tagMatureThe Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 01

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 01


Most men are filled with fantasies of older women from the moment they first develop an interest in sex. Whether it's a hot older neighbor, a schoolteacher, or your best friend's mom. This is my take on this familiar theme and I hope you all enjoy. I try to avoid breaking my stories up, but in this case it just kept growing and growing until it had to be submitted in sections. Even broken into chapters they're lengthy stories. As always I remind you all to practice safe sex even though my characters don't. Comments, good or bad, are always welcomed.


Reading through the paper I had circled a few ads that looked promising and was planning to start calling them when I turned to the last page and saw the perfect job. I had just gotten home from my second year of college the week before and was looking for a summer job. There was an ad from a lady who was looking for someone to fill in for her regular gardener who would be away until the fall. I was studying botany in college and the lady described her place as a large planted property with a wide variety of plants that required expert care. I'd worked summer jobs gardening jobs with the city throughout high school and that was part of what got me interested in studying plants as a career. The thought of being able to work outside all summer instead of being stuck in some store at the mall was appealing so I gave her a call right away dialing the number in the ad.

"Hello, could I speak with Mrs. Swanson please?" I said reading her last name from the ad.

"Speaking," she said after a brief pause.

"Hi my name is Dan. I'm calling about your ad in the paper today. I was hoping the position was still open," I said.

"It is..." she answered, "But you sound a little young. It's a big property and there are a lot of plants to care for," she said with obvious doubt in her voice.

"I think I can do it ma'am. At least let me come for an interview before you make up your mind," I said hoping she'd give me a chance.

"Well ok but first you'll have to stop calling me ma'am," she laughed in a warm, rich tone. "It's Mrs. Swanson or Ellen if you want. Come by this afternoon and we can go over your credentials."

Wearing a shirt and tie for the interview and had my mother drop me off at what can be best described as The Swanson Estate. It was close enough that I'd be able to bike to work all summer, though for today I got a ride figuring sweat stains might not make the best first impression. I hit the intercom and waited a minute or two until a woman's voice answered and opened the security gate. As I walked the long driveway up to her mansion I was having second thoughts already. The brick wall topped with wrought iron stretched out of sight on either side into to a mini forest of trees and I noticed the immaculate green lawn that covered acre upon acre. Proudly, I noted that I knew most of the plants on sight but the sheer size of the property was quickly dawning on me.

I rang the doorbell and was greeted by her housekeeper. She brought me inside and ushered me to a sitting room where ice water and tea were waiting. I accepted a glass of water and looked around nervously afraid to move. The furniture in this room was probably worth more than my parent's house. 'What would happen if I broke something here?' I thought shuddering to think what it might cost to replace things.

"Hello there Dan," she said sweeping into the room smelling of sweet perfume. Being a horny young man, I noticed was how attractive she was the moment she entered. She looked to be in her late thirties and had her dark brown hair with lighter highlights cut just above her chin. Big brown eyes and a nose that looked a little large for a woman gave an alluring boldness to her features. A necklace of gold and what I thought were sapphires circled her neck and a matching bracelet that looked very expensive but not gaudy. The watch she wore glittered with jewels as did the rings on her fingers. She wore a sleeveless light blue top that showed off her tan and had thicker upper arms than you'd generally see on a younger woman. I studied her nice large breasts and wide childbearing hips beneath the black skirt she wore with an approving eye. Finally, there were her darkly tanned legs ended in a pair of open toes shoes. "I hope you weren't waiting long," she said as I stood to shake her hand.

"Not at all Mrs. Swanson," I said noticing she was just a couple of inches shorter than my six foot one frame. Damn this is what a proper trophy wife is supposed to look like.

"Please sit down," she said with a warm smile. "Still think you can handle it after getting a look at the grounds?" she asked laughing at my stunned expression.

"Well it's bigger than I thought, but I'm willing to give it a try if you'll have me," I said trying to sound confident.

"Then tell me why you think you can do this job," she said pouring a cup of tea for herself.

Handing her my resume, I started by telling her about my three summers of working with the city parks division. I told her about my major in college and my career plans once I graduated, adding some general things about being hard working and dependable. But what really impressed her was when I mentioned the wind damage to one of her trees I had noticed on the walk to the house that would need some attention soon or the tree would be in danger of being lost.

"My gardener left it like that before he went away for the summer and told me not to hire anyone who didn't see it on the way in. I've lost track of the number of people who've been in for an interview but you're the first to mention it. I'm still worried that you're a little inexperienced but I'll give you a chance. If everything goes smoothly for the first week I'll hire you for the summer. Come by Monday morning at eight and I'll introduce you to your crew," she said with a smile.

"Crew?" I asked with a surprised look.

"You didn't think I expected you to handle all of this by yourself did you?" she said chuckling. "I'll still want to see you getting your hands dirty but you'll be the supervisor of over the others. They're all hard workers but none of them know how to manage the property."

"I'll see you Monday morning at eight then," I said, relived I wouldn't be alone but worried over managing the rest of the staff at the same time.

Monday morning was bright and sunny. I left my house at seven on my mountain bike to make sure I was there in plenty of time. Arriving twenty minutes early, I was let in by the housekeeper to wait inside. Looked around the front rooms of the house, I marveled again at the rich furnishings and stunning artwork. I couldn't begin to guess what some of this stuff must be worth.

"Good morning Dan," she said from behind me.

"Morning Mrs. S," I said sounding like a character in a TV show from the 60s. I'd been thinking about her all weekend and was nervous around her now. She looked sexy again today in a red sleeveless pantsuit.

"Come with me I'll show you the work shed and all the tools," she said leading the way.

The back part of the estate was even bigger than the front. She pointed out a few things to me as she led me to the large tool shed where there were two riding mowers and two golf carts plus an endless array of hedge trimmers, weed cutters, and other tools. There were plenty of pots and bags of soil, grass seed, and fertilizers. There was even an attached greenhouse where new plants and seedlings could be given a good head start prior to planting.

"You'll be in charge of ordering supplies too," she said after I had looked around. "Just order whatever you need and send me the bill when it gets here. Ray left a list of numbers to all the best suppliers in town by the phone. They'll usually deliver the same day if you call in the morning. Don't worry about what it might cost, just get whatever you think is needed."

"Ok" I said stunned by the responsibility she was placing on me. "But when you say don't worry about the costs?"

"I mean don't worry at all. When it comes to the garden I'll spare no expense. I'll be hosting my annual garden party at the end of July and I want everything to look perfect no matter what it costs," she said placing her hand on my shoulder with a soft touch. "Now the men are here so you should probably put them to work. I'll be watching you closely this week to make sure you can handle it. I'll want you to come talk to me at end of each day and we'll go over what you did."

That first day was one of the most hectic in my life. There were four men in my crew and realized I didn't have any plan for what they should do yet. I started by asking each what he was best at and was pleased the idea had come to me. Two I put on mowing right away, figuring it would keep them busy most of the day. Another was sent to check the large rock garden I had seen for weeds and told him to water while he was there. The last I took with me in a cart to check on the damaged tree I had notice when I first came there. We finished with the tree in no time and I sent him to water the flowers as I drove around surveying the property. When I got back to the shed I noticed there was a nice big map of the estate with lots of notes written on it by Ray. I studied it for a while planning tomorrow's work in much better detail and then went through the inventory adding a few items to my first list of things to order.

So far things seemed to be going smoothly, then the men started showing up at the shed asking what they should do next or needing me to come take a look a problem. One had found caterpillars on some of the flowering trees and another had found large patch of grass on the back lawn that was overrun with weeds. I called an exterminator right away to take care of the pests and inspected the weed problem. My lunch hour was spent touring the grounds again looking for other places to put the men to work in the afternoon.

By the time four o'clock rolled around I was relieved the day was over. I hadn't eaten yet and quickly ate what I had brought for lunch before heading inside to meet with Mrs. Swanson. After telling her what we had done today she seemed genuinely pleased, but pointed out a few things I should have thought of that would need to be done tomorrow.

"Well done Dan," she said with a smile. "Tomorrow I want to start discussing the fountain and gazebo area out by the east wing. I want to completely change the look there for this year's party. I'll see you tomorrow," she said touching my shoulder again as she showed me out.

On the ride home my mind was filled with thoughts of the garden and what to do with the gazebo area. Mrs. Swanson's face would drift into my mind as well and found myself remembering her touch on my shoulder. At first I was sure it was just her being friendly but found the more I thought about it the more it seemed out of place. Finally, I decided it was my horny imagination and burgeoning crush on her that has made far more out of it than it was. That evening in my room I spent hours organizing tasks for the staff tomorrow and drawing up three different plans for the fountain and gazebo area. I wanted to make sure I was able to keep the job all summer and hoped the extra preparation would pay off.

The next day ran much more smoothly. I set the men working right away on a long list of tasks I had prioritized the night before. Helping out where I felt I was needed most, I took time to check in with each of them throughout the day. Ray had trained them well and they all worked hard so they rarely needed me to point anything out to them. It was my job to notice the details and make sure the whole garden came together into one stunning picture. That afternoon it started raining just after two and Mrs. Swanson sent the rest of the staff home for the day but promised they'd get paid their full hours anyway. She wanted me to stay so we could go over the plans for the garden together.

"Anytime it starts to rain late in the day like that you can send the guys home and I'll pay them for the time missed," she said leading me to her office. "So did you have a chance to think about the fresh landscaping for the garden yet?"

"I drew up a few things," I said passing her a folder from my knapsack.

"Oh my Daniel they're beautiful. When did you come up with all of these?" she said laying them out side by side on her desk and studying them one at a time.

"Last night. They're still a little rough but I think they'll give us a few ideas to build on. Unless you had something different in mind?" I said.

"They're amazing," she said with a wide smile. "I might have to get some new fountains and gazebos to do all three. What king of plants are these here?" she asked pointing to one of my drawings.

I came around the desk and leaned over her shoulder going over each one. My drawing set was in my bag, so I took it out and altered them as we went. She was ecstatic with what I had come up with and kept saying how it would be hard to decide with three wonderful designs to choose from now. By the time we were done I realized how close I was to her, bent down with my face next to hers. I found myself studying the line of her neck and starring down into her tanned cleavage as my cock jumped in my pants. Mrs. Swanson noticed the closeness too and suddenly we fell into an awkward silence as I backed away and sat down again. I thought I recognized the look she was giving me and was sure she must be having ideas of her own.

"So what does your husband do?" I asked nervously trying to cut the tension and remind myself she was a married woman at the same time.

"His little slut of a secretary the last time I checked," she said in a voice full of venom. "I'm sorry," she said when she saw the shocked look on my face. "We've been divorced for over a year now. I caught him cheating on me and ended it. I should have corrected you when you first started calling me Mrs. Swanson but I didn't want to bring it up."

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said feeling horrible for having reminded her of such pain.

"Don't be. I knew he'd been unfaithful for years but when I caught him with her in our own bed that was it," she said looking upset. "Besides I got the house and took him for half of what he's worth," she added with a triumphant smile. "I helped build the company too, so it was no less than I deserved. It was really hard on our daughter Jessica though," she said pointing to a picture on her desk. Her daughter was a stunning beauty with long flowing brown hair that was a shade lighter than her mother's, the same gorgeous eyes, and a dark tan of her own. She looked to be about my age. "She just finished high school and is off on a tour of Europe with her friends. She'll be back later in the summer," she said when saw me staring at the picture.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare. I mean your daughter is very pretty. I..." I was starting to panic. The longer I spoke, the worse it sounded.

"Relax Daniel," she said touching my arm. "She could do a lot worse than a handsome, hard working young man like you. You'd be a big improvement over the kind of boys she normally dates."

"I..." what the fuck was I supposed to say to that?

"I'm making you uncomfortable aren't I?" she said looking at me. "I'm sorry hon. Let me give you a ride home," she offered. "We can take my ex-husband's truck for your bike. I don't even like the damn thing but insisted on getting it in the settlement because I knew he loved it," she said with a wicked laugh. She ushered me downstairs with her hand resting on my lower back causing all sorts of thoughts to run though my mind.

"What an amazing ride," I said looking at the tricked out Hummer she called a truck.

"Here," she said tossing me the keys.

"No way!" I said.

"You have your license don't you?" she asked.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Well then take me for a ride," she said smiling.

Driving the Hummer home was a blast. The envious stares men gave me at I drove by brought a wide smile to my face. I was getting a small taste of what it must feel like to be filthy rich. When we pulled up to my driveway I felt a huge disappointment at having to get out from behind the wheel. She must have noticed because she told me I could use it to run to the garden center if I needed to pick up something right away, laughing when I said I might need to go everyday for the rest of the summer in that case.

The rest of the week flew by as I eagerly anticipated Friday afternoon when I would get to cash that first big check. Mrs. or I should say Ms. Swanson became increasing friendly towards me during the week and I was getting the feeling she found the idea she might turn on a young guy like me thrilling. She was a generous boss and the job paid far better than any other I ever had. By the end of the summer, I should be able to afford a decent car. It might not be a Hummer but it would be mine. The housekeeper came down with paychecks for the men at quitting time on Friday, but Ms. Swanson wanted to see me out by the pool before I left.

Ms. Swanson was swimming when I got there and I tried in vain not to notice her body as she swam long graceful laps. My god she looked fantastic in her one-piece suit. Her long legs kicked behind her and I noticed how the cut of the suit had ridden up to expose a good portion of her round ass above her shapely legs. On the latest lap she was swimming back towards me face up, her breasts taking turns thrusting out of the water as she kicked.

"There you are Daniel," she said wiping the water from her face. "Pass me a towel would you hon?" she said as she climbed out of the pool.

"Here you go," I said trying not to stare. The white suit was practically transparent when wet. Leaning back with her arms over her head to wringing the water from her hair caused her breasts strain against the swimsuit with her dark, erect nipples clearly outlined. I took a quick look and the studied the ground noticing her slipping her fingers inside the leg of the suit to pull the material out around her hips. She dried herself smiling, as if listening to a private joke, while I watched her beautiful body bounce and jiggle beneath the towel. Thankfully she slipped on a full-length robe and sat down at a patio table with a pitcher of iced tea and her purse on it.

"It's payday," she said with a smile as she took my paycheck out of her purse. "I put a little bonus on there for all your hard work and for agreeing to stay on the full summer," she said as she passed it to me.

"Ms. Swanson this is far too much," I said when I saw the amount. The "little bonus" was a full weeks worth of extra pay.

"Please Daniel you earned it," she said smiling. "And no more of these Ms. Swansons it makes me feel old. Call me Ellen from now on."

"Alright Ellen then," I said smiling back. "But it's still too much."

"Well I think you've earned every penny," she said offering me a drink. I stayed for over an hour discussing the plan for next week with her but politely declined when she invited me to stay for supper, the disappointed look on her face making me regret is as soon as I had said it. Too many conflicting thoughts were running through mind at the time. On the way home I cursed my stupidity as I imagined what it would be like to fuck her all over the pool deck. I'd had a few girlfriends in high school and had lost my virginity with the one I dated for most of junior and senior year. There had been more during my first two years of college but nothing long-term, just a couple one or two week flings and the occasional drunken chance encounter.

The more I thought about it the more I realized how stupid the idea of her being interested in the college kid she hired to be her gardener was. Ellen was a beautiful mature woman who live an extravagant lifestyle I could only dream of. For years she'd been married to a rich and powerful businessman, what did I think she saw in me? Surely there had to be a long line of suitors waiting for their chance with an attractive middle aged divorcee like her and they all had a lot more to offer than me. That still didn't stop me from jerking off in the shower while thinking about her wearing that swimsuit as soon as I got home. By Monday morning I'd already loss track of how many times I made myself cum while fantasizing about her.

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