tagErotic HorrorThe Black Flutter

The Black Flutter




Obviously, this story is a work of fiction,

and all characters are entirely imaginary.

If anyone takes this story's anti-heroine

as an excuse to think poorly of women,

I note here that it was written as a

reverse spin on selfishness...

just to keep things interesting.

Wishing you all unselfish love,

the Author


Carly kicked her toes in the cool blue water, pushing off from the sandy ocean floor. The shallow water of the coral reef pulsed with sunlight and sea creatures of every color. It was dizzyingly bright and intensely alive. She took a breath through her mask and silently counted the time she had left before she would have to turn back. That was the part she hated: leaving this beautiful place for the grey reality of routine. Well, she wouldn't let what couldn't be helped ruin her enjoyment now. She heard a remembered run of softly fingered piano keys as a tune from her classical music appreciation course swept through her head. What a perfect soundtrack for the peaceful ripple around her. She smiled against the mouthpiece of her air tank as the water caressed her wetsuit. One more dive into the grotto before she left. She was sure there was something she had nearly seen on the previous dive. As she had turned to go the last time, she had seen something out of the corner of her eye. It had fascinated her, but she hadn't had time to explore. If she kept an eye on the time, she could have a quick look before she swam back to the dive boat.

Parting the sleek waves, Carly moved forward and down, intent on her destination. The water grew dimmer, murkier, as she pushed downwards, and she clicked on a small lamp on her tank. She could see, just barely, where she would have to move most quickly, past the narrowing in the cavern. Once she was past the bottleneck, she would be in darker but clearer waters. Then she could see, perhaps even without her lamp. Some of the creatures and sea plants that grew in the dark waters glowed with a cool, rather eerie light of their own. A chill crept down her neck, and the music faintly echoing in her head changed tone, growing deeper and quieter, with a trill of scales that somehow made Carly's neck shiver as if twitching off a small insect. "Oh, stop it," she scolded herself mentally. "You're going to finally get to see that thing... whatever it was... that intrigued you so much before." A nervous corner of her mind wondered why a half-seen movement in a reef filled with moving, swirling fish, living coral and other sea life would catch her attention so particularly. She dismissed the foolish thought. Onward.

Her fingers found the edges of the sharp coral without quite touching them, even with her gloves. Cautiously, she slipped through the opening, slowly enough to avoid the danger of snagging her wetsuit through carelessness, but quickly enough to follow the flow of the current as it pushed her through. Darkness surrounded her, punctuated rather than really lightened by her tiny dive lamp. In a way, she resembled just one more creature of the deep, floating in the cool abyss with her own dim glow to guide her. But as the greenish light of the swaying sea plants surrounded her, she switched it off. Best to save it, just in case. She could see now, fairly well. She drew in air carefully, making sure not to unconsciously hold her breath in excitement. It had been just here... what was it that she had seen?

There! Was that it?

Sliding through the water with a small, expert motion, Carly followed the movement of a darkness that was somehow blacker than the crevice it darted into. This was nothing she had seen before in any of her books or dive videos. The long, graceful flare of... tail? membrane? rippled and flourished before disappearing. Where had it gone? Putting caution aside, she swooped after it. The vague aura of green showed her an inner grotto she had never known existed. With wildly pounding heart, she followed the mysterious flutter into what appeared to be a vast underwater cavern. Carly checked her tank. Still time. Her finger fumbled at the switch for the lamp. She would need it here, further in. The carpet of sea grasses did not extend this deep, and the water looked cold and empty. Suddenly, the flash of movement was very close, passing just over her head. With a startled jerk, Carly's hand knocked painfully against the lamp. It hurt a little bit, but with relief she saw that the lamp still appeared to be working, although with a rather disconcerting flicker. Now her eyes were playing tricks on her. Could there be more than one of the... whatever it was...? The water moved around her, and she could not really tell what was motion and what was illusion.

For some reason that she couldn't explain, Carly suddenly thought of her last boyfriend. He had enjoyed diving with her, and they had been good partners. In bed, too, he had somehow known things she had never told him. He had dived there, too, she thought with an inner laugh. He had loved licking down her thighs and into her soft, quivering, wet lower lips. He had told her she made him feel like a deep sea explorer, and that her hot, salty moisture was the most exciting thing he had ever tasted. Carly's nipples tingled inside her wetsuit, and she... why was she thinking about him? He was long gone. "Shoo," she muttered mentally. "Leave me alone. You're dead."

He was, too. She had made sure of that.

A girl couldn't be too careful. Carly, ever-cautious, had seen the money left in her bank account dwindling steadily. Her taste for exotic diving vacations sure did eat into those savings, and she had thought about what to do for a long time. The small trust fund left to her by her grandmother wouldn't last forever. And the sex she had with her boyfriend was great. She didn't want to have to start chasing older men for their money. Why, they would expect her to spend all her time pleasuring them, instead of lying back and enjoying the luxury of her boyfriend's talented tongue bringing her to ecstasy. Return the favor? Certainly she did, sometimes, to keep him from complaining too much, but really... any more often would just ruin things.

What she had done was very logical. If she had no money, she would have to leave her boyfriend anyway. If she had money, she could have any boyfriend, or as many boyfriends as she could find time for. So, really, he was as good as gone.

He hadn't been rich. But his parents had scraped together whatever money they could manage when he was mysteriously kidnapped. Who would snatch a young couple from a lovely beach in bright sunlight? And what black heart would cut their beloved son's throat when the ransom had been paid, leaving his body to sink into the sea? No one knew, least of all his hysterical, grieving girlfriend. Why, she could barely speak when they found her. No one would think the poor child had anything to do with this horrible incident. The trauma she must have suffered!

Carly shivered in the darkness, shrugging off the memory. Why waste time thinking about the past, really?

Something brushed across her mouth, just over her breathing apparatus, and she screamed noiselessly inside her mask. "Calm down, Carly, it's fine, it's fine," she chanted repeatedly, wordlessly. She was breathing too fast. The air would be gone too soon. Relax... relax... why get so stressed over nothing?

She closed her eyes briefly, willing herself to concentrate on pleasant things so that she could calm down enough to breathe properly.


Her lips curved upward in a smile as she thought of the lovely feeling of Tim's mouth between her legs. Her legs scissored lightly in the water as she concentrated on calming images. The heel of her hand stroked against her mound through the wetsuit. Yes. Nothing like that delicate flutter against tender flesh.

Tim... his eyes watching hers with dark desire as he kissed her clitoris, rubbing softly, gently against the hidden pearl. Carly felt the tingle of her skin as if the wetsuit simply wasn't there. She dreamed his hands caressing down her belly, starting a tremor inside. That barely-there flick against the floating seaweed tangle of her pubic hair... could her imagination be that strong? or was something really touching her? No... of course not... Tim's eyes watching her... but hadn't they been blue, an almost electric blue? surely they weren't an empty, endless black...?

Carly's eyelids moved but did not open.

What was this feeling? this perfect, seductive pleasure?

Tim, she thought. Tim, I know you're here. Oh, it feels so good.

A long flag of unbroken black slowly swirled through the dark water, circling her thigh. Tightening, just enough to feel like a lover's embrace. Another onyx streamer glistened through the dimness, pushing the dreaming girl's torso against the wall of algae-covered coral behind her.

Carly moaned.

The sound hummed in her breathing tube and rattled against the hollow tank.

The light blinked out.

Carly didn't even notice.

Total, unrelieved darkness, and the black flutter surrounded her, a silent crowd of unknowable membrane that rippled with the water's flow like tiny lips opening and closing, breathing in and out.

The icy water felt warm on Carly's bare skin. Bare? how had that happened? She smiled vaguely as the shreds of her wetsuit drifted off into the shadows. Black pennants closed around her breasts in a fluttering mass. Her nipples puckered and she squirmed in sexual hunger.


Her moan was louder, although still impossible to hear except as a rattle in her tank.

If a girl moans in the water, deep deep down, far from forests and trees and the sight of the sun, does it make a sound?


There were wide, transparent black streamers wrapping the pale, bare skin of her entire body. Darkest black tongues of flesh penetrating her most secret hollows.

A thick cord of black shadow pushed insistently at her cunt, and she opened in delight.


A whip of midnight flesh roughly entered her quivering ass, and another entered her open, moaning mouth. Her mask? her tank? Hadn't she been careful? Hadn't she been so careful? Oh, it felt so good. But hadn't she been careful? Oh, Tim...

Tim, she said in her dream of bliss, oh Tim, it's so good, you're killing me, Tim, Tim, TIM!


A stream of silvery bubbles rose from the seething blackness of the deep water, the only thing that would rise back up to the sunlit sea.


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