tagBDSMThe Breeding Rack

The Breeding Rack


My wife Sonja and I enjoy role playing and exploring new areas of our sexuality. We have tried some light bondage and spanking but not anything too outrageous. We enjoy both dominate and the submissive roles and the wide range of emotions that go with it. My wife prefers the submissive role which I find strange given the fact that she is normally a very pushy person who likes to get her own way on just about everything.

We are friends with another couple Katia and Fernando that we play with on a regular basis. This particular couple shares most all our same little fantasies and we all respect each other and never judge one other. Sometimes we soft swap and sometimes we take it to the limit where we get as kinky and as outrageous as we can.

My wife and Katia after getting together for lunch one day came up with the bright idea that we should have a bondage party over at their house that weekend. They went ahead and set it up for Saturday evening. I found out about it after the fact as is usually the case.

Saturday came and we drove over to their house which is about an hour away. When we arrived at their house I took the overnight case out of the back of the car with all our costumes and toys we bought just for this special occasion. We walked up to the front door a little excited and a little apprehensive about what we were getting into.

I rang the doorbell. When Katia opened the door, I nearly dropped my pants. She was wearing a black satin and lace corset, a black garter belt, sheer black stockings and black five-inch spiked heels.

My eyes darted from her face, to her well-displayed breasts, and then settled on the small leather cat of nine tails in her hand. I attempted to say hello, my mouth was open, but nothing was coming out. She grinned at me and stepped to the side. "Come on in and let's get this party started."

Katia showed us to an extra bedroom where could change and she told us to join her and Fernando in the living room whenever we were dressed and ready to have some fun. I sat the overnight bag on a chair and Sonja took everything out and laid it on the bed. We undressed and started getting ready.

Sonja started with a black cup-less corset which I enjoyed helping her pull on. Then she put on a black garter belt and a pair of black sheer nylons that she then attached to the garter belt. She then slipped on a pair of red satin panties and finally a pair of black pumps to finish off the outfit. God she was hot. The cup-less corset showed off her 42D tits incredibly well. Even though they sagged a little with age she was still an unbelievably sexy woman.

She interrupted my gawking and lusting by informing me that I needed to stop wasting time and get ready. I put on the black leather jockstrap with a zipper in the front that Sonja had picked out for me. It wasn't super reveling or anything like that but I still felt a little bit self-conscience in it. She gave me a reassuring kissed on the cheek and said "O.k. baby let's do this."

As we walked into the living room Katia was setting at the bar sipping on a glass of wine. Fernando was walking around wearing a leather body harness with a built-in cock ring. Protruding from the cock ring was his full manhood hanging out for everyone to see. All of a sudden I did not fell as self-conscience about my own outfit but was a little uncomfortable looking at his dick bouncing up and down swinging from side-to-side as he strutted around the room.

When Fernando was finished parading around and showing off his equipment, Katia produced a slave collar. "Are you ready?" she asked. He replied enthusiastically that he was ready to get started. Katia stepped around behind him and placed the collar on his neck. She stepped back to view her new slave. She attached a leash to his collar and began pulling him across the room.

Katia then turned to us and exclaimed, "Alright gang let's get this show on the road".

Katia directed us to the garage where they had setup a new playroom. As we walked through the door to the garage I was both surprised and shocked at see a make shift dungeon they had setup.

There was a number of exercise mats scattered around the floor. Hanging from the ceiling was a sex swing, a padded saw horse and a large bean bag chair in the middle of the room. There was a table near the doorway with an assortment of paddles, floggers and other items which I had no idea what to do with.

Over to one side was a set of iron bars bolted to the wall which I recognized as the security bars from the outside patio door that I had seen when we had been over for pool parties on previous occasions. There were wrist cuffs attached to the top of the frame and ankle cuffs at the bottom and a waist chain in the middle.

Katia told us, "go ahead find something you like we've tried them all and their all fun."

Sonja looked at me and asked, "Where do want to start?" I shook my head said "it's up to you babe I am game for anything." Interesting enough she went straight for the iron rack which had also caught my eye when we first walked in.

She walked over to the rack against the wall and raised her hands above her head, spread her feet and exclaimed to me, "Go ahead strap me in."

I walked over and positioned her against the rack. I attached the belt hanging in the middle of the rack to her torso. The belt looped around her waist and held her firmly in place.

I reached down and spread her legs about shoulder length apart and then put on the ankle cuffs.

I then took her hands and raised them above her head and fastened the wrist cuffs. The wrist cuff's main strap came down in front of her hands so that she could hold on to the strap. I then tightened the straps to make them more secure and then pulled them up slightly forcing on her tip toes.

Her arms were being raised until all the slack was out. She gave a little squeal as the upward movement continued, pulling her up until she was stretched tautly.

She was forced to arch her back a little due to the position of her arms and her breasts where projecting prominently. Her nipples were standing out in sharp relief. She seemed aroused.

She put her head back to look at her captured wrists. She tried her bonds, pulling and fighting doing her best to look at me as she struggled. Her long black hair trailed down her back. She could still work her legs but that only enough to allow her to slowly rotate, giving a great view of her female form.

Seeing how helpless she looked was turning me on and bring out the bad boy in me.

I picked up a pair of scissors I found lying on a nearby table. I slowly trailed the scissors up and down her inner thigh watching her winch as she experienced the cold metal against her skin.

Then slowly and deliberately I slid the open scissors up to her pubic area. I cut the red satin panties and then pull them slowing dragging them off so that she would feel the fabric move across her inner thigh and the lips of her pussy. When I was finished, I tossing the ruined panties on the floor.

As I laid the scissors back on the table I noticed some nipple clamps and a small chain lying on the table. I picked them up and carried them over to the rack where she was confined.

I placed the nipple clamps on her already extended nipples and tightened them until she gasped. I then attached another clamp to her clit and then attached a chain to link them all together. I pulled on the chain between her breasts and the clamps closed tighter the harder as I pulled.

I went back over to the table where I found a number of toys that I decided to try out. I carried them over to the rack and started using them on my poor helpless wife unable to move or to resist.

I enjoyed teasing her, using a flogger...dragging it very gently along the skin...giving her a good whack with it in different places and with varying strength....and teasing her by gently running my hands around her pussy and tits and along her neck, tickling her ribs, trailing my hands up and down her thighs. Basically I'd wanted her to beg...beg to be taken and taken hard.

"Tonight my little minx, you are my sex toy, to do with as I will and you will be as obedient as I say. Do you understand my pet?" She shook her head in agreement.

Then I slapped her left tit with my hand, not real hard but enough that it stung a bit at first. Then I slapped her right tit alternating between them for the next few minutes. Just the right amount enough pain and pleasure to drive her crazy.

She released a deep moan of ecstasy from the mild torture I was inflicting on her.

"I knew you would enjoy this my little pet." I whispered softly, "Do you want more?"

"Yes please." She begged, "Please don't stop!"

My fingers travel between her open legs, this time they slide through her now dripping lips. Her body stiffens at the wonderful intrusion.

Her hips moved, trying to get me to enter her, but I just teased the outer edge to her velvet tunnel with my finger.

I could feel how wet and turned on she was and that she desperately wanted me to make her cum.

I stopped abruptly at that moment and said, "That's enough for now my sweet. That was just to get you ready for the main event."

"Oh bull shit!" she screamed. "You're not going to leave me like this, finish what you started."

"No!" I said, "Tonight I make the rules and you will follow them."

I stepped back and looked over to the other side of the room where Katia and Fernando were having their own little conversation about who was the boss tonight. Fernando was down on all fours on a large exercise mat as Katia stood over him physically and verbally degrading him.

Katia stopped her abuse when she notices that I was no longer pre-occupied with teasing my own little toy and said to me, "You know they are both like a couple of well trained dogs maybe we should breed them. Is your bitch dog in heat? My mutt is always horny always trying to hump something. Why don't we put them together and enjoy the show?"

"I like that idea but I think we should make them work for it." I replied.

"Oh I know how to make them work for it, just leave that to Me." she said.

She yanked on Fernando's leash and pulled him to his feet then she led him over to the rack and stood him directly in front of Sonja with him looking directly at her face.

Katia pulled Fernando's leash as she stood beside him and yelled in his ear, "These are the rules dog, you do not cum without my permission, and do you understand?" Fernando nodded quickly not breaking eye contact with his waiting prey hanging there ready to be taken.

"Alright let's see what you can do." she said.

Katia stepped back and left Fernando standing there inches away from Sonja. She was helpless, vulnerable, and completely naked strapped to the iron frame.

Just the sight of her helplessness turned him on so much he was holding back his desire to fuck her wildly right then and there. She was spread eagle and his cock was jutting straight up ready to lift-off. Katia motioned to him, "Alright big boy show us what you got."

Fernando stared into Sonja's eyes as he reached down and spread her pussy open as his huge cock approached her. She felt the large round head press against her. It covered her whole pussy and then some. She didn't think it would go in.

Fernando spread her pussy further and he pushed against her hole. He twisted it back and forth as he put more pressure on it, easing it in, stretching her open. Fernando removed his hands and the whole circumference of the head forced its way inside.

Fernando worked the monster slowly into her, inch after inch. She hadn't even taken half of it yet and she was full. Fernando began to fuck her not quite pulling out before thrusting back in. This helped her to relax as her pussy gripped the massive dick. She was grunting with each stroke of the cock as it was being swallowed up by her. Fernando had been giving her more until there were only a couple inches left.

This huge cock was splitting her and she loved it. The mind blowing sensation of 10 inches of his immense rod disappearing in and out of her felt incredible.

He then pulled lightly on the chain connected to the nipple claps as he pushed in and out of her aching cunt, sending her even closer to the edge.

He started pushing his cock all the way inside her. She opened her legs wide in surrender to him, who would not be denied now. Fernando was now grunting and thrusting with all his might. His hormones were taking control and he was pounding harder, faster and deeper.

His sperm filled balls were like hammers as they slapped up against her. Her breasts were bouncing frantically with each thrust.

"Please...please, make me cum. I need to cum so badly!" She begged.

Fernando began to pick up speed and I knew he was close to his orgasm.

Then suddenly, abruptly and without any warning Katia dragged Fernando back about two feet from where he had been standing. His throbbing cock torn away from the impending release that we was anticipating and looking forward to.

Katia began scolding him, "Did I give you permission to cum?" She bellowed. Her voice was cruel and demeaning. "Answer me!" She demanded.

"No!" He responded a little shocked, confused and somewhat disoriented.

"You were doing so well, until you disobeyed me." She exclaimed.

She then pulled him over to the other side of the room and began slapping him and taunting him.

I then walked over to Sonja hanging there helpless and frustrated at being denied her own release. I began to survey her condition and then like a prize fighter, being tended to in their corner by their manager I gave her water and some verbal encouragement.

I slowly with only the lightest touch began to move my hand across her skin first her cheek then around the side of her face and down to her neck. The heat from her body was like a furnace burning with a need for complete and total release.

I could tell her nipples were extremely sensitive and sore from all the tugging that they had received so I removed the nipple claps and then the clip from her clit. She let out a moan of relief; her face had a look of relief and gratitude.

At that moment Katia pulled Fernando to his feet and gave him one last scolding. Katia then led Fernando by his leash back over to where Sonja was hanging helplessly on the rack. Katia made him kneel down setting directly in in front of the helpless pray waiting to be taken.

The sight of Sonja's long, toned legs leading up to her heavenly hole was almost too much for his brain to handle.

Katia pulled on his leash and made him look up into her eyes as she screamed at him, "We will try this once again. You do not cum until you are given permission to do so. Do you understand?" Fernando nodded his ahead in agreement.

Katia stood him up and began slapping him lightly on the cheeks of his ass. "Now take your dick in your hand and start playing with yourself. Get yourself hard for the whore." Fernando complied and began beating off as he had been ordered do. Soon he was almost fully erect and ready to resume the activities.

Katia walked over to the rack and began finger fucking Sonja's pussy to make sure she was wet and ready to be fucked. Katia stepped back and then motioned to Fernando to proceed.

Fernando slowly moved forward towards Sonja stroking his cock and preparing it for the penetration of her waiting pussy.

As his body made contact with hers Sonja's thighs parted and her legs opened as Fernando moved forward lodging the large mushroom shaped head of his cock in the entrance of her pussy.

"Oh Fuck!" Sonja gasped as she felt the head throb in the entrance of her tight pussy as Fernando thrust his cock deep into her body.

His hips moved driving his ten inch cock into her pussy to the hilt. "Fuck me!!" Sonja gasped as her pussy was crammed full of cock and his pelvic bone ground against her swollen clitoris her pussy felt stuffed to the brim.

Fernando started to move in and out, fucking Sonja's pussy hard, making sure to grind into her clitoris on each stroke. "Fuck me..Fuck me harder!!!" Sonja arched her back with her legs spread wide, too restricted to do anything but just hang there like a lifeless doll gasping as Fernando fucked her wet pussy with his rock hard ten inch cock.

He grabbed hold of the iron bars on either side supporting him and giving more leverage to make each thrust more powerful than last. The whole rack shook with the violent rocking of her body, the chains holding her in place rattling.

Her clit was striking the base on his cock, and the large wide mushroom shaped head moving in and out of her wet pussy. Sonja felt some pain, as the head of his cock banged into her, stretching her pussy deeper on each stroke.

"So Deep...Hard..My God..Fuck Me!! Fuck Me...Harder...YES!! Harder..Harder Fuck me Harder!" Sonja mindlessly begged as Fernando continued to slam his cock in and out of her pussy.

Sonja was stunned to realize that she was on the verge of an orgasm as Fernando continued to abuse her tight wet pussy, "God...YES!!!.. My God!!!....YES!!!!"

Sonja felt her pussy contract and squeeze his cock as the stimulation to her engorged clit, hard swollen nipples, and fully impaled pussy was causing her to near an orgasm.

"Please...Yes..Deeper...So Deep..OH MY GOD!!" She screamed.

Fernando started to fuck her harder and faster, as she ground her clit on the base of his hard shaft. Her pussy was contracting and gripping his cock as he approached his impending release.

Suddenly without warning Katia yanked on his leash and dragged him back away from his prize again. His throbbing cock slipping out of the hot pussy that he needed so badly.

This time he was dragged to the other side of the room.

"No! You were going to cum weren't you ass hole?" Katia howled.

Katia slapped his face and spit on him.

A flash of anger and contempt came over his face and it showed in his eyes. He was obviously not used to being teased, controlled, and toyed with in this way. This mass of man was incensed at not being unable to fulfill his primal male urge to take what we needed as man.

He tried to blurt out what he wanted but was quickly cut off by Katia grabbing at his hair and pulling it straight back.

Spinning around him, with a fast swoop she lowered herself down not his face and pulled his head upward smothering him into her mound. Her ass slapped against his chin and his nose bumped against her clit.

"Stick your tongue out and leave it out you worthless dog." She demanded.

She angled herself back and tilted his head so that it slotted up between her thighs on a slant.

She placed his hungry outstretched tongue tip at her entrance, and her swollen pulsating clit flat against the middle of his tongue.

Finding that perfect spot, that perfect angle, that perfect rhythm she began to roll, rock, and grind onto his mouth.

Her thighs squeezed against his head and she began to stiffen, her joints locked in the explosion that was to come.

His face became covered in her feminine nectar. She made sure to rub her sweet juicy over every inch of his face. With the juices dripping down his face and chin, he went to work licking and sucking at her rosebud...now fully swollen and deep red.

She pinned him down and her legs began to spread wide fully opening her to his mouth. Her pussy started to pulsate and twitch as she released wave after wave of pleasure from the tip of clit into his waiting mouth.

When she had finished with him she pushed him down on the floor and gave him a good kick.

She walked over to a table and got a bottle of water and drank from it. She then walked over to Fernando and poured the remaining water on his face. She then grabbed his leash and pulled him up to his feet. She looked at him and said "Now let's try this again."

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