tagGroup SexThe Bridge Club

The Bridge Club

byStrapping Young Lad©

*Note to Readers, this is a sequel to "The Older Woman in my Life".

Me and Ms. Smith, or Dorthy, had a wonderful symbiotic relationship. She liked to fuck younger guys (me), and I liked to fuck older women (her). We worked a way around causing gossip amongst the neighbors. Being eighteen and ready to be on my own, I told my mom that Ms. Smith had an extra room for rent, and seeing as how she was a familiar face, thought it would be a good idea to move in with her. That way I was out of her hair, and was learning how to live on my own. The whole affair was done surreptitiously.

I went to college and worked thirty hours a week at a factory, and every time I came home to Dorthy, there she would be, wearing the most daring outfits that greeted me as I walked in the front door; crotchless panties, pantyhose with the crotch cut out, short skirts that revealed her greying bush and the plump curves of her ass. Her tits were always hanging out, large and low, the nipples like large cherries. It was a great time to be alive, but greater times were just ahead.

On Saturday's, Dorthy would go over to her friends house and the few of them would play bridge. Of the six of them they would rotate whose house was played at, and they played several times at 'our' house. They were beautiful old women, all between 40 and 48, except Gran who was 53, and they always gave my cock a turn whenever it was our turn to host the game. This Saturday was our turn to host the game, and the 'greater times were just ahead'.

Dorthy situated the six chairs around the circular table in the dining room, and got out the brandy and shot glasses, and the deck of cards. Bridge was normally played with four players, but they bent the rules somewhat, and made it a six player game. They were old women, who said they couldn't break the rules! I was to be the man-servant, refilling glasses and such.

Then the guests arrived; Berta, average, Denise, tall and delicious, Gran, aged to perfection, Laverne, large woman with huge tits and a tasty ass, Delila, short and plump.

I stood by the table like a good man-servant, and what happened next shocked and amazed me. The five women began to undress. Oh God, it was heaven! Berta was wearing a bikini that barely covered her tits, and her ass was all but exposed to my hungry eyes. Denise was in a crotchless fishnet body stocking, looking ever so exquisite. Gran wore thigh-high stockings and see through bra and panties, she was quite the exhibitionist. Laverne wore a bra and panties, and her huge tits were practically falling out of the bra. Delila wore crotchless panties and a small nighty that exposed her sweet belly. Dorthy also undressed except she wasn't wearing anything, just her perfectly nude body.

Dorthy gestured all of her elderly friends to sit at the table. I filled the glasses with brandy, and just as I finished filling Delila's glass, Dorthy told me to get beneath the table. I thought that I heard her wrong.

"What?" I stuttered out. My growing cock straining against my pants.

"I said, take off your clothes, and get beneath the table," Dorthy said sternly.

I took my clothes off in front of these half-naked aged Muses. They eye-balled me up and down, nodding in approvment, and humming hungrily. When I was naked as the women before me, Dorthy motioned me to go beneath the table by her chair. I crawled beneath the table clumsily and situated myself sitting crosslegged in front of Dorthy.

"Not me, first Berta, then Denise, and so on as you work your way around the table," Dorthy instructed. My eyes widened in surprise and delight.

I peeked up at Berta, who smiled enticingly back at me. I smiled back and wiggled over between her parted legs. She leaned back in the chair pushing her hips to the edge of the chair. Above I heard them begin to shuffle the cards and begin their game. I turned my gaze to the bikini bottom before me. I could smell the sweet fragrance of pussy sweat and my mouth watered. I began kissing and licking her thighs around the fabric. Her pubic hairs were thick around the edge of bikini, and I licked them. I hooked a finger under the fabric and rubbed her pussy, and she squirmed in her seat. I pulled the fabric aside and began licking her wet slit. I loved it. I love licking and eating pussy. I buried my face in her snatch, licking her pussy all over, pulling the lips apart to lick them, and her hole, sticking my tongue far up inside her. She squirmed beneath my tongue and face. I brought two fingers up and pushed them inside her. She moaned and one of the players commented on how Berta was having trouble concentrating on the game. Another commented that she couldn't wait for her turn to lose concentration, which caused laughs all around. I searched her pussy for her g-spot and found it, curving my fingers and rubbing it. She cried out the Lord's name in vain when I found her clit with my tongue. Shortly she began bucking her hips in orgasm, and my hand was coated with her juices.

"Don, now go to Denise," Dorthy instructed, and I wiggled out from between Berta's thighs and made myself welcome between Denise's. Denise wiggled and giggled as she made herself comfortable. Her pussy was beautifully trimmed and it peeked out ever seductively from the cut in the fishnet body stocking. I brought my face close and inhaled deeply of her scent. She smelled of stawberries and vanilla, and I told her so. "It's my douche. Do you like it?" She said ever so sweetly. I told her yes, that I liked it very much. She giggled again. I began lightly licking her pussy, pushing my tongue ever so slightly between her lips. She cooed as she sighed. I heard her saying that she was going to sit the game out for awhile and just enjoy herself. The others laughed. I began licking her pussy in earnest. When I got to her clit, she barked that I should keep it "right there". So I did. I pulled her lips apart and sucked hungrily on her clit, resting my tiring tongue. She cried out not to stop, so I continuued. Soon she was thrashing in her seat, and I stopped sucking in order to lap up her juices. God I love eating pussy!

Gran was next, I didn't need Dorthy to tell me. I manuevered out of Denises thighs and manuevered between Grans. My hands paraded up her stocking clad legs to the bare thighs above. Her see-through panties revealed her gray pubic hair. I inhaled deeply of her pussy. It smelled of soap as if recently washed. Gran told everyone she was also taking a break from the game. She snaked a hand down and pulled her panties to the side and pushed her hips down towards my face and spread her beautifully aged lips apart. She knew what she wanted, and didn't hesitate showing me. I began licking again on her pussy. Before I knew it she had let go of her spread pussy and grabbed me by the hair pushing my face towards her clit. Knowingly I began licking and sucking on the engorged clit. When I tried to stray to licking on other parts of her dripping pussy, she got that hand clenched with my hair again, and dragged my face and tongue back to her clit. I was at her mercy for her pleasure. My tongue was tiring, but I continued to lick, and gratefully was allowed to suck on it. It took Gran forever to cum, I must have feasted on her clit for ten minutes. Even one of the others commented on how it was taking Gran an awefully long time to get it overwith. She responded by saying a good orgasm comes to those who wait. And when she finally did cum she commanded me to open up, and she pushed my head down to her hole and raised her hips and completely flooded my mouth with her aged wine. I loved it! I drank of her and had precum dripping from my rigid cock like a leaking faucet. Good things come to those who wait, and Grans orgasm was the most delicious of them all!

Proceeding on in my undertable extravaganza, I crawled out from between Grans legs and crawled between Laverne's. Her legs were so thick and meaty I could barely see her panties, I pulled her hips to the edge and spread her legs as wide as I could and only then could I see her flowered underwear. I began kissing the insides of her thighs, and she cooed and told the others she was gonna stop playing for awhile, one of the others - apparently Delila as she was the last - told her not to take as long as Gran, as she was getting anxious and her panties were soaked listening to the others and their fantastic orgasms. I began licking her panty covered crotch and she wiggled with excitement. I then tried to pull her panties to the side, but her legs were too large to warrant this action. So I snaked both of my hands up her hips and grabbed the waistband and pulled down, she obliged by raising her butt so I could pull them off completely. I yanked them down her meaty legs and off her feet, and she automatically spread her delicious meaty thighs once more. I pushed them apart further and pressed my face to her plump pussy and began licking the slit up and down. She was extremely wet with excitement, and her hairy bush framed her pussy beautifully. My tongue slipped inside her and was immediately immersed in her wetness. I brought my fingers up and slipped them inside her. Her pussy was so loose that I needed three, then four fingers inside her to cause any sort of 'filling'. She moaned with great pleasure. After a moment I found her g-spot and was rubbing it furiously when she brought both of her hands down under her and raised her hips and spread her ass cheeks. She told me she wanted my fingers there. So I pulled them out and pushed one, then two, and finally three fingers into her asshole and was pumping them in and out before I remember her pussy and began licking on it as I fingered her ass. By this time Laverne was moaning loudly and rocking her hips back and forth causing the chair to squeak beneath her weight.

Pausing in my licking to watch my fingers push and out of her asshole I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to see Delila fingering herself through the hole in her crotchless panties. This turned me on so much I couldn't wait to finish Laverne and get to her. I turned to begin again on Laverne's clit to bring her to orgasm when I noticed that Gran was also fingering her old pussy. A glance around beheld all of the women fingering themselves. Even my naked Dorthy, although after tonight, I may belong to more than just one woman.

I went back and attacked Laverne's pussy and ass. I brought another hand and pushed four fingers inside her pussy, filling both of her holes, and began licking on her clit. Soon she was shaking and cumming on my hand. Her pussy and ass clenching my hands. I pulled my hands from her holes and moved out from between her quivering legs.

I then moved to the last - or so I thought - and got between Delila's dripping thighs. When she realized it was her turn she gasped a little and removed her hand from her clit, and spread her plump legs, and moved to the edge of the now soaked seat. Her pubic hair was soaked with her own juices and I leaned forward to suck the tasty juice from them. She moaned, and said, "Now that's what I've been needing," as I began licking her swollen pussy, and engorged clit. She commented to the others how John never goes down on her anymore and how much she missed getting her pussy licked. I thought, "Holy shit! I'm eating out a married womans pussy!" Then I wondered how many of the others were married. This thought of eating out a married womans pussy made my leaking cock throb. I brought two fingers up and pressed them into her slippery pussy, and she cried out in pleasure, I looked around at all the pussies being fingered and thought that, "if this isn't heaven, it must be really fucking close, cause it's sure not hell." I found her g-spot and thanked Dorthy for teaching me how to pleasure women. I rubbed it vigorously and while licking on her clit had her cumming in no time. My face was wet with her pussy juice, and I loved it! I love eating pussy!

I was about to get out from beneath the table when Dorthy realized what I was meaning to do and demanded that I stay right where I was and that it was now her turn for a pussy eating. I love eating pussy, and even though I boasted how I could eat it all day, after tonight I realized how wrong such a claim was, my tongue was dragging. But my love for pussy outweighed my tired tongue and I climbed between Dorthy's smooth legs.

I began by kissing her labia, then parting it with my shaky fingers, and began licking up and down her sweet slit. After a few moments she raised her hips and snaked her hands down to her ass cheeks and spread them, and commanded, "Fingers, there," and I wetted one and pushed into the taboo hole. "More," she demanded, and pushed another in. After a few moments of eating her pussy and shoving my fingers in her ass, with a trembling voice she said, "More," and I gave her a third in her sweet asshole. She was already close from fingering herself so it wasn't long before she was bucking her hips in an orgasm which pulled my fingers from her asshole and caused her to yell out.

Wearily I climbed out from beneath the table, my face and hands sticky with the cum from six different women. I eyeballed a shot glass full of brandy and downed it, saturating my tired mouth. My cock still stuck out hard and rigid and the tip was still leaking precum.

Before I knew it Berta had my cock in her mouth and was gently sucking me. While Berta was giving me heaven with her mouth, Dorthy told me of the next 'round', and instructed Berta to get up and lean over the table, and for me to get behind her and fuck her sweet pussy. Berta took her mouth off my cock and leaned over the table. I grabbed her swimsuit and pulled it off of her delicious ass, down her smooth legs, over her feet, and left it in a pile on the floor. I got behind her and spread her ass and leaned my cock against her wet pussy and pushed easily in. Oh God, I loved it! I began pushing inside this beautiful old woman with wild abandon and soon we were slapping together loudly. Her grunts and moans were music to my ears. I looked down and watched myself diapppear inside her with ever thrust. Her warm insides holding me.

I looked up and around at the other women to see them with thier hands busy under the table. Gran had pushed her chair back from the table and had brought one foot onto the table spreading her grey pussy wide and I could see her spreading her labia with one hand and rubbing her fat clit with the other. My eyes went from one woman to the other, watching them as they pleasured themselves before me, waiting anxiouly for my cock to be filling them.

Soon Berta was crying out in orgasm and clawing at the table. My cock was still pushing in and out of her sweet pussy. I could see her cum running down my cock to the base and dripping off my balls. Dorthy told me to stop, when Breta was done cumming and to go to Denise.

I pulled out, or rather slipped out of Berta and walked over to Denise who had gotten up and positioned herself over the table. Her body stocking clung to her body, and I could see her nipples jutting out through the fishnet mesh before she leaned over the table. I got behind her, found the slit in the body stocking, and pushed my cock in her pussy just as easy as pie - literally! She groaned with pleasure. She placed her hands beneath her chest, and I can only assume she was pinching her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. Her pussy was slippery with her fluid, but it was still quite snug, and I mentioned that her tight pussy was gonna make me cum, and she replied it was okay, that I should just fill her up, that she was too old to get pregnant anyway. And after a few moments of pushing in and out of her sweetly trimmed pussy I came deep inside her. Dorthy noticed that I had stopped fucking Denise, and told me very strictly that Denise had not yet cum, so I was to keep going.

Being with Dorthy I was getting used to multiple orgasms. At least two, sometimes three a session, each day having two or three sessions. So I was more than up for the task. Little did I know how wrong I was.

I grabbed Denise by her slender hips and began pushing into her snug pussy. After a few minutes of this fevered fucking she began crying to me to fuck her, fuck her, with exclaimations of "Jesus Christ". Her hands were still beneath her teasing and twirling her nipples. I looked next to me and saw Gran pumping several fingers inside her gray-haired twat, and the sucking noises her pussy was making, made me want to be inside her, and I knew that she would be an outrageous fuck. I began to fuck Denise while watching Gran finger her old pussy. Soon Denise was cumming all over my cock. I slipped out of her wet pussy and went over to Gran.

Gran brought her leg down and got up and leaned over the table. She reached behind and pulled her see through panties over her aged ass and let them rest on her thighs. I got behind her and pulled her cheeks apart and gazed at her asshole and pussy. God it looked so good! I guided my cock to her pussy and pushed in. It felt like heaven! Her old pussy was a perfect fit. It pulled me in when I would pull back, and push me when I would push in. The friction was bliss. I couldn't help but go slow and deep inside her. I fucked her, and she fucked me back.

Dorthy wasn't this good. I glanced at her, and her face was knowing all. She knew that Gran was doing things to my cock, and I think she was jealous, but she also loved it. Loved what I was experiencing with Gran, and I could imagine she wished she could do the things Gran was doing. Maybe in another ten years.

The women still played with their old pussies before me. Berta and Delila began to kiss as they rubbed each others pussies. It was the first lesbianism I had seen, and it turned me on just watching their tongues dance with each other. The other women fingered they're pussies and watched like a tennis match, first watching me fuck Gran, then Berta and Delila. Berta leaned over the table and Delila began to eat her pussy from behind. Dorthy had hiked a foot onto the table and I could see her rubbing her wet pussy watching. Denise and Laverne still played with themselves but had backed away from the table as well so I could watch them, noticing that I liked to watch.

Soon Gran was telling me to fuck her faster, and she was still pulling me and pushing me, and driving me insane with pleasure. I spread her ass and watched my cock slide in and out of her old pussy, so fast, so deep. I pushed into her aged sweetness. Thrusting in faster and faster. I could feel her tensing with orgasm. We had been fucking forever, and now it was coming to a head. She clawed at the table and crushed the cards - that they were no longer playing with - in her whithered hands. Then she came, and my cock was drenched in her aged wine, and it was dripping off my hairy balls. I slipped out of her sweet pussy, and got down on my knees and cleaned her sopping pussy.

Dorthy, stopped me short and told me to get fucking Laverne. Reluctantly I got up and got behind Laverne who had positioned herself on the table. Her panties were still in a pile on the floor under the table, where I took them off earlier. I got behind her and was brushing my cock against her pussy when she told me to stick it in her ass. Gran burst forth saying that Laverne loved it in the ass, and to fuck her good. I smiled at Gran and she smiled back. I guided my cock to Laverne's ass and pushed it in. Laverne cooed with pleasure, and I began fucking her stretched asshole. Thrusting in and out of her butt. I looked down at my cock sliding in and out and loved it. And loved how dirty it was fucking this old woman in her ass. An ass I stuffed with four of my fingers a short while ago.

I looked up and saw that Berta was now eating Delila's pussy as she sat on the chair with a leg on the table. Dorthy was still fingering herself and I could see her watching me and getting off on me fucking all of her friends. Denise cried out with one of her own orgasms, her fingers were buried deep in her pussy, while the others were pulling on her fishnet cover nipples. Gran also was begining anew her fingering, and I watched her watch me fucking Laverne in the ass.

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