tagLesbian SexThe Boss Ch. 02

The Boss Ch. 02


Bitch.....become her bitch.....do whatever she wants me to do? Mona thought about this. I've never been someone's bitch before....but the idea did intrigue me......

"Ok......I'll do it." Mona told me.

"So my bitch since i got you off, I want you to get me off, I'm going lower my ass to your mouth, and I want you to eat my asshole." I don"t know if it was a look of disgust or she was just startled by my instructions ,I thought might as well test her before we get into this to far. I straddled her head , facing down as it were and lowered my ass to her mouth, settling in and reaching for her cunt.

I lay there...with Laura's ass on my face! I could smell her scent near my nose. I stuck my tongue out and licked the side of her anus......It smelled of her feces......I moved my tongue closer to her anal opening...pushed my tongue in.......

In the meantime, her hand was caressing my pussy.....she was rubbing me raw........making me squirm as she moved her hand faster and faster.

She started really hurting me, pinching my clit then scratching it with her fingernails.

"oooooooowwwww!!" I howled as my body jerked, trying to get away.

In the meantime, I moved my tongue in a circular fashion.....licking the outside of her anal opening as well as sticking my tongue inside her ass.....

I then saw her get an alligator clamp from her bag......I tried to move away but she held me fast.

I looked in horror as she took the clamp out and showed me the teeth......

"Please don't put it on.....please..."

Then she reminded me that I wanted to be her bitch....her slave....She asked if i still wanted to belong to her....

"Yes....i do....." I nodded...

Then she began to move the alligator clamp toward my pussy!!

"God...no...not there...I thought you were going to put it on my nipple!!"

I struggled, trying to get away......but she held my legs apart....the teeth bit on my swollen clit....then I screamed...

"oooooooooooooowwwwwww!!" It hurt so.

Laura could almost feel the pain as Mona screamed. "Good thing the walls were sound proofed or the neighbors would be calling 911, Laura thought. There was method to her madness. She would leave the clamp on. Mona would be in such pain that when Laura removed it she would be so grateful that it would endear her to Laura even more

Mona thrashed around seeking a way to get rid of the clamp causing her such terrible anguish. Laura held her arms. She begged and pleaded. Laura left it there for maybe a minute or so knowing that after the initial pain endorphins would kick in and it wouldn't hurt as much.

Laura wanted her to experience the pain. She removed the clamp. She left her pulling on a robe making sure there no articles of her clothing in the bedroom.

A minute or so later Mona appeared with a sheet wrapped around her. "UUmm where are my clothes?" she asked.

Laura looked at her with a stern expression. "Is that the way you speak to your Mistress?"

Looking confused Mona replied "aahh no Mistress could I have my clothes please?"

Laura replied,"No you may not, now drop the sheet I want you naked." With a little hesitation she dropped it, now very embarrassed. It was a whole different ball game now. "Move your hands away from your crotch."

Mona's head downcast. "Now drop to your hands and knees and crawl to me." Again Mona obeyed. Laura told her to "sit on your haunches, spread your knees." Her pussy was very red and looked very sore. Laura reached down and gently stroked it, the Mona became wet immediately. "This is what I wanted to accomplish ..Now are you sure you still want to be my bitch?"

I didn't know why.....but I liked the sound of it.

"Yes, mistress...."

My answer please her immensely. She pulled me up taking me onto my lap, stroking my naked body kissing me telling me that she loved me. "Tell me about yourself," Laura asked. "How much experience do you have with other women, have you ever been involved with Dommes or male doms? How many times have you been fucked or sucked a cock or eaten a pussy or been whipped or other wise punished? Tell me the truth. I won't get angry unless I catch you in lie and you've just gone through what I consider some mild pain compared to what I will do to you if you don't tell me the truth."

"Mistress, you are the first mistress i have been with." I told her...

"I have been with other women, but we just licked each other......One spanked me once....but nothing like this."

I felt good in her lap......I leaned over and kissed her lips.

"So is this the way you answer, by leaving half of it out? Tell me the details of your times with a cock in your mouth, pussy and your tongue in a cunt but bring me the whip on the side table, no, crawl bring it back in your mouth, then you can tell me." Laura commanded.

"Please, not the whip.......Mistress......I'll tell you.....the first time i had a cock in my mouth was my older brother's......he trapped me in my room....and forced me to suck him........a few days later he took my virginity.......He then brought his friends to take advantage of me......"

I then crawled to the wall where the whip was. I took it in my mouth and crawled back to her...my ass swaying to and fro.....

"I had a roommate in college who made me lick her pussy every week....she spanked me and made me do her chores...."

I had hoped this was enough for Mistress.

"I want details slut," taking the whip from her mouth. "Turn around." My ass was toward her. Laura lightly stroked it then brought the whip down hard. Swish!!

"Now whore tell me details, how did the cum taste? How many times did your brother and his buddies ass fuck you? How often did they cum in your mouth after pulling out of your asshole? How often did your college roomy make you lick her pussy after she pissed? Did she ever pee in your mouth? Did she or your brother make you eat their ass holes, details slut details."

"oh...god..." I saw her swing the whip after she made me turn around....

"oooooooooowwwwww!!" It hurt so....welts rose from my helpless ass...

Then she wanted to know more details....

"Well, my brother called it take her tuesday....Every tues after school he would come into my room and demand that i suck him.......then he took me.......sometimes he would bring my friends.....my brother would make me bend over the arm of the couch and they would take turns on my ass........it hurt so......but then i got used to it........started liking it....."

I saw her swing her whip....

"NO...! God! NO!" I screamed as she gave me 10 good ones...

SWISH!! a red welt rose from my ass..


beads of blood began to drip from my behind.......I was getting hoarse from screaming....

"Stop!! Please......ooooooooooowwwwwww!!"

"Look at me slut. Are you ready to tell me all or do you need more?" Mistress was ready to whip me more...

"No...no....i'll tell you more....." I proceeded to talk about my roommate in college.......

"My roommate used to lock the door and make me lick her pussy.......she would tie me up on Wednesdays and have a "sex party..." She would invite her friends and they would make me lick them....I would be forced to eat them.......they would spank me.......every once in a while, she invited a boy for me to suck....."

She noticed that I was looking at her legs.....She spreads the robe, exposing her pussy.....I gasp......She asked if i liked what I saw....and i nodded........Then she asks...."Would you like to get closer...?"

"Yes, maam..." I tell her......and I would.

She pulls my hair toward her naked pussy....I stick out my tongue and lick her pussy lips......I can taste her juices.......mmmmmmm.......IT tastes good.

She tells me I will do her ass.......

I raise her legs a bit more...lick my way to her tight asshole....I lick around it...I can smell her scent......then I push my tongue into her tiny hole........It contracts around my tongue......I kiss her hole.....lick around it again.....then kiss her thighs....

I move my finger across her clit.......rubbing it back and forth.......her pussy is dripping.....then I stick the finger in her tight hole......it pushes in.......then I send another one......I begin to pump the two fingers in and out of her tight hole.

"Yes, that's it baby" she says. Mistress has a hard tine staying in the chair, urging me to bring her over the top.

I shove another finger in and it's enough to send her over the top. Collapsing, pulling me on top of her kissing my juice covered lips praising me, "uumm you did great darling."

"Thank you maam...."

I push three fingers in her waiting pussy........she is still wet....

I pushed my fingers in her pussy harder and harder.......as deep as they could go....she contracted around them......yelled in the air.....then came........

I kissed her pussy...licking some of her juices.....then I kissed her stomach......her left breast....her right one.......then kissed her lips.

Returning my kisses, Mistress suggested we retire to the bedroom. She gave my nipple a hard pinch bringing a moan from me. She needed a reason to punish me. She felt the need to whip me until I was bleeding. She caressed me gently, thinking "You poor bitch, if only you knew what is in store for you, you'd run and run fast."


Laura remembered the relationship she was in with a Domme who loved to beat her so badly on more then one occasion she had to get checked out at the clinic the company used. Thank goodness the doc was a like minded person who was also in the life style, all she would do is warn us to be careful

Suddenly, I felt Laura press her tongue inside me, deep inside my pussy......It felt so good. I quivered. My thighs pressed against her head. I thrust my pelvis at her face. I shuddered....then I came.

I took a deep breath. I unwrapped my legs from her head. I took her by the hair and kissed her lips...tasting my own cum..........We lie side by side when I turned her on her side....I smoothed my hand over her behind....raised my hand and SWAT!! A red spot appeared on her ass....

SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT! I give you 10 good ones on your pink behind. Pinching your right nipple, my mouth kisses your left....then my teeth bite into it. I hear you moan.....You beg me to stop, to not bite it off.

"Don't worry, I won't bite it off......otherwise I couldn't do this." I give your right nipple another hard pinch, twisting it.....

"Do you like this, little one......do you enjoy taking it?....." I ask.

Laura can't help but moan, "yes I enjoyed it" she reply shyly. "Do you remember what I did to you just a short time ago," Laura hoping that in reminding me, that I would return the punishment.

I remember just a few short hours ago, how she cruelly beat my behind so it became one purple mass......it still throbbed......I grabbed her pussy hairs and pulled them out.......she screamed.......I pulled her to her hands and knees.......pulled her hands behind her.....tied them with some rope......her head to the pillow...her ass in the air.

Then i grab the riding crop from her bag.......i raise it in the air and SMACK!! a red spot appears on your behind.

"and it begins...." I tell her.

Laura hasn't been in this position for quite some time. It thrills her. At the same time it scares the shit out of her, to be bound and helpless by a woman she barely knew.

I gave her 20 with the riding crop. It made her bottom a nice shade of pink.

She begged me not to do to her what she did to me......I pulled her hair back and turned around to show her what she did do to me...

"See the stripes.....? You will get yours." I told her.

I put the crop back and took out the paddle. SMACK!! SMACK!! 20 with the paddle made her cry out and sob.

Then i turned her on her back, pulled her legs over her head and tied them spread eagle to the bedposts. Her pussy and anus exposed.

I put the paddle away and took out the whip..i raised it in the air.

SWISH!! SWISH!! Red welts rose from her behind......she arched up her buttocks as i continued......

SWISH!! SWISH!! The whip left red line after red line.....

Then I took aim at her pussy.......

The whip went between your legs.....You screamed as the whip found its mark, made your pussy very red.....a red welt appeared on your pussylips.

You beg me to stop....I laugh.

"You mean the way I begged you to stop?" I told her......I kept twisting your nipples....pulling at them....making them hard.

I then took the clamps out of the bag.....You beg me not to use them........I kiss you on the mouth.......

"Let me have my fun.....you did!" I told her.....then I put a clamp on your right nipple......

You didn't seem to notice that I had 4 clamps....

The teeth of the alligator clamp bite into Laura's flesh. She screams in agony as it closed.

"Please please take it off take it off please" Laura begs. Again that laugh, "Why sweetie I have another one. We cant have mismatched tits now can we?" I kiss her on her mouth. She was sobbing uncontrollably begging me to stop.

The other clamp bite in then closed. Laura almost passes out from the pain, writhing on the bed, still trussed up like a hog getting ready for the slaughter.

You cry as i put the clamps on both nipples......I turn you over on your face....the clamps pressing against your nipples.....twisting them.

You scream as the clamps tear at your nipples. Then you see me playing with two more......I spread your pussy lips....

"mmmmmmm......Where will I put these...." I open the clamp and put it on your left pussylip.....

You scream as I flick the clamp with my fingers.....

"No no no please no." The pain rockets thru her body, the clamps on her pussy lips are enough to make her wet the bed. The pain is horrendous ,it couldn't get worse if I had pierced her with hot needles.

I found the long nose clamp in the bag.....I spread your legs....found her clit and placed the clamp on her hard clit.......Her body literally lifted from the bed, her voice was practicaly gone from the screaming. She screamed.....Then I asked her.

"Now who is the cocksucker!!"

She didn't say anything, in pain.......

I took the riding crop and flicked it at the long nose clamp......It moved forward pulling her clit.

She cried out.

"Please Mona" Laura begged, "stop you're going to do a lot of damage to me." I smiled again, it was a smile that wasn't meant to show I was pleased. It was a far off look as if I were in a trance. I stroked her face and said "But isn't this what you want. I know its what you deserve."

My riding crop still playing with the clamp on her clit......I raised the crop and SMACK!! It landed smack on her clit......

"Spread your legs a bit more.....I want to spank your pussy..."

I watched as she spread her legs....the look in her eyes were precious......

I raised it again...SMACK!! SMACK!! I gave her 10 good ones on her pussy...

Then I walked to her face....and kissed her lips...

"Thank me...." I told her.

Sobbing hard Laura managed to croak out *thank you*.

"Bitch, what do you call me?" i give her another dozen or so lashes to her raw cunt. She is crying loudly as she responds *Thank you Mistress. Oh please no more."

I smile again. "I don't think you understand the situation you're in slut. You continue to give wrong answers. Now this going to hurt you more than me," I grinned. I picked up the thin chain attached to the clamps, the ones on my nipples and a separate one on my pussy lips and clit. With a quick jerk I ripped off the clamps on my nipples ,the pain was indescribable. Laura screamed, writhing around.

I laughed, "bet that feels good huh, now you're really going to enjoy the next part." The other chain was tightened. No amount of preparation for what followed was possible, all three were ripped from her body. It took her breath away.

She gasped trying to regain her breathing pleading for mercy. "Oh poor baby did that hurt," she pinched my aching nipples, "uumm I think they should all go back on then."

I then proceeded to put them back on....opening the clamps and reattaching them onto her red and sore nipples. Then to her clit.

I then undid the ropes, flipped her over and retied her, her behind exposed.........I spread her legs, tying her ankles to the ends of the bed. Her clit clamp and nipple clamps were pressed against the bed......adding to the agony.

I raised the whip and brought it down on her behind.....she jerked, howled as the whip left it mark. a red line rose from her flesh.......then another.....then another...


I stroked her behind...I could feel the welts....

"aw....did that hurt?" I asked.......Then gave her four or more.......

I took another look in her closet, and found an old mini blind wand.....I flipped it in the air......and brought it over....

I lay it on her behind...then brought it up and then across her sore behind...



"Please please," Laura was screaming. She was beside myself in pain. It was like I had taken on a different personality. I hummed to myself, stroking her face kissing Laura." You might think I'm nuts hon but I know just what you need, you see I'm the same way, that's why I was so submissive to you but now I'm going to do my best to satisfy the need you have. Before we get done you're going to be sorry you ever met me."

When I get into this mood I like to leave my mark on my subs. "I promise it will hurt like hell. It will be the worst pain you have ever felt and when I'm done you will be proud bearer of my name branded on your ass and my initials branded On your cunt and tits."

I went to kitchen looking for utensils to heat up on the bbq. Then i get a hanger from the closet.....I started to bend it to make my initials......I lit the bbq and placed the hanger in it......It started to glow...

"Please Mona" I begged. "You'll do major damage to me with the branding."

I told her "oh you don't have to worry darling. I've done this before. It's going to hurt like hell, but just think when your branded you'll be my property. I'll own you. Now we need to adjust these ropes so I can turn you over. I'll do your ass first. Hhmm I think it will say on one cheek property of, then on the other Mona. then my initials on both your tits high enough so that when you wear a bikini or low cut clothing they will be visible ,then the best for last . Lets see, yes three bars across your pussy lips and I'm going to have to double them so they are very prominent. when you go for your obgyn exams I want the medical personal to see them plainly and you'll have to tell them why they are there of course. She carefully started to undo one rope holding my arm

I turned her over and tied her wrists above her.......i put a couple of pillows under her stomach so her ass was in the air.......I took several clothespins and put them on her left asscheek. She cried, the pain in her asscheek was enormous. Then I took the wire coat hanger. It had been twisted with the words "Property of" on it. I then applied the coat hanger to her asscheek.

She screamed.

She had passed out. I gave her smelling salts to revive her....her left buttock has the words "Property of" on it......I grabbed a belt and swung it across her right asscheek..


She cried out, saying no more.....I told her it was necessary......she had to bear my mark......

Then i grabbed a ball gag...put it in her mouth. "You are getting sort of loud...don't want the neighbors to get concerned....Her hands still tied at the headboard......i tied her ankles together........then pushed my hand on her lower back.....i grabbed the coat hanger...now bearing the name "Mona..." and pressed it against her quivering flesh.

I then took a tawse, with five leather stands on it. I pushed her back on the bed......raised the tawse and SWISH!! Five red welts rose on her breasts....they swelled up as she cried out through the gag.

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