tagErotic CouplingsThe Bluebell Woods

The Bluebell Woods


I had known Dave for some years, but only cyberly on an internet forum, both of us being from different parts of the US, although originally from different parts of the world and though he was nearly double my age I felt we always had a special affinity from day one.

We had talked on every subject over the years but the one thing that had stuck in my mind was what he called The Treatment ... His description had me wanting it when we discussed it. And still did.

And now at last we were both visiting the UK at the same time so had arranged for a meet up in Surrey, at a car park by a Bluebell Wood for a picnic. Still thinking of The Treatment I wore a nice knee length skirt, a top, with buttons down the back, no bra and decided against panties under the skirt. I wanted easy access if I was going to get lucky, and of course I also had a good pubic trim. He had often teased me about Spanish women being extra hairy. And I knew he would have preferred me to be smooth down there as a baby's bottom, but I was not ready for that just yet.

Come the day it was an hour or so drive from where I was staying, and I must admit I felt excited and a bit apprehensive during the journey but I definitely had the warm feeling inside.

It was about 2.30 when I arrived. I knew what car he was driving and I could see him at the end of the car park. The tension inside me soared as I pulled along side his car. We both got out together and Dave walked over to greet me. "Ah the beautiful Dana," he said as he stroked my face with the back of his hand and said I was gorgeous. His hand drifted down my top and gently stroked my breasts through my top, leaving no doubt what was on his mind. The tension released, I jumped in his arms for a huge hug realizing the natural affinity was there in real life as it was in the cyber world. We just stood there chatting non-stop for five minutes.

Dave got a huge hamper a cool box and a blanket out of the car and we walked into the wooded area for about ten minutes until we came to a small field of bluebells looking glorious in the afternoon sun. We found a nice spot and spread the blanket down and laid back with the sunshine beating down on us, it was an idyllic place and so peaceful.

We continued to chat about everything and opened the picnic basket and helped ourselves to wine and snacks at the same time; with the sun and the effects of the wine I was very relaxed and after an hour I laid down to soak in all the pleasant atmosphere feeling very good.

After a few minutes Dave started to undo the buttons down the back of my top saying, "You need some sunshine to your body."

My heart was going pitter patter at this and as he got to the last button and removed my top, I knew he was taking me in with his eyes and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

I opened my eyes to look at his reaction and saw a big beaming smile coming from him and with his London accent saying, "You bet, absolutely beautiful."

He leaned over and kissed each nipple in turn, flicking them lightly with his tongue. He dipped again into the huge hamper and brought out some sun screen oil.

"May I?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I replied and with a big smile he proclaimed, "The treatment has started."

The huge smile spread to my face as well! He started gently to apply the oil to my face and neck slowly down to my shoulder down around my breasts where he lingered for a while then continued down to my stomach, my skirt was still on so he pulled it up to my waist exposing my naked pussy to his gaze and more delight came across his face as he oiled hand went onto my thighs and went down one leg and came up the other arriving back at my pussy and lightly oiled the whole area I'm sure my hips raised to get more contact there, but he was in full control of the job in hand and was in no rush. A wonderful feeling.

He put the oil back in the basket, poured me another wine and had a cold can of coke for himself, for a break to let the oil soak in he said. His voice was far softer than I would have though and had me totally relaxed. We finished our drinks and I laid down again waiting for more. It started with a gentle kiss on my forehead, my nose, my lips, my neck and then taking my nipple in his mouth, he twirled it around with his tongue. My nipple quickly jumped to attention and rose to the occasion by growing in his mouth; a jolt of sexual excitement went through me and continued as he kissed and licked on down to my stomach. He then raised my knees and opened my legs apart and continued licking all around my inner thighs; with no flimsy piece of material between his tongue and my pussy my body was demanding attention and not yet getting it. The sexual pleasures running through my body were tremendous and I was at the point of shaking.

"Please please," I called out.

Knowing full well what I wanted he opened my lips with his finger and his tongue made contact. As soon as his tongue just touched my outer labia lips my first orgasm shook me. He licked all around the area slowly licking up and around the full length of my labia lips, and I was so wet his face must have been soaked. And at last, he reached my clit which felt like it had jumped into his mouth. And another wave of electricity shot through my body. Suddenly, I felt an icy hot feeling going through the whole area!

'Wow!' I thought, 'What's happening?' I had to know and asked.

"Altoids," he said.

I later discovered a few altoids in the man's mouth gives the same effect you have in your mouth when you suck them, try it to find out!

This was just fantastic, this icy heat went on for a few moments then the feeling changed again as Dave put ice cubes in his mouth from his cold box. Another new feeling shot through me, I was really getting hot all over through the hot sun and the sheer sexual pleasures running through me. Dave then picked up a couple of ice cubes and ran them all around my body, another great feeling, and my nipples jump to attention again as they enjoyed the ice too. Then just as I was feeling cold down there he took a drink of hot coffee from the magic picnic basket and introduced another new sensation to my inner folds as the heat came back in. Again the orgasms roared thru my body.

A thought flashed in my mind, 'I could happily die doing this, but not before I receive more please.'

Then with my clitoris dancing around in his mouth I felt him put a finger or two inside me and with a steady rhythmic pulse he proceeded to finger fuck me, bringing in extra sensations. It seemed he was using three fingers as suddenly I felt one finger enter me but the other two were still gently caressing all around my labia and clit. He crooked the finger inside of me and found my G spot at the first try. Electricity was shooting through me like a bullet, this was heaven.

Then he added another feature as a well lubricated finger enter my anus with a gentle prodding, not something I would normally go for but now it just felt so good.

The feeling changed again and again until I was so exhausted I could hardly move at all. But my body felt fully sexually sated and I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had.

Dave eventually stopped the action. He produced a small towel and wiped me down all over and we both just lay back under the sun coming down from the high. I squeezed my thighs together to get the last drop of feelings out of the experience.

After about ten minutes of resting I leaned over and stroked his penis through his trousers. I could feel his erection growing in my hand so I sat up a bit and unzipped his trousers. I leaned over more and took him in my mouth and within a few seconds got him to full erection; he was ready for the main event.

Dave got on his knees between my legs and lifted my legs over his shoulders until his target was directly in line. Using his hand he rubbed his penis up and down my slit a few times and then slowly penetrated me, barely touching the slit, the tip of his cock tracing a long slow path. Twirling around my clit, it repeated its wet slippery circuit as my pussy lips puffed and parted.

Just about an inch entered at first and he left it there; I could feel it twitching up inside me and I wanted it all inside me. I raised my hips quickly and pushed his full length inside of me and a wave of exhilaration went over me.

'Sun and sex,' I thought, 'something this girl needs.'

He leaned forward and played with my breasts as he slowly built up a regular motion then slowing down and speeding up again. Now he was reaching even deeper into me; again wave after wave of sexual electricity was flowing through my whole being. With wave after wave of immense joy was washing all over me; I started to feel he was getting close to his orgasm and used my internal muscles to squeeze him as the crescendo of a lust and sexual fervor built. I could feel myself close to blacking out with what must have been my orgasm of the year.

We both lay back totally sexually sated and exhausted, but very happy. Dave picked up the towel and dried me off, considerate as always. We then laid back to take in the last of the day's sun and just relax.

We had been out in the field for hours and the sun had started to go down and so we prepared to leave. So just a quick button up of my top, and pulling my skirt down we walked back to our cars. He of course on the way back tried to convince me to shave all my pubes off to gain extra sensations; he may well have talked me into it. Were more sensations possible?

At the entrance to the car park was a small tearoom so we sauntered in there for some tea and to chat more. Of course I wanted to know if I was ever going to get The Treatment again,

"Any time," he said, "just come to Florida, you can float around the pool on a Lilo with my tongue buried inside you."

"Damn you," I said, "I am getting wet again." We both laughed.

By the time we came out of the tearoom it was dark outside. We walked the 100 yards to the far end of the car park, noticing we were the only ones still there. I was not looking forward to the goodbye and shocked myself by leaning against the hood of the car with one foot on the bumpers, pulling my skirt up to my waist, and saying to Dave, "I need a bit more treatment for the journey home."

"You're insatiable," he said as he dropped to his knees smiling again and plunged his tongue straight into me.

My clitoris welcomed him home as the surges flew through me culminating in a perfect orgasm across the hood of the car. But he wanted more himself. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the edge of the car park by the tree line where a pile of logs had been stacked; he bent me over the logs face down, lifted my skirt to my waist, opened my legs apart, and with a few moments of dragging his penis up my slit he went all the way inside hard and fast. There was certainly no pretence of a romantic moment; this was just sheer unadulterated fucking at its best. He pounded into me as he reached forward under my top and grabbed my breasts with force, twisting them and rubbing both my nipples with his forefingers at the same time.

I knew my legs were going to get weaker by the minute so I told Dave, "Quicker, harder."

Talk about being pounded, I was starting to feel like a rag doll. Fortunately Dave has brought his hand back from under my top and was now holding my hips with enough force to support me. We were sweating profusely and I was soaking inside and out. Then a giant orgasm shot through my whole being and my legs started to go. A second later Dave blasted his load into me.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed out and just collapsed over the logs totally and utterly shattered with exhaustion.

I was on my second orgasm as he finally filled me up but we both stay connected for a few more moments to let the sheer power of sexual satisfaction flow over us both.

We got our breath back after a few minutes and Dave asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Absolutely fucked," I replied and we both had to laugh at that.

"One more thing," Dave said, he opened the car and got a small camera out, and took a few pictures of me sitting on the logs in a very demure pose, but for the final shot he has me lean back over the logs with my skirt around my waist and my legs apart, again calling it a sample of his furry friend in full bloom. At least my expression on my face was not showing; it had a smile from ear to ear ...

It was time for us to depart. We hugged and kissed and I drove away nearly in tears watching him in the mirror but keen to get to bed to relive the whole memory in my dreams.

Will we meet again? I suppose it depends on my wants and needs.

Now where will it be? And what do I want? Let me think!


With many thank to Volunteer Editors, Majorwllr and an unnamed other.

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