tagIncest/TabooThe Birthday Gift Ch. 01

The Birthday Gift Ch. 01

byJust Plain Bob©

It might never have happened if my wife hadn't come into my home office one day and made the comment that started it all.

Cookie and I had been married just over twenty-one years and had one child; an eighteen-year-old daughter named Bethany. Cookie and I both worked and had done pretty well in our chosen fields and had both risen to management positions. Our combined incomes gave us enough that we were able to live a pretty comfortable life. We bought a large house on two acres and one of the first things we did was put in an in-ground swimming pool. My home office was in the back of the house and the office window over looked the pool.


It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in my home office standing at the window looking out at the pool. Beth had invited some of her friends over for a pool party and I was standing at the window watching them frolic. I guess it made me a 'dirty old man' to be there thinking the thoughts I was thinking. A bunch of healthy young ladies in bikini bathing suits can certainly generate some very nice fantasies.

My attention was on Mary Anne, an extremely busty redhead wearing an extremely skimpy bikini, when Cookie came into the room. She came over to me, looked out the window, glanced down at my tented pants and giggled.

"Which one of those delectable young sluts are you imagining yourself fucking?"

"All of them."

"All of them? Surely you aren't including Beth."

I glanced over at our daughter in her bright orange bikini and my cock twitched as I lied and said, "No, of course not."

And the truth of the matter was that until Cookie said Beth's name I had never thought of Beth that way. It seemed like Cookie had suddenly thrown a switch. In the down position I had spent eighteen years raising a pretty good kid and while I was aware that she was a lovely young woman I'd never had one sexual thought about her. Cookie's, "Surely you aren't including Beth" pushed that switch into the up position and from that moment on Beth was most definitely included in my erotic fantasies.

Cookie reached down and squeezed my cock, "We can't let this go to waste lover" and she took my arm and led me to our bedroom.


My wife is not a stupid woman. I'm absolutely positive that as I pounded my hard cock into her pussy she was thinking that I was thinking of one of those sexy young nymphs by the pool and she was right, but I'm equally positive that she had no idea that the girl I was thinking of was Beth. My head was full of incestuous thoughts as Cookie clutched at me and moaned.

I imagined Beth on her knees in front of me, taking my cock out of my pants and licking it and sucking on it. I saw her standing in front of me slowly taking off her bikini while she moaned, "I want you to fuck me daddy, I want you in my hot pussy. I thought of her on her knees with her head on a pillow saying, "Take my ass daddy, I want you in my ass." I saw her on her back, hands behind her knees and pulling them back to rest on her sweet looking tits and saying, "There it is daddy, wide open and waiting for you. Please daddy, please?"

I rammed myself into Cookie and she cried out as she had an orgasm and I came buckets into her hot pussy. As I lay next to her trying to catch my breath Cookie said, "That was intense lover, but be honest with me here. Which one of those hot young sluts were you thinking about while you were fucking me?"

"Mary Anne" I lied.

"Oh, like big tits do you?"

"Well, she does have a nice rack and that skimpy bathing suit doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination."

Cookie chuckled. "I'll have to see to it that Beth throws more pool parties. I kind of like interludes like this."


From that day on it seemed like fate was fucking with me as every time I was around Beth the situation had sexual overtones. I'm sure that it was always there, but that I had just never noticed. Beth ran around the house bra-less in T-shirts and tank tops. She wore cut-off jean shorts with the cheeks of her ass hanging out. Several times I walked past her open bedroom door and saw her in only bra and panties. When she hugged me she pressed her tits into my chest and I had to make sure that my erection didn't poke her in the leg.

When Beth went on dates I'd go nuts imagining her on the guys back seat with her legs kicking in the air. Sex with Cookie was more often and more intense and luckily it was summer and Beth had her friends over a lot to enjoy the pool. Cookie would always ask me which one of the girls had inspired me that time and I gave her every name I could think of except Beth"s

One day Cookie asked me if I would fuck one of them if I got the chance. I thought for a moment about how fast I would sink myself into Beth if I ever got the chance and then I said, "No, I wouldn't."

"You hesitated there lover; care to tell me about it?"

"It was nothing. I just ran them through my mind to see if there was one I might like to try, but there wasn't. They are all lovely and sexy, but they are just too young. My tastes run to more mature ladies who act like whores in the bedroom."

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because I want to fuck your hot, slutty ass."

"Oh you sweet talker you" she said as she got on her knees and stuck her ass up in the air. "Come on sailor, put your hard cock in my shit hole."

Later, while resting between bouts, I asked Cookie why she had asked me if I would fuck one of Beth's friends if I got a chance.

"I don't know. Your birthday is coming up and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to get you. Beth tells me that Mary Anne is a real slut and loves cock and I know that she turns you on."

"What? You were thinking of giving me Mary Anne for my birthday?"

"The thought did cross my mind. If you would have said yes to my question I might have tried to find a way to make it happen."

"Let me get this straight. The woman who wouldn't talk to me for a week after I danced with Joan at the Elks during the Christmas party is thinking of setting me up with some teenaged pussy?"

"You said it yourself. You prefer mature women and Joan is a sexy mature woman. I see the bitch as competition. I'm not afraid of a sexy teenager. No way you could stand to listen to her choice of music or hold a conversation with her when every fifth word would be "like" and every tenth word would be "you know." She wouldn't be a threat to me and if fucking Marry Anne turned you on as much as thinking about her seems to my pussy would reap the benefits."

"You really think Joan is sexy?"

"Asshole!" she yelled as she picked up a pillow and started beating me with it.


Two days later Cookie brought the subject up again.

"You sure you wouldn't like a taste of Mary Anne as a birthday present?"

"Good God woman, what has gotten into you?"

"I don't know. Just the thought of your hard cock slamming into a super hot teenaged pussy has been making me wet."

"I can't believe this shit."

"Believe it lover and think about this. I'll be in the closet watching it happen."

"You can't be serious."

"Oh but I am lover, I most definitely am."

"You in the closet watching me boink Mary Anne. This I just have to see."

I know when my leg is being pulled so I decided to have some fun of my own. "Okay babe, make it happen" I said and then I sat back to watch Cookie get all flustered at having her bluff called.


The week before my birthday was a hard one for me. It seemed like everywhere I looked Beth was there dressed, or not, depending how you looked at it, in some way guaranteed to give me a hard on. Once through her half opened bedroom door I saw her completely naked standing in front of her mirror with her hands cupping her breasts. Cookie got a real work out that night and when it was over she chuckled.

"Thinking of your birthday present lover? That why you were so hot tonight? Thinking of those big tits and that hot, young pussy?"

My response was predictable and she laughed as I pushed her legs apart and took her again.


The day of my forty-fifth birthday arrived and I spent most of the drive home from work wondering how Cookie was going to explain not having Mary Anne there for me to enjoy. When I got home dinner was ready and both Cookie and Beth gave me a great big hug and wished me a happy birthday and then Cookie produced a cake with one huge candle. Beth gave me a gift-wrapped box and I opened it and found a new wallet. She gave me another hug, pressing her tits hard into my chest and I noticed, as I very sneakily looked down into her low cut blouse, that she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were stiff and then she pulled away from me and gave me quick kiss on the cheek.

"Got a hot date tonight. Got to run. Love you. Happy birthday again" and she took off.

I looked over at Cookie and she smiled at me. "Your birthday present won't be here until seven-thirty. Want me to suck your dick while we wait? If I can get the first cum out of you you will last longer when she gets here."

I smiled back at her and as I pulled out my cock I said, "Every man should have a whorish wife."

She chuckled and said, "You don't know the half of it lover" as she got on her knees and began to play vacuum cleaner. She got me off and then kept going until she got me up again and then she just worked on me slow and easy until the doorbell rang.

"Here's your present lover. This is the way I want to do this. You go down in the basement and wait until I come down to get you. Go. Go go go, go on now so I can answer the door."

I headed for the basement and I was only three steps the stairwell when I heard Mary Anne say, "Hi Mrs. Bailey." I was stunned. I thought that I was being sent to the basement so that Cookie could answer the door and let a bunch of our friends in. Then she would come down and get me and when I went back upstairs they would all yell "Surprise." But that was definitely Mary Anne's voice I heard. Cookie was going to do it! Cookie had actually set it up for me to fuck Mary Anne. My God, how in the world had she managed that? I thought of those huge knockers of Mary Anne's and my cock strained to get out of my pants. It throbbed and screamed, "Let me at her; let me out of here and turn me loose."

I was getting anxious and it was all I could do to keep from charging up the steps. Five minutes went by and the doorbell rang again. I heard murmured voices and a couple of minutes later Cookie came down to get me.

"Small change in plans lover. Mary Anne started her period this morning, but she arranged a substitute. The problem is that while the girl is willing to do it she doesn't want you to know who she is so the bedroom has to stay dark and you have to wear a blindfold. I'm sorry baby, but it screws me up too because I won't be able to watch from the closet. Is it still okay with you?"

"Yeah, we might as well go for it since you have the girl here anyway."

"Here, put this on" and she handed me a rolled up dishtowel. I tied it around my head so that it covered my eyes and then Cookie led me upstairs and toward the bedroom. I waited for her to stop, take off the blindfold so I could see all our friends as they all yelled Happy Birthday, but she didn't stop - she walked me right into the bedroom! She led me over to the bed and undressed me. When she had me naked her hand slid down my belly to my rock hard cock and Cookie giggled.

"Oh boy, is he ever ready. Come on sweetie, take him in your mouth."

I felt the hot breath just before the mouth closed on me.

"Play with his balls" Cookie said and a soft hand took my ball bag and caressed my stones. "Okay, I'm going to leave you two alone now. Remember honey, once in the mouth, once in the pussy and once in the ass. If you can get him up again after that it is your choice as to where you want it. For your part lover, you have to eat her after you cum in her."

Then she gave me a passionate kiss and said, "Happy birthday lover."


She was soft, she was hot, she was energetic and she was insatiable. As soon as Cookie was gone she took her mouth off of my cock and pulled me down on top of her, guided me into her and then she locked her legs around me and we fucked like sex crazed rabbits. Thanks to Cookie's earlier blow job I was able to last a while and while my partner never said a recognizable word she did cry, moan and whimper as I tried to impress her with my ability as a stud.

When I did finally come she pushed me off her and then she mounted me in the sixty-nine position and we went after each other in frenzy. I had forgotten how sweet young pussy could taste and I buried my face in her cunt and attacked it like a starving man. She worked on my cock with a hot, feathery mouth and she had me hard again in almost no time at all. A couple of minutes went by and then she took her mouth off my cock and said in a voice that I faintly recognized even though she was trying to disguise it;

"Can you taste him old man? Can you taste my boyfriend? He was fucking me when they called and asked me to come over and light your fire. He put two cum deposits in me" and then her mouth went back to my cock and she shoved a finger in my ass and I came so hard I'm surprised that I didn't take the back of her head off.

I don't know why, but I figured that as young as she was she wouldn't have gotten around to giving complete blow jobs yet and I expected her to pull her mouth off me and go "yuck" when my first blast hit the back of her throat. She surprised me by staying with it until my cock was limp and then she let it fall from her mouth. In her obviously disguised voice she said, "Liked that did you? Did you like sucking you and some of my boyfriend out of my pussy? I wish now I'd have done it a couple of more times before Mary Anne called me and asked me to fill in for her then I could have given you a real feast. What, cat got your tongue?"

"I'm just a little overwhelmed by this. It isn't every day that a man's wife gives him another lady to play with."

"Mrs. B told me that I had to let you have my ass. I didn't know how big you would be so I had my boyfriend open it up a little. He nailed my butt in your driveway just before I came in here. It should be ready for you, are you ready for it?"

Her hand fondled my limp cock and she said, "Guess not, but we will work on it" and she went down and stared sucking on me again. While she did that I lay on my back and wondered what I had done to deserve a wife like Cookie. She was definitely one of a kind. I couldn't think of anyone else who had a wife who would do for them what Cookie had just done for me.

I felt my cock stir as my young lover coaxed it back to life. I had to fight off the temptation to fiddle with the blindfold just to see who it was who was making me feel so good. I knew that voice, I know I did, I just had to fight through the disguise and pull it out of my memory. Her voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Ready old man? Ready to take a trip up the dirt road? Gonna take a ride on the old Hershey Highway? Come on lover, I want you in my ass."

God but was she tight. She had either lied about her boyfriend fucking her ass just before she came in or he had a real small dick. I took my time and went slow and easy and she moaned, made sharp little cries and pushed her ass back at me until I was all the way in.

"Go ahead" she moaned, "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard."

I did what she wanted, but I started out slow. I gradually picked up the pace as I gave her time to get used to me and then I started ramming her as she moaned, grunted and cried and finally screamed out, "Oh God, oh sweet fucking Jesus, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

The disguised voice was gone, but it didn't matter because now the voice was disguised by passion as I rammed my cock into her ass half a dozen more times and then came myself.


We lay there on the bed next to each other breathing hard and trying to regain our breath.

"My God old man, how the fuck can I go back to boys my own age after that?"

Before I could say anything in answer to that question I heard a scream from outside the bedroom and I sat bolt upright on the bed, snatched off the blindfold and headed out of the bedroom. The house was dark, but I saw light coming out from under the door to the spare bedroom and I hurried down the hallway, opened the door and then froze in my tracks. There on the bed in front of me was Cookie with a boy I didn't recognize and he was fucking Cookie from behind while Cookie ate Beth's pussy as Beth was sucking the cock of her current boyfriend. Behind me I heard the front door close as my birthday present got out of the house before the shit hit the fan.

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