tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Birthday Surprise

The Birthday Surprise


"I hope you have not forgotten what day it is on Friday?" Jim looked across the breakfast table at his attractive wife, Mandy.

She looked puzzled. "Friday? Now let me see. I can't think, you will have to help."

Jim looked exasperated. "It's my Birthday." Mandy smiled. She got up from the table, came round behind him, and put her arms around his neck. Jim felt the firmness of her breasts pressing against him and the wonderful scent of her body fresh from the shower.

"I know it is, my darling, and this year I have a special present for you."

Jim pressed himself against her. "I hope you haven't spent a lot."

Her breasts moved against him as he felt her shake her head. "You'll be pleased to know that I haven't spent a penny, and if things go to plan, we could even be in pocket."

Even though he pestered her, she refused to say any more. She told him that he would have to wait and would only tell him it was something he had wanted for quite a while.

On Friday as Jim was about to go to work, Mandy told him not to be late as they were meeting Allison and Bob early that evening for a meal.

Jim smiled. Bob was one of his best mates. They had known each other since their school days and Allison, his latest girlfriend, was a right little cracker.

Jim managed to get away half an hour early and when he arrived home, Mandy called down from the bedroom to say she was just going to have a shower. "You've got a pile of birthday cards. Check them through and by that time I'll be done." Jim checked through his cards, grinned at some of the more cheeky ones, and smiled at the pretty one from his mother.

He made his way upstairs to find the exciting sight of a naked Mandy just emerging from the shower, a towel around her hair while drying herself with another. Mandy smiled when she saw the expression on his face. "It might be your birthday, but regretfully, we haven't time for any of that. We're meeting Bob and Allison in less than an hour."

She grinned when she saw the look of disappointment on his face. "Don't worry, darling, there will be plenty of time later." As Jim stripped out of his working clothes, he watched Mandy. She had finished drying herself and was applying perfume to her body. Her breasts were high and firm with dark, rosy nipples. Her tight stomach still showed no sign of a bulge; not bad for a woman of 33. He particularly noticed that her pubic mound looked smooth and newly trimmed. He smiled to himself. Maybe that was part of his present for later.

He went through to the shower, and when he returned, disappointingly Mandy was dressed, but she looked good in a short black skirt and a strappy sequined top. Jim quickly dressed in a casual outfit and joined Mandy downstairs. She was on the phone. "I'm just ordering a taxi." Jim nodded.

The Golden Palace was Jim's favorite Chinese restaurant and Bob and Allison were already there when they arrived. Bob nodded at his friend and wished him a happy birthday. Allison smiled and held her face up to be kissed. Jim leaned forward over her. Her cheeks were smooth and her scent heady.

Allison looked attractive as usual. She had on a tight white top that showed off her breasts to advantage. Jim could just see the shape of her bra through the thin material of her top, and was there also just the trace of a protruding nipple?

The meal was very good as it always was at the Golden Palace. The girls chatted happily together, but Jim thought Bob did not seem his usual self as though something was on his mind. Maybe Allison and he were having some problems. He shrugged it off. Whatever it was, it was no business of his.

One thing he did notice was that Mandy and Allison seemed to be drinking more than usual and the four of them were well down the third bottle of wine. With the meal over, Mandy paid the bill and they made there way out to a waiting taxi that the restaurant had ordered for them.

"Where to now?" Jim asked.

Mandy smiled. "You will soon see. It's part of your surprise."

After a half an hour or so journey, the cab pulled up outside a well lit entrance to a night club. A flashing neon sign proclaimed the club's name: "Dandies". While Bob paid off the cab, Mandy showed tickets to the doorman. He smiled and opened the door to the V.I.P. lounge. Jim smiled to himself. She seemed to have things well organized.

The V.I.P. lounge area was plush and not as crowded as the other part of the club. There was a special roped off seating area with a good unrestricted view of the stage, and with waitress service. They settled down at a table and watched the first part of the evening show, a rather good boy band followed by a comedian whose gags were funny even if they were a little blue.

When the comedian had finished his spot, the compere (master of ceremonies for you Americans) came on and asked if the contestants for the next spot would make their way to the back stage entrance. To Jim's surprise, both Allison and Mandy got up. "We'll see you two soon," Mandy said. Then she reached in her bag and produced an envelope which she passed over to Jim. "This just explains about your birthday present," she said with a grin on her face, and with that, the two of them left.

Jim looked at Bob, who shrugged. He looked down at the envelope. On the outside, in Mandy's handwriting, it said, To my Darling Husband Happy Birthday. Still puzzled, Jim tore the envelope open and inside found a letter. He opened it out and read it.

My Darling Jim:

Happy Birthday, I have been wondering for weeks what to buy you for a present and I couldn't think of anything, I wanted to give you something special as it's your 40th I was looking through the evening paper a couple of weeks ago and I came across an advert.

I realised at once this was what I had been looking for, your ideal present. When I mentioned the idea to Allison she agreed it was just the thing and not only that she decided that it was also the ideal present for her to give you as well.

If you think back a few weeks we had a rather interesting discussion in bed about fantasies. Well tonight darling yours is going to come true, so sit back and enjoy yourself.

Your loving wife Mandy.

He looked over at Bob. "Do you know anything about this?"

He nodded. "Yes, I know all about it. I can't say I'm all that happy about it. It's a good job we are good mates and I know there is nothing in it apart from you are a randy old bastard."

Jim looked at him. "How do you mean?" Just then the compere came back on and interrupted their conversation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's that special part of the evening with our special competition, Beat the Banker!" There was a cheer from the audience. "Behind the curtain we have four very attractive ladies who are going to try and beat the banker and win tonight's prize of up to £500." Another cheer went up.

"Let's meet tonight's contestants!" The curtain pulled back to reveal four women standing on raised pedestals with a small lectern in front of each of them. To Jim's amazement, both Mandy and Allison where up on the stage. He looked across at Bob who just shrugged and shook his head.

The compere spoke to each of the girls, asking their name and what they did for a living. The first girl was a small petite blond by the name of Sandy. She worked in an office. The next was a long haired brunette by the name of Jane who was a sales girl, and next was Allison and then Mandy.

With the introductions over, the compere called for silence. "Right. Let me go through the rules," he said. "To win the money, you have to beat the banker, my assistant here." He pointed to an attractive blond who was holding a pack of extra large playing cards. She held them up and smiled.

"Mary here will deal five cards to each contestant and five to me. From my five cards, I will pick a card. It will be placed face down on the board. Then each of the contestants must pick a card from their own cards. When the cards are shown, the contestants who beat my card get £50; the contestants who don't must remove an item of clothing."

Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing. Mandy, his wife, was up on stage in front of a crowded club about to play a game of cards where she could lose here clothes. Not only that, but her friend Allison was with her. It was then it suddenly dawned on him what was written in the letter: the discussion about fantasies. It was about three weeks ago. They had just indulged in a very pleasurable sexual experience and they were lying in each others arms. They both felt completely sexually satisfied.

Mandy had looked at him lovingly and asked if he had ever had a sexual fantasy about her. Jim had smiled and did not say anything at first, but she had gradually coaxed it out of him. It had turned out that he got a kick out of seeing men looking at her. She had teased him about it and wanted to know more. Gradually, he told her how he would watch men look at her. He went on to tell her about their holiday in Spain and how the men's eyes followed her when she walked along the beach in her bikini.

She smiled to herself as she felt his cock begin to rise, pressing against her leg. "It really excites you, doesn't it?" Jim nodded and then groaned as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his rapidly rising manhood.

"What's your wildest fantasy?" she asked, her hand now moving in slow smooth strokes along the hardened length of his tool. "Would it excite you for men to see me naked?" She felt his cock suddenly rise again. She smiled to herself. She really loved this man. She rolled onto her back and helped him ease himself on top of her. She spread her legs and his hard cock was soon easing itself between her warm, wet pussy lips. Even though they had already had sex twice that night, he was rampant again and thrust into her with renewed energy.

So this was his special birthday present. Was Mandy going to lose on purpose and display herself naked in front of a club full of people?

He had a sudden urge to rush up on stage and pull her off, and then he had another urge to sit and watch and let the love of his life fulfill his wildest fantasy. But where did Allison come into the equation?

Everyone watched intently as the compere selected his card and his assistant, Mary, placed it face down on the board. The four girls each selected a card and placed it face done in a box on their lectern.

"Are you all ready?" the compere asked. The four women nodded. He pressed a button on his desk and a picture lit up on the front of each lectern showing the card the contestant had selected. Sandy had picked the jack of clubs, Jane the queen of diamonds, Allison the king of hearts, and Mandy the queen of hearts.

The blond turned the compere's card over. There was a groan when she displayed the ten of hearts. "All winners on the first hand," the compere announced, and immediately a fifty pound sign lit up on each contestant's lectern.

"Now we come to the exciting bit, double or strip." He smiled at the contestants. "Here you can stick with the cash you have or you can gamble. If you win, we double your cash, or if you lose, you have to remove an article of clothing."

At this stage, Jane and Mandy decided to gamble. Two lights began to flash on Mandy's and Jane's lectern, a red and green. The compere looked at the two girls. "Right, I want you to press the red button on your desk at any time. If your light stops on green, you win; on red you lose."

Both girls stood poised for a moment, then pressed their buttons. The lights stopped flashing. Mandy's was green, but Jane's was red.

There was a cheer from the audience. They were going to see some action. With a slight smile on her face and over the strains of The Stripper, Jane began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped it off, revealing a white lace bra.

On the next hand, there were two losers. Mandy was one of them, Sandy the other. Again, the music started up as Mandy eased off her sequined top and Sandy slipped out of her sweater. Jim felt his erection start to rise as Mandy's black lace bra was displayed to everyone in the bar.

Only Jane decide to gamble and this time she won. She now had £150 in front of her and Mandy was in the same position with Allison in third place with £100 and Sandy with £50.

In the next round, again there were two winners and two losers. Mandy and Sandy won so it was Allison's turn to shed her tight white sweater and display her white bra. Jane had to remove her skirt. She eased it down over her hips, and as the audience cheered, she revealed her brief black thong. Both the winners decided to gamble, but Sandy was unlucky again and had to forfeit her short skirt and display herself to everyone in just her brief panties and bra.

Mandy was now well in the lead with a total of £250, but in the next round, she was the only loser and so lost her short black skirt. There was a cheer as she slipped it down and everyone got a look at her brief black thong.

No one took the gamble this time as things were coming to a head. Only Allison still had her skirt on, and for the other three, it was crunch time. In the next round there was a roar from the audience when all four were losers. They had played their high cards in the early rounds while the compere had saved his.

As the strains of The Stripper started up, Sandy, Jane, and Mandy reached behind for the clasps of their bras amid a wildly cheering audience. The three bras fell away to reveal three perfect pairs of breasts: Sandy's small and petite like her with small sharp nipples and Jane's and Mandy's full and firm. Jim's hard erect cock was straining in his pants and he eased it into a more comfortable position. The sight of Mandy standing there in front of everyone with her perfect breasts revealed almost made him cum in his pants.

Unnoticed to all but a few as most of the audience had been interested in other things, Allison had eased down her skirt. Surprisingly, in the next round the compere's seven of clubs was only good enough to beat Mandy and Allison.

Jim groaned and squeezed on his hard erection, realizing that Mandy was going to be the first to reveal all, and that he was at last going to see Allison's exciting breasts, something he had drooled over for months since Bob had started going out with her.

He saw Allison smile and look in his direction as she unclasped her bra and slowly drew her bra away exposing her perfect twin peaks capped with erect rosy tipped nipples. Then with the chant of "off, off, off," Mandy slowly eased down her brief black thong. It fell to the floor and she stood there totally naked apart from her heels, with her hands held down in front of her covering her pussy.

The compere looked in her direction and smiled. "That's not very sporting of you, Mandy. Be a sport and give the guys a treat." Jim saw Mandy smile as she slowly drew her hands away, at last revealing her neatly trimmed pussy to everyone. There were shouts and cheers from around the club, and Jim could not help himself cumming in his pants.

In the next round, Allison was the only winner and it was down to Sandy and Jane to reveal all. Again there were raucous cheers as the two reluctantly slipped out of their last item of clothing and stood there naked before the cheering crowd.

The compere then called the four down to the front of the stage and thanked them all for their sporty participation Then he gave Mandy and the other two naked contestants their winnings. He was about to give Allison hers when he looked at her still wearing her brief white thong, He smiled. "It's a pity we haven't all had the chance to see all that you have to offer." Then he turned to the audience. "What do you think, guys? Should we get her to show us hers as well?" There was a resounding cheer from all around. "What about it, Allison? If I put another fifty into your winnings, does it come off?"

Allison leaned forward to the microphone. "Make it a hundred and I'll make it worth while," she said huskily.

The compere smiled. "Done deal," he said, and passed the money over to her.

She passed it on to Mandy with a smile. "Hold this for me a moment. I want to give the lads a treat." On cue, the strains of The Stripper started up again. Allison walked to centre stage. She turned her back on the audience and stood with her legs slightly apart. Then taking hold of the waist band of her thong, she began to slowly peal it down over the perfect spheres of her tight rear end. As the thong descended, so did Allison, bending from the waist. Soon she was almost touching the floor. The thong was around her ankles and the awesome sight of her bare shaven pussy was openly revealed to everyone in the room. She reached up between her legs and ran a long finger down between the moist lips of her pussy before slipping it into her mouth and licking off the moisture. The audience went wild. She stayed in that position for at least a minute and gave everyone their money's worth. Then she rose, turned to the audience, and waved before running from the stage. Amid the cheers, the others followed.

Jim looked at Bob for a moment. "My God, man, that was fucking incredible. What a body that girl's got. You always were a lucky bastard."

Bob looked at his friend. Then he smiled and nodded. "She is a bit good, isn't she? But I don't know why she had to show herself to everyone like that. I know she wanted to give you a treat, but what the hell, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and your Mandy has a great body on her. I always wondered what she looked like naked." He grinned.

The two girls suddenly joined them back at the table. Allison put her arms around Bob and kissed him. Mandy did the same to Jim. As they hugged each other, she asked him if he had enjoyed the show. He nodded and held her tighter. "You wait until I get you home. I'll show you how much I enjoyed it." Mandy giggled softly.

Allison untangled herself from Bob. She came over and put her arms around Jim and kissed him. "I hope you liked your birthday present."

She smiled. "I've noticed the look in your eyes once or twice when you have been looking at me, and when Mandy told me what she intended, I decide to give you a treat as well. Bob was not too keen about it at first, but I talked him around. I said that it was only fair as you were best mates, and that if he was going to get a look at Mandy naked, then you should get a look at me."

She smiled and put her arm around Mandy's shoulders. "I think we did a good job together and I think we all need to get off home. I'm feeling as randy as hell after that little showing and I guess you two are feeling the same. I think we all are in need of a little relief."

Arm in arm they all left the club. Other members of the audience thanked them on the way out, but soon they were in a taxi and heading home for what they all knew would be a very memorable night.

I realize there isn't much sex in this, but as you know, dear readers, I love showing my naked body in public. I hope you enjoy the thought of me being naked as much as I enjoy being naked for you.

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