The Bet


My wife Kate and I had played games, fantasy type ones that involved her fucking other people. Not that it started out that way, mind you, but eventually it was just her fucking other people in our fantasies. I was happy enough to go along with it as it was just fantasy after all and she really got off on it, as did I.

Somewhere along the way the games progressed until I was her slave. Kate clicked her fingers and I was running around, naked, fetching her drinks, cigarettes, giving massages; all very one-sided - fun, but completely one-sided.

Then one night everything changed. It was my birthday and the game began with me pretending to help Kate get ready to 'go fuck' her boyfriend, a game we'd played several times before. I was her stool where she sat slowly doing her nails, her hair and her makeup. I knelt there, naked, with a raging hardon while she sat on my back in front of the mirror telling me how she was going to go fuck a big cock and how she couldn't wait to suck him off before letting him pound her pussy with his big dick. She grew wet (she was keen to tell me this) at the thought of him shooting his load deep inside her.

As a little 'treat' for me and to show 'who was boss,' Kate rammed my arse with a dildo after she had gotten ready, making me sit down on it as far as I could. Not that this was enough of course and she pushed down on my shoulders to make sure 'it was all the way in.'

I'm still not sure exactly how it came to be that dildos became part of our sex life although I think it began with her telling me she had read somewhere that it was supposed to be a better orgasm for the guy if his prostate was stimulated. One thing led to another and before I knew it her finger had been replaced with progressively larger dildos over these last few months and I was 'her bitch.' Not that I minded. It really was a better orgasm.

Once Kate was satisfied I couldn't take any more of the dildo, she lifted her short skirt, pulled her thin knickers to one side, grabbed my hair and pushed her pussy into my face.

"Lick me. C'mon, lick! I want you to remember how I taste before I've had a cock in me!"

I did as I was bid, driving my tongue into her moist pussy. After a few moments she pulled away.

"Don't get too excited, I don't want you messing me up for my boyfriend," she laughed. "I might be a while so no playing with yourself when I'm away! Got it? Your dick is my property."

Now we'd played this game before and did the same sort of stuff, with the odd variation. Previously, I always thought she just dropped into her friend's house for a quick visit (at least that's what she told me afterwards) but this time she seemed to be gone forever. I whiled away the time getting things ready, lots of drinking, watching television and pacing around, bored and frustrated as hell but looking forward to the fun we would have when she got home.

Eventually, some 3 hours or so after Kate left, a taxi drew up outside and after a minute or two a key rattled in the door. I sat nervously waiting on the sofa, pretending to watch tv.

"Hello." I said, taking note of her ever-so-slightly dishevelled appearance and getting instantly excited seeing her in the thigh-length high heels and short skirt she was wearing.

Without skipping a beat she said, "I thought I told you to be naked when I got in?!"

To be honest I'd forgotten but I quickly disrobed, my cock already getting hard.

"Oh, you like that, do you?"

She was a bit tipsy, hence the taxi home. I laughed. To my absolute surprise and shock she slapped me hard across the face.

"Don't laugh, pervert! You've been disobedient, you bad boy! You're going to be punished for that! Fetch me the toys!"

"She must be drunker than I thought," I said to myself.

I meekly fetched the bag of 'toys' we had collected over the last few months from behind the sofa where I had put them earlier, together with some towels and placed the bag at her feet, my face still stinging from the slap.

She grabbed the biggest dildo we owned, spurted some lube on it and held it down on one of the towels on the floor, the tip of its latex end glistening with lube 7" from its base.


I moved to get into position above the dildo, my cock rock hard and my body trembling with excitment from the 'off and running' start to the evening. I slowly began to sit down on the latex cock but it wasn't fast enough for her and she drove me down by the shoulder with her free hand without saying a word.

"That's better," she beamed, "it's all you deserve - having a cock in your arse. Especially when my pussy is still throbbing from the cock that's been in that!"

I'd never seen her quite so dominant, or as convincing before but if the throbbing veins on my cock were anything to go by, it excited me more than ever.

"So you like having a big cock in your arse, pervert?"

I nodded.

"Answer me properly, perv! Do you like having a cock up your arse?! And you better fucking speak this time or I'm going to bed!"

"Yes," I replied.



"What do you like? Say it!"

"I like having a cock in my arse, Mistress."

"Better. Say it louder."

"I like having cock up my arse, Mistress!" I said loudly, embarrassed to hear myself say those words quite as loudly as I did.

"That wasn't so difficult now, was it?"

"No Mistress."

"Shut up!"

Another slap stung my face and I shot her an alarmed look.

"Aw, don't worry, sweetie, I'm just keeping in character," she smiled, holding my chin in her hand and gently stroking the injury with a finger.

"Take that thing out of your arse and go get the footstool," she commanded, regaining her stride.

This was a leather footrest, with castors, that we'd used once before while she ravaged my arse with various toys.

"I've been planning this for a while, slave, so I hope you're ready for it?"

My cock throbbed and bounced as more blood surged into it.

"Clearly you are! Bend over the footstool. We're going to try something a little different tonight since it's your birthday."

I did as I was instructed and bent over the leather furniture. Suddenly, I was blindfolded, and it was tied roughly behind my head. I could hear her move around the room and fetch something from one of the nearby units. Next, I felt what I thought was a nylon cord brush against my back. A clink of metal made me jump slightly.

"Nervous, are we?" she laughed. "Give me your hands," she said softly.

I did as I was instructed and held my hands in front of my semi-prostrate body.

"Good boy," she said as she snapped handcuffs onto my wrists and pulled them over the footstool and down towards the floor. I heard some additional clinks of metal then realised she had attached the handcuffs around the castor-wheels of the footstool, one handcuff set for each arm so I was draped over it with each wrist attached to a wheel.

"That's better," she said, "Now for your legs."

The thick nylon cord I'd felt earlier began to wrap around first one thigh just above the knee, then the other, before it was wrapped entirely around the footstool, threaded under my arms, pulled tight and knotted. I couldn't move, even if I had really wanted to.

"Now you are my mobile pussy licker! Back in a minute. I need a drink."

I smiled as I realised what she meant by 'mobile pussy licker.' The footstool had come with the sofa and was therefore the same height so if she wheeled me into position she could lay back on the sofa and get me to lick her, yet she could keep me immobilised and still pound my arse whenever she felt like it. Ingenious!

I heard her pad across the room and pour herself a drink.

"Music, I think." she said when she returned.

Music began to fill the room making it impossible to hear her move around. I felt a soft hand run over my buttocks and up my back causing me to shiver with excitment and forcing more blood into my member. My wife said something but I couldn't make it out against the backdrop of music.

"Sorry, I can't hear you."

Suddenly her mouth was beside my ear.

"Are you ready?"


"What are you ready for?"

"Anything," I gasped.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Kate must have taken her clothes off because I felt the softness of her bare breasts against my shoulder. She pulled away, leaving me wondering what was coming next. I thought I could feel her behind me. She was! The cold lube caused my butt to contract as she gently worked lots of it into and around my exposed hole. I heard her say something else but again, couldn't make it out.

"Sorry, I can't hear you." I said loudly.

She must've reached for the remote control and turned the volume down.

"I said, are you ready for some cock in your arse?"


"Tell me."

"I'm ready for cock in my arse, Mistress."

"You don't sound very enthusiastic. Say it properly. Beg me for it. Tell me how much you want fucked by a big cock."

I was almost beside myself with desire. I'd been waiting for this for hours.

"Please Mistress, can I have a big cock in my arse?" I said loudly.

"Hmm. Still not good enough."

"Please, Mistress, I really, really want to be fucked by a big cock."

"Not yet." she said. "I told you I'd been planning this for a while so we're going to make sure everything is just right. I have a birthday surprise for you. But don't worry, you'll get a big cock in you in a while."

With that, she wheeled the footstool the couple of feet towards the sofa, with my knees scraping roughly on the carpet as she did so. She quickly positioned herself so that her thighs were on either side of my head and her pussy was close to my face. I could feel the delicious brush of her soft thighs against my face and the velvety softness of the suede, thigh-length high heels on my body. She dug the heels into my back.

"Now I want you to sniff my pussy," she said, "I want you to tell me if you can smell cock. C'mon, smell me."

A deep and heady musky scent filled my nostrils.


To be honest, all I could smell was her delicious pussy but I didn't want to break the mood.

"I think I smell cock, Mistress, but I'm not sure."

"Not sure?! I'll come closer then."

I was bathed in the heady scent of her mound, positioned as it was, an inch or two from my nose.

"Yes Mistress, I can smell cock," I said, still unsure.

"Damn right you can! My boyfriend fucked me in every position possible for the last couple of hours. It's a pity you can't see otherwise you would be able to tell just how used my pussy is right now."

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked rather lamely, my mind fuddled with alcohol.

"Of course I fucking enjoyed it, you retard! He has a massive cock and he knows exactly how to use it. Aaand, he doesn't shoot his load after a couple of minutes either. Unlike you, he can last for hours if he wants to. Anyway, shut up, what kind of a question was that? I'll tell you what kind it was, it was pathetic!"

I could hear her rummage for something.

"Open your mouth," she commanded.

I did as she said then felt a plastic ball forced into my mouth. Leather straps were quickly buckled behind my head. This was new! A bondage gag!

"Now I don't have to listen to your dumb questions or pathetic whining and best of all, you can't pussy out on me with a safe word just as I'm getting into the swing of things. Ha!"

The safe word was 'needle,' chosen, she said, in honour of my needle dick. If I said it she had to stop what she was doing immediately and although I didn't use it very often, I had done so a couple of times in the past when she got a bit carried away with the toys; but she was right, I couldn't say anything apart from making some ridiculous sounding grunts.

"Don't want you screaming too loudly, do we? We don't want the neighbours to hear."

With that, she turned up the music so it was impossible for me to get any clues about what she was going to do next. I was draped over the footstool, bound hand and foot so I couldn't move, gagged and blindfolded. Boy, did I feel vulnerable! I shivered with excitment.

I felt movement behind me before an enormous pressure pressed itself against my exposed hole. It felt like she was shoving the thick end of a baseball bat up my arse! I struggled, unsure if I could take it such was the size. I felt a 'pop' as the monster roughly forced its way in! My heart leapt and pounded in my chest. "She must've bought a strapon for my birthday!" I thought excitedly. My hole felt like it was about to rip such was the girth that had now been forced into me. I groaned loudly against the gag, almost overwhelmed by the large dildo in my arse.

To my complete suprise, confusion and bewilderment I felt Kate's thighs against either side of my face, her heels digging into my skin and her suede-covered legs resting on my back again as she took up position for me to lick her out. The ball gag was quickly removed and I could feel her slip her pussy to within an inch or so of my mouth. She leaned forwards and spoke in my ear.

"I told you I had a suprise for you."

With that, she lifted the blindfold so she could look me in the eye, which she did with an intensity I had never seen before.

"Do you know what that is in your arse?"

I shook my head.

"That, dearest hubby, is my boyfriend's cock!"

She appeared to nod and I felt what I thought had been a massive dildo, slide further into me. Yet it couldn't have been my wife who was driving it in! Panic must have shown on my face and I struggled vainly against the restraints. "Oh my god!"

"Don't worry dear, he'll be gentle... ish. He is very large and we don't want any embarrassing visits to the emergency room, after all. Now, we can do this one of two ways. You can either lick me out while he fucks you or I can put that gag back on while he fucks you. Either way, he's going to fuck you. You don't have a choice. And forget about using the safe word because this doesn't stop until he's done."

I was utterly lost for words and my head spun from shock and alcohol. There was definitely someone behind me and there was for sure, something massive up my arse. I felt muscular male press against mine as he knelt on the floor, his cock still in me.

"I'll tell you what, honey, I'll leave it up to you. If you start licking my pussy then we'll leave the gag off but if you don't, it goes back on. I can't be any fairer than that."

Kate slipped an inch closer so that her pussy lips were brushing against the lips of of my mouth. My arse felt like it was going to rip open such was the enormity of the thing inside it. I moved as if to speak.

"Ah, ah!" she chided holding up the ball-gag. "Lick or gag. No talking!"

She pushed her pussy a little harder against my mouth.

"Decide! My boyfriend is getting impatient."

Suddenly, perhaps because of the alcohol, some part of my mind simply surrendered entirely to the situation and my body followed suit. I knew there was no point arguing, pleading or anything else. This had obviously been carefully planned and there was no way I was getting out of it without her boyfriend fucking me in the arse! I drove my tongue into her soaking wet pussy.

"I told you he would!" she beamed triumphantly to her boyfriend.

No wonder Kate had been careful not to let me lick her out earlier. Her pussy was very slack and utterly used and her muscles had not had enough time to tighten back up again. I would've noticed straight away and probably ruined her carefully laid plans. Her boyfriend buried his massive cock up to the hilt in my ass and I could feel his body pressed against my buttocks as his hands held either side of my hips. Somehow he had driven his entire length and girth into me. I could, with a little work, take a fairly sturdy 7" dildo but this felt much bigger!

I slurped and licked my wife's pussy for all I was worth, engrossed in the whole situation and trying to take my mind off the fact I was being fucked up the arse by a guy. Not only had my wife been screwing someone else but she had arranged for her boyfriend to fuck me while I licked her out. You had to admire the skill involved in that kind of manipulation.

"How does it taste, darling?" she purred. "Don't worry, he didn't come in me. We were saving that for later so you didn't miss out."

She groaned and began to shudder as an enormous orgasm began to form deep from within. I furiously licked her used pussy as she shuddered to her massive orgasm. Her juices flowed into my mouth, much more so than usual, and her cum dribbled down my chin.

"Oh! I'm going to cum again!" she gasped, grabbing my hair and grinding herself onto my face.

Her pussy pulsated as she experienced first one, then another, shattering orgasm in quick succession.

As this was happening, I could feel her boyfriend driving his huge cock into my previously tight arse with ever increasing speed and force. My whole body shook with the power of each thrust and my head was bounced again and again into my wife's soaking wet cunt. She came hard again and again, no doubt turned on even more by the knowledge that each movement of my head was as much down to her boyfriend fucking me in the arse and the movements translating into thrusts of my head, as it was to me trying to drive my tongue into her fabulously slack pussy. She thundered to yet another massive orgasm and I tried to gulp as much of her pussy-juice down as I could manage.

Suddenly, after some twenty minutes or so, the huge member that had somehow been forced into my arse was removed, much to my relief. To my disappointment, Kate pulled away from my attentions. I had been in a strange type of ecstasy licking her used pussy, knowing without question that she had been fucked by someone else as I probed her with my tongue.

"How's your arse?" she asked. "It looks awfully slack!"

"Um, sore." I replied truthfully.

"Chris says he needs to cum. Luckily for you he's been fucking me most of the night so his balls are about ready to explode otherwise your arse would be a lot sorer! Here's how it's going to work. When he gets back from washing his cock he's going to fuck me until he cums and I'm going to lie on your chest while he does! How does that sound? If you agree I'll remove one of your handcuffs and untie your legs so you can lie flat on the floor. If you don't then I'll just leave you there until we're finished. Your choice."

I nodded I was in agreement, unsure exactly how this was going to work. Kate untied my legs and undid one of the handcuffs so I was at last able to lay flat on the floor. My arse throbbed. It felt completely destroyed. Somehow my cock partially flickered back into life at the thought of him shooting his load into her.

Chris returned from the bathroom. I leant up on my free arm for a better look at the man who had just fucked me in the arse at my wife's behest. He was in his late twenties or early thirties, tall and muscular. My eyes quickly fell on his large, mostly flaccid member swinging freely over his huge balls as he walked. It was bigger soft than mine was hard!

"Impressive, isn't it?" my wife said, following my gaze.

I nodded.

"Wait until you see it hard." she said, laughing in the knowledge I'd already felt it.

"Lie down."

I did as I was bid and lay flat on my back on the floor, one hand still handcuffed to the footstool.

Kate wasted no time in perching herself on my chest, her swollen pussy facing me only a few inches away from my face. She leant forwards.

"Chris... my boyfriend," she said adding emphasis, "usually needs a little help to get going so that's where you come in. You're going to suck his cock."

Kate lay back on my body so her head rested against my thighs and her pussy was above my chest. Each high-heeled foot rested flat on the floor roughly in line with my ears. Her boyfriend moved himself into position, his flaccid cock and huge balls swinging into place above my face.

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