tagInterracial LoveThe Boss's Wife Pt. 02

The Boss's Wife Pt. 02


After the events of the past night. I didn't want to look Tammy in the eyes. I couldn't believe how many times I masturbated to her videos. I think she would see my need to see more of her if she looked in my eyes. The moment I woke up I gathered my clothes and called a taxi.

I didn't wait for the taxi to get to the gate. I met the driver of the cab half way down the street. I paid him in advance if he took the fastest route. Once I got back to my apartment, I fell back onto my bed.

"Damn," I said as I paused the video on my phone. Tammy was on all fours on the floor of her dance room. Her big tits hung low, nearly touching the floor. Her ass was high in the air, and she was seductively looking at the screen.

Instantly my hand started reaching for my hardening dick. Just as my hand wrapped around it, my phone scared me as it began to ring. It was Tammy.

"Fuck!" I said aloud. I didn't want her to think I was ignoring her, so I answered.

"Hello," I said trying to sound as calm as I could.

"You left already?" she asked.

"Yeah. I didn't want to be around when Jack woke up," I smiled.

"I understand," she said, but I could tell there was something else on her mind.

"Everything all right?" I asked.

"I have to apologize," she replied. "I shouldn't have sent you those videos. It put you in an awkward position."

I sat up in my bed getting ready to reply. "I won't bother you again," Tammy said before she hung up.

I called back, but I didn't get an answer. "Crap," I cursed myself.

The weekend went by at a slow crawl. I had hoped that Tammy would call me back, but she didn't. I sent a text to her explaining that everything was fine and that she didn't put me in any awkward position. I didn't get a reply.

"Hi Candice," I said as I walked around the corner from the elevator.

"Hi Derek," she nodded.

"Is he in?" I asked looking at the two doors behind her.

"Yes, but he is seeing Nigel right now. Do you want me to..." she said before I shook my head.

"Was just checking," I smiled as I headed for my office.

I loved my office it was the only room on this floor that was a distance away from the elevator. Also it had a great view of the city. I settle into my work. I had some clients to contact, especially after the fiasco that had happened at the party.

Many of them had seen or heard about Jack's outburst. I knew I would be putting out many fires.

The hours ticked by and phone call after phone call. The news wasn't good. Many of the companies that we represented wanted to back out and go to the competition. "No. Justine absolutely not," I said to one of our female clients.

"So he didn't mean to say that because his wife had worked as a dancer. She wasn't good enough for him?" she asked.

I knew her company provided insurance coverage for many dancers as well as escorts in our city. I had met her many times. And I knew she had been in the female entertainment business herself.

"Justine. If you don't trust him with your companies finances, then I will personally take care of them myself. Please don't let a single lack of judgment influence your decision."

"I like you, Derek, I always have," she said before a long pause. "Okay, I will trust you and only you."

"Thank you. You won't regret it."

She hung up, and I sat back down after pacing my office with my Bluetooth stuck in my ear for the past two hours. The fires weren't small, some of them were raging. But for the most part, I had turned most of them into smoldering embers.

I leaned back in the chair and ran my hands over the face while letting out a long yawn. "Whose next?" I said as I looked at the screen. "Oh shit," I said leaning forward. I had received a corporate-wide email. It was informing everybody that our main competitior was putting forward papers to buy us out. "No, no, no," I said reading the email over and over.

"Fucking hell," I said turning to look at the big building across from us The building looked as though it was close, but it was three blocks away. "Assholes!" I shouted as I gave them the finger. I knew one or two of the adjusters in that building saw me. We spied on them, and they spied on us it was what we did. It was the reason we had tinted monitors.

My phone lit up, and I looked at the screen. With a deep sigh, I answered it. "Now that wasn't nice," Leon said. He was one of the leads over at the other company.

"Shut up," I said as I gave another finger.

"Hey. It's not our fault your boss can't handle his liquor," Leon said. I picked up my binoculars and looked over. There he was standing in his office with a smug look on his face. He waved as our eyes met. "My offer still stands. My bosses are ready to pay you exactly what you are making right now. With all the benefits. Plus a company car."

The offer seemed nice, but it came with a leash. Agents that worked over there weren't allowed to pick their clients. The people upstairs gave them the clients and the companies to represent.

Which meant if they liked me they would give me the right ones, which in turn would make me very productive. And on the other hand, if they hated me they could give me slow moving clients and companies that were failing. "No thanks," I smiled. "I will take my chances."

"Offer stands for two months after that the paperwork will be final, and you will be working for us anyway. You won't get a deal like this afterward," he said as he waved.

"Bye Leon," I said as I lowered the mechanical curtains. The room got dark for a moment before the automatic lights turned on. I rubbed my eyes as I looked through my client list. I was safe for now. If the company got bought out, I knew most of them would argue to stay with me as their agent.

There was a knock on the door. "It's open," I said.

"Hi. I hope this isn't a wrong time?" Tammy said as she entered.

"No," I said springing up from my chair. "Not at all."

She made her way to the chair in front of me then sat down. "I got your texts, but I was with him."

"Understood," I nodded. "I am sorry for rushing out like that."

"It's okay," she smiled with that beautiful smile that I had gotten to know. "I am glad you liked the videos. It was nice to talk about something I love, as well as share it."

"You don't think he will like it?" I asked remembering the videos. Any straight male would find them alluring as well as sexual.

"No," she shook her head. "He hates when I bring up dancing of any sort. I think it is because it reminds him of how I was and how many men liked me."

"Ah," I nodded sitting back.

"Trouble with the competition?" she asked as she nodded to the closed blinds behind me.

"Bunch of assholes, pardon my French," I said.

"He does the same thing when he thinks they are looking at him," she said.

"They can't see his office," I replied shaking my head.

"Try telling him that."

We both laughed. "So what brings you here today?" I asked.

"You actually," she nodded. "It was very nice to talk to you. I haven't been able to just talk about myself and my interests in a long time."

"Well you should," I said.

"Well I wanted your opinion," she said as she got up. She walked around to my side of the desk. "I have to choose an outfit for the dance we are having in two days," she said as she showed me her phone. "I have narrowed it down to these three."

I looked at the phone as she showed me an image of herself in a changing room. She wore a tight bodysuit that showed off all her curves. Her cleavage was very prominent in it. Then she swiped the screen as another picture of her came up. This body suit had a C cut out of the stomach area. It showed her tight stomach.

"I don't like that one too much," she said as she stood up. "My stomach is not where I want it to be, but it is the most comfortable," she said as she ran her hand over her belly.

Tammy was wearing blue jeans that hugged her legs, thighs, and buttocks tightly and a gray crop top that fell over her stomach. As she ran her hand across it, the shirt pulled up. She didn't have rock hard abs, and there were signs that she was getting close to having a defined midsection.

"I like it," I said as I shifted in my seat. I tried to adjust myself, so my hardening dick couldn't be seen.

Tammy swiped the screen again to show the last outfit. Unlike the others that had been black, this one was a white one. The neckline was a lot lower than the rest. It plunged down so deep that her cleavage seemed a mile long. "Holy," I said before catching myself.

"You like?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "Can you dance in that?" I asked as I took my eyes away and looked at her.

"I will have to wear a better sports bar underneath," she nodded. "But I think I can."

"Oh," I nodded. Again trying to hide my interest in looking at the pictures again. "Well, I would go with the comfortable one. If it gives you the better range of motion without compromising your..." I stopped myself.

"Breasts," she said looking down at me.

"Yes," I coughed. "You don't want to have a wardrobe malfunction," I smiled trying to play it off.

"Well not in the middle of a dance routine anyway," she said.

Was she flirting with me? I looked up at her. It seemed that she was, but why. "I think that Jack is still in his office," I said trying to change the subject.

"I know. He is talking to Nigel," she said still looking down at me. "Am I making you nervous?"

"Yes," I replied without thinking.

Tammy laughed. "It's been a while since I have had that effect on someone. I thought I had embarrassed myself after I sent those videos." Tammy folded her arms under her chest. "After I decided to clean the blankets and pillows off your bed. Since you gave our help the day off," she said with a smirk on her face.

My heart started to beat. I had completely forgotten about the sheets. "I can..." I began to say.

"I have one question, and I know you will answer honestly," she said as she looked into my eyes. "Did I have that effect on you, or was it someone else?"

I wanted to say someone else. I tried to say someone else. "It was you."

Tammy beamed with a broad smile. "Thank you," she said as she kissed me on the forehead. Tammy breathed a sigh of relief. "I thought I was done turning men on," she shook her head. "I all about gave up."

"Don't tell Jack," I pleaded.

"Why would I do that?" she shrugged. "You had a normal reaction to something that turned you on. There is nothing that he needs to know."

"Good," I said feeling better.

"Now, how much of that reaction is what fascinates me," Tammy nodded. "I had many young men over one night. They had come over to celebrate Claudia's eighteenth birthday. Cleaning those sheets was a mess. Even they didn't leave the amount you had," she looked down at me with those eyes.

I didn't know what to say. I was caught off guard by her comment.

"I got to thinking," she said as she worked her way to standing behind my chair. "That must have been one big reaction, which would have been a world record. Or it was many times."

Tammy stood behind my chair. She quickly pulled the back of it towards her, so I was staring up at her. "Many times," I surrendered.

"I knew it," she said with enthusiasm as she let the chair go.

"I am sorry..." I began to say.

"No. Don't apologize," Tammy said as she leaned against the table on my left. "I should be thanking you.'

"Thanking me?" I said surprised.

"You have no idea. How a woman feels when she thinks she can no longer turn on a man," she said shaking her head. "Sure, I get the few cat calls here and there. Or I see someone sneaking a peek at my chest. But at home I get nothing."

"Oh," I nodded.

"Yes," she nodded. "So when I came across. Your sheets. Well, it took me by surprise and.." she stopped and looked over her shoulder at the closed door of my office. "Let's just say I used a few toys that I haven't utilized in a few years," she said with a devilish smile and a wink.

I felt my face heat up, as well as my dick pulse trying to push its way out of my pants. "I don't know what to say," I replied.

"There is nothing to say," Tammy shrugged. "We both got off to each other's pleasure. You to my dancing and me to knowing I turned you on though my dancing," she was smiling from ear to ear. "Well, I better..." she said before she stopped. She was staring at my crotch. "Are you turned on even now?"

I scooted forward trying to hide my lower half under the table. "No," I lied.

Tammy put her foot on the side of the chair and pushed it back. "You are!" she said looking down at my pants.

"It was the pictures, and you have such big boobs and..." before I could finish Tammy had gone to her knees and had her hand on my dick. She stroked it through the material of my pants.

"I want to see it," she said looking up at me.

"We can't. Anyone could walk in," I said looking at the door.

"Lock it," she said. Her hands squeezed my dick making it throb harder.

I could electronically lock the door by just pressing the button on my desk. We usually locked the doors when we had clients in the room that wanted extra privacy. If someone wanted me, and they came to the locked door. They would ask who went inside. The moment Tammy got out, it would be all over for me.

"I can't," I said shaking my head.

Tammy wasn't taking no for an answer. She unbuckled my belt. I tried to stop her, but she slapped my hands away.

"Stop it!" she said sternly. She finished unzipping my pants and pulled on them. I reluctantly gave in lifting myself up. My pants came down to my knees, and my dick was hard as a rock for her to see.

"There," I said as I reached for my pants. "You've seen it. Now you have to go." I pointed to the door. "Oh my god!" I said as felt her mouth wrap around the head of my cock.

"I had to," she said as she stroked my dick. "I never tasted a black one before. And it has been almost eleven years since I had a dick in my mouth," she said as she put her head down.

I watched my boss's wife as her head bobbed up and down on my dick. "This is wrong," I said to myself. "I am going to get fired."

I am by no means huge in that department. Probably average or a little above. Many times I had been told I was much thicker than standard which many of the women that I had been with preferred. I watched as Tammy's mouth stretched around it as she took more of it into her mouth.

"Hey, watch out. They are heading your way," Candice said over the room to room intercom.

"Shit!" I said as I tried to stand up. Tammy moved out of the way.

"Thank you," I replied back.

There was no way around this. If Tammy left now, she would meet them in the hallway. "Sit down in the chair," I pointed to the chair across from me. "You can say..."

The door began to open, and Tammy was still on her knees. She crawled quickly under the table, and I sat down. Still with my pants around my knees. I slid in close to the table.

"Hey Derek," Nigel said as he entered the room.

"Sir," I nodded.

"Derek," Jack said as they both took a seat.

"Did you get the email?" Jack asked.

"Yes," I nodded. "I was just going over my client list. I was going to begin notifying them of..."

Nigel shook his head. "Don't do that. Not yet anyway."

Nigel was a stern man in his late fifties. He was Jack's direct boss. Nigel's boss was Samuel who was the head of the board of directors. "The board has agreed to keep this under wraps for now. At least until we see if this is just a scare tactic or the real thing."

"I just talked to Leon. It is real," I said nodding back to the closed blinds.

"You talked to him?" Jack asked with an angry look.

"He called me. He wanted to gloat and let me know their previous offer was still on the table," I said. I had told them about the last time they offered me the job.

"I see," Nigel said scratching his beard. "And?"

"My loyalties haven't changed..." I had said before I was surprised by Tammy taking my dick back into her mouth.

"Derek?" Jack asked.

I composed myself and nodded. "Sorry," I said as I tried to concentrate on talking and not the feeling of my dick being sucked. "I hit my toe on the door this morning, and it's been throbbing since." I lied.

"I take it you will not be leaving us then?" Nigel looked at me.

"No sir," I said through a small moan.

"Seems you might have broken your toe," Jack said.

"Might have," I nodded.

"Well we will make this short, then you go see someone about that toe," Nigel said shaking his head.

I just nodded. They began to talk about what the board was planning to do if the buyout was real. But all I could think about was Tammy under my desk. She was taking most of my dick into her mouth. How could they not hear her? I thought to myself. The sucking noise, as well as the sound of her deepthroating my dick, seemed like it was loud enough for all to hear.

"Did you get that?" Jack asked.

"Yes," I said. I remembered the art of listening to a conversation. Listen to the last part and repeat it. "We are all to submit our ideas to the board, no later than Friday morning."

"Yes," Nigel nodded. "Well I am off to talk to Samuel," Nigel said as he took a deep breath.

He walked out of the room. Leaving me alone with Jack. Well not alone as his wife was under my desk. I rubbed my face and took another deep breath as I tried to focus on him.

"About the other night," he began. Jack wasn't one for apologies and I knew he wasn't going to start now. "Somethings were said," he said looking directly at me. "Somethings that I shouldn't have said aloud," he nodded.

"Forgotten about," I nodded back at him.

"Good," he said as he leaned back in the chair. "About this buyout."

He wasn't leaving. Tammy was going faster now; she could feel I was close to cumming.

"What the hell is that noise?" Jack snapped looking around the room.

"I think they are cleaning the windows," I lied.

"I thought they did that on Tuesdays," he said puzzled.

I shrugged.

"I want your idea to be one of the one's chosen," Jack said looking directly at me. "I am sure whoever's idea the board picks will be the one selected for the partnership."

"What about you?" I said leaning forward. I was going to cum and Tammy had taken my dick all the way down to the base.

"Oh. Don't count me out just yet," Jack said shaking his head. "I just want to make sure that it's between you and me. That is all. I don't want one of these idiots sneaking their way in."

Jack stood up and looked at the blinds. "I am sure they clean the windows on Tuesdays." He nodded at me as he walked towards the door. As soon as the door closed, I came harder than I ever had.

"Holy fuck!" I roared. My dick pumped Tammy's mouth full. It didn't feel like I would ever stop. Finally, after what seemed like a long time I stopped. I rolled the seat back, and Tammy emerged. She slowly stood up.

"What the hell was that?" I asked.

"If I have to tell you, it would seem like I didn't do a good job," she smiled as she took a seat on my desk. "And the feeling of cum still making its way down my throat. Tells me I did an excellent job."

"If they had..." I began to say.

"They didn't," she said shaking her head. "Relax. It seems you have more important things to worry about."

"You heard?" I asked.

"Some of it," Tammy shrugged. "For the most part I was too busy enjoying myself," she looked back at the door. "You better look and see if the way is clear."

I got up and pulled my pants up. I walked towards the door. I looked out of the room. For the most part, everyone seemed busy. No one appeared to be looking my way. I motioned for her to move. "Till next time," she said as she pushed her way past me. She grabbed my crotch and gave it a tight squeeze.

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