tagBDSMThe Breaking In of a New Slave

The Breaking In of a New Slave


Sleep did not come easily for her this night; the events of the day were thundering through her mind like runaway horses a blatant stampede if you will. The smell of her Master His taste His touch. Every muscle in her body ached even spots she didn't know she had. Her ass glowed red in the moonlight from where she had been flogged, and though it hurt it felt wonderful. She had been awakened today to a whole new life and discovered a whole new person there one she actually liked for the first time in her life. The days happenings caused her mind to swim unable to think of anything else, despite her obvious exhaustion sleep still wouldn't come to her. She thought again of His kiss, she sighed lightly unaware she was being watched. She reached down and gently rubbed her clit remembering the way His tongue felt, ignoring the pain she tried to replicate the feeling.... Her eyes closed she moaned softly trying to recall every lil detail of the day vividly…

The dawn broke brilliantly over the mountains as she started her morning jog to town. She could smell the strong pine sent in the air and hear all the animals busy about their work preparing for winter. The leaves were striking gold, orange and red crimson and crunched under her feet as she ran. In the brisk air she could see her breath and wished she had worn a sweatshirt instead of a jogging bra and shorts.

As she approached the town she noticed a nicely dressed gentleman in the same spot at the local gas station, he had been in for three days now. She noticed him watch her as she ran by him. She threw a warm smile in his direction, noticing how handsome he was she was glad she hadn't worn the sweatshirt after all. She told herself that if he were still there after her morning Pepsi she would go talk to him. She slowed to a walk and entered the morning hang out Daylight doughnuts, where she stopped every morning for her Pepsi. Thinking again of the man she hurried her drink down hoping he would still be there. She started back towards home with a light spring in her step as she worked out in her mind what she would say to him. To her dismay he was gone by the time she got to the gas station. Slightly disheartened she headed home, thinking of the way his eyes had burned into her soul. She thought for sure that he had been interested in her. Deciding she wasn't mistaken she hurried into the house for a quick shower and a change and then would spend the rest of the day in town, maybe she would run into him.

She quickly undressed turned on the water and the radio and then went into the bedroom to lay out her clothes. Deciding on a fairly short skirt that would display her strong well-shaped legs and a halter-top to enhance her breasts, she turned and headed to the shower. She washed and shaved herself quickly, looking at the dildo she kept in the shower she decided she really didn't have time for that today. Then with a smile that could have melted the polar caps she decided a quickie couldn't hurt.

She reached for the dildo; it was an average sized dildo made of Jade. As she gently rubbed the cock on her clit she moaned softly, wishing it was a real cock. She slowly slid the cock inside her, a soft smile spread across her face. She started sliding the cock in and out faster and faster feeling her head start to swim she closed her eyes tightly and leaned against the shower wall. She slowly rubbed her left nipple making it hard; she lifted it to her mouth and ran her tongue around the edge if it. Fighting the waves of orgasm she felt building in her she continued to slide the cold cock deeper inside. She slid down to a sitting position in the shower and placed the Jade cock on the floor of the shower firmly holing it there so she could ride it.

She placed herself over the cock and lowered herself onto it moaning as it penetrated deeper and deeper. She could feel the shower starting to get cold and her long auburn hair in her face. Moving with deliberate determination she raised and lowered herself on the cock faster. No longer able to control herself she cried out in ecstasy as she felt the warm rush of cum spill from around the cock and onto her hands. Quickly before it washed away she raised her fingers to her mouth to savor the taste of herself, she discovered something in the way of her mouth, and she opened her eyes and discovered only darkness. Horrified she jumped to her feet, she felt large hands grab her by the wrists and pull her from the shower stall. Then she herd a voice if she hadn't been so damn scared she might of thought it a handsome voice, " OK you little slut, time to start your training."

She struggled and screamed, but to no avail his grip was too tight. A wicked smile crossed his face as he silently hoped to himself she would not submit easily. She felt something closing around her wrists like handcuffs only soft like nylon. She struggled desperate to break free from this man " please, please don't hurt me!" she begged of him. "Who are you what do you want from me?"

"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!!" she commanded of him. The smile got larger at this, her attempt to sound brave was amusing to him, but he could hear the terror in her voice. He could feel her body trembling as he said in a strong commanding voice "Nadu" He felt her stiffen to the pressure he was putting on her neck. She kicked out hoping to hit him in the nuts, as she did so she felt what felt like a 2x4 against the back of her knees bringing her down to them in an instant. She cried out as she resumed her struggle with more determination than before. He spread her knees with his feet lifted her chin and pushed on the small of her back forcing her to arc it, He then freed her hands. Free she thought, as she raised her fist to punch him. Her arm was caught in mid air rather roughly and placed on her right thigh he then rolled her arm over so the palm was facing up. He then did the same thing with the left hand again palm up. Then she herd something she found rather odd, "My GOOD GIRL" it was soft and gentle, almost musical in tone. Her fears subsided a little as she wondered what this man truly wanted of her. S

he could hear him circling her she thought briefly of a vulture and wondered when he would close in on her. She became painfully aware of her erect nipples and slouched trying to hide them from this stranger. The blow was hard, much like that of a riding crop against the small of her back, again forcing her to arch her back thrusting out her breasts. He watched as her shoulders slumped and started shaking violently. He knew she had started to cry, and he admired her determination not to allow him to hear it. He watched and smiled as she tried hard to square up her shoulders and stifle the sobs.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked boldly, she could hear the smile in his voice.

"NO" she shouted defiantly.

"No what?" he asked her ignoring her attempt at defiance.

"No Sir?" with a slight question in her voice she attempted again.

"No what?" he asked again calmly.

She quickly searched her mind looking for what he might want; she attempted again, "NO SHITHEAD I DON'T!"

She realized her mistake as soon as she said it. She felt the crops burn into her ass, she thought for sure she was bleeding. She stifled her cries as he brought the crop down hard repeatedly. His voice was surprisingly calm as he asked her again "No what?"

The room was deathly silent, she had no idea what he wanted and she dare not risk the wrong answer again, so she said nothing. The silence was broke by the sound of flesh on flesh as he spanked her hard on the ass again. She let out a small moan, and a smile broke across his face again. She stammered out a very weak " no master?"

Again she was shocked to hear "Good Girl" Master she thought to herself, master what the fuck had she been thinking? She had always considered herself a strong woman and in charge of things and to call this person master? She silently scolded herself telling herself she did not like the way he called her good girl. "Now" he said, "show ME how YOU can pleasure ME!"

Pleasure him? Why the hell would she want to pleasure him? She noticed how he smelled, a strong odor of Lime cologne. What did he want from her she wondered silently, what type of pleasure? Oh MY God she thought he's going to rape me now and I will never see his face to tell anyone, what if he kills me when he's done? As these thoughts were racing through her mind he gently lifted the shroud from her head. She blinked hard several times trying to adjust quickly to the light. To her surprise the man in front of her was naked, and the man she had wanted to find earlier. She glanced up into his eyes; they burned through her like razor sharp spears.

She lowered her eyes quickly, again she herd the approving "Good Girl" she thought quickly what had she done? All she did was look down, was that some part of this Nadu thing? She could still feel his eyes on her, and couldn't help but to notice his cock was right in front of her face. "Now suck it" again in the commanding voice she had herd earlier. She couldn't hide the look of surprise on her face as she looked up at him. She opened her mouth to speak and was greeted with his large cock being rammed down her throat. She gagged at the size of his cock and attempted to pull away, she felt him grab her long hair and pull her back into him. Gagging again she thought of biting him, but somewhere in the back of her mind she kind of enjoyed it. As his hips thundered forwards and back, she started to moan, she was beginning to thoroughly enjoy this. His grip on her hair became harder as he forced her to take more and more of his enormous cock. She gagged with every thrust thinking she could take no more she was greeted by the warm salty taste as he came in her mouth with such force she had no choice but to swallow.

She gagged and gulped thinking he was never going to stop cumming, she again tried to pull away, but it was futile he held her firm against his cock. His cum spilled out of her mouth and dripped onto her breasts running down her tight stomach to her shaved pussy. As he finished he pulled his cock from her mouth; he looked at her and commanded "Lick it up!"

She looked up in horror "I won't" she said will all the defiance she could muster. She barely saw the crop as it came down again on her bare ass. She lowered herself on to her stomach, exposing her heart shaped ass. She glanced up at him giving him a look of total disgust as he smiled down at her, his smile softened her up a bit as she began to lick the cum from the floor. She wondered if this was all and will he leave now, and again somewhere in the back of her mind she hoped this was not all. She pushed the thought out as fast as it had come.

She licked the last of the cum from her wood floor and herd his again approving "Good girl" She attempted to raise herself up and was stopped by his crop across her shoulders, she quickly dropped back down. He reached down and grabbed her hands placing them behind her neck, and gently pulled her up to her elbows "Entwine your fingers" he commanded much gentler than the crop had suggested.

He reached between her thighs to her stomach and lifted her to her knees, then spreading her legs he smiled again "Good girl" She wondered what the purpose of this position was. She was answered quickly by the feeling of his hand caressing her inner thigh. His touch was light and extremely erotic; she moaned and tried to back into his hand with her ass hoping he would put his fingers inside her.

She was answered with a sharp painful spank across her already red ass. Returning quickly to the position he had placed her in she herd the approving "Good girl" yet again. He continued to caress her inner thigh, as she whimpered softly longing for him to do more than just rub her thigh. His hand ran across her clit lightly, she couldn't help but to lower to it wanting more, again she received a sharp mind-shattering spank across her ass. He was positively beaming as she answered the spank with a low moan. He could feel her trembling, knowing she wanted more, he refused to give it to her. He brushed his finger over her clit slowly, gently.

He admired her control he could see her muscles tensing, trying to fight the inevitable. "Cum Now!!" she herd his voice faintly in her mind, almost as if it was a dream. She couldn't believe the way she responded to this, her body shook violently as waves of orgasmic energy overtook her. She let out a cry of true ecstasy as she shuddered and shook with the most wonderful orgasm she had ever experienced. Not an orgasm of the body the raw animal kind she was used to, but almost a spiritual orgasm one of the mind, heart and soul.

Unable to hold her position any longer her body went limp and slumped forward hard onto the wooden floor. Her breath was rapid and her body was still convulsing as he roughly rolled her onto her back. He shoved her feet back to her ass, then parted her knees. He admired her perfectly shaved pussy, not one hair anywhere. Then he lowered his mouth to it, softly licking around the edges of her lips. Still not recover form the unusual orgasm she tried to wiggle away a little bit, he grabbed her by the thighs and held he in place.

His eyes danced with amusement as she whined and moaned, giggled and wiggled all at the same time, but he held her fast. Slowly he parted her pussy lips with his fingers, it glistened in the early afternoon light, he sighed internally, and He was going to enjoy her. She felt his tongue on the inside of her lips and started to buck her hips to him, trying vainly to make him go deeper not just tease her. He placed his arm firmly across her belly holding her hips to the ground; again he was amused by the frustrated whimper that came from her lips.

As he licked the inside of her pussy softly he massaged her clit; it was throbbing with anticipation. She moaned with pleasure as he took her right tit in his hand and squeezed it hard. He licked her along the inside of her thighs moving slowly up to her stomach, every once in a while he would bite her, not hard enough to bruise, but hard enough to pleasure her. He paused at her breasts first sucking on them, then biting roughly first on one the other. Her body was covered in goose bumps as she trembled with anticipation, longing for him to place his beautiful cock in her.

He raised himself to her neck and began biting it roughly, bringing goose bumps to her goose bumps, she whimpered and purred as she arched her back under him. She raised her hips desperately trying to force him in her; again a frustrated whimper escaped her lips as his foot forced her hips back down. Her moaning was becoming rapidly louder as he nibbled on the back of her neck just below her ear, again she herd his melodic voice in her ear "Cum for ME now MY lil slut" she was a more than willing participant as her thighs quivered and her body shook, unable to hold in the screams of pleasure that erupted from here much like the orgasm that racked her body into a trembling puddle of pleasure. In the midst of her orgasm she faintly thought to herself "How the hell can he have so damn much control over me?"

As her body continued to shake she felt his cock penetrate he pussy, but just enough to tease her and cause another wave of orgasm to wash over her entire body. Her body shook hard as she cried out " Stop please stop I cannot handle anymore, my God please have mercy" He answered with no words only his cock being rammed all the way into her soaked tight pussy. A soft groan came from her as she raised her hips to meet him; she could feel cum dripping from her ass, into a puddle under her. He raised himself to his knees and grabbed her tit's for leverage, she could feel his cock pounding away inside her, she could feel every ripple, vein, and the blood throbbing inside it.

She was completely in his spell and totally out of control, she was in a continuous orgasm as her pussy tightened on his cock rhythmically, he was amazed at the strength of her pussy muscles, and how hard she could tighten it. He leaned over and with out missing a stroke he reached under her back and brought her to him crushing her breasts against his chest. He gently lifted her up and again she found herself on her knees. She thrust her heart shaped ass towards him inviting him to her pussy, but to her surprise his target was her ass. She cried out and collapsed to the floor tightening her ass muscles trying to detour him from this thought.

He smiled gently as he realized that he was entering unexplored territory. He gently massaged between her thighs with his hand causing her to relax her ass, she felt his fingers inside her pussy, she felt his fingers running up the skin separating her pussy from her ass, she felt his thumb slide into her ass slowly as his fingers penetrated her pussy. Surprising herself she found herself pushing back into his thumb trying to force it deeper, and was greeted with the removal of his thumb and the replacement of his cock to her ass. He slowly gently started to insert it into her ever so tight ass, as she moaned and thrust herself back forcing all of it at once, she herd a moan from him as his balls slapped into her.

She reached between her legs and massaged his balls as he started into his slow gentle rhythm. From somewhere behind her she herd a soft hum, and then felt it as he rammed a fairly large vibrating cock up her pussy. He was a master at keeping rhythm with his cock and the vibrator, together deeper and deeper he drove them both. Her hips bucked wildly as she came again and again. Cries of pain and pleasure escaped her as he periodically spanked her ass.

Her head was swimming, her whole body was shaking, she tried to pull away from him only to feel his hand come crashing down on her all ready red ass. She felt him pick up his pace, and could feel her ass becoming sore, but she couldn't fight the pleasure it was bringing her as she thrust herself back into his cock harder and harder trying to keep time with him. She was screaming continuously out of total adrenaline ecstasy. Her hand continued to massage his ball as he continued to force his cock deeper into her ass. She couldn't tell where he ended and the vibrator began anymore.

Sweat dripped from her nipples as cum dripped from her pussy, she stopped massaging his nuts briefly to taste herself as she did so she herd a moan from Him and felt his cock throb and the warm rush of his cum into her ass. He rammed it deeper as he came in her she cried out one last time as her body went limp.

She awoke in her bed thinking all had been a dream, until she tried to move….A soft smile crossed her lips as she wondered what awaited her next.

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