tagGroup SexThe Bet

The Bet


It all started out as a bet that I never thought would go as far as it did. Anne and I were playing our usual tournament of backgammon and luck was really with me that night. I had won six games in a row and Anne's competitive streak was really up. I told her I wanted to quit but she kept arguing for one more game. She had to have one more chance to beat me. I kept saying no, that I was tired and besides I had no incentive to play anymore. At that statement Anne decided to up the ante.

"I tell you what," she said." Lets play one more game and if you win I will wear whatever outfit you want me to for an entire day."

Anne knows how much I love for her to dress up like a slut for me so she knew this would be hard for me to turn down.

I couldn't believe what she had just offered so I thought I better get this straight. "You mean if I win you will wear whatever I tell you to for the whole day?" " Right?"

Anne immediately said yes.

"So I pick the outfit and the day. Whatever day I want?"

Anne hesitated at first but then agreed.

"Deal", I quickly said, knowing this is an opportunity that does not come by very often. "Plus you must be my slave for the day and do anything I want." I added.

Anne thought about it and finally agreed. We shook on the deal and began to play the next game.

The game was close and neither of us talked since we were concentrating so much. Anne had the early lead and I was very down not because I would lose the game but that I wouldn't win the bet. Then I got lucky and rolled back to back double sixes. Suddenly I was ahead and I won by two chips. I jumped up so excited and couldn't wait to claim my bet.

"YES!!" "I win! Yes I am the king and I have my slave."

" You aren't going to back out?" I asked.

Anne shook her head "Fine, you win and I will honor the bet. When do you want me to dress up and what do I wear?"

"Not so fast." I said. "I have to think about this and choose the perfect outfit."

Anne just laughed and started to clean up the game.

Over the next week I spent hours online looking for the perfect outfit. I wanted one that she could wear out so I stayed away from the costumes since they were too obvious. I finally settled on a sexy short skirt that flared out but showed plenty of leg. For her top I picked a skin-tight white see-through shirt that would leave nothing to the imagination. I ordered a pair of crotch-less pantyhose and finally a pair of 4" fuck me pumps. I knew Anne would look hot and sluty in this and I couldn't wait for it to be delivered. The outfit finally arrived and I put my plan into place.

"Hey honey," I said, "I have the outfit picked out and I have decided to have my day this Saturday."

Anne smiled. "OK, whatever you want, just lay out the outfit in the morning and I will put it on."

The grin on my face was huge and I actually shook with excitement. I couldn't wait for my chance to dominate Anne all day. Anne didn't know it but I had some extras planned for that Saturday. Friday night I barely slept and was up early to lay out Anne's clothes.

Anne got up and went to take a shower.

"Go ahead down stairs," Anne said laughing, "and I will be down when I am ready."

I headed downstairs and waited impatiently for the fun to begin. After about 45 minutes I heard Anne coming down the stairs and when she came into the room my jaw hit the floor. What I saw was better than anything I had even imagined. Anne had gone all out. She had done up her hair and put on makeup so with her outfit she looked oh soooo perfectly slutty. Part of me wanted to just bend her over and fuck her right then and there. The shirt was like a second skin, it outlined her beautiful tits perfectly with her nipples clearly visible. The skirt barely made it to mid thigh and her toned long legs went on forever and looked perfect encased in the stockings. The sexy high heels perfectly finished off the outfit and Anne looked like the sexiest slutty wife.

"Turn around for me." I growled.

Anne did as I said placing her hands on the wall.

"Bend over so I can see that pussy and beautiful ass." I told her.

Anne bent over and I could see her pussy perfectly through the crotch-less panty hose. To my disbelief Anne then reached down and started rubbing her pussy.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked. "It this slutty enough for my master?"

"You are the perfect slut and are a very good slave, now get your coat on because we are going out."

Now it was Anne's turn to look stunned. "What", she said "There is no way I am going out in public in this outfit. That was not part of the bet."

"Yes it was", I said. "There was no specifying that we couldn't go out, so I want to go out."

Anne just continued to shake her head no and stood firm. Finally after 10 minutes of arguing I decided to put my real plan into action.

"OK" I said, "If you won't go out then you have to agree to wear this outfit all day long no matter what and I get to take as many pictures as I want. Agreed?"

Anne quickly agreed thinking that she had just saved herself from a very public display.

"Now remember, I said, you wear this all day and I take pictures wherever and for however long as I like."

"Yes", said Anne, "no problem."

At that moment the doorbell rang.

"Go get the door honey"

Anne just glared at me and said no.

"Get the door", I said, "or you are reneging on the bet."

"No", said Anne. And she sat down.

I then got up and answered the door. It was two of my friends, Jim and Paul, who I had invited over to watch the football game.

"Come on in guys; go ahead into the family room. The pre-game is about to start."

I knew Anne was in there and there was no where for her to hide. As we rounded the corner Anne was sitting in our club chair with her arms over her chest. The guys started to say hello to Anne and then I could see both of them were suddenly stunned. They both couldn't take their eyes off of Anne. Jim mumbled hello while his eyes ran over Anne's body. While Paul had a huge smile on his face and just stared at Anne's great legs. Anne's chest may have been covered by her arms but her skirt was too short to cover much and the guys were definitely staring at her beautiful long legs and the fact that they could almost see her pussy.

"What do you guys want to drink?" I asked. Acting like nothing unusual was happening.

"Just tell Anne and she will be glad to get it for you." "See she lost a bet we had and now she is my slave for the day"

Both Paul and Jim mumbled that beer is fine as they continued to stare at Anne.

"Honey, the guys want beers and I will have one too."

Anne had no choice at this point and as she glared at me she got up to go get the drinks. We now all got a great look at her. She stood up revealing her perfect legs and her ass was barely covered by the mini skirt. Jim and Paul couldn't take their eyes off her great body. As she walked away I could see the guys were definitely enjoying the show.

When Anne was gone, Paul quickly spoke up "Man this is great. You sure you don't mind us here?"

Jim quickly punched Paul and told him to shut up." If Mark wants us here then who are we not to help out a friend."

I told them "Just enjoy the game and the show fellas."

We could hear Anne coming back as her heels clicked on the floor and the guys sat back on the couch while I took the club chair.

Anne walked in carrying three beers and all of our eyes just bugged out. As she handed the beers to Jim and Paul they just stared at her great tits which shown clearly through the thin fabric of her shirt. Her nipples were hard and I had a feeling Anne might actually be enjoying this. Paul almost dropped his drink and Jim just kept staring with a great big smile on his face. Anne then came over to me and handed me my drink. As she did she bent over slightly and I could tell the guys could definitely see her exposed pussy through the crotch-less panties.

"Thanks hon". "Can you bring us some chips too and set them out on the folding table so we can all share them?"

Anne did what I asked and as she moved around the room she just looked perfect. She was beautiful and such the sexy slut at the same time. I don't think any of us guys even watched one second of the game. I also noticed that Anne wasn't so shy anymore. In fact she seemed to even be enjoying driving all us guys crazy. She walked with a confidence and she even deliberately moved to show us different angles and made no attempts to cover herself.

After Anne left the room Paul spoke up;

"Man you are so lucky, Anne is so hot and her body is driving me nuts." I always knew Paul had a thing for Anne and now he was in heaven. Jim just kept thanking me for the best day of his life.

"Wait guys", I said. "It is going to get even better."

At that point I reached over and pulled out the digital camera.

I got up to tell Anne the next part of my plan. Anne was in the kitchen getting some more food, as I went up to her she quickly grabbed me and put my hand right on her pussy. It was soaking wet.

" I am so ready to get fucked", Anne said. "Lets sneak upstairs for a quicky. I need your cock right now!!"

"No", I said, "I have something else in mind. When you have the chips come back into the family room"

As Anne came back in the room I could see her nipples were rock hard and pushing against the fabric. She winked at me and then went over to put the chips down. She slowly and deliberately bent over right in front of Paul and Jim and let them get a long look at her ass and pussy before she straightened up. She then turned around and with her tits basically in their faces she asked "Is there anything else you guys want from me?"

Both Paul and Jim just nodded their heads no, they were too excited to talk. I decided it was time to get going here. I quickly cleared the room of the serving trays and told Anne to go get us more beers. When she came back I told her it was time for my naughty slut to perform for me and my guests.

"Now start posing because I want to take some pictures of this day."

To my shock Anne went over to the fireplace and with her back to all of us, she put her hands on the mantle and spread her legs wide.

"Is this what you had in mind master?" She asked.

Anne's eyes were glazed over and she seemed to be in a trance. She didn't even hesitate with Paul and Jim in the room.

Anne then bent down and not only showed us her ass and pussy but she ran her hands up her long sexy legs and turned to Paul and Jim and asked if she pleased them. I was so turned on at this point that I forgot to even take any pictures.

At this point Anne seemed to take over. She modeled for us in different positions and as I snapped away I could tell that we were all definitely sporting some rock hard cocks.

Finally Paul spoke up. As if in a trance he said;

" Sit down on the ledge and spread your legs. I want to see that pussy"

To my shock Anne did what he commanded. She simply sat down and slowly opened her legs to reveal her pussy for us all.

"Play with your tits." Jim moaned.

I couldn't believe how this was getting out of hand but I wasn't about to stop it since it turned me on to no end. Anne started to rub and pinch her nipples. Her head went back and her eyes closed and I could tell she was in ecstasy.

Paul then spoke again" Mark ask her to play with her pussy."

"Hell Paul, you ask her," I said. "She seems to be listening to you."

Anne heard Paul, and she looked at him with a mischievous grin, and asked, "Do you want me to rub my pussy?" Is that what you want Paul|?"

Paul nodded yes and the next thing I knew Anne was rubbing her pussy while she stared right at Paul and Jim. Anne had one hand pinching her nipples and the other rubbing her clit and with lust filled eyes she watched Paul and Jim.

At this point I couldn't help myself and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I was ready to blow my load right then and there.

I could see Jim and Paul were hesitant so I said to Anne. "Slut, tell Paul and Jim that you want to see their cocks. Beg them to stroke their cocks while they watch you."

Anne quickly said "Please take out your cocks. I want to watch you stroke your big cocks while I pleasure myself for you."

Anne was very close to coming and I could tell she loved the idea of watching us all jerk off over her.

Both Jim and Paul quickly complied and had their dicks in their hands and started to stroke them as they watched Anne. I got up and took off my clothes with Jim and Paul following suit. We then all went over to Anne and stood over her.

I decided to take charge at this point. I grabbed Anne's hair "Suck my dick, bitch!" Anne quickly swallowed my dick and while sucking on me she looked at Jim and Paul. It was so hot watching my dick slide in and out of her mouth while she watched the other guys stroking their dicks. Anne is great at sucking cock so I knew I wouldn't last long. I didn't want to come yet so I pulled my dick out of her mouth.

"Now suck Jim's cock you slut."

I wasn't sure if Anne would listen to me but without hesitating she leaned over and took Jim's cock into her mouth. Paul was crestfallen since he had been skipped over but I knew Paul has lusted after Anne for a long time so I had a special treat in mind for him. Anne was sucking Jim's cock like a real pro.

"God this feels so good" Jim said. Jim grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth.

Anne pulled off and continued to lick Paul's shaft

"Oh yeah baby you like fucking my mouth huh, yeah well I love sucking dick and I want you to fuck my mouth with your big hard cock."

I was shocked by the words coming out of my wife's mouth but since my dick was as hard as it's ever been I didn't complain.

Anne then proceeded to pull off her shirt she sucked Jim's cock a little more while she played with her tits. Anne pulled his dick out of her mouth, and as she jerked him off she said

"Come on my tits, please. I will be a good slut and rub your cum into my tits."

Jim couldn't hold back any longer. He blew his load all over Anne's chest. Anne just held her tits in front of him while his cum dripped all over her nipples. Anne was about to rub the cum into her tits when I yelled

" No. Don't touch it. Paul do you want to titty fuck my wife?"

Paul broke into a huge grin "yes please!" he said.

I knew Anne loved this idea and she quickly sat up and started to wrap her tits around Paul's cock. As she held her tits Paul proceeded to run his cock back and forth. His dick pushed out towards Anne's face and she reached out to lick it every time it appeared. Paul continued to fuck Anne's tits and he started to talk dirty to Anne.

"Do you like to get titty fucked bitch? Mark is right, you are a total slut."

Anne just moaned "Yes I am a slut and I love you fucking my tits." "Please don't stop."

Paul was ready to cum and at the last moment he pulled out and just blew his cum all over Anne's tits. As it dripped all over her chest Anne just moaned and started to rub it all over her beautiful tits. At this point I could not wait any longer. I grabbed Anne and pulled her over to the couch. Throwing her down I took my cock and thrust it into her wet pussy.

Anne screamed out "Oh yeah fuck your little bitch whore. Fuck me while your friends watch."

"Yeah fuck her." Jim said. He then moved to the side and stuck his dick back into Anne's mouth. To my shock Anne started to suck it for all she was worth. That was it for me I started to cum right there and my orgasm was so intense. As I came I fell back on the floor and to my surprise Paul jumped in and started to fuck Anne with abandon.

Anne likes it rough and she was certainly enjoying this.

"Oh Paul fuck me harder, yes harder , oooohhh yessss, Fuckkkkk"

As Paul fucked her Jim kept her sucking his dick

"Oh this bitch loves cock, Jim said. Mark you are one lucky bastard. She sucks great cock and she fucks like a whore. Oh baby, keep sucking my dick, then when Paul is done it's my turn for that pussy."

Anne responded to this talk by just getting crazier and she sucked Jim all the way down her throat. I had never seen Anne this turned on before.

Paul came hard and as soon as he pulled out Anne yelled to Jim to start fucking her.

"Jim fuck me. I am a slut and deserve a good fucking. Fuck me hard."

Jim didn't need any more encouragement and he simply grabbed Anne and told her to turn around so he could fuck her from behind.

Anne quickly got on her knees and put her hands on the back of the couch

"Oh yes fuck me from behind!! Please treat me like the whore I am!" she said.

Jim started to pound his cock into her pussy and he grabbed Anne's hair to hold her while he pounded her hard. As Anne started to cum Jim let out a loud growl and pulled his dick out to spray his cum all over Anne's ass.

After we cleaned up and Jim and Paul left after thanking us for the best time of their lives Anne and I ran upstairs to relive the adventure again.

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