tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Cab Ride Ch. 01

The Cab Ride Ch. 01


Goosebumps were rapidly taking over my body as I shivered in the cold pouring down rain. “One of these damn cabs has to stop.” I mumbled to myself while I tried to flag a cab. “Of all days…” I looked up the street only to see a cab pull over for a woman, a woman dry as dry could be standing beneath a huge umbrella. “Oh freak’n hell.” I groaned as she stepped into the cab and shut the door. “Figures.” I said shaking my head, the cab started to make its way down the street when it stopped in front of me. The window rolled down.

“Do you want to share a cab?” My mouth opened but no sound came out as I tried to see the woman in the cab, a truck behind the cab honked, waking me from my daze.

“Um sure.” I ran over to the cab as the door opened I jumped in. Still shaking from the cold that had taken over my body; I slammed the car door behind me.

“Where are you going?” She asked as the driver started to make his way down the avenue. I looked over and I thought my heart was going to stop or maybe it did stop, I couldn’t really tell you because the next few minutes were a haze. The woman who offered to share her cab with me was the woman I had been lusting after for years now. “Are you ok?” She leaned forward, placing her long slender fingers on my arm. “My God you’re freezing.” She began taking off her jacket. “Here take this; it should keep you a bit warm.” I was mesmerized by her eyes; they twinkled, even in the dark and gloomy light of this rainy afternoon her eyes sparkled.

“Thank you but I don’t want to get your jacket all wet.” I realized what a mess I must have looked like. I ran out of my apartment in a pair of tattered old jeans, white shirt and flip flops.

“You really might want to cover up.” She glanced down at my chest, which made me look down.

“Oh my God!” I forgot that I had nothing except a white shirt on and everything was visible beneath my now translucent white shirt.

“Not that I mind.” She replied, I looked up at her, a playful little smile crept across her lips, oh those lips, those gorgeous lips.

“Thank you.” I said as I took the coat from her and then covering myself. She raised her eyebrows and then sat back in the seat.

“You never did tell me where you were going.” She looked over at me.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.” I half laughed, half sighed.

“I don’t really know where I’m going, I was fired from my job today, my girlfriend left me for a MAN and so I just left my apartment and started walking, decided to take a cab somewhere and while I was waiting for the damn cab it started pouring down rain and here I am.”

“When it rains it pours.” I laughed.

“Yes and you just better pray you have MORE than just a white tee shirt on.” She started laughing.

“I’m Angie and you are?”


“Well Jess it was a pleasure to meet you.” She offered me her hand, I was about to shake the hand of Angelina Jolie, this had to be a dream, we shook hands. I didn’t want to let go but trying not to play the part of the crazed obsessed fan I did let go. “You are freezing.”

“Yeah, well that rain was damn cold.” I said huddling beneath her jacket, which smelled of vanilla and some sort of flowery scent.

“My apartment is right around this corner.” She motioned ahead, my heart sank that the meeting with my dream goddess was about to end. “Maybe you should come up and get dried off.” I laughed.

“You’re kidding.” She looked at me and smiled.

“What’s so funny?” I was ready for the dream to end; any minute I would wake up, Julia next to me snoring, back to life as I knew it.

“Well…it’s just you don’t know me from Jack and you’re inviting me to your apartment?”

“Oh well I would have to argue, I think I could tell you from Jack but you seem harmless, is there anything I should know about you?”

“Just that bad luck seems to be following me today and well yesterday I tore all the tags off my mattress.” Angie began to laugh.

“Well that’s just what I need, someone brave enough to pull the tags off my pillows, I hate those things…so I think you’re safe to come up.” She replied as the cab pulled up in front of a large apartment building. “The ball is in your court Jess.”

“I couldn’t turn down such a wonderful offer.” I replied. She took some money out of her pocket and paid the cabby. Outside the cab the rain had lightened a bit but the chill of the fall air attacked as soon as I opened the door. I jumped out of the cab and ran toward the building, she did the same.

“John.” She said, waving as she walked past the doorman.

“Good evening Miss Jolie.” He replied opening the door for us. She looked back at me, smile bigger than Texas plastered to her face. God she was amazing. She stopped and turned to John.

“How many times to I have to tell you to call me Angie.” She said playfully.

“Sorry Miss Jolie.” Angie looked back at me and rolled her eyes while she laughed.

“Such a stick in the mud.” She started walking through the huge lobby toward the elevator. “Don’t worry I’ll have you out of those clothes,” She looked over her shoulder at me while biting her bottom lip. “And into some dry ones in no time.” My heart was racing twenty million miles a minute. I was completely quiet as we rode the elevator up to the pent house; she kept glancing over at me. I tried to figure out if she was being friendly or if I really was picking up a vibe from her. She looked amazing in a pair of army fatigues and a tight brown shirt on, showing off her curves. The elevator stopped and the doors opened, she stepped out and turned left, toward two huge doors. Fishing a key card out of her back pocket she then opened the door. “I’m home!” She yelled out as she stepped into the room. “Come on in.” She motioned for me to come in. “Welcome to my happy little home.” She said shutting the door behind me.


“Hey there little man.” She ran over to her son, picking him up and hugging him. “Mad, I’ve got someone I want you to meet. This is Jess, Jess met my son Maddox.”

“Hey Maddox.”

“Hey.” He replied shyly and then buried his face into Angie’s neck. “So um why don’t I show you…”


“Hey Frank…this is Jess, she’s in need of a hot shower and changed into some dry clothes can you help her please?”


“Follow Frank, he’ll help you out there.” She winked and then started walking in a different direction as Frank.

“So does she often pick up strays and bring them home with her?” I asked as we headed down a long hallway. Frank laughed.

“Not really, she must have thought you were cute.” My heart fluttered. “You can go on in here, there are towels in the closet there and take your time, get warmed up. I’ll set some clothes here for when you get out.”

“Thanks.” I walked into the bathroom, which was bigger than my living room in my apartment. I turned on the shower, letting the water heat up and then quickly disrobed before Frank came back. I stepped into the shower letting the warm water caress my body, I heard Frank come in with the clothes and then right back out again. I don’t know how long I stood in there, letting the water heat my body, wondering if I was imagining this whole scene. Could Angelina Jolie be interested in me? Doubtful but very worth further investigation. I stepped out of the shower, dried off and grabbed the clothes on the counter. As soon as I was dressed I walked down the hall, when I heard talking I stopped to listen.

“Don’t worry about it, look you need this Ang…I’ll take Maddox out for some ice cream and then to the park and what not, kill a couple of hours…you have fun.”

“Yes but I haven’t seen Maddox all day and I feel…”

“We’ll have a blast, you can spend the evening with him…you need to have some fun, it has been…”

“Alright I get the picture, just leave will you.” I listened as she said her goodbyes to her son and Frank and then I took a deep breath and started walking again, as I rounded the corner and into the living room I saw Angie sitting in a huge overly stuffed arm chair. My heart was thumping madly in my chest, a sexy seductive smile played on her luscious lips.

“Make yourself comfortable.” She said as she gestured for me to sit on the couch. I smiled nervously as I sat down. “Frank is taking Maddox out for the afternoon.” She looked at me, head tilted to the side. “Are you normally this quiet?” I laughed nervously.

“No, normally you wouldn’t be able to shut me up, I seem to be a bit nervous.” “Well, there’s nothing to be nervous about, I don’t bite too hard.” That wickedly sexy smile spread across her lips again. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” She stood up and walked into the kitchen. I took a deep breath. “Calm the hell down Jess.” I whispered to myself as I nervously pulled the tank top, that Frank had given me to wear, down. Angie came back into the room with a glass, walking behind the couch; she ran her fingers through my short spiky blonde hair.

“I don’t usually do this.” She whispered into my ear as she leaned over the back of the couch. Her lips brushed against my ear, her warm breath on my skin. “But I really, really need this.” She slipped over the back of the couch and then straddling my legs, she leaned in her lips almost on mine. “I need you.” I leaned forward her lips on mine, the kiss started out slow and sweet...

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by Anonymous07/04/17

That was killer! Wish there were more!

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