tagLoving WivesThe Butterfly Pt. 07: Payback

The Butterfly Pt. 07: Payback


This is part seven of our story, and it contains sex! Finally! While it can be read individually, reading previous chapters will help you to get to know Christine and Peter better. We join our story in progress, after Peter has confessed his secret. He is an immortal, and Madeline, his former lover and wife. Christine is dealing with this revelation as best she can...


Christine still had blood on her wrist, arms and dress, and went to wash up. Peter ordered room service. Yes, room service at 5:30 AM. Apparently, being shot dead worked up quite the appetite. For a time, they were both alone with their thoughts. Peter considered that so few mortals knew their secret that Christine was in immense danger. Many of his kind would never accept that an outsider could be trusted. They would no doubt try to silence her if they perceived she was a threat. Perhaps Madeline was right - he had doomed the love of his life by involving her at all, but it was too late now. If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself.

Christine stared at herself in the mirror after her shower, fully nude and exposed. She had no idea how she was going to do this. She loved Peter so deeply but his world had just gotten so much bigger to her. She was a tiny piece of his grand tapestry. She was a mortal among gods. Two years ago she was just going through the motions. She had found herself with Peter's help, but she would need to push beyond even that to walk with these beings. She looked into her own eyes and made a decision.

She walked out to the bedroom. "Peter, I need to meet with her - with Madeline. She and I have some things to get straight, and I need to get some control back in my life. I'm not going to live in fear of your world. If I'm going to be part of it, your partner, not just your plaything as you said, things have to be different than they are now."

Peter looked her up and down, with her hands on her hips and resolute "this is fucking happening" glare. "Darling when you're naked like that I can't say no to you, you know that. I'll set up a meeting."

"Good, and the next thing you're going to do is get over here and eat my fucking cunt. Now that I know you can't be killed I'm not going to be so goddamn gentle with you!"

Peter dutifully approached her, knowing his role in this situation was to be very submissive. When Christine wanted control, she would take it in the bedroom first to establish her position. He had never seen her with such ferocity in her eyes. She looked at his chest - the bullet holes were gone, replaced by new, whole, beautiful flesh. She ran her hand up along his torso, through his graying hair and kissed him on the mouth hard, biting down on his lip without caution and breaking the skin. She tasted copper. It spurred her on. She pulled back from him and slapped him hard in the face and shoved him onto the bed.

She mounted his face, smothering his mouth with her pussy. She ground down, not caring whether or not he could breathe. The bastard could take care of himself, she reckoned. She felt his tongue enter her like a good boy, and brought her thighs together in a vice like grip around his head. She grabbed the headboard for added leverage and raised herself up, and slammed down onto his mouth and nose. Peter struggled for breath and to avoid getting his nose broken, and knew he needed to bring her to orgasm before he passed out. He bit at her clit as he could and used his chin to put pressure on her slit. Christine began approaching her orgasm, and spread her thighs out and pushed all the way down on him with her box spread wide open and held there, giving him no air. She convulsed, her orgasm ripping through her like fire and pumped her hips quickly into his face. She looked back over her shoulder and saw his penis was standing up straight, as hard as an iron bar. She smiled wickedly.

She raised herself up off of him and heard a swift intake of a lungful of air. It was the only air she would allow him. She slid down his chest swiftly, grabbed his cock hard, forcing the head to a brilliant purple, and inserted it in her cunt. She had not had a great fuck in two weeks, and she was about to take it out on this dick in a very serious way. She put her hands around Peter's throat and squeezed, slamming down hard on his cock, over and over. She tightened her grip until his face went pink, then red. His hands went up to her wrists reflexively trying to stop her from choking him out, but she leaned forward and squeezed harder, her nails digging into the flesh of his neck, feeling his windpipe narrow before being crushed. Let's see how resilient he is after all, she thought.

After two years in this man's bed, she knew he was about to shoot.

"NO!" she shouted, and released his neck abruptly giving him an opportunity to suck in another much needed breath.

She dismounted him, and swiftly gripped his cock with her hand and squeezed, feeling the cock attempt to twitch, but stifling it. She grabbed his balls with her other hand and squeezed them as well.

"AUGHHH!" he cried out, as if he was being tortured.

It was a good thing they had the penthouse or anyone in ear shot would have considered calling the police.

Christine waited a moment until she was sure he wouldn't come, then plunged her head down on his cock and started sucking the way she would have sucked on an area of his chest to give him a hickey, trying to bring blood to the surface of his skin, while maintaining a grip on his balls that would have reduced another man to tears. She made no effort to keep her teeth out of the way.

"FUCK! Don't tear it off!" he pleaded.

She considered this a possibility at her current pace, and decided to end his misery. She removed her mouth and while continuing to asphyxiate his balls, started pulling on his cock with her hand unrelentingly. He felt a stinging sensation on his shaft as she quickly rubbed him raw, but he was ready and erupted up onto her face and neck with a pent up fountain and a heavy sigh of relief.

"There. Perhaps that will teach you to be a little more honest with me in the future, my love!" she declared triumphantly, as she proceeded to spoon her husband's cum off her neck with her fingers and lick them.

He was panting heavily, and cradling his genitals. "Of course, dear. I assure you I won't forget this lesson anytime soon." He smiled.

She threw herself onto the bed next to him, pressed her head into his shoulder, and lightly played with his cock as she fell asleep. It had been the longest night of her young life.

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