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The Birthday Weekend Camping Trip


There was six of them. All best friends. It took a little while but soon after their friendship started people began to pair off. Of the girls there was Pamela, Julianna and Hope. All three girls had known each other from school. Julianna and Hope were friends from the ninth grade up when they both became part of their school cheer leading squad. Hope was Rick's girlfriend and it wasn't until Rick had befriended Pamela in their junior year that the three girls started hanging out.

Rick's brother Peter was in love with Julianna since he first saw her. Her long wavy golden blond hair, striking blue green eyes, and perfect model like smile was what first caught his attention but it was her body that kept him looking for more. Julianna had long slender legs usually accompanied by a pair of jean shorts or some kind of skirt. It was rare that you would ever find her in anything that wasn't completely form fitting. Her shirts clung to her body to reveal perky C-cup breasts and tight firm abs. Her ass was one of the things Peter loved most about her. Pamela's ass was perfectly round and firm and was of perfect size.

Hope was Julianna's exact opposite but just as beautiful. She had short brown hair that came down not even an inch below her ear. She had deep and rich brown eyes and a petite body. She also enjoyed the concept of tight clothes to show off another rather firm good sized ass and B-cup breasts.

Hope, although her relationship with Rick had been going for a while, was the one who brought Curt into the picture. Curt and Hope had hooked up during one of the many breaks that Rick and Hope had given each other. After they had hooked up Hope rushed back to Rick's arms. She and Curt decided to remain close friends. Rick knew that he couldn't risk this guy stealing his girl away from him so he set Pamela up on a blind date.

Pamela was about five foot six which was a good two inches taller than Curt. She had a very healthy looking body being about a hundred and thirty pounds. Everything evened itself out nicely among her body giving her breast between the size of a C and a D depending on the type of bra she wore. She had a flat but non muscular stomach and nice long legs but compared to Hope and Julianna her ass was rather small. She didn't fancy the tight clothes but enjoyed skirts and v- neck shirts to still show a little something.

It was the day of Curt's twenty second birthday. He was barely a year older than the rest.The group was celebrating being friends for just over three years.

"Body shots!" Pamela shouted as she held up a bottle of tequila. She was standing next to Hope who was already lying on a long fold out table.Rick got the front row and Pamela poured the alcohol into Hope's belly button. Some of the liquid spilled out and raced across and down her stomach and sides. Rick took a step closer and prepared himself to take the shot. He put the salt on his hand and Pamela placed the lime on her. Rick took another step until his legs were touching the table but before he could bend down to take the shot Pamela pushed him back. She licked the salt of his hand then put her lips to Hope's stomach and finished off by biting the lime. She switched the lime around until it was sticking straight out to Rick. "You want it?" Pamela asked still trying to hold the lime with her teeth and talk at the same time.

Rick looked down at Hope who was smiling with encouragement. He leaned over her and grabbed the lime with his teeth. Hope sat up and lightly bit down on the small part of the lime that was sticking out. Rick pulled his head back and Pamela released the lime from her teeth completely and pressed her lips to Hope's. She placed her hand on the back of Hope's head and after a good ten seconds Hope pulled her head back and immediately placed her lips to Rick's who accepted them passionately. He pulled her off the table and the two began to make out while Hope's feet slowly returned to the floor.

After the display everyone was lining up. Pamela was the next to be set up for a body shot and Curt was the one who took it off her. Julianna convinced Peter to get up on the table and after some quick hesitation he agreed. He got up on the table and Julianna pulled off his shirt. She pressed his head down to the table and poured the tequila onto his stomach. She bit her bottom lip and reached out to grab Hope's hand. She poured the salt on it and placed the lime right below Peter's left peck.

"Go." Julianna smiled. She watched as Hope sucked the tequila out and as she was licking her way up to grab the lime Julianna pressed her lips to Peter's.

Hope grabbed the lime in her mouth and lifted her head up. She looked down to see a tent forming in Peter's pants. She stepped back and felt as Rick raced his hands up her sides. He reached forward and cupped her breasts with his hands. He kissed her neck and looked over as Julianna and Peter continued their embrace and Julianna climbed on top of him. She threw her shirt off and Peter placed his hands on her back. He reached his hands down the back of her shorts as far as they would go and grabbed at her ass.

Hope looked at Julianna's back which was sporting a stringy butterfly tramp stamp and pink lace g-string that ran up above her waist band of her shorts.

"Is that turning you on?" Rick whispered lightly biting at her neck.

Hope looked over at Pamela and Curt who were fondling each other while passionately kissing over each other's neck and going back to the mouths. Curt had his hand down Pamela's shirt and undid a couple of the buttons exposing a large breast with a hard erect nipple. Hope watched as Curt got in front of Pamela and stuck the hard nipple in his mouth. Rick was still kissing Hope's neck and reaching under her skirt. He stroked her wet pussy with his index finger then slowly stuck his finger inside. He moved his finger in and out a couple times before slipping in an extra finger and pushing in as deep as he could go. Hope reached her arm behind her head and placed her hand against the back of Rick's neck.

The following morning everyone was sleeping off the night before in Curt's house. Hope woke up before everyone else. All three couples were in the kitchen and living room. Hope and Rick were lying on the floor in front of the couch. Hope was completely topless and she had used her shirt and Rick's arm as a pillow. Rick was using one of the couch throw pillows. He was completely dressed except for his belt being almost all the way pulled out of the loops of his pants and the zipper to his pants being completely down with no button. Hope could feel that she wasn't wearing any panties and looked over to see black lace bikini type panties located not far from her foot.

Pamela and Curt had passed out in the corner of the living room by the kitchen. Curt was propped up against the wall. He had no pants on and his legs were spread wide open but everything was blocked by Pamela who was lying in between his legs. She was completely naked leaving her bare pussy out to the open. She was turned slightly on her side and Curt's arm was wrapped around her blocking one of her breasts and part of the other one.

Hope looked around and saw Julianna and Peter asleep on the table. Julianna was on her side facing the living room. She was wearing nothing but her bra and was resting her head on Peter's arm while his other was slung over her lazily. Her pussy was also visible with a small well trimmed landing strip on it. Peter appeared to be wearing boxers and his pants still looked to be down around his ankles.

After Hope had thoroughly examined each couple she put her head back down on her shirt. She pressed herself back up against Rick and felt as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Once everyone had woke up and got redressed the girls decided to make everyone breakfast. As they moved around the kitchen Hope was the first to say, "So that was some night huh?"

"From what I can remember yeah." Julianna smiled.

"Hey Hope what do you think of Pam's kissing abilities?" Curt blurted from the living room.

"You're a lucky man Curt." Hope smiled.

"Actually I think Rick's the lucky man in this whole thing." Peter smiled.

"And why is that?" Julianna asked. "Is it because he has a girl who kisses girls?"

"Well how come you never do that for me?" Peter asked.

"Okay Peter to make you happy," Julianna said. She walked over to Hope and kissed her passionately while all the guys watched excitedly. Pamela walked over and pulled Julianna to her and kissed her, immediately placing her tongue in her mouth.

The three guys all looked at each other.

"Gentlemen." Peter smiled. "I think we are the luckiest men that ever lived."

"Ever." Rick added.

"No, what would make us the luckiest men is to see them all do each other." Curt smirked obviously testing how far the women would go to please their men. Hope looked out with a smile then pressed herself against Julianna and Pamela. She reached her hands down and rubbed the two girls' pussies through their clothes. The girls all looked to see the guys watching like hungry dogs in front of a steak. Their eyes were all now wide with excitement.

Rick was the first one to get up and race over to Hope. He picked her up and brought her to the living room. Peter and Curt followed in his footsteps and the girls were brought to their own separate corners to get some face time with their men. Hope and Rick stopped making out and Hope stood up. She looked down at Rick's pants where a hard cock was protruding proudly out. She grabbed it and ran her hand across it before fixing her skirt again.

"Ladies, I believe we were doing something in the kitchen."

"Oh you're gonna finish." Peter asked excitedly as Julianna stood up.

"I think she was talking about making breakfast." Pamela smiled as she started for the kitchen.

The three girls went back to the kitchen and finished the meal. Once it was done the guys joined them at the table where the body shots had been done the night before. They ate pretty much in silence before Curt spoke up. "So last night really was fun wasn't it."

"Yeah." everyone agreed pretty much in unison.

"So I was offered this cabin for a weekend by my buddy. He has like this camp and he always leaves at least one or two cabins open for when family and stuff come to see him from out of town. But he offered to let me have one of those for a weekend as a birthday present."

"That's great Curt but how are we all gonna fit into one little cabin."

"Well we can ask for two. I mean there's two beds in each and I'm sure that we can get a single bed one. Two couples would just have to share a cabin and after last night and the way we all woke up this morning I can assure you that none of us are shy about doing anything in front of the others. So what do you say?"

"When were you planning on doing this?" Hope asked.

"Yeah man I mean we have work and other things to worry about." Rick said sitting back in his chair and placing his arm around Hope.

"Well I'm sure we can ask for one specific weekend off. The guy who offered me the cabins just so happens to be my boss so I'm all set so whenever would be a good time for the rest of you."

"I think it would be fun." Julianna spoke up. "Just think we're heading into summer and the weather certainly is getting nicer. I mean we can go on a Friday after we get out of work, spend the night, spend Saturday night, stay until about six o'clock on Sunday and get home so that we could have a good night sleep before work on Monday."

"Why not make it for fourth of July weekend. That should give each and every one of us time to ask their boss for the time off." Peter suggested.

"Perfect." Curt smiled.

Fourth of July weekend rolled around faster than everyone was expecting. They had all managed to get the time off from work and the cabin was about an hour away from them. They said that they would decide when they got their who would get the single unit cabin. Everyone went in their own cars in case any unexpected calls from work were to arise.

Curt and Pamela were the ones to lead. They drove about halfway there then stopped at small gas station where of course everyone followed. They all got out and Hope was the first one to go inside to go to the bathroom. As she walked into the building Curt turned his head slightly to coyly check her out. Rick noticed this but didn't think anything of it. Curt finished filling up his gas tank and walked inside to pay for it.

It wasn't until Rick started thinking that he decided to follow Curt inside. He walked in and Curt looked over his shoulder as he paid for the gas.

"Hey Rick you gotta grab something?"

"No I just have to take a leak."

"Well we won't leave without you so take your time."

Hope walked by Rick as he made his way to the bathroom. He watched over his shoulder as Curt held the door open for Hope and the two walked out together. Hope went out and got in her car. Pamela was sitting in the passenger's side of the car and was watching as Curt got in the driver's seat. Julianna and Peter never got out of their car. Once Rick came back out Curt started his car and drove out of the parking lot. As they pulled out behind every one Rick looked over at Hope.

"Hope when did you and Curt have sex?"


"I was just asking."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"It was awhile ago wasn't it?"

"It was a long long time ago."

"Well you would think he would have gotten over it by now."

"Seriously what is going on with you? Did you do some drugs in the bathroom that I don't know about. Maybe it was something that made you paranoid. Curt and Pamela have been together forever. I'm sure I'm the last person on his mind."

"Pamela certainly wasn't the one he was looking at when you were walking into the store. God I swore he was gonna start drooling as he eyed you. Probably gave him a hard on as he remembered what it felt like inside you. He probably thinks about you while he's busting inside Pamela. Do you ever think about him while we're having sex."

"Okay you have officially lost it. Now I get to spend an entire weekend watching you guard me like a vulture over a carcass."

"How about we pull over before we get to the cabin."


"Come on isn't one of the reasons you got with me is my streaks of randomness?"

"We haven't had sex in a car since we first got together."

"So. We haven't had phone sex since we first got together. Does that mean that we're never gonna do it again? No now come on."

"Okay not five minutes ago you were accusing me of fantasizing about another man now you want me to fuck you in a car. I think you have some problems and I think you just need to calm down and drive to the camp."

Once everyone was at the camp they started the debate about which couple was going to get the single cabin.

"I think Curt should get it since you know this was his trip and his idea and his birthday present." Julianna said with a smile.

"Look I really don't care where I end up as long as I get a bed. I'm just sorry that we couldn't just get three single cabins and we wouldn't even need to be worrying about anybody being unfair about sleeping arrangements."

"You know what I think I second what Julianna said. This is Curt's weekend and I think that he should get the single cabin with his girlfriend." Rick said. He put his arm around Hope and pulled her close to him. She looked up at him rather annoyed and pushed herself away. Hope grabbed her bag and went for the cabin where she, Rick, Julianna, and Peter would be staying. Everyone else followed pursuit.

Curt walked Pamela to the single cabin. It was obviously more intended for couples with darker curtains than the rest had. There was a line of candles on the dresser and a bottle of lotion. On a small cabinet above the TV was a label that read : For Honeymooners and More. Curt opened it up where there was a small stack of porn. Curt took them all down and started searching through them. There was ten all together. Pamela walked over and started looking at the covers as Curt sifted through them. There was one for people with Asian fetishes, two girl on girls, one man on man, one titled Couples Compilation, one of girls masturbating, two gang bangs, and the other two were just regular man on woman. Curt smiled as he took one of the gang bang discs and put it in.

"This place has something for every type of porn watcher." Curt smiled. He walked Pamela to the bed and sat down at the end of it. Pamela pulled her feet up and crossed her legs. She leaned her head on Curt's shoulder

"And which one did you pick for us to watch?"

"Oh you'll see."

Curt scooted back to the head of the bed and leaned against the pillows. Pamela kept her eyes on the TV while she moved back as well. She rested her head on Curt's chest and started rubbing his pecks. The movie started off slowly with the girl in it simply walking around wearing a button up shirt tied off above her naval and showing off cleavage to a pair of obviously fake breasts. She had her belly button pierced and a tattoo on her lower back. She was wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts that had her ass hanging out of them. They rode up her crack like a pair of thongs. In the video the girl was strutting around out in a fenced in back yard before she pulled down a lawn chair and took off her top. Her breast stuck out and she looked around before taking off her shorts and a pair of white thongs. The view point then changed to three guys who were looking at porn images on a computer before looking out the window and seeing their naked neighbor sunbathing her beautiful body. Without saying a word the men all looked at each other and walked out of the room. The girl in the video heard the door bell ring and walked out to answer it without any clothes on. She invited the guys to the back yard and began to get on her knees while all three men began to undo their zippers.

While the girl in the video shared her mouth to give each of the guys blow jobs Pamela nuzzled her nose into Curt's neck. She then looked down at a raging hard on pressing against his zipper. She kissed his neck while she ran her hand down his body to massage the hard cock through his pants. His eyes rolled back and shifted over to looking at her. He pushed her hand away and unzipped the pants before letting a hard seven inch dick pop out. Pamela grasped it and massaged it. She shifted her eyes from looking at Curt's facial expressions then to the piece of meat in her hands that only seemed to grow harder with every stroke then back to the video.

Curt reached down and started fingering Pamela. She had to take a break from what she was doing to lie on her back and let Curt wiggle and ram his fingers inside of her. He then got on top of her and straddled her legs before taking his cock in his hands and sticking it in between the two wet lips. He teased the area a little. He wiped his dick across her leg then returned it back to the lips which were getting increasingly wetter begging for the hard rod to enter through them. Curt waited until he felt a small trickle of cum drip out of her before ramming his cock in her forcefully and began thrusting in and out of her.

Pamela looked up as Curt rammed her. He looked down at her quickly then shifted his eyes to the ceiling. He continuously thrust in her slowing down his speed just slightly and for quick increments before gaining speed again. Finally he gave one final thrust pressing in as deep as he could go before pulling out and releasing his load all over Pamela's waist and the front of her pussy.

"How was that?" Curt asked as he rolled over onto his back and fixed his pants.

"Good. You did it with such purpose."

"I just wanted it in you." Curt said in a lustful whisper.

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