The Boyfriend Pt. 55

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Tasha surprises Liam and hangs out while he has a plug in.
4k words

Part 55 of the 63 part series

Updated 11/28/2023
Created 07/25/2023
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The Boyfriend Part LV: Passing the Torch


Liam tried to walk as carefully as possible as he and Tasha paid for their food and walked over to find a table. This was not something he'd planned, and he wasn't entirely sure how to go about it.

Tasha had surprised him, dropping by to pick him up for lunch, and take him to a new build your own pizza place that had popped up. He'd been staying with his uncle and his grandma for a few days, like you tried to every now and then when he was home, so she hadn't needed to drive too far.

They had both been out for their usual three to five mile walk that they did pretty much every day, though, and that was a bit too much for Liam, so he'd been taking advantage of his time alone.

When he'd seen the text from Tasha, he'd been naked, hard, and had a plug in his ass.

She hadn't given him time to clean up and take everything out before knocking on the door, and when he'd greeted her, she'd practically pulled him out of the house and into her car. Liam was glad he'd had his phone with him, and had only managed to get out of protest about not having his wallet. Tasha had told him that she didn't mind paying, so Liam hadn't really been able to think of anything else on the spot to buy himself enough time, and had just gone with her.

So, now, Liam was out to lunch with Tasha, who looked gorgeous as always, and had dressed, as usual in a way that highlighted every bit of that. She wore one of those tops that Liam didn't know the name for, that had sleeves, but they were barely connected to the part that covered her torso, and the neckline didn't plunge, but just scooped relatively low along her chest. It was a light violet color, which made her eyes pop even more than usual, and Liam blinked a few times, before realizing that there was a good possibility Tasha didn't have a bra on, as he didn't see any straps. He had gotten more used to noticing things like that ever since dating Marie, and then Blake, and found himself puzzled by it. She'd also worn tiny jean shorts, which Liam couldn't understand, even though it wasn't that cold out, he would have still been freezing. Especially since the top didn't go all the way down to the hem of the shorts, displaying her belly button and the little piercing there.


Realizing he'd been staring, Liam swallowed the lump in his throat and gave Tasha sheepish grin as they sat down, his face on fire.


Tasha smirked as she sat down across from him, "You never need to be sorry for staring. That just means I did a good job putting my outfit together. You just don't usually stare as much as you were. Especially not at my chest."

Liam was so distracted by this, that he didn't take care when he sat down, and almost moaned as the plug pressed against his ass, and a little bit deeper into him. He knew his eyes went wide though, as Tasha's smirk transformed into a concerned frown.

She scooted her chair around the table, so that she sat next to him instead of across from him, and put a hand on his arm, "You okay?"

Liam nodded, trying to calm his racing heart and smooth his expression. The touching didn't help. Liam knew that Tasha didn't mean it in any way other than a friendly touch, but with his arousal already heightened from the plug inside him and his leftover horniness from looking at porn right before being picked up by his gorgeous friend for lunch, it felt a little bit better, and a bit different than it normally did.

Liam took a deep breath, "I'm fine. Just feeling a little weird today."

Tasha gazed at him, eyebrow arched, for a few seconds before shrugging and turning to her pizza, "If you say so."

Liam relaxed just a little bit and took a bite of his pizza as well. Thankfully it wasn't too hot.

"Oh, fuck that's good," Tasha said, through a mostly full mouth as she finished her bite.

Liam made a noise of agreement as he ate his. Tasha had gone with a BBQ chicken pizza with all the fixins--not just the barbecue sauce, cheese, chicken and onions, but some tomatoes and spinach, and even some banana peppers. He'd made a note to try that later. With his pizza, he decided to go a little bit more minimalist, getting some goat cheese sprinkled over it rather than a full layer of mozzarella, and then just doing some various pepperonis over the tomato sauce. It was really good.

One CD in his first slice, Liam looked back to his friend, "I wasn't staring because of...well--"

"How amazing my tits are?"

A few months ago, that might have caught Liam off guard, but now he just rolled his eyes, which prompted Tasha to stick out her tongue at him.

"I mean, kind of?" Liam said, which caught Tasha off guard. He had to resist a grinning at her surprise, "Mostly, I just was trying to figure out if you were wearing a bra or not."

Tasha's surprise changed to a grin.

"Oh, you mean because they defy all laws of physics?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

Tasha rolled her eyes, "You should know by now, that they're just magical and stay up on their own, Liam. I wasn't wearing a bra on New Year's, and that bathing suit wasn't exactly supportive."

Liam did blush a little bit remembering that, and had to resist shifting in his seat at what the memory of that image did to him in his current state, "Yeah, but that was tied a bit tighter than it was probably meant to be, right?"

Tasha shrugged, "I guess I do help them out every now and then. But no, I'm not wearing a bra right now. Didn't want the straps, and I don't always like the way that the little strapless bras look under thinner shirts like this, or the ways they push my tits together."

Liam blinked at that, glancing at Tasha's chest despite himself.

"But it's cold."

Tasha smirked at him, "Yeah, and?"

Liam's face grew hot again, "Well, shouldn't you be..."

He trailed off, and stuck his pointer fingers out near his chest, "You know?"

Tasha burst into a giggle fit, and Liam couldn't help laughing along with her.

She gave him a light punch on the shoulder as she calmed down, "You're such a dork. I'm wearing pasties. Shouldn't you know about that from Blake and Marie? Their tits aren't big enough that they really need to wear bras, so I imagine they wear them all the time."

"I don't think I really got to the point with Marie where I noticed that--or would have asked," Liam said, "As for Blake..."

"She doesn't wear them?"

Liam shook his head, "I think the only time I've seen her wear them was when doing a show, where they were something else that her viewers had to tip to take off."

Tasha grinned, "Clever girl."

Liam snorted at the reference.

"She's lucky," Tasha said, "I would kill for her tits."

That caught Liam off guard. He peered at his friend, taking a moment to ponder that as he downed another slice of pizza.

"Really? I thought you loved the way you look. I know you had problems with it in the past, but..."

Tasha frowned for a moment, then shrugged, "I do. I worked--continually work--hard to look the way I do, though, and just because I'm proud of it and I like the way I look, doesn't mean it would be easier if things were different. It definitely would have been easier in high school, if one of my tits came in they hadn't come in so suddenly and had stayed a bit smaller. Plus, father time will attack my titties at some point, and they will feel the weight of the world, and bras will become far more necessary. That point is probably not going to come for Blake until way after it comes from me, and even then, she still won't really have to wear bras."

Liam pondered that for a moment, then nodded, "I guess I can understand that."

He smiled at her then, "Thank you for coming to New Year's by the way, and first thing to clean up after. That made things much easier."

Tasha smiled at him, not a smirk, but a genuine smile that lit up her face. Liam knew she didn't really show that expression to too many people that often, only those she was close to.

"I'm glad you invited me. And not just because I got to meet all of your friends and roast you with them and learn all the embarrassing secrets they knew about you."

"You added quite a few new embarrassing things to that."

Tasha stuck out her tongue at him, but the smile returned soon after, "You should have been prepared for that. Seriously though, it was really nice just being able to hang out with you, and some people I don't have baggage with. Honestly, it was nice to just hang out with anybody at all on New Year's."

Liam frowned, and put a hand on Tasha's arm, "Friends from high school still being assholes?"

Tasha nodded, slumping a little bit and setting down her pizza, wiping off her hands, "I don't think I can call them friends anymore. Just assholes."

She was silent for a moment, then Liam grunted as she threw her arms around him, and hugged him tight.

Liam hesitated for a moment, ignoring the feeling of Tasha's chest pressed against him, then wrapped his free hand round Tasha's shoulders, and put down his current slice before hugging her with that arm.

"Thanks for being a really awesome friend Liam. I don't think you know how lucky you are to have the friends you do."

Liam smiled at that, "Yourself included?"

"I'm being serious, dork."

Liam rested his head against hers, "I know. They're all pretty awesome. But college wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable if I didn't have friends like you and Kiki and Matt."

Tasha pulled back, and smiled at him, "Thanks. And thank you for introducing me to Kiki. It's nice having a friend that lives here that I go to school with besides you."

"How much did you tease her when you guys finally went to sleep on New Year's?"

Tasha cackled, "Honestly, she drank a little bit more than I did, so she was the snugglier one. I couldn't really tease her because she was just too tired for that, and she was so cuddly that I didn't really want to give her shit when she woke up."

"Partially because you turn into a gremlin in the morning?"

She flicked him in the arm, "I'm not always a gremlin. Only when I'm not woken up in a nice way."

"A nice way being..."

"Someone's head between my legs."

Liam's cheeks went bright red, and he couldn't help the strangled moan that escaped his throat That time, as both the image of Tasha waking up with someone between her legs and then the image of waking Blake up by crawling between her legs and eating her out, flashed through his head.

"OK, dude, the fuck is going on with you?" Tasha asked, "You're way too easy today. Were you watching porn or something when I came over?"

Liam's cheeks felt like they might literally catch on fire. When he looked at Tasha, her eyes were bright, shining almost as much as the teeth she displayed in her brilliant smile.

She gasped, "Holy shit, you totally were. What were you watching? One of Blake's shows? Or something else. Have you guys talked about what you like to watch? Or have you watched anything together? That can be fun."

It took Liam a moment to process all of Tasha's questions, and he had to shake himself to get his head straight.

He took a deep breath, then met her gaze, "And I'm the one that's apparently too horny?"

"You're mistaking horny for sex-deprived."

Liam snorted at that, and Tasha just giggled.

"Okay, fine. I was doing that when you came over, but that's not why I'm..."


Liam shrugged, "Sure."

He looked around the restaurant. It wasn't that full, but he lowered his voice and leaned in closer to Tasha anyway, "I was trying out some of the toys you took me shopping for, and you didn't exactly give me time to..."

He couldn't finish the sentence.

It took Tasha a moment, but Liam watched as her jaw dropped, her cheeks turned bright red, and her sparkling eyes went wider and brighter than Liam had ever seen them.

She scooted her chair even closer, and took his arm, leaning in so that he could hear her hushed whisper.

"You're telling me you have a plug in your ass right now? You've had one in this entire time?"

Liam swallowed, cheeks burning. This time he shifted in his seat. He didn't care, "Yeah."

Tasha grinned, then cackled, wiggling in her seat, "Oh my God, that's so awesome."

She put up her hand between them, "High five."

Liam rolled his eyes, then glared at Tasha, but when she only raised an eyebrow, key side, then high fived her.

"Okay, which one is it?"

Liam hesitated, cheeks turning red, then sighed and scrubbed a hand through his hair, "The plug--the second smallest one."

Tasha giggled, "That's so awesome. I'm so proud of you."

Liam arched an eyebrow, her words making him feel a little strange, "Why proud?"

Tasha rolled her eyes, "Because you're not being stupid or letting any sort of fragile male ego stop you from trying something that I'm guessing you think feels pretty good."

Liam shifted without thinking, which then made him tense, as his cocker grew a little harder inside his jeans, and he had to take a moment before meeting Tasha's eyes again.

"It does...but, I'd be lying if I said there's still wasn't a little bit of... I don't know, religiousness from high school telling me that this is wrong every now and then."

Tasha frowned, "I get that. Not specifically the religious part, but—I mean, I guess most of the shaming and comments that I've gotten most of my life have ultimately come from religious views or jealousy. Don't let that hold you back from enjoying things though. If you legitimately don't like it, or don't think it feels good, then that's one thing, but just feeling bad or avoiding it because essentially mild childhood trauma is making you feel bad about it? That's something you shouldn't let hold you back. In the nicest way, you need to get over it."

Liam sighed, "Use your said than done. I like it a lot, but..."

Tasha laid a hand on his arm, holding his gaze, "I know."

She pursed her lips for a moment, eyes flickering away, then met his gaze again, "Maybe try thinking about it this way: You don't judge Blake for what she does, right?"

Liam blinked, then shook his head, "No, of course not. I'd be a shitty boyfriend and just to shitty friend, if I did that."

Tasha smiled, then shrugged, "Well, I bet you both religious and non-religious people would probably tell her what she's doing is wrong or inappropriate or harming herself or something like that. And I guarantee you she occasionally has that self-doubt, or just thoughts of shame creeping in telling her that the slurs people throw her away are accurate."

A bit of heat entered Tasha's voice, and Liam put his hand over her as, squeezing it. He knew that she was speaking from experience.

"I know she does. We haven't exactly talked about it, but she's letting me know that sometimes she'll have bad shows, and I've seen her after one or two. I'm assuming that's usually what makes them bad."

Tasha gave him a tight smile, "Well, if you're not going to judge her for that, then you have no right to judge yourself for something similar. Or let it hold you back."

Liam smiled at that, then faltered for a moment.

Tasha must have caught something in his expression.

"What's wrong?"

Liam sighed, hesitating for a moment then just decided to ask her, "I should be talking to Blake about this sort of thing, shouldn't I? Not because you don't give good advice, but--"

"Because she's your girlfriend, and this is about sex?"

Liam frowned, "Yeah."

"Probably. But, hopefully, talking about this will help you to get over any shame or ' weirdness' you're feeling over it, and then you can have fun on your own, and it's something fun that you can do with Blake."

Tasha's smile morphed into a smirk, "It sounds like that's something she'll appreciate a lot."

Liam snorted at that and Tasha cackled.

"Have you told her yet? About your...practicing?"

Liam rolled his eyes even as his cheeks grew hot again, "I have thought about it, but I think it's something I want to surprise her with. Being apart sucks and hopefully this will make seeing each other again after break even better."

Tasha smiled, "That's sweet."

Liam marched an eyebrow, "But?"

"But, communication is usually better than surprises when it comes to sex things. This one is probably OK, but...Even now, I assume you probably wouldn't necessarily be surprised in a good way yeah when you saw Blake, she just slipped a finger up your butt, would you?"

Liam's cheeks threatened to burst into flames add that thought, as his cock twitched and his ass clenched around the plug.

Tasha must have known exactly what happened, because her eyes lit up and she giggled with a giant smile on her face. Before Liam could say anything, Tasha threw her arms around him and squeezed him tight before pulling back, "I love that you're so adventurous with Blake. I really need to hang out with her more."

"So, you can be a bad influence on her, or so she can be a bad influence on you?"

Tasha stuck her tongue out at him, "So we can both be very good influences on each other. For instance, while I think she'll appreciate your surprise, there is a chance that Blake might have wanted to be the one to ease you into things as far as playing with your ass. If I was talking with Blake and she brought up your little deal, and how you were practicing for her, I would have told her to maybe encourage you to send some picture or video evidence of that. Something like that would probably be able to make getting through break with no sex way easier."

Liam was pretty sure that if he spent any more time talking about this with Tasha you just turned into a tomato. She had some good points, and he was trying to be not too embarrassed or weird about this, but Tasha--like Blake--knew exactly what she was doing when she wanted to tease someone.

"Are these things you think Blake would like? Or things you wish your boyfriend would do for you?"

Tasha blushed then, and item with a slight grin, "Touché. I think Ryker's still a little ways off from that, unfortunately. He'd probably be into it, but then, there is a lot of things I want to try out with him, so I don't want to put too much on him all at once."

She gazed at him for a moment, silent, then smirked and wiggled around in her chair.


Tasha shrugged, "I just feel like I'm passing the torch or something. Sara got me into anal, and now I'm helping you."

The image that Tasha's words conjured in his head, and the effect that image had on him, mainly I'm very glad he was sitting down and that there was a table obscuring his lower half from everyone else in the restaurant.

He glared at Tasha, "You're evil."

She just cackled at that.

"Are you excited for her to come out?" he asked, taking the opportunity to switch the trajectory of the conversation, "Does that mean I pretty much will not see you until we get back to school?"

Tasha rolled her eyes, "Yes, I'm excited. But I told you, dork, you'll be seeing more of me, if anything. I definitely want some alone time with just Sara, or some girl time with her and Kiki, but there's definitely going to be quite a few times where Sara and Matt are just going to find somewhere to fuck. Sara hasn't even higher sex drive than I do, and I'm already sex deprived as shit, so I imagine she's gonna be even worse. I'm not gonna get in her way of being able to fuck her boyfriend."

Liam arched an eyebrow at Tasha, "Does she really have a higher sex drive than you? I have a hard time believing that."

A slow, loaded smirk spread across Tasha's face, " she does. Matt is a very lucky boy. And it's a good thing he's in such good shape. Otherwise, Sara would literally tire him out."

Liam blinked, "Wow."

"I know. That's why you're going to have to be my date, not-date if they want to hang out alone, or with me and someone else. Especially if or Kiki isn't available. Third-wheeling with them will either make me very bored, or make my mind go to some very fun and inappropriate places."