tagMind ControlThe Breast Machine Ch. 04

The Breast Machine Ch. 04


Chapter 04

Learning to cope with two nymphomaniacs

"Please John, you know what I need," Jane beseeched her daughter's boyfriend.

"Sorry, Jane, I really am. You both need me at once, so I need time to recover. If you can wait, we can spread out the cycle," John explained.

"I can't wait! I need you now, John, please," Jane protested.

Being so out of control allowed her to plead with him without being embarrassed. The little control she had left was rapidly evaporating. Sabrina was in her own room, where he had left her satisfied. Now it was her turn, he was trying to deny her. It wasn't fair.

"John, you promised to look after me. I need you to, err, to, to do it to me. Damn it, John, do you want me to beg you to fuck me!" Jane crossly shouted.

"All right, Jane, calm down. We can work something out," he encouraged.

He ran a hand through his hair and rolled his shoulders, from feeling tense. It was Sunday night and the two women had used him all weekend. It should have been a delight, though it turned out to be an exhausting task.

Jane was an attractive woman with a large pair of breasts, and she was more than available, she was panting for it. It was just that they wanted him so often, and maybe it was that they were so freely available. There was no flirting, or thrill of the chase to get him going.

"Perhaps you could do something for me," he suggested.

"Of course, anything you want, just tell me, please," Jane begged him.

It was no good. She wouldn't wait, and he had promised Sabrina to look after her. If Jane went out in this state there was no telling what might happen. He had kept her waiting too long, trying to stretch out a rest break between them.

He unzipped his jeans, and noticed Jane relax a little. When he dropped the shorts she was licking her lips. He slid down onto the bed next to her.

"Wait!" he warned her, when she tried to jump him. She looked pathetic, as though he had slapped her, and stolen a chocolate box.

"You'll have to work on me. No! No hands," he insisted.

She got the message. She devoured his cock like a ravenous hound. He felt her tongue twisting around it, with her mouth providing a powerful suction. It was still flaccid, so she managed to suck his balls into her mouth. He wouldn't have dared suggest such a thing to Sabrina, yet her mother was trying to suck everything into her mouth. She choked, then tried again.

The sight of his girlfriend's mother sucking him enthusiastically was enough to invigorate the dead. His cock soon became engorged, so she had to let go of his scrotum. Contrary to his instructions, she used a hand to cup his balls. A finger circled his asshole. She was intent on stimulating him with all her might.

She sucked his cock down her throat. He was just lying back, not forcing her to do anything. She took the initiative from a dire need. After a few long strokes up and down his cock, she had him fully erect. She lifted her head up off his cock, with saliva dripping over its head.

"Can I have this lovely cock where I need it, please!" she implored him.

How could he say no after watching her head bobbing up and down over his erection. He ached from having sex so often, but couldn't deny he was ready.

"Ok," he murmured.

Jane clambered upon him to lower herself onto his erection. The feeling of being filled was delightful. She gave out a hiss of air through clenched teeth. She needed more. She needed to feel him cum. Jane needed it so very badly. She needed him to fill her with spunk to reach an orgasm. It was the only thing thought about as her whole world shrank to revolve around his cock.

He lay still, letting her do all the work. He watched the large pair of breasts swinging in a circular motion as she bounced up and down. She began a breathy chant, declaring an imminent orgasm. He knew he wouldn't be so quick this time. Her daughter had drained him of cum, so there wasn't much left.

He had been right to try to separate their time of need. Something would have to be done. He had tried delaying Sabrina, only for her to become as annoyed and desperate as her mother. Sabrina had jokingly said they should send Jane out to a bar, to pick up her own man. If he had agreed she would have bitten his cock off. Right now he was considering the option.

She leaned forward to rub her breasts across his face, attempting to stimulate his orgasm. She reached below to poke at his bottom with a long thin finger.

"Please, John, I need you to cum. Please fill me up with your wonderful sperm. Please," she implored him.

It was partly the sight of a luscious body, what she was doing, what she was saying, and the tone of desperation that moved him. He lifted his hips to drive in deep. She squealed with pleasure from knowing at last she was going to receive a shot of sperm.

John rammed in with several strong thrusts, then let go. He held her up off the bed with muscular thighs. She writhed on his cock for a moment, then kept perfectly still. Her legs trembled. He could see her stomach clenching. Her sex face was screwed up in a mask of pain that was really pleasure. Her whole body reverberated from a deep orgasm.

Moments later she collapsed upon him. Fully sated she lay there, motionless for awhile. As though moving in a dream she sidled a little further down the bed. She rested her face on his cock, nuzzling it. Without thinking she sucked a wet and sticky cock into her mouth. Not caring what she was doing, she sucked and licked it clean. Rolling it around in her mouth she purred with satisfaction, dreaming that it was all hers.

Jane fell asleep with his cock in her mouth, beginning to breath heavily through her nose. In her sleep she suckled upon it as though it were a comforter, and it was a comfort.

John watched her move down the bed. He half sat up to see her suck his sloppy cock into her mouth. Her eyes had been closed, and now she was obviously asleep. She was still sucking on his cock, though it didn't respond. He laid back closing his eyes, to fall asleep with wild ideas buzzing through his head.


Sabrina was hungry for breakfast, so walked in to find out where they were. Her eyes opened wide in astonishment. Jane was having breakfast in bed. Her mother was asleep with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth! Sabrina stood staring at her mother in disbelief.

It was agreed they needed John to look after them, but this was going too far. He was supposed to do it to her mother, then come back to bed to spend the night with her. She had waited, then fallen asleep. So this is what had kept him away from her bed.

Unsure whether to confront them, or leave, she just stood there scowling. It wasn't his fault, it was her mother.

"Mom! Mom! Wake up," she shouted, only just refraining from calling her a slut.

Neither of the women needed him in the morning, though the need would soon start to influence them. Until then they were as normal as could be, under the circumstances.

Jane began to stir. She opened her eyes wondering what it was up close. Realizing it was a scrotum she lifted her head, dragging his cock from her mouth. The salty taste wasn't so bad. Realizing she must have sucked it all night, left a dirty taste in her thoughts.

She had behaved like a bitch in heat last night. The memory of her begging him to fuck her, and what she had done to get what she needed, disgusted her. The more she thought about it the more it worried her.

A prod in the back halted those thoughts.

"Mom! If you are still hungry after that, breakfast is ready," Sabrina huffily stated.

She marched out of the door, slamming it behind her.

Jane felt worse from having her daughter discover she had fallen asleep sucking John's cock. She looked up at him to see he was awake. He was trying to remain out of the argument. He was wiser than he looked. They would have to have a discussion, before the effects of that dreadful device started to build up. Soon they wouldn't be able to think straight. The arousal would start as a nagging itch, until it developed into a demanding need.

At that point if John didn't help them, well, it didn't bear thinking about. Last night's performance confirmed how out of control they would become. John's comment about keeping them in confinement until the effect wore off became clear. If a stranger was near when they were out of control, they would be tearing his clothes off.

The image was dreadful. They needed John to protect them, as well as fuck them.


After a silent breakfast Jane decided it was time for a discussion.

"Let's stop pretending, shall we," Jane demanded.

Jane was determined to bring it all into the open, rather than talk around it.

"We have to face the facts. We need John to fuck us, or there is no telling what might happen," Jane clearly stated.

Sabrina and John looked away from the harsh words.

"Mom!" Sabrina protested.

"It's the truth, face up to it. You've done a good job so far, John. You are right about spreading out the timing. One of us has to accept doing it earlier, and the other later," Jane said.

They made John spin a coin, and Sabrina lost. It meant Jane would have him earlier, and Sabrina would have to try and hold out.

"There's something else. John needs some encouragement. You know what I mean. I'm going to order some things on the internet. You can decide what you want John. Some clothing, err, outfits maybe. I'll leave my credit card by the computer for you," Jane said, trying to sound matter of fact about it.

What she was saying started to sink in. John had already wondered what else they might do for him, after last night's blow job. Now it was suggested they would dress up to arouse him. He was also thinking over what she meant by ordering, 'things', on the internet.

Sabrina crossed her arms in protest, refusing to look at either of them. She didn't like what Jane was suggesting, especially the part about dressing up for him. There was no way she was going to pander to his nasty fantasies.

Her mother had confided that she tried a vibrator, and it didn't work. So it seemed there was no alternative to accepting the arrangement. It was galling having to share her boyfriend with anyone, let alone her mother. At least he seemed reluctant, rather than openly enjoying the deal. In fact, he looked tired and worn out. That wasn't going to gain him any sympathy from her. Especially as she would have to take second place from now on. Damn it! He was her boyfriend, so she should have him first.

Jane visited a few web sites with little enthusiasm. She didn't know what would turn him on, though made a few guesses. She also needed to try a few things as an alternative to using him. It was distasteful, yet necessary. It was also an eye opener. The range of devices was enormous, which told her there were a lot of women out there not getting what they needed.

"Well at least I am," she smiled to herself.

A shade of guilt tinted her cheeks. Being screwed by a handsome young man should have been nice, though, being a necessity it wasn't so great. Who was she kidding. She had never experienced such marvelous orgasms, and so many of them!

It was so very cruel that it was her daughter's boyfriend, otherwise it would have been a pure delight. It had to be admitted that the sex had been great anyway, and she was planning make sure it continued. The word, 'fuck', wasn't a term she normally used, but it was exactly right to describe what they were doing.

"John. There you are. Don't be embarrassed, order what you like. I'll leave you to it," Jane said, and quickly left.

She was worried as well as intrigued over what he might come up with. Probably something predictably male orientated, she surmised. As long as it wasn't cheap nylon and therefore scratchy, or anything too uncomfortable. She hoped he would be too embarrassed to reveal he liked something outrageous.


It didn't work. Sabrina became frustrated to such a degree she couldn't wait. It wasn't long after he had taken her mother that she demanded attention. As a matter of pride she tried hard not to give in to the demanding urge. The arousal couldn't be denied, so she demanded his cock.

John had tried it with Jane and could see his girlfriend was desperate enough to oblige. With little hesitation she sucked him to an erection. He couldn't hold her off, when she pounced on his cock, to roughly drag it into place and push heavily down. She rocked up and down upon him, unable to calm down until she had an orgasm.


Next day packages began to arrive. The women kept out of the way while he signed for the brown paper parcels. They were supposed to be anonymous looking, but the delivery guy had seen too many of them not to know what they were. One of the guys smirked, and winked at John. He took no notice, not caring what the guy thought.

John handed over the ones addressed to Jane, and took the others to a spare room. He wondered what Jane had ordered. They too gave him enquiring looks, but said nothing.

Jane was aware of a slight irritation, though nothing that couldn't be resisted, yet. Her daughter was in the same state, also keeping to her room. Jane tried various devices, toys she'd bought on the internet, but they didn't work. The need was still building toward an insatiable arousal, so it looked as though she would have to rely on John.

"I'd best get this over with," she sighed.

Jane walked to the lounge and abruptly halted in the doorway. Sabrina was dressed in exactly the same outfit. They were dressed as fantasy French maids. She felt even more self-conscious in front of her daughter.

John looked from one to the other. They had left it a bit late to appear, but here they were, just as he had requested. He ordered the outfits knowing they were around the same size, though Jane's bust was tighter in the low top. Her breasts wobbled when she walked in, almost overflowing.

The short dress revealed a ruffle of white petticoats holding up the hem. They both swayed a little on the unfamiliar high heels. He was pleased to see they were wearing all the extras. The small apron was tied around the waist. Black stockings were tightly held up by straps from a garter belt. A white cap was pinned into place over their hair, which was in a bun underneath the cap.

They stood side by side a little way off, ready for his inspection. They were beginning to vibrate with sexuality. He wondered if the outfits did anything for them? Not that it mattered, as It was doing something for him.

Sabrina told him the outfit was ridiculous, and she was going to change into jeans and t-shirt. As soon as her mother walked in, she stood her ground, not wanting to lose out. She wanted to ask him if she could be first this time. After all he was her boyfriend, but the awful words just couldn't be uttered. Instead she just stood there, waiting for him to make a decision on who to fuck first, her, or her mother.

"You look great! Thanks for this, it will help me to, err, you know, look after you both," he smiled. "I want you to fetch me a snack, Jane. Sabrina, get make me a drink. I could do with a coffee," he added.

If there were pep-up pills available they would have been welcome, but he would settle for yet another coffee.

Sabrina was about to protest that she wasn't his maid, but her mother was already off to the kitchen. Not wishing to be outdone she quickly followed. Almost losing her balance, she managed to right herself, and hobbled after her.

"Mom! This is ridiculous. We don't have to humble ourselves like this, do we?" Sabrina complained.

"You don't if you don't want to, darling. I want to make sure he can, err, you know what. Right now I'm under control, though it won't be long before I'm desperate for it," Jane admitted. "You must be feeling it too, otherwise you wouldn't have dressed up for him," Jane added.

"You're right. If you're willing to shame yourself, then I'll have to," she crossly stated.

Sabrina glared at her mother for a moment, then relented.

They brought him food and coffee. Jane dragged an occasional table beside the sofa to lay a plate of sandwiches upon it. She deliberately leant forward, to show off an impressive cleavage. She made a show of tucking a serviette over his lap, while patting a growing erection. She gave him a pleasant, knowing smile.

Not wanting to be outdone, Sabrina bent over in front of him, to pick up a coaster, which had been deliberately dropped. The see-thru panties were plastered to her rear, and the crotch bit tight between her legs. She imagined his hot breath upon her sex. She looked over her shoulder at him, pouting her lips with a suggestive smirk.

"I'll do some dusting, sir, if you don't mind being disturbed," Jane asked.

She didn't wait for an answer, as she upped the stakes.

While her mother fetched a duster, Sabrina gave him a seductive smile. "Would sir, like anything else? Your French maid is available and at your service, sir," Sabrina purred, while twirling the petticoats with a swish of her hips, all the time trying to look alluring.

As she heated up, a determination to win the game became ever stronger. She just stood, swiveling her hips, wondering what else she could do to tempt him into bed.

Her mother was fussily flicking a duster at imaginary cobwebs. Reaching high pulled the hem up her thighs to reveal black, see-thru panties, deliciously framed by suspenders. Her mother's bottom was fuller, and less concealed.

Sabrina watched John's eyes following her mother around the room, as she stretched and made straight leg bends. Instead of being appalled by the lewd behavior, Sabrina was inspired to outdo her. There was a lot at stake, and both women were feeling a strong need for satisfaction.

Sabrina had no idea where the cleaning materials were, so came back from the kitchen empty handed. Her mother was bending over him, swaying her breasts at him. Sabrina was furious.

"Could sir tuck my breasts in, they seem to have popped out. I'm sorry to ask, but I can't seem to get them back in," Jane said, while playing up to him.

They could both see what they wanted. A hard bulge showed under the serviette. Jane removed it, managing to stroke his cock through the jeans while pulling it away.

"No you don't! He's mine!" Sabrina bawled.

She grabbed her mother's hair, dislodging the maids cap.

Jane turned on her daughter, trying to push the rival away. They both fell to the floor, pulling at each other's hair. The pulling and shoving turned to ineffective slaps.

"That's enough!" John shouted.

He grabbed an arm, pulling Sabrina off her mother, and pushed her onto the sofa. He pulled Jane up off the floor, by an arm. He hadn't meant this to happen.

"Go stand in the corner," he told Jane, to keep them separated.

Jane looked at her daughter, to see a smug look on her rivals face. The fierceness of his voice when he repeated himself, and a hard shove, made her reluctantly do as she was told.

"No touching yourself," he warned. "Put your hands on your head," he said, as an afterthought.

He sat on the sofa next to Sabrina, who reached out for him.

"No! You've both been squabbling like naughty schoolgirls," he scolded.

Jane was staring at them, shaking with emotion. He had to be careful they didn't turn on him, as he had left it too late bedding them. They were het up, and out of control. It was important not to show favoritism and they both needed to be cooled down.

Without thinking about it much, he pulled Sabrina over his knee. The fluffy petticoats sprang up revealing her bottom. He pulled the tight panties from her cheeks, to leave them sagging around her ankles. He slapped her rear a few times.

It seemed to have some effect, for she sat back on the sofa looking chastened. She was breathing heavily, though looking dazed from the unexpected thrashing.

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