tagAnalThe Bus Home

The Bus Home


It was a late and tiring night for my Mother and I. We've were just leaving the bus port to home, back in the US. I sort of hated Canada in the winter because it was too fucking cold it made me paranoid that if something flicked one of my nipples hard enough that it would surely break off. Of course the blizzard didn't help anything either, which is the reason my mom and I wanted to get back home so bad before it got to the point we had the stay the night or longer in this God forsaken snow desert tundra. I would hate having to spend my 18th birthday in Canada, only reason we came here was to visit my father, very sweet loving man while my mother was really nothing but a whore. Only God knows how she got custody of me in the courtroom when the fucking judge saw that in the one week that she hadn't been with my father, she had more than seventeen men in our home for sexual purposes, while my father had a new house, job, car, and had the best credit as well.

When we got settled in the back of the bus we both realized that there was no place to sit and it was so damn crowded too. I just wondered , "How could the bus station operate like this, isn't there a limit to how many people can be on one bus?"

I turned a little to look around and just to see the faces of the people around me. When I came to see this very gorgeous guy staring at me, he probably had been staring at me since I started standing in front of him and it looked like he wasn't going to stop either. I smiled back at him when he put on a beautiful smile for me when he realized that I was looking at him. I even blushed when he mouthed "you are very cute", and my knees gave way when he blew me a kiss. I could almost swear that his imaginary kiss landed right on the side of my neck, where has always been one of my serious turn on spots. My breath grew heavy as I started to feel my womanhood start to soak and I didn't realize how turned on I was until I felt my own juices start to run down my thighs, given any normal day I'd wear tight pants but I always wear loose clothing on my birthdays so I am comfortable.

My mother hates how I dress on my birthdays because it's too unrefined for her tastes considering I never wear a bra, nor do I wear panties either. I like dressing this way a lot because I feel so free and less confined and I really like running when I'm dressed this way because I get so turned on when I feel my breasts flopping and bouncing around. I'm very proud of my C cup breasts, 32C to be more precise. Not that this cute guy could seem them with my jacket on.

The bus started to slow down and I looked forward to see the first victim of the blizzard. Another bus had slid off the road and had gotten stuck. Before I realized it I felt cold air enveloped me and my whole body shook, as it did my nipple, rock hard from the cold and the erotic feelings, rubbed against my silk blouse and I shuddered as I imagined the guy behind me stroking his hand over my breasts.

I was snapped out of my erotic day dream as I was being pushed backwards, I lost my footing and fell backwards onto the guy's lap and I suddenly felt his member digging up my pant covered ass. He pushed upwards a little with his hips and I moaned a little as he dry humped me through my pants a little. I hadn't noticed that, when he caught me, his right hand gripped my left breast . He squeezed it a little and I hit a state of euphoria, I practically melted in his warm, strong, muscular arms. I looked up into his perfect blue sapphire eyes and almost had an orgasm right there.

"Are you alright?" he asked

I couldn't really speak, especially after his low bass voice sent vibrations through my chest all the way down to my aching, wet cunt. I just nodded and moaned in his arms.

He lifted me up and said that I might as well just sit on his lap, I looked around wondering why that I might have to do that when I saw that the people of the other bus had came onto this one and there wasn't even a place for me to stand anymore. I sank into his body and looked for my mother. She was a few people in front of me and she was talking to some guy most likely flirting with him, the fucking slut.

I turned my face to the cute guy and asked him his name. He told me it was Langdon. I stared into his eyes again and couldn't help but let my passion take over me and I gave him a deep kiss. He instantly opened his mouth accepting my young tongue into his mouth. I felt his left hand fondling my slightly plump ass. I just groaned into his mouth as we kissed deeper, he thrust upwards again and he dry humped my ass some more. I stopped kissing him and leaned towards his ear as I whispered, "you like my ass that much? Do you want to fuck my ass, cutie?"

I saw his shocked face and saw him eagerly nod "yes" to me and he whispered to me that he'd been staring and wanting my ass since he saw me at the ticket counter. I opened my large jacket and turned it around so that it was more like a blanket. I reached under me just in time to meet Langdon's hand slip into the back on my pants and I almost squealed when he grabbed my left ass cheek hard, I felt my juices flowing more forcibly and running down my inner thighs. I grabbed the side of my pants and pulled them down enough that nobody could notice. Langdon's right hand moved from my left breast and I could feel him unzipping his pants, when they were unzipped his cock loudly smacked my ass and almost, made me cum. I leaned my head back next to his ear and I murmured that I am a virgin in every hole still. Langdon turned his cute face to me and kissed me hard.

"Don't worry my doll. I'll take great care of you. You are very safe in my lap, I promise you", he whispered into my ear, again sending erotic and sensual chills through my body.

Still hovering my ass over his large cock, I knew it was big by how far I was sitting up and I was just hoping nobody will notice and hoping that I could remain quiet long enough for the both of us to get off. I felt his gentle hands at my hips when he started pushing me onto his precum soaked cock. I felt a lot of pressure and a lot of pleasure out of the feeling of the head of his dick being pushed into my anal cavity. I looked over to my left and right and saw that the people around me were sleeping and it couldn't happen at a better time. The bus driver announced that we would arrival at terminal 5 in 45 minutes. I was to stoned on my sexual euphoria that it felt like I had eternity to fuck Langdon before we ever arrived in Washington.

Langdon pushed the head of his shaft inside of me, I was so stretched out that the pain was more pleasurable than hurtful. I've been riding on the edge of an orgasm every since I saw him staring at my ass and yet I'm still get pushed more and more off the edge of an orgasm. I let my weight guide me down as I lowered my ass onto his large shaft. I heard him moaned and his grip on my waist tightened and forced me further down his beautiful feeling cock. I felt like I was being lowered on top of a flag post because as far as I was sliding down the more there seemed to be of his man meat.

I reached under my jacket and grabbed at his left hand and guided it to my aching pussy. He found my clit right off the bat and started circling it with his middle finger. My eyes widened as I felt the flood of my own cum surge out of my virgin vessel, at the same time I hear something like liquid splash against the inside of my jacket while Langdon spread my pussy lips open. I felt weak, too weak to keep my ass up any longer and I just impaled myself on Langdon's shaft. I never made a sound as I was overwhelmed by the searing pain of my ass being torn apart or as a second orgasm beat me down into Langdon's lap. He grabbed at my hips again and started to grind into me. I heard him ask if I liked his 8 inch cock up my ass. I had to fight the urge from screaming out that I loved and wanted him to fuck me harder.

I didn't need to ask when he lifted me up by my ass cheeks and started thrusting hard in and out of my virgin asshole. He picked up pace and fucked me harder and faster. I was so tight on his wonderful cock that I could feel the warm cock head swell and pulsate inside of my ass, his hole shaft started to pulsate inside of me, I could feel his quickened heart beat pound inside of my use-to-be-virgin ass. Langdon played with my clit some more and at the same time forced his pinky into my over juiced wet pussy, he pushed all the way up inside of me until I felt him tear my hymen a little, the pain was so hot, I hit another orgasm when he said he was going to cum into my ass. I pushed down harder on each of his forceful thrusts, it felt like he was trying to get his whole body into me and kept tearing at my insides sending warm fire coursing through my anus. I felt his cock twitch and I shuddered when it moved in me, I couldn't move anymore, I just started shuddering at each of his warm splashes inside of my ass, I heard my own cum hit the inside of my jacket again and again.


Exhausted and nearly blinded as the ceiling turned on I tried to get up with Langdon's help. As I tried to keep my balance he pulled up my pants for me. He asked for my name and I just turned to face him and leaned in to kiss him one last time, I leaned closer after the long kiss and whispered into his ear, "Desire".

I got off the bus, legs still a bit weak and my mind still foggy. I was trying to figure out where my mother had gone to, I walked over to the water fountain, next to the bathrooms, when I heard a woman moaning loudly and a man grunting hard. The next thing I hear was my mother screaming to be fucked harder.

"Mother, you're such a fucking whore", I said aloud . I was shocked when I heard a comment about what I said.

" You know you should be more loving towards your mother", Langdon said laughingly.

I ran to him and hugged him hard, it was only five minutes since I last saw him but I felt so alone without him. I looked into his eyes again, seeing that he was already looking at me again. For some reason I just started crying, no reason but just to cry, as if I was crying out 3 years worth of hate towards my mother for breaking up with my father and fucking every man she came in contact with. I hated hearing the sounds of sex coming from my mother's room every night, of every year. I realized that Langdon was reading mind through my eyes and saw my pain.

"How about you come live with me?"

"What! I don't even know you."

"You know me better than that woman in the bathroom stall having sex"

What I saw next provoked my next action. I saw a tear run down his either side of his cute face. I knew somehow that it was from a broken heart if I left him here at this bus station never to seem him again. With that I trusted him more than any other person I have ever came into contact with in my life.

That was seven years ago. I found out on that first night that it was his birthday which was also on the same day as mine. He had been visiting his aunt in Canada. He was only 3 years older than me and I found out that his father owned shares in many big companies, one in which my father was working at.

I never saw my mother again but I heard from my father that she moved to Cali and became a piece of expensive street meat that got busted for prostitution 3 times in the first 4 months she was there. Langdon on the other hand is now my husband, and even after 2 children and ten extra pounds I still catch him staring at my ass with those perfect blue sapphire eyes. Only now he fucks me in the bedroom rather than the back of a bus, not that we don't have anal sex on that bus anymore because we still do on my birthday trip to see my Father and his Aunt as well.

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