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The Biker Initiation I Didn't Want...


The Biker Initiation I Didn't Want To See

My name is Pete and I am one of the founding members of the Harley Hoon Bikers! Seven of us got together and formed our Club about 7 years ago and it has been a wonderful success ever since we first started. We now have about 50 members and all of us are very well known for our very sensible activities outside of the club but some of the things which are done inside the club now are not so sweet. We raise money every year for children's hospitals and other charities and we are not a ratbag organization at all. I am 30 years old and I have been married for 2 years to my wonderful wife Elaine who is 26. Although Elaine knows all about out Club she never takes any part in our activities preferring to remain at home and follow her hobbies etc., which is O.K. by me. This leaves me free to follow the pursuits of the Club.

Of the original seven members there are only 3 of us left now as the other four have left the State and followed other pursuits. Since the last of these men left we have had a little trouble with our Club. This has been brought about because of several rather radical members who want to run the Club their way and not continue along the path we have followed for so long. Some of these troublemakers are younger than us and they want to make the Club more like the nastier bikie gangs which are all over the country. This sort of behavior can lead to gang warfare and that is not what I want to be part of.

Of our 50 or so members almost everyone of us is either married or in strong relationships except for these few rebels. Over the years we have allowed the bitches, the wives and girlfriends of our members, to be initiated into our Club. Here we follow the same rules as all of the bikie gangs - to be initiated into the Club the wives have to be fucked by at least a quarter of the members. In addition they have to have sucked off and swallowed the cum of at least half of the members before they can be admitted to full bitch membership.

We have, currently, 29 bitches who have been fully initiated and they participate in our activities whenever we go on a run. It is a rule of the Club that the bitches have to be accompanied by a full member on any of these runs and sometimes the bitches will swap their partners so that they ride with someone different. This means almost always that the bitch will be fucked by the rider they have chosen. The rules of the Club allow any bitch to be fucked by any member and the husband or partner of the bitch cannot object but he can straighten out his own bitch when he gets her home!

When I first met Elaine I saw her in a bookshop browsing through some hobby related books. By fate the section on bikies was also in the hobby section of the bookshop and so I was standing quite close to her as she was reading her books. She looked up at me and I was gone for everything! I fell instantly in love with her. She spoke to me first and asked me what sort of hobby I was interested in and when I told her bikie books, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me and said, "Fine, but that isn't for me!" At first I tried to tell her about my bikie activities but she just wasn't interested. I decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and asked her if she would like to join me for a cup of coffee. She accepted on the spot and we moved over to the coffee shop at the far end of the bookshop.

I couldn't help myself - I was seriously in love. We chatted for about an hour and drank three cups of coffee each before we both had to retire to the bathroom. We met again after the bathroom and walked out of the shop together. I was dressed in my usual business suit - I am an accountant - and it wasn't until I showed her my Harley which was parked nearby that she realized I was seriously into motorbikes. She was very impressed with my machine and I was very impressed with her. I asked her if I could see her again and to my surprise she said, "Yes, but I won't go out with you on that motorbike - you will have to find alternative transport!" She said this with a grin on her face but I had an ace up my sleeve - I also have a lovely restored Mustang Convertible and I am very, very proud of this beauty. Once she learned of the car she agreed to go out with me.

Elaine is a remarkable girl and I love her dearly. I was first attracted to her by her wonderful smile. Her whole face beams when she smiles. The second thing I noticed was that she is very pretty - not beautiful - but very pretty. She is rather tall, about my own height, and has a lovely figure which she usually keeps rather hidden from sight. Her breasts are not over large but they are extremely soft and pliable but at the same time retain their lovely shape. Her nipples are long and firm particularly when she gets aroused. Elaine's legs are beautiful and are just the right length and shape. Her legs are perhaps her best points of interest. On the other hand, she is rather hairy which I love. I first noticed her hairy arms when we were having that first cup of coffee. She isn't the least bit embarrassed about her hairiness and, in fact, makes sure it can be seen when she dresses. She usually wears sleeveless dresses or tops and, although she usually shaves her underarms, sometimes she will let it grow long and I love the way it looks. The hair on her arms is rather pale blonde and doesn't look out of place - it isn't that hard black hair which is sometimes seen on older women's arms. She has a very hairy pubic bush too and she never shaves that. She knows I love hairy women's bodies and so she doesn't shave for me. She also has some hairs around her nipples which I find fascinating and love to tease when I am sucking her nipples. The other hairy feature of my lovely Elaine is that she has a cluster of dark hairs around her bellybutton, which are separate from her pubic bush. On her back she has another clump of pale blond hairs just above her hips but in the center of her spine. I love to look at these hairs when I take her from the rear. I really love my Elaine.

Elaine never worries when I go out with the Club members. She knows I have participated in initiation ceremonies and hasn't complained. One of the rules of the Club is that we never fuck the girls and cum in them! If it is decided that we want to cum while we are in them we have to wear a condom. Usually it is accepted Club rules that we cum on their tits or face or in their mouths! I always make sure I am wearing a condom and cum in that. Elaine knows I have never fucked an initiate bareback since I married her.

These few rebel members of the Club are causing some trouble with us older members. They want to run the Club their way and this is not what we are used to doing. We haven't come to blows yet but we are getting very close. One of the disturbing members, Shark, loves to initiate the new members but always cuts the end off his condom and therefore, when he cums in the girl, there is nothing to stop it entering her. We don't like that. Also he sometimes makes a bitch take his cock up their ass and cums there. We have no objection to ass fucking but not for initiations because we believe the girl has a choice of how she wants to be initiated. Shark repeatedly brings in girls who are not wives or girlfriends of members, saying they want to join the Club, and then initiates them, together with his cronies and then the girls leave us. We have called a meeting to stop some of these practices and hope things will get better in the future. There is a lot of bad blood between the members now. We have always had a form for the girls/wives to sign saying they are willing to join our Club, stating whom they are connected with (husband, boyfriend) and that they agree to abide by our rules.

Shark and his cronies have been ignoring these forms and kept bringing the girls in for initiation. Although there were few of us original members left we still had a lot of say in the Club. I could see that Shark was trying to get us older members out of the Club altogether but we would resist at every opportunity.

This battle had been going on for 3 months now and wasn't getting any better. One of my good friends called me at work to come down to the Club house telling me Shark was to initiate a new member this morning and perhaps we could do something to get him thrown out of the Club.

When I arrived at the Club house the lights were all turned off leaving only a small amount of light to come in through the windows. This was unusual but I heard Shark say we had a blown fuse. My friend and I walked over to where Shark had a girl bent over our initiation table but we didn't get too close. This table is specially built for the purpose with a very soft padded top. It is not very wide - exactly the width for a girl to be bent over it with her thighs against one side and her breasts to hang down over the other side. The purpose is obviously so that she can be fucked from behind whilst others can play with her tits and have her suck someone at the same time. The table is much longer so that bitches can be laid on the table lengthwise and then fucked while on their backs. The ends of the table have stirrups to keep the bitches legs apart during the initiation.

Shark was managing the initiation of this girl this morning making all the members who wished to participate line up waiting their turn. There were actually two lines - one line to fuck her and the other line on the opposite side using her mouth and playing with her tits. There were some 40 members present this morning and this was a rather large crowd for an initiation. Steve and I sat down on chairs well back from the action watching what was happening and waiting for a chance to find fault with Shark.

When most of the men had either fucked the bitch or had been blown by her, Shark called out for us to come over and help with the initiation. We decided we didn't want to take part but moved closer to see what was happening. As we arrived Shark was just moving up to the bitches behind ready to plunge his very hard cock into her cunt. He was waving a piece of paper at us telling us this was a very proper initiation. He rolled a condom onto his cock but just as he shoved his cock into the bitch I saw the end had been cut out of the condom. I looked in the tin where all the discarded condoms were thrown and was shocked to see that the ends had been cut out of all of the condoms. These bastards had followed the rules and worn condoms but had shot their loads into the unfortunate bitch.

By the time I realized what was happening Shark was well embedded into the girl's cunt and was pumping as hard as he could. With a yell he came and shot his load of cum directly into her cunt. Both Steve and I grabbed him and pulled him off the girl just as the man with his cock in her mouth came as well. We were both distressed to see not only was there a constant stream of cum running out of this bitches cunt but there was a large pool on the floor directly underneath where the rest of the cum from the other bikies had dripped. She was a total mess.

Steve and I roughly pulled Shark out of the Club room and into the yard outside. We then proceeded to tell him he was no longer a member of the Club and he could dress and leave and never come back! He just grinned at us and told us the joke was on us and he never wanted to see us again. He quickly dressed and left the premises together with his cronies - escorted by Steve, myself and a few other older members. We were glad to see the last of Shark.

We went back into the Club and were surprised to see the members were still fucking the bitch and having her suck them off. Steve and I thought she had had enough by this and went over to stop the remaining few members from fucking her. When we looked at the bitch she was covered in love bites, had cum all over her back and legs as well as the steady stream of cum running out of her cunt. When I got close to her I looked at her body and saw she was very hairy. I moved even closer and looked with amazement at the tuft of hair in the small of her back. Oh No! I rushed around the table and looked at the pretty cum stained face - it was Elaine! These bastards had initiated my wife! She was by far the most-fucked initiate I had ever seen. She had cum all over her face and in her hair and her mouth was still dripping from the last load which had been shot into her mouth!

Steve was just as disgusted as I as we helped Elaine up off the table and half carried her over to the showers. Steve and I stripped off our clothes and held Elaine up under the shower. Her body was so covered with cum she was extremely slippery and was hard to hold. In addition she was obviously drugged in some way because she was almost incoherent in her speech. Steve and I did our best to wash her body. We soaped and washed her entire body making sure we cleaned out her holes as best we could. We hadn't noticed at first but later saw she had been fucked in the asshole lots of times because it was only when we lifted her off the table the cum started running out of her asshole. Even after the careful showering she was still dripping cum from both of her holes. We dried Elaine and then couldn't find her clothes - they must have been hidden by Shark. I took my shirt and put it over the top of her body and placed my underpants on her as well so that she was at least a little respectable.

I had Steve help me get her into my car and then I drove her home. She was asleep long before we reached home. I had to carry her lovely body into the house and into the bedroom. I collected a number of towels and spread them over the bed before I placed her carefully on top. I removed my shirt and underpants from her sleeping body and then left her lying naked on her back on the towels. The cum was still running out of her body when I left her to go back to the Club. I knew she would be sleeping for some time both from the exertion of being fucked so many times and also because of the drugs which had been used on her.

When I arrived at the Club Steve was waiting for me. He had rounded up all of the faithful members of the Club - some 32 members - and we headed off to Shark's home. Fortunately Shark and his cronies were all at his house drinking and laughing about the initiation. We surrounded his home and then invaded the premises.

What followed was almost a massacre. I could have cheerfully killed that bastard but Steve held me in check. We certainly beat up those bastards to within an inch of their lives. The physical punishment on them was massive and they wouldn't forget that bashing in a long time. Steve returned into the house when we had all assembled outside to leave. He returned with a huge smile on his face. When I asked him why he was smiling he just said, "My friend, I can assure you Shark will no longer give any female any pleasure!" He wouldn't say any more but I could only guess Shark must have been minus some important part of his anatomy!

Although I had been away from my own home for an hour and a half Elaine was still sleeping soundly. The towels under her backside were very wet where she had been still losing the cum out of her body. I left her there for several more hours until I heard her wake up. She was very groggy and complained about her extremely sore cunt and asshole. I took her into the bathroom and showered her again very gently. Most of the time in the shower she just hung in front of me with her arms around my neck. Eventually I had her completely washed and dried and took her back to the bed, first removing the very wet towels, and then laying her down on the bed. For the first time she began crying as the realization of what had been happening to her dawned on her. When she had relaxed a bit I asked her what had happened.

Elaine tried to get all of the details correct but her anguish was too much at times and she hesitated with her story. "It all began when Shark rang me to say he wanted to discuss a proposition with me. I don't like Shark but he sounded very sweet on the phone and told me he wanted to surprise you with a novel idea! When he arrived he asked me if I would mind carrying out a mock initiation with him at the Club. I asked why but he simply said, "I want to give your husband a big surprise and make out you have agreed to join the Club." I knew you wanted me to join but I had always refused to do so and you accepted that without question. Anyway he produced a piece of paper which had my details written on it and asked me to sign it. I read it and realized it was a standard consent form and so I asked him what he intended doing for the initiation. He said, "I want to take you and this form to the Club and then announce you are joining the Club. I know your husband will get a great surprise and then you will be able to join him and go home if you want. I want to trick him into thinking you are actually joining the Club. Well, I don't know why but I signed the consent form and agreed to go with him to the Club. He asked me to get dressed in some sexy clothes which would make you, my husband, look good and so I selected my best sexy underwear and put that on and then dressed myself in a very short mini-skirt and blouse. He asked me if I wanted a drink while I was dressing and I said I would like one so he prepared it while I finished dressing. I am sure he peeked at me when I was dressing but he told me he hadn't seen anything!" At this point she started to cry and I had to hold her tight and tell her I loved her.

She continued, "When he handed me the drink it tasted really nice - I am not sure what was in it but it was nice and cooling so I finished the glass in no time at all. Then I seemed to be in a bit of a daze and didn't see to be able to catch up with myself if you know what I mean. He took me out to the car and was really nice to me and drove to the Club. I had gone there willingly hoping to give you the surprise he had been telling me about. Anyway, when we reached the Club he helped me out of the car and I remember him placing his hand on my leg above my knee and then he slid it right up to my pussy. He played with my clit for a few moments but I just couldn't do anything to stop him. I also know he pulled my panties off while he was getting me out of the car. Again I couldn't do anything about it. He took me into the Club and I was amazed I could walk by myself but had no real awareness of my actions - it was all like in a dream!"

Her crying started again but I begged her to continue with her story because I wanted to know what this bastard had done to Elaine. It worried me she had signed the consent form because that gave permission for any and all members of the Club to fuck her and use her body! "Shark took me inside and introduced me as a new member but although I wanted to protest I was just fooling you I couldn't do anything about it. He led me over to that wretched table and before he bent me over it he took off my skirt and blouse and bra and I was completely naked in front of him. He bent me over the table and I felt very comfortable because I was very tired and wanted to sleep! The next thing I knew my legs were pushed apart by someone's feet and then a hard cock was stuffed into my cunt! I didn't want to be fucked by anyone but I couldn't do anything to stop it. He just kept on fucking me until I felt him cum in me! He was quickly replaced by another hard cock which came in me and then another and another and I soon lost count. I had this terribly full feeling in my pussy because of all the cum which was being pumped into me. About this time someone pushed his hard cock into my mouth and purely by instinct I began sucking him. He came in my mouth and I swallowed the load. He was quickly replaced by another and from then on until I heard you pull Shark off me, I was fucked continually in my pussy, regularly in my asshole and I must have swallowed gallons of cum! I think my asshole was the most uncomfortable because the cum pumped into me had nowhere to go and just lay in my bowels building up a pressure. How can you ever forgive me for what I have done, my darling, do you still want me as your wife?"

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