tagGay MaleThe Bi Experience Pt. 01

The Bi Experience Pt. 01


As I walked briskly down the side street, my heart was racing. "What have I let myself in for?" I thought. "Should I just turn around and go home?" My palms were sweating and I almost had butterflies in my stomach. There it was, the sauna.

As a predominantly straight man, I always thought that saunas were for relaxing and detoxing!! But then I discovered the gay bathhouse. It took me weeks to pluck up the courage to go, but eventually enough was enough, I hopped in my car and drove to the centre of Swindon, parking in a seedy backstreet car park and looking at the walking directions on my phone.

I had a raging erection so took a minute or so to play with myself, and an incredibly hot woman was walking back to her car, breasts jiggling. "I bet she sucks like a champ! I thought "I want to be a fuckslut like she is, let's do this!" I got out of the car and walked purposely past her, glancing back to check out her rear, only to catch her with an awkward gaze.

I steamed towards me destination, walking through various back streets. As I approached the door, I saw a discreet sign that let people know the name of the establishment, and where to go. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and sighed "Just think of the tits!!" I thought.

At the top of the stairs I reached a small cashiers window, the guy behind it was early 20's, slim and friendly looking. "One please" I mumbled as I handed him my money.

"No worries" he said, he handed me a locker key and a 10" x 10" microfibre towel. "It's naked Tuesday so that's all you get, I'll buzz you though."

I pushed the door and walked into a mirrored locker room. There were two or three guys stood in front of me, fully naked. I walked to my locker and began to undress myself. The guy stood next to me kept glancing at me. I noticed that his cock was semi erect.

"First time?" He asked.

"Yeah, haha!" I replied nervously.

"Don't worry, the showers are upstairs, cruising downstairs, bar is through that door, might see you around!" he smirked.

I was stood fully naked in the locker room, only holding my towel, I strode into the corridor and saw some baskets on the ledge. I grabbed lube and condoms from them, and started to explore. I went up the stairs to the showers and got myself wet and clean, drying myself with my comically small towel. I walked back past the sauna and steam room and down the stairs. Many guys were walking around nervously holding their towels in front of their cocks. I on the other hand let it all hang out, the thought of being naked around other men made me so horny, so I had a rather impressive semi.

I came to an open door, and walked in. It was a cinema room, with benches in, showing a video of a twink being facefucked but a bigger and older daddy, much like the porn I loved watching!! I became a wallflower and started watching, my cock getting harder with each thrust the daddy took! I barely noticed the crowd gathering around me, admiring my body and cock. I looked to my left and there was a middle aged hairy guy nursing a semi. "In for a penny, in for a pound!" I thought. I grasped his penis gently and began to wank it as he moaned.

I immediately dropped to my knees, and placed his semi flaccid penis in my mouth, swirling his ample bellend with my tongue as it got harder in my mouth. I sucked deeper and deeper, working the shaft and playing with my own cock too. I felt something on my face and looked to my right, another older guy was slapping his erect penis on my cheek. I immediately switched to this other cock and took it balls deep in one, making myself gag. It was much thicker than the previous one, and circumcised, I ran my tongue around the head of it, as he put a hand on the back on my head and began to thrust into my mouth hard and fast.

Another guy had appeared behind me and began to rub his cock on the back on my neck. I whipped around and grabbed it, it was about 8 inches in length and black. I began to wank it slowly and allowed him to lower his balls into my mouth, and licked up the shaft. I took the monster in my mouth and sucked him as if my life depended on it, for what felt like a lifetime, moving my head in all directions and using my hand and tongue to full effect.

"I'm gonna fucking cum!!" he shrieked.

Suddenly I felt a squirt of hot, salty liquid hit the back of my throat He pulled out and the subsequent 3-4 squirts landed on my face as he panted, I licked what was left off his cock, and suddenly a hand was on my head, turning me towards the first guy as he was wanking furiously. He let out a deep huff and released a load onto my face, the first squirt landing diagonally across my face and in my hair, with the rest landing on my lips and nose, he rubbed his cock on my face, spreading it all out.

As I looked down my cum covered nose, I saw the second guy taking his place, he released a small load onto my lips, with a little going up my nose as I giggled. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!" he said "That was awesome!!" The three guys left and I realised that there were a few other guys who were watching and enjoying the scenery.

I walked out of the room into the corridor, and placed a hand under my chin and scooped the cum into it, I looked at it and thought "waste not want not!" as I lapped it up from my hand. I went up the stairs, still covered in cum and to the showers to wash, then back down to continue the cycle.

I went back to the darkened cruising area, being looked up and down by guys, their eyes being drawn to my raging hard on. I spotted a quiet little area, and what looked like a gloryhole. I walked into the cubicle and closed the door. I waited a matter of seconds before the little ray of light that shone through the hole disappeared, and a big cock pushed its way through.

It was incredibly girthy, although not overly long. I grasped it with my hand and began to jerk it off, as moans came from the other side of the wall. I pulled his balls through the hole and began to almost gargle them as I wanked him off. I licked from the bottom of his shaft, right to the tip, and in one gulp took it into my mouth.

I could already taste his salty pre-cum leaking onto my tongue and I was sucking away. It didn't take long before I felt him tighten up, and warm salty jizz began to spurt from his man meat. It was like a never ending fountain, and with a mouthful of cock I had no choice but to swallow it down. Once he had finished, I made sure to lick the last of it off.

It was at this point that I realised that to my left was a huge piece of perspex, and the guys in the cinema room had been watching me the whole time, jerking themselves off and watching me. This really turned me on! The little cum I had left in my mouth I dribbled out and made a "come here." gesture to them with my finger. Suddenly guys started to leave the cinema room and make the trip into the cruising area, I'd caused quite a stir!!

I left the glazed gloryhole and made for the dark room. I thought that this was it, my final act of the evening. I sat on the bench in there and waited for the crowds to come. A shadow appeared, cock in hand, in front of me. He rubbed the tip of his penis on my lips, giving me a few slaps with it for good measure, as if I was playing hard to get. I took his member in my mouth and began to suck him. He grabbed my head and began to gently thrust into my mouth. More guys began to appear and watch, wanking and waiting for a chance. The first man withdrew his cock from my mouth and pushed me back onto the bench so I was almost flat, then stepped to the side of me and let me take him back into my mouth.

It was at that point that others began to get involved. I felt someone pull my legs apart and run their hand between them, feeling for my hole. Another man knelt next to me and began sucking on my nipples, his stubble almost irritating my skin. I felt the wet coarseness of a tongue begin to work its way up my legs towards my ass. For the first time in my life I was being rimmed!! The mystery man was giving my hole a real working over, it felt amazing!! He stopped and I felt the unmistakable hardness of an erect penis brushing against my ass, mixed with the coldness of lube being applied. The first guy was thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth, getting faster and faster, I could tell he was almost there.

The cock pushed against my rosebud and with a satisfying pop entered me, I moaned with ecstasy, and at the same time so did the first guy, as he shot a load straight down my throat. He withdrew and the cum he had deposited began to dribble down my face. I opened my eyes as and looked around.

Right next to me was a guy who was bent over, being fucked from behind, and as I looked between my legs I saw the guy who was fucking me. He was a broad yet lean kind of guy, with a few tribal tattoos and a bald head. His pecs firm, yet jiggling with all the effort he was putting into pounding me. He smiled and almost as if to take a break withdrew. He grabbed me legs and pushed them up, and pulled my ass towards him, so I was in an altogether more upright position. He reinserted and just began jack hammering away. Deep and hard as I moaned in ecstasy!!

He cried out on a deep northern accent "I'm gonna cum!!" He pulled out and whipped off the condom in one foul swoop. He began to wank himself off, and before my ass even had a chance to get back to normal, he exhaled heavily and I felt I huge stream of cum fire straight into my gaping hole, with the following few squirts landing on my cheek. He quickly pushed his cock back into my cum dripping hole and gave a few shallow thrusts before withdrawing and disappearing. The guy who had been sucking my nipples reappeared and placed his cock next to mine (which was now the hardest it had ever been!) and proceeded to busy his nut all over my cock, balls, stomach and thighs.

I lay there for a moment, dripping in semen and thought "I need to cum so badly!!". I looked to my left and the guy behind me was still being fucked. I stood up and nursed a condom onto my raging, cum covered erection. I tapped the guy who had been fucking him on the shoulder and said politely "Mind if I give it a go?"

"Be my guest!" he replied. I looked down at the bubble butt that sat before me. Perfectly formed with nice round cheeks and from what I could feel, pretty hairless.

"Fuck it!!" I though "Let's go for it!". I knelt behind the guy and drove my tongue straight into his ass, as he moaned with pleasure. I began to lick his hole, using plenty of saliva to get it nice and wet for what was to come. I stood up and spat into his asshole, as I pushed my cock into him. I began to thrust, squeezing the ass before me as I came closer to orgasm, occasionally withdrawing to admire his gaping hole. I reinserted for a final time and pumped away. As I began to tighten up, I whipped out and took the condom off, as the guy had done to me, and proceeded to dump my 5 days worth of cum almost entirely into his gaping hole, almost screaming with pleasure as I did so. The cum spurted from my cock like a fountain, as I flicked the last little bits off and wiped it with a towel.

Still erect I was sweating intensely as I walked towards the showers to cool off. I let the water run down my back, still stroking my semi erect cock, milking every last second of pleasure. I dried myself off and went back to get dressed, I was spent and needed rest. I quickly put on the jeans and shirt from my locker, still slightly out of breath from the days antics. I walked out of the changing room door and to the little window where my adventure had begun.

"Was everything okay sir?" said the cashier.

"More than satisfactory!" I said with a smirk, as I handed him my key, and a bag containing my wet, spunk covered towel.

"Fantastic, see you soon!" he replied.

I strode down the stairs with a sense of purpose and achievement and out of the front door, I rounded the corner and almost bumped into a woman walking down the street. "Sorry." I mumbled as I looked up.

I scanned the body before me, long luscious legs wrapped in tights leading up to a short pencil skirt and a white blouse. I could see a pair of ample breasts before me, black bra showing through the thin white overlayer and cleavage on display for the world to see. I looked up to her face, a toothy smile and dimpled cheeks and stunning blue eyes.

Oh God, it was Sophie from work!!

"Hello Dom, how're you?!" She said in her cheery Welsh accent. "Where have you been?!" As she peered around the corner into the alleyway I'd emerged from.

"Oh erm nothing, just some shopping hahah!"

I could feel the cum dripping from my asshole into my underwear.

"Oh okay then, but isn't that the gay sauna you've just come from?" She replied as she raised her eyebrows with suspicion.

"Oh... Erm... Uh..." I stuttered. I had been caught out. My mind was swirling, I could stand to lose everything because of some bloody rubbish timing.

"Don't panic, we all have our secrets!" she chuckled "But I had no idea you swung that way!!"

"But I errrrr..."

"Shhhhhhh." she said, as she placed a finger on my chest and leant towards my ear and whispered "I think it's actually quite hot, maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement sometime, I have plenty of friends, if you catch my drift?"

"Erm okay sure, I'll text you Soph, I've got to go now so I'll see you in work tomorrow?" I said.

"Okay, see you later babe!" she replied playfully as she walked off.

I went back to my car and sat down, exhaling deeply, I'd loved every second of my visit, but I couldn't help thinking what I'd just gotten myself into.

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