tagLoving WivesThe Business Ch. 06

The Business Ch. 06


"Ross, we need to talk about something." Sian said to her husband.

"What is it?" Ross asked. He didn't like the sound of this, conversations that started like this were usually not good.

This would be different though.

"I've been thinking." Sian continued. "In the couple of months I've been working at the house, we've only shagged what, half a dozen times."

"Go on." He said, letting her speak.

"Well, I feel really bad for you as I know you must want more sex." She went on. "I've been thinking, that if you want to, it's ok for you to have sex with other women."

Ross was taken aback. He really hadn't expected his wife to say this to him.

"I'd rather you were able to do it honestly, than do stuff behind my back." She said.

"It hasn't really bothered me that much to be honest." Ross said. "Ok a couple of times I've been frustrated when I've been horny and you've been tired after work. But it's no problem."

"Look, I'm not trying to force you into the arms of another woman." She reasoned with him. "It's just ok with me if you have sex with others.

Ross took it all in and thought about what she said. He had to admit that there were frustrating times, but he had never considered straying.

"The only rule I'd ask of you is that it's only ever a one night stand." Sian told him. "I don't mind you coming into work to have one of the girls, or picking up a woman for sex. But I don't want you to ever have affairs, or bring them back here."

"I'd never have an affair." Ross told her. "I really do appreciate you thinking of me like this. I'm not sure I'll do anything yet but thank you."

"I don't want my job coming between us, that's all." She told him. "Tell me if you've ever got any worries, I'd be devastated if we ever split."

Ross gave her a comforting cuddle, kissing her to reassure her that he was fine. She had clearly been worrying about him, thinking he may go and have an affair because she couldn't give him what he needed. It had never crossed his mind though.

Sian went off to work and had a steady day of business. On an average day she would see about 10 clients, this was one of those days, nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing particularly well paying.

As Sian was about to head home, Jackie dropped a bombshell.

"Sian, we're going to have to put up the girls rent." She started. "We've looked at all of the running costs, and they're going up all of the time."

"Why not put the prices up then?" Sian reasoned.

"We thought about that." Jackie replied. "But we don't want to effect business. We really don't want to have to do this, but it really is unavoidable."

"So what are you going to do then?" Sian asked her.

"We're going to put a £50 per day room rent on for each girl." Jackie said. "That will cover the extra rent we have to pay."

"You're joking?!" Sian said. "So we'll be working the first couple of punters for nothing then?"

"Like I said, we really didn't want to have to do this." Jackie went on. "But with all of the increased costs of running the place, it can't be helped. Sorry love."

Sian was seriously pissed off. This would have a serious effect on her earnings. She had only come out with about £150 that day, due to the fact nobody wanted more than the basic service. Some days she would earn even less if it was quiet. The extra charge for the room would be a real blow.

She poured all of this out to Ross when she got in. He was equally annoyed, saying that this was pure greed rather than anything else.

"There's only one option then." Ross told her.

"What's that?" She replied. "I can't afford to quit, we can't live on your wage alone. And office jobs round her pay fuck all, they won't pay the mortgage."

"We open our own house then." Ross said. "That way you work for yourself."

"Seriously?" Sian questioned him.

"Why not?" He replied. "I was talking to Ben about this the other day. We reckon you could rent a flat in somewhere like Whitley Bay, for £350 per month."

Sian listened to him. Keen to hear him out.

"I'm sure Beth will come and work for us when she hears what's happening." He continued. "All we need is a maid to run the place and a couple more girls so you 2 aren't working 7 days a week."

"You sound like you've worked this all out!" She said with a smile.

"Well I'd always fancied running my own business and this would be perfect." He said. "I remember you saying that you've had a few police as customers, they'll leave us well alone as long as we're discreet."

She had to admit that he had a point. Sian also knew that Beth would come with her, they had become good friends in the time they had worked together.

Sian phoned Beth and told her what Jackie was going to do. She was really pissed off about Jackie's plan too.

"Let's do this then." She told Sian. "I'm not having that, the earn a fucking mint off us already."

"I know." Sian replied. "Ross has got a couple of flats in mind, as soon as we've found a suitable one I'll ring you."

A couple of days later, they went to view the flat. It was in Whitley Bay, at the coast near Newcastle. The location was perfect, near the Metro station, in a town that was packed with stag parties every weekend. They both knew they could do good business here.

Ross and Sian signed the agreement and paid 2 month rent up front. They were ready to go. The flat was already furnished and didn't really need anything else spent on it. They advertised on the Internet for a maid to run the place day to day, and for 2 more girls to work.

They still had neither sorted out by the Friday of that week when they had decided to open. They worked out that Ross would be around just as backup and the girls would run the place themselves until they found a maids it was unlikely that they would be too busy for a start, as their advertisement had only just gone in the local paper that week. They did also advertise on a few of the online sites that offered these kind of services.

They had decided to open from 12 lunchtime till 12 midnight. Sian and Beth were in and ready but nothing really happened. It wasn't until 6pm that night that the phone finally rang.

Sian took the call from a man that had seen the advert in a local paper. He asked all of the usual questions about the girls, the prices, then the address. He said he would be in within the hour. Could he be their first customer? They knew they would get a few people ringing just to waste their time, but they crossed fingers that this could be their first business.

The girls were watching Eastenders on the TV when the doorbell rang. Both of them jumped with surprise! Sian went to the door to find a man of about 40.

"I hope I've got the right address." He said. "Angel's massage?"

"Yes, that's us." She said. "Come in."

Sian took him straight up into one of the bedrooms.

"I'll send Beth in, then come back myself." She told him.

Beth was undressed down to her underwear and ready to greet him. She went in while Sian stripped down to her undies ready.

"I think he's going to want you!" Beth told her.

Sian smiled and went back in. The man smiled at her.

"I hoped you were going to be working." he said to her. "I phoned earlier, your description sounded just was I was looking for."

"What can I do for you then?" Sian asked him.

"Will you do oral without a condom?" He asked.

"Yeah, no problem." Sian told him. "That'll be £50 please."

The man paid her, their new business was now up and running. Sian took the cash through to Ross who was keeping a low profile out in the kitchen at the back.

"Here you go. We're in business!"

Ross smiled and gave her a quick kiss.

When Sian got back to the bedroom, the man was undressed and ready as she had told him. He seemed to know the drill pretty well, he seemed to be a regular at these kind of things. Sian took her knickers and bra off, joining the man on the bed. She kissed him, feeling his cock grow in his hands as she did. Plenty of working girls wouldn't entertain kissing clients, but Sian found it quite natural.

She then went down on him, licking around the tip of his cock first, before gradually taking more and more into her mouth. The man was loving it, playing with her tits as she sucked him. He then moved his hand down between her legs, which she opened to give him better access to her. As the man rubbed her pussy, she speeded up her sucking. He soon came in her mouth, groaning as he did. Sian casually spat the semen into a tissue that was disposed of in the bin next to the bed. The first job for their new business was done.

Once she had seen him out, Sian went to rejoin Beth, but she was already in with their second client. Ross explained that he had come in just after Sian went in with hers. They really were up and running.

They managed another client each that night, 4 in total. They hadn't really known what to expect that night, but were pretty pleased to have made some money.

On the Saturday morning, the first call, almost dead on 12 was a woman. Rose, as she introduced herself had phoned about the maid's job. By the time she and Ross had talked on the phone for 5 minutes he had virtually given her the job. She had worked in several places like these before, and really knew the ropes. Ross asked her to come in and see them that day, within the hour she was their newest employee.

Rose even agreed to start wok immediately, allowing Ross to leave them to it. It didn't look good to have a man hanging around the place, it out clients off. Ross and his friend Ben had agreed to sort out the security for the girls, and were both available at short notice if any of the clients got out of hand.

Everything was panning out nicely, apart from a distinct lack of customers. In the first 6 hours of the Saturday, Beth saw just one client, the only one through the door. They really had hoped business might have picked up by now.

Things did change that evening though. A lad phoned up at 7pm saying that he had a group of blokes on a stag weekend that were going to come in later. He said that there would be anything between 6 & 12 of them coming in, depending on how many bottled out during the night. They only wanted the basic personal service costing £30, but with that many coming in, it could be their first decent takings.

They still hadn't had any more coming in before the stag party arrived at 10pm. There were 6 of them at first, but the leader said there would be another 5 over as soon as the first of this party headed back to the pub.

"Right, who's first then?" Beth asked them.

A young looking, skinny lad of about 21 put his hand up first. Rose took his money and Beth led him away to the bedroom. Sian paired up with the leader of this group. A loud, cocky bloke in his early thirties. The £30 personal service was only for 15 minutes, so it really was a wham bam affair. Beth was done in 10 minutes, her young lad didn't last very long at all! She was already in with her second man by the time Sian was finished. She also took her second man through and saw to him efficiently as usual. The girls were very experienced in making sure these cheaper sessions lasted no longer than they should.

Within 40 minutes of them arriving, all 6 men were seen and satisfied, heading back to the pub to send their mates and have a well earned pint. The next 5 lads that followed were identical. Same service, same efficient performance from the girls. By the time they left it was midnight, their second days was far more lucrative. It hadn't been like it was at the other house yet, but it was early days, things would pick up. More quickly than they thought.

On the Sunday, a steady flow of men started to come through the flat. Most of them had seem the advert on a website they had posted on. A few of them wanted more relaxed services, longer and more expensive.

One man Sian saw on the Sunday stood out. He was a 6' 5" black man, who picked her as soon as he saw her. He wanted a full hour with her, the full works. This usually included Anal amongst other things. She was scared that if everything was in proportion, this man would be huge. Still, it would be something a bit different for her at least.

Sian got him settled and took the cash through to Rose. She smiled at her, almost in an envious way, she could have imagined her jumping at the chance had she been a few years younger!

The man was sitting naked on the bed when she got back in, his body was incredible. He was well toned all over, not too many muscles, just strong and fit looking. His cock didn't look like the monster she feared, although it must have been one of the larger she had seen.

"So what would you like to do tonight then?" Sian asked him.

"I'd like to watch you play with yourself till you come." He told her. "Then I want to taste you."

"I like the sound of that." Sian said. "It's a bit different to the usual suck and a fuck that most clients want."

The man sat in the chair at the end of the bed, while Sian laid down on the bed and removed her knickers. She started to run her hands over her breasts, feeling them through her bra, before moving one of them down between her thighs. She started to masturbate slowly, rubbing her shaven outer lips. Sian was already starting to feel a bit wet, she had always enjoyed doing this for Ross, doing it in front of a gorgeous stranger was a real turn on.

As she started to breath more heavily, she moved her other hand down and held her lips open. She gave him the best possible view of her open pussy while she rubbed her clit with her other hand. She looked up at the man who was looking straight at her, smiling. He had an erection now, it must have been 9" long, and pretty thick too. She couldn't wait to taste him, feel him inside her.

Sian was soon coming. She could feel the warmth of her orgasm wash over her. The man then joined her on the bed, and true to his word, went down on her. Sian was already a bit sensitive and nearly jumped off the bed when his tongue touched her wet slit. He licked the length of her pussy, drinking her juices as he clamped his lips over her. It took her no more than a minute before she was writhing with another orgasm.

"Please stop for a moment." She had to ask him. "I really can't take anymore, I'm so sensitive."

"Can I fuck you now?" He asked her.

"Yes. Get that huge cock of yours inside me." Sian told him.

She helped him on with a condom, which barely covered his huge cock. Sian laid back, spreading her legs wide for him. He moved in between her legs and pushed the tip of his cock inside her. As he slide further inside her, she realized how large he was. It felt wonderful, and was quite easily the biggest she'd ever had.

The man fucked her with an urgency. He didn't waste any time at all, thrusting deep inside her, fucking her hard and fast. Sian was really screaming by now, she felt wonderfully full. It didn't take long before the man suddenly withdrew, took his condom off and came over her stomach and pussy. He fired several bolts of the stuff over her before going down on her again, lapping up more of her juices which were now mixing with the spunk that had ran down her slit. Sian came again within seconds, lying back on the bed feeling utterly weak. This man was some fuck.

Sian took a few moment to compose herself before cleaning up, her legs still shaking from the orgasms.

"So how did you get into this job then?" The man asked her as they lay on the bed recovering.

"Just money really." Sian replied. "The sex is a nice bonus of course, but we needed the cash."

"And you're husband?" He asked her, nodding to her ring. "Does he not mind?"

"No." She continued. "He's been so supportive. I don't think many men would like their wives fucking other men all day, but Ross is great, he knows this is just for the cash."

"And is the sex good?" He went on.

"Sometimes." Sian replied. "A lot of it is really basic, just a quickie really. I like the sessions like this though, where we have more time to explore each other."

"Well I'm glad you found your way into this profession!" He said.

"Right, come on." Sian said to him "We've only got 20 minutes left, I want you to get your money's worth! What else do you fancy?"

"Is anal ok with you?" He asked.

"Course it is darling." Sian told him. "Take it easy with me though, that's the biggest I'll have had up there."

Sian started kissing him again, rubbing his large cock, as it came back to life. She went down on him again, taking his tip into her mouth, circling it with her tongue. Sian could feel him growing in her mouth, his cock now once again fully erect. The man then guided Sian into a 69, burying his face into her wet snatch, literally drinking her juices. He eventually moved onto her arsehole, lubricating her with his saliva and her juices, then slipping his tongue past her tight sphincter, into her bum.

"Fuck my arse now." Sian told him after a couple of minutes of rimming.

Sian rolled another condom onto his cock with her mouth, taking a huge amount of his length into her mouth. She also applied a generous amount of lubricant to her bumhole, and his cock.

Sian stood up and got astride him, lowering herself slowly onto his cock. She bit her lip as his tip nudged into her arsehole, it felt like it was never going to stop. It felt unbelievable, she would have never believed that she could have fit it all inside her. Sian rode him, gradually fucking him harder and harder, until she was hammering herself onto his stiff cock.

Their time was up before the man came again. Try as he could, he just couldn't manage to finish off. He made his way out once dressed, leaving Sian to rejoin Beth.

"What was he like then?" Beth asked her.

"Bloody massive!" She said. "I don't think I'm going to be able to sit down for a week!"

"Wish he'd wanted me!" Beth said. "I need a good fucking. I've had some right crap shags lately."

"Well you're welcome to have the pick of whoever else comes in." Sian told her "I could do with a rest after that."

Sian got her wish, the rest of the Sunday was very quiet, with Beth doing the rest of the shift easily on her own.

The rest of the week was also fairly quiet. Ross and Sian had decided not to take anymore girls on until business was picking up. They were ticking over at the moment, but nothing more.

The following weekend things really started to pick up. It was a Bank Holiday, so Whitley Bay was packed with stag and hen weekends. It started to really get busy on the Friday night and never stopped. By the evening, neither girl had stopped for the best part of 3 hours. Mainly it had been the usual personal services, with a few regular faces now starting to make return visits.

By the Saturday, the girls were exhausted, they had barely stopped to breath in the last couple of days. This had finally convinced Ross that they should take on at least one other girl. The cash was rolling in now, so another girl working there wasn't going to damage that too much.

Tara called on Tuesday, explaining that she was looking for work at the flat. She was new to the business too, a 22 year old student who needed the cash to pay bills while she studied. Tara was only about 5 foot tall but had a fantastic pair of tits, she was extremely pretty too, and would definitely be hit with the customers.

They agreed hours and pay so Tara was happy to take the job. Beth had a day off first, this was her first day off in 3 weeks, a well deserved rest as she must have seen well over a hundred men in this time. Sian Would show Tara the ropes, guide her through her first day as Beth had done for her.

Tara got her first call almost as soon as the doors. One of the regulars was delighted to see they had a new girl working. He always had the same service, oral without a condom, coming over the girl's face. He was a 30 something married man who's wife would never let him do this to her.

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