingering Laurie as well. I snapped off a couple of quick photos of them of their mating before finally agreeing with Laurie's request.

"Sorry babe." She said to Mike as she lifted her hips and denied him of her sweet married pussy.

"Holy crap." Mike sighed in frustration. "Sorry Richard, but I wish she had just finished what she was doing. I've never felt anything that good."

Obviously that was Mike's way of asking me to let him fuck Laurie, even though I knew this wasn't their first time together. Laurie's hand pushed down on Mike's cock, now soaked in pussy juice, and once again lowered her body down so her pussy lips parted over his member. Immediately, Laurie began moving her hips back and forth, so her pussy rubbed across the top of Mike's thick vein. "The clock's not on twelve, so the time hasn't started yet." I announced.

"Fuck the clock!" Laurie yelled impatiently.

Laurie kept moving her hips until her competitive nature once again got the best of her and she stopped. She had to wait another twenty-five seconds for the second hand to reach twelve again so they could begin. Laurie had been on top of Mike for nearly ten minutes now with all the stopping and starting. Both of them were sweating and panting like they had been fucking for hours. My throbbing cock needed relief almost as bad as they did. Finally, the clock hit twelve and Laurie took off like a bat out of hell.

"No don't." Mike pleaded as Laurie thrust her hips back in forth forcefully on top of him. She was apparently determined to knock Mike out of the game by forcing him to cum. "Oh fuck!" he cried out twenty-five seconds in as sperm began spewing from the tip of his cock, which was pinned against his body by Laurie.

Just a few seconds later, Laurie moaned out "Noooo" and stopped moving. It was clear she was trying to delay her own orgasm. She failed. Her body began trembling as Mike moaned and continued to helplessly ejaculate sperm onto his belly. When Laurie realized the game ended for her as well, she once again began forcefully thrusting her hips back and forth on Mike to increase the pleasure of her climax. I thought for sure Mike would end back up inside Laurie at that point, but it never happened. Laurie's energetic pussy lips, now covered in Mike's ejaculate, milked out the last bit of semen from him before she too achieved completion.

After a couple of minutes, Laurie slumped forward onto Mike pinning his deflating cock between them. She rested for a minute, and then she rose up, patted Mike on the chest and rolled off of him. Mike quickly got up and headed to the bathroom. While lying there on her back, with her legs spread and another man's seed spread all over her swollen labia, Laurie never looked more luscious. I couldn't wait any longer. I crawled over to Laurie and pushed my cock gently, yet easily into her thoroughly lubricated vagina. I only lasted a few minutes before flooding her womb with my own pent up seed. As I blissfully lay there on top of my wife, Mike reappeared from the bathroom. "We have to play cards again." He laughed and said. I couldn't have agreed with him more.

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