The Body of Justice


There were a stack of papers inside. Newspapers, documents, pictures. I started looking through them. The first was an article detailing how my ex-husband had closed a multi-million dollar deal. This was the deal he was working on his last business trip when we were together. Next were articles detailing my arrest. They were clearly biased to favor that bitch Veronica.. If they knew the truth, they would all be on my side. Next was an article explaining how Veronica chose to leave the police department to pursue other interests. She left the force with a hero's ceremony. The next item was a Maxim magazine, with Veronica on the cover! The headline was "Sexy Cop Struts her Stuff." The bitch was actually famous! I found the article, and throughout were sexy pictures of her. I read the interview with her, conducted by another woman, and found a highlighted section. I read it.

"Q: Are you seeing anyone?" the interviewer asked.

"A: Actually yes. There was an incident a few days after the hostage ordeal, where this crazy woman attacked me. I stopped her obviously, and she went to jail. But her husband learned the error of his ways and hooked with a real woman." Veronica responded.

"Q: You're dating that woman's husband?" the interviewer asked.

"A: Well, we're engaged now. Just goes to show you, if you come after me, I get you'll back worse." Veronica replied.

"Q: Haha. Wow. That's hot." The interviewer replied. Seriously, what woman would support what she did? I slammed the magazine shut.

The next article I saw was a wedding announcement. There was a picture of Veronica and James, and they both looked so happy together. I threw the picture away in disgust.

Next was a book of pictures in an album, titled "My Dream Wedding." Inside were pictures of them getting married, surrounded by friends and family, including former friends of mine, in the back yard of my dream house. Everyone looked so happy. How could they all support her after what she did?

I tossed the book away. Under it was one last document. It was a restraining order against me from James and Veronica Decker. I tore it up and walked out. I paid for my room and was able to rent a car. I needed to get out of this place, this town. I needed a fresh start. I got in my car, and sped away, trying to put this city behind me. Suddenly, blue and red lights flash behind me.

"Fuck!" I yelled out to myself. I pulled the car over, and just started crying.

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by Anonymous09/30/17


it was hot, but i don't know... guess it was just too depressing in the end, which kinda killed the vibe.

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