tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Boss Takes a Wife

The Boss Takes a Wife


How did I get in such as mess?

It was that damn Christmas party. I got drunk and ended up alone with my boss’s 20-year-old secretary Annie. She was being very friendly that night and I was eating it up. I am your typical 40 something year old middle manager that every company has. I’m married, got kids, and do the 9 to 5 crap every weekday. I get sex about twice a month from my 40 something PTA meeting going wife. Life was pretty good and pretty boring.

And here was this knockout young lady, laughing at my jokes, making eye contact with me, touching my leg, and looking at me like I was Superman or something. When she suggested we move to a more private area of the office, I went along like a damn lapdog.

Then I found out it was my new boss’s office. That got a bit creepy. But Annie assured me she was gone and she had the only key. God, why didn’t I listen to that inner voice that told me no?

God, the things that young girl did to me. I felt like a God in her hands. She did things with her mouth and tongue I’ve never had done before. And when she finished, I was drained, and feeling a bit guilty. I told her I had to leave and did.

All the way home after the Christmas party, I thought about my wife. Should I tell her? Should I confess? I figured I’d better keep things to myself and then talk to Annie on Monday, and make sure we kept this thing to herself. I’d tell her it was wonderful, but a mistake. That I was married and was sorry I let things get out of hand. And that I hoped we could keep this just between her and I.

What a dumbass I was!

Now about my boss.

About a year ago, we got a new divisional VP, Patti. The first time I met the short, squat looking, shorthaired bitch, my first thought was “Bull Dyke”. And I was right. She shook my hand firmly and spoke with a deep manly voice. She was a real ball buster, who delighted in belittling her subordinates, especially men. I quickly became her favorite whipping boy.

I grew to hate that bitch.

A few months later, I took my wife to a company function and introduced her to Patti. For some reason, Patti seemed taken with my wife. She was actually pretty nice to her. In fact after Patti left, my wife remarked that I must be wrong about her. You see I complained about Patti constantly to my wife, and my wife was impressed and thought Patti was a nice person.

Man, I couldn’t win.

That Monday I looked for Annie and found her in Patti’s office. I knew I couldn’t talk with her with Patti there, so I turned to leave, except I was told to come in, shut the door and sit down. I had a bad feeling about this.

Patti had a shit-eating grin on her face as she sat behind her desk.

“Robert.” She said. “Robert, we got a little situation here. We have surveillance cameras in my office. I want to show you what was on the tape I saw today.” Then she pressed play on a remote she was holding and pointed it at a large screen TV to my right.

The screen filled immediately with the image of me sitting in her chair, getting a BJ from Annie. My guy went right up into my throat.

“I’ve got two choices here, Robert. Either I fire your unproductive fat ass right now and mail this tape to your wife. Or choice number two.” She said.

“What is number two?” I asked stammering.

Patti smiled and said. “Well Robert, you make your wife available to me. Get her drunk, and get her to my house. I’ll do the rest. And the real fun is, you will have to watch while I thrill her like you never have.”

I was stunned and sat there in silence.

“Your choice. One or two, you pathetic excuse for a man.” She sneered.

My mind was reeling. I had been at that job for more than 20 years. I made a wonderful living. My wife would leave me if she saw the tape. I’d be broke, jobless, and alone. I knew I had no choice.

“Two.” I replied weakly.

Patti laughed as she laid out the details of what I was supposed to do. A party would be arranged at Patti’s house that my wife and I would be invited to. I would give my wife drinks laced with something Patti would provide that would relax and make her very drowsy. Then Patti and Annie would take over.

The night of the party, I was almost sick to my stomach as we drove there, knowing what was coming. Patti was the charming hostess and my wife was having a wonderful time. I gave her the drinks Patti made for her and soon all that was left at the party was Patti, Annie, my very drunk drowsy wife and myself.

She was sitting on the couch next to me. She was slurring her words and resting her head on my shoulder. Patti smiled at me as she saw her eyes close. After 10 minutes, Patti nodded to me that it was time.

I was instructed to carry my wife down into their bedroom and lay her on Patti’s bed. Then Patti led me to a special room they had next to their bedroom. The room was dark and I saw that it was on the other side of a two-way mirror. There was a chair sitting right in front. I was told to sit and watch. If I left, I’d be fired and the tape shown to my wife. I did as I was told.

I looked as my wife slept peacefully on the large king size bed. Her clothes a bit rumpled and she was curled up in the fetal position. I watched as Patti and Annie entered the room. Patti turned and smiled as she began to undress.

She was an ugly woman, short and overweight. She had large saggy breasts, a protruding stomach that almost covered her pubic area. She stood in front of the mirror and said.

“Enjoy the show asshole.” She said as she ran her hands over her body in front of me. I looked down to see a speaker right in front of me. She had a microphone in the room, so I could hear everything that was going on in there.

I looked as Annie undressed. Damn she was hot. A young firm body with firm full tits, flat stomach, and an ass and legs to die for. I found myself getting hard.

Both women went to work on undressing my wife. She moaned softly as they rolled her around the bed, removing her clothes slowly. She was totally nude in about a minute. Her eyes were closed and she still did not seem to know where she was and what was going on.

Patti got between her legs and began to lick her pussy. Annie began to kiss and suckle her breasts. I watched as Patti licked my wife’s pussy slowly up and down, while she slowly fingered her. I was stunned by what I was seeing and my cock was as hard as a rock.

Patti kept her attention on my wife’s pussy. I could see my wife raising her hips, pushing against the attention she was receiving, her eyes still closed and the rest of her body motionless. I could not tell if she had any idea what was happening to her.

Patti then reached into her nightstand and pulled out a vibrator. She rubbed it up and down my wife’s pussy while she licked it. That got a reaction. My wife began to move her head from side to side; soft moans escaping her lips, her hips humping back against Patti in a more urgent motion.

She was getting off on it!

Patti kept doing that for several more minutes until my wife’s moans and thrusts became more and more urgent. Then she handed the vibrator to Annie. Annie slid down from sucking my wife’s breasts to her stomach, and then her pussy, licking her pussy while she played with the vibrator. Patti got up and left the bed.

I watched as my wife, almost in a 69 position with Annie, her head now moving from side to side, moaning and breathing heavily, as Annie kept delighting her.

Patti soon showed back up. I saw she had put on a large strap on tool. The plastic cock was black and very large. The harness went around Patti’s thick waist, her hips, and her ass. She grabbed a tube of something and squirted it on the rubber cock. Then looking straight at me said.

“Watch me fuck your wife like she’s never had it.”

She climbed between my wife’s legs, lifting and spreading them. Annie pulled back a bit as Patti rubbed the large black plastic cock up and down my wife’s pussy. Then she positioned it at the opening and pushing it slowly into my drunken wife.

Patti began to fuck her in a slow steady motion. She pushed the dildo in my wife slowly at first, letting her get used to the girth, then pushing more and more of the large black tool into my wife.

I watched as my wife’s hips pushed back against Patti, appearing to want more and more of the dildo inside her. I heard soft moans escaping her lips and her head turned slowly from side to side as she moaned with her eyes closed.

Patti would occasionally look over at me and smile and evil smile as she pleasured my wife. Annie kept licking her clit as Patti began to go faster and faster.

My wife screamed something as Patti suddenly began to fuck her hard and fast. Her eyes opened and she seemed to struggle for a moment as she trashed on the bed. Annie held her down as Patti fucked her hard and fast with a pace I don’t think she’s ever experienced in years with me.

After a minute or so, my wife stopped struggling and Annie immediately moved down and started licking my wife’s clit again. My wife began to scream and thrash and moan and roll her head from one side to the other.

I watched as she would open her eyes, try to raise up her hands as if to say no, and then lower them, and let Patti and Annie have their way with her. She was moaning deeply and uttering unintelligible words as Patti slammed her hard and deep and fast.

My wife began to scream and thrash violently on the bed. It was clear she was building up to a huge orgasm. I’d never seen her cum like that. She kept screaming over and over again.

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my God!”

Patti slowed her pace and let my wife writhe in ecstasy beneath her. Annie stopped licking her clit and just caressed her body and it convulsed over and over again. Patti turned to me and grinned and evil grin as she pumped slowly into my wife.

It was going to be a long night.

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