tagBDSMThe Boat Maid: Month One

The Boat Maid: Month One


It is summer now. I have a new uniform. A micro skirt that just rests over my round ass cheeks, covering only the tops of my round white globes of flesh. No panties. None at all. It's more convenient for easy access, and I understand that. Short white lacy socks. Patent leather five inch heels. That's it.

Today I am being waxed. Master has a beautician come to the boat and she waxes my bikini area down below board. It hurts, so he ties me to the pool table. The beautician finds this more convenient, and I guess I do too. I tend to writhe when things hurt. And it's best to keep still. The beautician always does a Brazilian wax. It's best for smooth and easy access. And I understand that. After she leaves I am red and swollen, my skin around my pussy lips inflamed.

Master enters me and cums in me and on me. And then it feels better. "I know what you need to feel better" he coos, while pinching my nipple, hard. I like it when he speaks softly while hurting me, a little. My pussy gets wet when he does that. He knows this.

I have been excelling at my job. I am a good Boat Maid. I get rewards. I get rewards all of the time, almost constantly these days.

But I also get punishments. Master is very strict. I am always trying to do a better job.

Yesterday I was having trouble in my blowjob lessons. These days, at three o'clock, he ties my hands around the ship's mast behind my back. I kneel with my calves on either side of the pole, the pole holding me steady against my butt and spine. I suck his cock for an hour, usually, slowly. It is my job. But I kept choking. Master does not want to hear me choke. He wants me to deep throat his cock always eagerly, never choking. I fail at this lesson the most. His cock is so long, and gets so hard. It hits up against the back of my throat, and I can't help but gag.

At four o'clock he ties me face-down on a bench above board. The bench is wide enough so that my tits cannot hang off the sides, they rub against the wood beneath me. My tits are big. They rub against the wood. My knees are always on the deck, and my ass at the end of the bench. Having easy access to this end of me is one of the rules that I respect and obey.

The punishments are very exact. The number of times I choke on his cock are counted. I am spanked ten times for each choking noise I let out. From four until four thirty every day I am spanked. I never tell Master that I like it. I love exposing my ass to him. I love the feeling of vulnerability and surprise. While he spanks my ass, he examines my pussy between each hit. With each slap, my pussy gets a little wetter. He is not proud of me for being turned on by this. He requests that I have more self control. Lack of self control is always grounds for punishment. I trust him to know what is right. I am always under his hand.

As I cry out with each slap I hear his breath become more ragged. I can hear him breathing a little heavier every time I cry out. If I writhe away from the slap he grabs my hips and pulls me back to the end of the bench. He stops between each slap to pull my butt cheeks open and finger me from my asshole to my pussy lips. He is very careful and always examines the results of his work. I am always spanked for one half hour, unless I have been very bad. Then I am spanked longer, and harder. After fifteen minutes he changes from using his hand to using a short whip. If I have been very bad I get another fifteen minutes with an electric switch. The electric switch stings like a bee sting every time it comes down on my butt cheek. The heat and pain make my pussy gush.

What I want is to be fucked on this bench. I always, always want this. Master knows this. But I do not always get this. I must be very good in enduring the spankings and not writhing away too much. Only then can I get fucked like a Good Girl.

Lately I have been very good, and only edged away from the spankings when the force of his hand nudged me forward a little. This has made him proud and so usually by four thirty he has begun to unzip his pants and press his cock against the lips of my pussy, pulling my ass cheeks open slightly to get close to the opening.

He never fucks me immediately. I have spent hours begging for it, while he only teases the lips of my pussy with his hardened cock.

I am always afraid of that moment when he enters me. He is by all measurements too big for someone my size. Pushing into my pussy hurts at first. I cry out. This satisfies him. "Take it," he says to me. "I can't" I usually whimper, because I never know how it will fit inside.

I am always blindfolded during four o'clock spankings and four thirty fuckings. Master says it is important that I do not know what is coming. I think he is right. My breath begins to come short because of fear. The fear and anticipation turn me on. He makes me wait and only touches me when he pleases, when I least expect it, and always on his terms. I trust him completely. I am under his hand.

If the fucking on the bench gets very hard, sometimes I get splinters in my tits from the wood of the bench. Master says this is normal. He always sucks the splinters out afterward when he is sucking my tits. Whenever he is done fucking me - sometimes at five thirty, sometimes at six thirty, it is time for dinner.

His dinner comes first, of course. He has sucked and teased my tits so much this month that I have begun lactating. For dinner with me, he sucks the milk from my tits until there is no more. Then he comes in my mouth and I swallow the cum. Then he leaves me naked aboveboard while he dines alone on regular food below deck. I usually fall asleep, tied back to the bench, and I get some much needed rest. By seven o'clock he is above board with me again, feeding me my real (food) dinner. He feeds me by hand, sometimes putting food in my mouth, sometimes rubbing food on my tits and making me lick it off. When I am done eating, he gives me a glass of champagne, holding it up to my lips and helping me drink. I like champagne. He likes me slightly drunk by evening so he can lead me where I need to go.

Most nights he ties his tie like a leash around my neck and pulls me below deck for night time. He ties each wrist and ankle to a bed post and inserts a vibrating dildo into my pussy before I sleep. I sleep covered only by a thin sheet in the warm cabin. He sits in a chair nearby smoking a pipe and and watching me moan and climax in my sleep.

Master says I am always begging for it, which is why he says I am beginning to excel at my job. A good Boat Maid is always begging for it.

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