tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 10

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 10


The following day was Saturday and the husbands, Olivier and Dave, left early in the morning for a scheduled weekend fishing trip in the Bay of Islands, north of Auckland where we live and were due back Sunday. At least this is what Paula and Francesca believed was happening. In truth, the men were going fishing with a group of Olivier's medical friends from the hospital, however it was only a day trip and they were scheduled to come back later this evening for a little surprise 'party' that Olivier, Dave and I had conjured up. We had also arranged for our seven year old, Abigail, to stay with one of her friends for the weekend.

Paula and Francesca had been told in advance they would still be punished by me on Saturday night, and this would be the last of their scheduled punishments that had resulted from Tuesdays wine drinking incident.

Late morning Francesca and I drove around to collect Paula and take her up town for coffee and a muffin at our favourite café. This was followed with hair appointments I had made for both Francesca and Paula. Paula very rarely ventured to a hair salon and instead preferred to let her red curls grow freely below her shoulders. She therefore needed persuasion to even attend the hair appointment, despite the fact I was picking up the tab. Paula had earlier agreed I could choose the hair style, and was now regretting this moment of weakness.

However, despite her constant groans of despair she sat still in the salon chair while the stylist cut away her flock of red curls. By the time it was finished her hair was cut short in a modern page-boy style with long swept over fringe. It highlighted the strong contours of her face and made her look very appealing. But what it also did was make her look a lot younger than her actual age of twenty five. She could easily have passed as eighteen or nineteen, especially given her short, slim stature.

Francesca's hair was kept in her same short cropped, spiked hairstyle that suited her so much, although her jet black hair was highlighted with blonde streaks that gave her a young, glamorous appearance very befitting a woman of her natural beauty.

Following a pedicure for all three of us I drove them back to my house where I had planned the first of what I hoped were going to be many 'surprises' for this day. Once we were in the house I ordered both Paula and Francesca to undress. They frowned at me curiously, given it was only mid afternoon, and up to now the punishment sessions had not commenced until early evening. Once they were both naked I told them to stand in the lounge with their noses in the corner until I called them.

Both of them were left standing there for almost thirty minutes before I finally called out to Paula and told her to join me in the bathroom. I had laid a towel out on the tiled floor and Paula was instructed to lie down on her back. Although apprehensive, she did as requested. I then picked up the scissors, razor and shaving cream from beside the hand basin.

"Now open your legs my darling. It is time to get rid of this little thatch of red hair. As pretty as it is, it is time for it to go."

"But I am not sure," Paula protested, "I have never shaved my pubic hair before."

"Well there is a first time for everything," I persisted, "And now is the time for your love triangle to go. I bet Dave will love it. You will be so sexy."

Paula was not entirely convinced but splayed her legs wide open, exposing her delightful womanly charms to me. After trimming the hair short with the scissors I set about removing the stubble with the razor. I asked her to lift her legs up so I could remove the hairs around her anus, then I gripped each of her labia and held them while I shaved around her vagina. Incredibly she was already so wet that it was difficult to keep hold of her labia, but finally the task was complete.

Once I had wiped off the remnants of the shaving cream, Paula was instructed to stand so I could admire my handiwork. I was blown away by the visual impact of removing her pubic hair. No longer were her labia partially hidden by her pubic hair. Suddenly everything looked so invitingly exposed and so much more naked. Incredibly she looked even younger now she was devoid of pubic hair, which is exactly the effect I was hoping to achieve.

Paula was then directed to have a shower to clean herself while I called Francesca into the bathroom. Even though her pubic hair was neatly trimmed in a 'runway' strip, I was still determined to remove it entirely with the hope it would increase her feelings of vulnerability and submissiveness. It was all part of my plan for the evening 'performance'.

Like Paula, Francesca also protested being shaven clean, but despite this she still lay down and opened her legs as requested. Her labia were definitely puffy but certainly no where near as aroused as Paula. Once the task was completed I was very pleased with the final result. Francesca, like Paula, now seemed so much more exposed. I had never actually seen a woman in the flesh who had absolutely no pubic hair, and I found it surprisingly inviting. I even contemplated shaving myself, but decided to leave that to another day.

When both women had showered they stood in front of the mirror and for the first time saw themselves without pubic hair. They stood staring at themselves for a long period, and were, like myself, surprised at how much it changed their appearance. Both giggled nervously, unsure of where this was all leading.

I made both women remain naked while we sat in the kitchen and enjoyed a snack and coffee. Afterwards the two of them were allowed to dress as Paula had to head home to feed her pets and Francesca and I had to turn on the irrigation in my organic orchard as we had had a prolonged period without rain.

Paula returned early evening as arranged and we all sat down to a healthy meal prepared by Francesca. To their surprise, I allowed the women to remain fully clothed, and the three of us chatted like old friends normally do. However this evening was not going to be normal.

Once the meal was completed and we had tidied away the dishes, both Francesca and Paula glanced at me nervously. There was an air of anticipation. Once we were in the lounge I seated myself and directed both ladies to undress. When they were naked I made them parade themselves in front of me and show off their hairless pubic mounds. Both were surprisingly embarrassed, despite the fact I had seen them naked a number of time before.

Each of them was made to face away from me, open their legs, and bend over at the waist. For several long minutes I soaked up the sight of their gorgeous nude pussies, winking at me seductively. I then lent forward and gently rubbed my finger along their labia, alternating between each woman. I wanted to ensure both Paula and Francesca were nicely swollen and lubricated. When each of them were moaning softly and pushing back towards my fingers I knew it was time to move on to the next part of my plan.

Directing both naked ladies to follow me, I led them out of the house and across our yard to the shed where we pack the fruit from our orchard. The shed is normally a chaotic mess of packaging materials, but unbeknown to Francesca and Paula it had been totally cleaned up by Olivier and I. The floor area was clear of boxes. Instead of the chaos, there was a ring of sixteen chairs. In the middle of the ring there were a couple of ropes hanging down from the overhead rafter. The sight caused both women to stop in their tracks.

"What's going on here, Jane?" Francesca nervously queried.

"Yes, Jane, please tell us what is going on," Paula added.

I gave each of them a cheeky grin, but no response. Instead I beckoned for both of them to follow me into the centre of the ring, and apprehensively they followed, still seeking answers as to what was happening. Continuing to ignore their questions, I firstly took hold of Francesca and instructed her to put her wrists together. Taking hold of one of the hanging ropes I bound her wrists together, and then pulled the other end of rope so that her arms were stretched high above her heads. I secured the free end of the rope to a hook on the wall so there was no chance of Francesca going anywhere. The process was then repeated for Paula so that both naked ladies were secured in place.

I then reached for another rope I had left sitting on one of the chairs. One end was secured around Francesca's waist, with the free end then pulled down between her buttocks and under her legs. As I pulled it tight I opened her labia to ensure the rope split her in two. Keeping the tension on the rope I threaded it beneath Paula's legs, up her buttocks and then around her waist. After ensuring the rope had split her labia, I then began to pull it tightly. Both women, who were facing each other, were pulled to within twenty inches of the other and forced to stand on the tip of their toes.

As they began to struggle against their bonds I walked to a light switch on the wall. When I flicked it on, four spotlights burst into life, bathing Paula and Francesca in the light beams. They looked like entertainers in a live stage show, except this was not a stage show one would expect to find on Broadway. Both of them squinted at the bright lights that blinded them from seeing anything of their surroundings.

I left my two lovely ladies suspended in their bondage and went inside to change my clothes in preparation for the arrival of our guests. When I was dressed I walked quietly back over to the yard and into the packing shed. Because of the spotlights neither Francesca nor Paula knew I was there. To my amazement they were both moving back and forward on the rope between their legs while also rotating their pelvises side to side. It was clearly a motion they had worked out that provided stimulation to their labia and clitoris. As I watched their movements became more urgent as they flapped their bodies like a couple of suspended rag dolls blowing in the wind. Paula was the first to groan uncontrollably as she erupted in orgasm. Francesca followed a short time later.

"Bravo, bravo," I clapped, "That was quite a display."

"Oh....no," groaned Paula, "We didn't know you were watching. You bitch!"

"Now, now, ladies," I laughed, "Such language."

"Please let us down, Jane," Francesca pleaded, "We have been punished."

"Punished!" I gave an exaggerated gasp of surprise." Since when is frigging yourself on a rope been punishment.

"Please," Francesca persisted. "My arms are beginning to ache."

"Just hang about a little longer my darlings, then I promise you I will let you loose."

As if on cue, my phone beeped to indicate I had a text message. As expected, it was Olivier letting me know they were fifteen minutes away.

Smiling, I turned to Francesca and Paula. "Well ladies, do you want the good news or the really good news?"

"Umm, the good news," Paula responded tentatively.

"It is time to be untied, you lucky girls."

"Oh great," Paula added like an excited child, "So what is the really good news."

"The really good news is that it is almost showtime," I grinned.

"Showtime?" Paula responded, confused.

Francesca was just staring at me with a suspicious frown on her face. I think she strongly suspected the night was far from over.

Without elaborating or answering Paula's query, I loosened the rope from around their waists and carefully extracted it from between their legs, where it was embedded deep between their labia. Once it was removed I untied the ropes that were suspending their arms high above their heads, and removed it from their wrists. Gingerly they stood in the middle of the circle, rubbing their wrists where the rope had been tied. I walked over and picked up two parcels I had hidden behind one of the chairs, handed one each to Francesca and Paula and indicated they could open their little gifts I had purchased for them.

Suspiciously they tore the gift wrapping off each of the small boxes before simultaneously opening them. Inside they found matching pink knee-length nighties complete with lacy pink knickers. As they gingerly extracted their gifts from the boxes they both gave me a wary frown.

"Put them on," I prodded, just in case that was not obvious.

"Now....here?" Paula mumbled.

I smiled and nodded. They looked at each, shrugged, and then slipped the nighties on before stepping into the panties and pulling them up.

I stood back to admire them. "You look very pretty."

The ladies were not so sure.

"They are somewhat....girlish," complained Paula. "I feel like a damn kid all dressed up for a sleepover."

"And what about you, Francesca, do you feel like a young girl?" I queried her.

Francesca actually pouted like a discontented teenager. It was so cute.

"Yes I do," she declared.

I was pleased. This is exactly the effect I was hoping to achieve.

At that moment the noise of vehicles driving into our yard could be heard.

"Oh my God," Paula exclaimed in panic, "Oh my God. Someone has arrived."

Talk about stating the obvious!

"Arrived?" I responded nonchalantly. "Oh, so they have. I had better check."

"Jane, please!" Francesca pleaded desperately, "We can't be seen like this."

She was frantically looking for a back exit to the shed but there was none.

I tried to give them a reassuring smile. "No need to panic young ladies. I just want you to stand quietly in the middle of the circle here while I get our audience sorted."

They both fell into silence when they suddenly realised the arrival of the vehicles was not unplanned. The yard was soon full of the noises of people opening car doors and engaging in excited conversation.

Finally Francesca spoke, her voice tinged with nervousness. "What is happening, Jane? Please tell us?"

For a moment I left them to absorb the noise of the people assembling in the yard, before announcing dramatically, "Francesca, I do believe the boys and girls have arrived. They have come to watch something special."

"Nooo!" she groaned.

"Yessss. The boys and girls are going to be watching. And tonight they are going to get a double treat as you have your little friend Paula as your co-star."

"Jane, no!" Paula again pleaded.

"Just think of it. All those boys and girls who will have eyes for nothing else other than your young, delightful bodies. And, oh my heavens, imagine how exposed you will be with those bald pussies hiding nothing. You both will be ravishing."

"But who are these people?" Paula continued to plead. "Please, I will die with shame if anyone sees me like this. What will Dave think if he finds out?"

"Oh, I think Dave is going to enjoy this special night of punishment." It was Dave himself who answered his wife's question.

Both Dave and Olivier had slipped quietly into the shed to check if everything was ready before inviting our guests to join them.

"Dave?" Paula responded, confused. "But you are supposed to be away for the weekend."

"Let's just say there was a change of plans," he grinned.

Olivier gave me a quick wink to indicate I had done well, before moving to the doorway and beckoning the others to join us in the shed. My heart was pounding frantically in anticipation of what might happen.

A group of fifteen or sixteen people filed into the shed behind Olivier and began to take their seats in the ring of chairs. There were excited gasps from a number of them as they laid eyes for the first time on Francesca and Paula in the centre of the ring. I recognised some of the faces as friends of Olivier who worked at the hospital or in related medical facilities. Half of the group I had never met before, but they could well be acquaintances of Dave, or perhaps just hangers-on who managed to invite themselves along when they heard what was planned for the evening. I was surprised to see there were four females in the group, three of whom I recognised as nurses from the hospital.

Francesca and Paula could not see who had arrived due to the spotlights; however they could certainly hear them. They would have been able to sense that there were a sizable number of persons in the shed, and there would be many eyes just focused on them. Both ladies were deathly silent, squinting out at the bright lights, trying to see beyond the glare.

Once everyone was seated I walked to the centre of the ring to stand beside the ladies, splendidly decked out in their short pink nighties. I was a little nervous, but also excited that I was going to get an opportunity to exhibit my dominance over Francesca and Paula. I thanked everyone for coming along, before turning to the two ladies. They both stared at me, wide eyed, and although clearly mortified by the situation they found themselves in, there was also an unmistakable air of excitement about them.

"The boys and girls are all here to watch just the two of you, do you realise that?" I purred softly, but loud enough so the audience could hear.

"W-w-watch us?" Paula managed to stutter nervously. "Watch us do what?"

"What normally happens, Francesca, when the boys and girls come to watch?"

"I have to lift up my clothes so they can see my breasts," Francesca responded, mortified at having to describe her real life based fantasy.

"You are going to expose your breasts! You young ladies are going to expose your boobies to the boys and girls!" I tried to sound as if I was shocked by her admission.

I turned to the audience. "Is this what you want? Do these little lassies need to expose their boobies?"

They are agreed they would enjoy it very much.

I turned back to the hapless pink twins, fidgeting nervously as everyone looked on in anticipation.

"Lift up your nighties and show everyone your breasts. Make sure you lift them right up to your neck."

Both stood motionless, before Francesca reached down, took hold of the hem of her nightie, then slowly raised it above her shoulders, exposing her near-perfect body and breasts.

There was a unison of approvals.

For a while longer Paula stood frozen, then with a deep sigh of resignation she followed suite, revealing her small beautiful frame covered in freckles.

Again there were widespread murmurs of approval. Both women were ordered to slowly rotate around so everyone could get a good view of their exposed breasts. The audience were very complimentary. I let them continue for several minutes before I turned to Francesca again.

"So what happens next, Francesca?"

"I have to show them my....my pussy" Francesca whispered

"We cannot hear, Francesca." It was Olivier speaking from somewhere in the outer circle.

"My pussy," she repeated louder for her son.

"Well, I think we had better do that then," I continued. "I think it might be best if you remove your pretty pink nighties first, and then I would like you to lower your knickers down to your knees.

I could see both of them were shaking with a mixture of nerves and anticipation. But I knew there was no way neither of them would disobey my request.

Again it was Francesca who led the way. I noticed her eyes were becoming glazed with excitement. She pulled her nightie over her head and let it drop to the floor. She glanced over at Paula, waiting for her to follow suite. With a big breath Paula plucked up the courage to also remove her nightie, leaving both of them now only clothed in their knickers.

Francesca then proceeded to put her hands under her waistband, and again waited until Paula had done likewise. Then almost like it had been choreographed, both of them lowered their panties to their knees. As they stood up straight their bald pussies were revealed for the first time to the onlookers. The reactions of the audience ranged from shock to unbridled ecstasy.

Not surprisingly both ladies looked totally humiliated by having to stand naked in front of their audience, even if they couldn't see them because of the blinding glare of the spotlights. Instinctively they wanted to shield their private parts and both of them fought hard to keep their hands at their sides

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