tagLoving WivesThe Building Maintance Man

The Building Maintance Man


She just looked at me and smiled.

"Go down stairs dear we will be done in half...OOohh shhit...make that an hour" as the ass hole pumped her a little harder.

Well there it was she had told me I had nothing to worry about, she loved me this morning she was going out to have some fun while I was at work. I had I known this was her idea of fun I would have stayed home and got laid. I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a few moments with a flurry of thoughts and a confused mixture of emotions, hate, anger, sorrow, humiliation, trepidation and most of all the loss of trust at her betrayal.

We had been married for twelve years; never once had I had doubts about Annie's faithfulness. How could I be so clueless?

I was jolted from my momentary paralysis by Jackson pushing me out the door and closing it on me. I had been kicked out of my own bedroom so he could fuck my wife. How could I let that happen? How could she let it happen?

I went down stairs and sat down with Jose Cuervo we had a pretty good conversation going when they emerged from the bedroom that used to be ours. She waked him to the door and kissed him good bye. The fucker was eyeballing me with fucking smirk on his face. He knew I couldn't hurt him ,he was everything I wasn't...rich, six five at two hundred and forty pounds of muscle, me I weigh in at a buck fifty at five foot nine, I had no chance of beating him head to head.

"See you tomorrow at work Annie" yup Jackson Samuels was her boss. He played in the NFL for two years but he also had a Masters in business administration now he was a self-made millionaire with the seed money from playing football, he was also a self-made ass hole, "later Cucky oops I mean Chucky "he laughed as he left. I saluted Jose once more. I started to pour another when Annie put her hand on my shoulder, I flinched and spilled some on the table...fuck sorry Jose, I moved the glass and put my lips down to the table sucking the golden liquid up, making sounds like when your Big gulp has run dry, then you put the straw in the bottom corner to get the last vestiges of the quenching liquid, a fitting comparison to our marriage. All I could do know was toss Annie out like the ice or wait for the ice to melt and drink the remaining liquid that was a pale second to the rich full flavor of the original. The love was gone now what was left was room and board a slut to fuck if she had the time.

"Charles that is disgusting, why are you drinking anyway, you know I don't like it" so...like I give a fuck.

"Not as disgusting as seeing as seeing Jacksons black ass and ball sack staring at me from my....my old bed" I tipped another shot of the magic elixir sending it burning down to fill the hole in my heart. Damn it I felt a drop on my hand. Putting it to my lips I discovered it was too salty to be the ambrosia...shit I was leaking from my eyes.

"Oh god, don't be a baby, look I apologize for having him here ok, but he had to get to the airport and we didn't have time to go to his condo."

"Gee I hope I didn't delay him with my interruption" as I poured another shot I watched the golden stream fall into the one once glass made specifically for this sort of recreation, it seemed to be in slow-motion as it flows up the other side trying to escape but quickly became a victim of gravity once more, pooling onto its self then threating to overflow, I return the bottle to its natural position, pointing to the sun.

"There is no need to be sarcastic Chuck I still love you dear nothing has to change. I still need you. You are an excellent husband and father Chuck, it's just well Jackson has a ten inch cock; you know I can't even get my hand around it. He just ....enhances our love making." I'm sure it's a thrill a minute.

"So how long has Jackson been 'Enhancing' our marriage Anna?" I use my thumb and three fingers to grasp the glass as I picked up my next shot of liquid escape...my hand was trembling, I had to raise the glass slowly so I wouldn't spill the wonderful nectar.

"It was about six months after I started working for his company, you remember the Christmas party when we had to go to the office for an hour or so to help a customer's emergency. He took me on the couch in his office" Let's see that was five years ago. Her revelation distracted me from my immediate task at hand, breathing or actually sobbing when I should have been drinking, the result was a bit of alcohol in my windpipe making me choke, it was by sheer force of will I put off the urge to choke the golden liquid sent to its intended destination before coughing. "You were in the bath room when Jackson caught me under the mistletoe we kissed when you came out we had to leave before he fucked me right there on the table."

"So I got sloppy seconds that night?" I remember she said she was so wet from all the attention she received from the men at the party. I also remember the looks I got, I never liked them so I didn't go again and she didn't ask, she said she was going with a girlfriend and not to wait up. Gloria lived really close and she would crash there for the night. I'm such a fool.

"Well...yes but you have since then too, not all the time but it never seemed to bother you, I still love having sex with you it just made it better" I remember those times she said she was extra horny and asked if I could get her off with my tongue. The bitch intentionally fed me his cum.

I got up and went to the porch with my bottle and shot glass, I just hopped I wouldn't throw up. She didn't follow me.

I woke with a killer hangover and a kink in my neck. The stupid bitch had actually put a blanket over me, she always was thoughtful. I looked at the bottle it still contained a measure of magic elixir at least enough to dull my senses I poured the first one and tossed it back. It revolted, I tossed the contents of my guts right on the lawn I sat back down spit over the rail and poured. I had just enough to make me calm but not so much that I was unable to function. I started to move my stuff to the spare room not waiting for her to get up. She always slept in on the week end.

"MMm what are you doing you know I like to sleep in on the weekends"

"I don't give a shit what you like... I'm moving to the spare room until I find a place" She woke up completely now.

"What are you talking about Chuck? Moving out you can't move out what about the children?" I stopped for a second. What about the children.

"Ya about them I guess I'll have a DNA test done see to if they are mine" she looked funny getting red and angry it made me chuckle.

"You son of a bitch how dare you, do you think I'm a slut or something, just for that you will not be getting of this pussy for quite a while"

"Gee thanks that takes the pressure of me to live up to Jackson's standards." It's not like I wanted to get any more of that stinky pussy anyway, fine by me keep it far away.

"Don't think you can just run off and divorce me, I still love you Chuck, but so help me god I will put you in the poor house if you leave me."

"Yes I can feel the love you have for me"

"Please Chuck; just don't do anything foolish, I don't want to loose you." She kissed my forehead like a child she had just scolded to make it all better.

I am Mechanical building maintenance technician by trade I earn good money, my current job was paying me $35 hr. and I putting lots of overtime at time and a half. So money wasn't the problem. The problem was big dick Jackson Samuels. He was a smooth talker and good looking and smart.

I needed him out of our lives and Annie needed to see the error of her ways. In my current profession I knew A/C repair, elevator repair, alarm systems, plumbing and electrical I could pretty much fix any building from my own house to the Sears tower.

The one thing those two didn't know about me, was my past as a B&E artist I could open doors, safes bypass alarm systems, scale buildings. I was very good at too,until I got tossed in jail once for a nonrelated offence for one month, it was more than enough for me to start walking the straight and narrow. I went to school and landed some pretty decent jobs in maintenance.

I lived in seclusion in my room coming out only for meals, work and for the kids, Annie had made several attempts to get me in her room for sex, the closest she got was sneaking up on me while I slept and gave me a blow Job. I shot off in her mouth; she ran to the bathroom and spit it out yelling at me that I could have warned her.

I had bugged the house phone and set her cell to call forward so when she got a call I could listen. "Jackson, Chuck is not to happy, I know we expected that, I managed to give him a blow job yesterday morning but I can't get him to come back to me. You said he was a wimp and we could have him be our cuckold that he would accept that... I had needs, but I don't want to lose him I do love him and he is the father of my children."

"Just hang in there baby keep working on him I'll see if I can get anyt dirt on him so you can keep him and then I can make him eat my cum from you well fucked pussy I know how that gets you off."

"Oh god does it ever I couldn't believe it the first time I tricked him, but now he won't even get near me."

There it was Jackson was manipulating her and in turn, me. I wonder how many others he had dirt on as he put it. I figured it was time to visit his office. Waited until everyone was asleep and paid his building a midnight inspection.

The security guards were easy to dodge, Chuck went up the fire stairs in a uniform and ball cap with an official looking insignia on it. He discovered Jackson had a private elevator to his office that only he had a key to, well him and now Chuck. Chuck never used it, he entered Jackson's office through the air ducts being slim and nimble was a big help in his old line of work, .It took Chuck almost two hours but he cracked the wall safe cleaning out the cash and other valuables, he also found several computer disks. He needed to take a look at them. He sat at the fine mahogany desk turning on the computer Ctrl Alt Del user name was still on the startup window ...Chuck scratched his head for a few moments 'annie' password incorrect...'cuckold', password incorrect...'bigdick', password incorrect...'Master1'...how arrogant. Chuck plugged in a flash drive and found a buried encrypted file named *accounts and pw*, how stupid ...copy complete... next he watched the disks of Jackson fucking several women and Annie on the sofa all of them were hot, Chuck popped a woody from the hot women getting fucked and jacked of in Jacksons coffee cup, he took his finger wiped it all over the inside and lip letting it dry. Chuck recognized a few of the women from the local TV and newspaper, all married some to prominent men in the community powerful men...copy complete. The elevator was easy he pulled open the control panel and soldered in a new remote control chip then ran a USB cable to his laptop resetting the parameters according to the elevator use logs he had copied before installing the new chip. Chuck left the same way he came in leaving only a slimy residue on the Jackson's coffee cup. Chuck smashed the lap top removing the hard drive beating the disc into a small lump of metal.

Two days passed Chuck heard on the forwarded call from Annie's phone that Jackson wanted her in his office for lunch he would meet her at the elevator at 11:00.

This is where the rubber meets the road Chuck thought. He stuck his finger down his throat puking out everything in his stomach, danced a little did some shadow boxing then entered the building and waited partially hidden by a plant in the lobby. Jackson appeared in the lobby with in one minute of eleven Annie came through the lobby doors. Chuck hit send on his phone let the message be received then removed the battery breaking it in half tossed it in the trash. Annie had no idea her next decision would be of such grave importance. Chuck stepped up behind them.

"Jackson you son of a bitch you are not going to fuck my wife again" he yelled so all could hear. Chuck put the mouth piece in, then swung with all his might connecting with Jackson's lips, Chuck grimaced in pain from a probable broken hand.

"Chuck!" Annie screamed

"Motherfucker you little pipsqueak cuck..." Chuck took another swing, Jackson easily dodged it and unloaded on poor old Chuck one two three once to the nose and two into Chucks ribs. Chuck remained standing and tried to kick Jackson in the nuts but missed and hit his inner thigh he still inflicted pain, pain that sent Jackson into a rage, a round house to the temple that could have killed the smaller man. Chuck went down, Jackson still out to damage his attacker started to kick poor Chuck. Annie was screaming for Jackson to stop and grabbed his arm that only earned Annie a back hand to the face. She went down security ran to the scene. Jackson stopped then looked at them.

"You all saw it he attacked ME!" as he spat blood and wiped his busted lip on his hand. "I'll be in my office if the police need a statement" He looked down at Annie hovering over her husband crying. "Fuck I'll get some later." He thought as he stepped into his elevator.

Nobody saw the weak smile on Chuck's bloody swollen lips.

Annie cried, Chuck bled, security guards stood around being useless, Sirens were heard at the front lobby doors, the paramedics had not completely entered the building when it happened.

There was a distant scream that increased in volume until the building shook violently, the granite façade around the elevator cracked and fell, smashing to bits on the marble floor. Dust emerged from the stainless steel doors as they buckled, the tortured metal moaned from the force of the crash bulging outward sending dust and debris into the lobby, as the dust started to settled one brave paramedic ventured a peek in the gaping doors only to see Jacksons shattered body lying there in a contorted unnatural way, blood pooling around him in the crumpled elevator car.

"Poor bastard" the medic said as a murmur went around the room full of onlookers.

Annie never heard him, she was running beside the gurney that carried Chuck, thinking about what a fool she had been to let herself be manipulated by Jackson and how brave her Chuck was to stand up to a man that was so much bigger than himself to fight for her. She knew she didn't deserve it but could only hope Chuck wouldn't toss her cheating ass out on the street.

Two days and passed Chuck was still slipping in and out of conciseness but every time he opened woke up Annie's beautiful face was there, worried, sparkly, tearful he loved all her faces. He could understand why other men would want to possess her.

On the third day he opened his eye; one was still bandaged and too swollen to see out, Annie was still there holding his hand she held it to her cheek and tried but failed to stifle a sob. Then threw her head on his chest and broke down crying uncontrollably.

"I'm so sorry Chuck can you ever forgive me, I let that man come between us and manipulate me. I swear I will make it up to you every day for the rest of my life."

Chuck winced when she lay her head on his chest "doesn't this stupid bitch realizes I have broken ribs" he thought. But he put his hand on her head stroking her ear with a finger. "I suppose I will have to change a few things if I keep her, she may not like it but she owes me" he pondered more as the movement of her sobs mad his ribs ache. The nurse pulled her of him scolding her. Chuck pushed the button for the pain medication and drifted off again.

On the sixth day he was sitting up the tubes and the catheter had been removed, he still needed help to the rest room but Annie was there to wipe his ass as both arms were still in casts.

The news had hit the streets, Jackson Samuels involved with senators wife. The video was suppressed and denials began, News at Eight. Local judge divorces wife of twenty years, News at Eight.

Local business man files suit on the Samuels Company for alienation of affection, News at Eight.

It went on and on. Two weeks had passed and Chuck was coming home the house was decorated; the place was full of friends welcoming him home, no news at Eight.

Annie helped him to the bedroom Chuck stopped.

"What's the matter Chuck?"

"I'm still not getting in that bed" Annie realized the ordeal was far from over.

Annie opened the door and Chuck saw a brand new bed a king size bed.

"Please Chuck I had it replaced two day after your fight I couldn't sleep in it either"

"Ok I need to lay down and take some meds anyway" Annie covered Chuck up and got in bed with him snuggling for the first time since he walked in on them.

Four days after Chuck arrived home he woke to a wet cock, Annie looked up at him and smiled as best she could without stopping, he came in her mouth, she never complained just swallowed it and asked what he wanted for breakfast. She fed him by hand every morning, afternoon and evening, he fed her first thing when he woke up.

One month after coming home, Annie mounted Chuck after waking him up the usual way and rode him she had a wonderful orgasm when he shot his load into her.

One year after coming home. Chuck seemed to have made some good investments, their vacation to the Bahamas' was fabulous. They were talking in bed one afternoon after a practically strenuous fuck session. Chuck had taken to spanking Annie making her wear a dog collar telling her how bad she was and Annie loved it, the spankings hurt and made her cry sometimes but the orgasms after were ...orgasmic.


"Yes dear"

"Do you ever wonder how an elevator could come crashing down like that...I was supposed to be on it when that happened "She asked as she got up to go rinse off the sticky cum and brush her teeth.

"Yes, I suppose you were very fortunate I picked a fight with Jackson at that particular time, but it just goes to show you need a really good Building Maintenance Man in your corner." Annie stopped short at the door of the bathroom she was having a hard time breathing, Chuck just smiled to himself.


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What a sap, or cuckold, or maybe wimp. So he killed the guy, big deal, he's was still a cuckold.

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The story starts out with Chuck in the first person ("I did...."), then ends with third person ("Chuck did...."). Even an amateur writer should know better. Knocks story down to two stars.

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I agree with bertyed

I agree with betrayedbylove, and I also don't give a fuck what you think

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