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The Boy Slave


It was hard for steve; he was the lowest of the low and used and abused by not only all in his group but by whoever paid his rental fee.

A male slave of 19, usually just one in a group of hundreds but his 8-inch thick cock and boyish good looks made him one, which was accepted by the loan Masters and particularly the Mistresses.

Whilst he got to break in the young virgin slaves he was also used for whipping practice by the higher echelons children.

A typical day he would wake at 6.30 and stood in the corridor with his arms fastened to chains in a cross position and his back firmly pressed to the wall.

He had to keep his cock stiff at all times, or he would be reported, and used by any of the Mistresses as they passed or if a slave girl had been particularly good and needed rewarding they were allowed 5 minutes on his thick cock.

As it was only a short period of time their actions were pretty frenetic.

The mistresses could take as long as they wanted, they would walk up to him, rub his cock for maximum stiffness and mount him, either hole, usually their back towards him so they did not have to see his face then lower their dress over them both.

When She had finished she would walk a little further down the corridor to where another slave, usually a girl, would put her head under the Mistresses lifted up dress and lick her clean, if the Mistress was in the mood she would allow the slave to bring her to climax again and so have to clean her all over again.

In the mean time another slave would lick the boy slave clean and stiff again in readiness for another visitor.

If he was reported for going slack he would be taken to the dining room.

His cock would be put into special hole in the spanking horse and one of the Mistresses would take the cane, his cock would be measured through the hole and he would be given a cut of the cane for each inch.

He was not beaten daily but he got more than his fair share of attention from the rattan.

After their breakfast he had 30 minutes to shower and eat the scraps left by the Mistresses.

His clothes were just a piece of material with a hole cut in the fold part for his head.

He had to be accessible at all times.

By this time it was 8.30 and he was taken to one of the young Masters who wanted him for breaking in a new young slave He had just acquired.

It was classed as demeaning for a Master to take the virginity of a slave so it was a job the male slave had to do, twice a day for one week.

It may seem a perk of the job, but it also involved breaking in every hole and he hated the hurt and distress he caused.

The slave was laid on her back, on a hard mattress with a slightly raised area, which fit under her bottom or pussy, depending on the area to be penetrated, the mattress then stopped thus making her legs fall down to be tied to the legs.

Her arms were fastened by her side.

Her head was tilted backwards over the end also for ease of access.

He was led to her head and a young broken girl slave got hold of his cock and moved it to her lips, she squeezed them closed, a usual occurrence, the Master brought His belt down hard across her pussy lips, it had the desired effect as she screamed his cock was placed in her mouth, her eyes on her Master as he raised his belt, she began to suck.

He tried not to gag her but 3 welts from the Master on his back soon changed his mind.

As he grew he slid it farther and father in, the other slave girl held the new slaves head tight and stroked her face, "just relax girl, it's for the best" she whispered.

The Master spoke, "bend forward boy"

He obliged pushing his cock further down her throat; the Master gave him a swift 10 stripes across his bottom with the belt as she gagged.

He nodded and the slave girl grabbed the slaves cock as he was on the out stroke and he withdrew.

He was taken to the front of the bed, still wanked by the slave girl as they walked.

The slave girl inserted one, two then three fingers into the new slave's pussy and spread her juices.

The boy was brought forward like a stallion to a mare, still being wanked his cock was placed between her open lips, as he moved slowly forward she begin to scream.

The broken slave girl lifted the table under the slave girls head and then climbed onto the table and sat on her face, not only as a treat but to also deaden the screams.

The whole building heard the sounds of a new slave being broken, the Masters smiling, other slave girls grimacing as the screams got ever louder.

The slave boy began to push and push but he was also tasked in bringing the young slaves clit out of its shelter.

There was no room in her slit for his fingers so he licked them to give some fluidity to his massage.

The slave girls with the big round clits were the lucky ones as biting a young slaves clit was a delicacy of the rich and their sizes compared and wagered on.

After his week away, steve was returned back to his Master not knowing where his next assignment would be yes certain his size would be used most of his waking day.

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by Anonymous

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by JaneRamsey07/02/18

I actually like this for all the reasons the other commenter didn't like it :P. Nice slice of life story.

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by DonBrown03/05/18

My Life

A reply to Anonymous, sorry you never enjoyed this piece of work. My aim in writing is to make every story across the DD spectrum as different as i can but to incorporate all i can. We live and breathemore...

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by Anonymous03/04/18

NO dialoges, NO feelings descripion, NO plot and NO story development.Appears like you try to write a manual for heart surgery without anasthetic.

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